why cry over the same thing

[On seeing himself as Captain America for the first time]: Terrifying. I think the first time I saw it was back when I was still pretty insecure and a little apprehensive about taking the role. So it was a real dichotomy. There was simultaneous joy, but at the same time, a deep fear. That’s eroded over time, and now it’s very familiar. It feels very comfortable. It feels great now, and damn, if I had said no, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet. 

Pros and cons of being an INFJ

Pros: ??


1-being a sensitive weirdo

2-who thinks is always right

3-constantly disappointed by people due to unrealistic high expectations or cause people are actually assholes you will never know which one is true

4-crying internally on a daily basis over all the hatred and violence in the world

5- Major trust issues (due to number 3)

6- declining plans to go out with friends but always wondering why you are alone cause you desperately need approval and companionship but also you want to be left alone

7- hating and loving yourself at the same time

8- in tune with everybody’s feelings except your own which is weird and unfair

9- a compulsive need to do good and unexpected things for the people around you and regretting it afterwards cause you’re a lazy procrastinating fuck

10- having a clear image of how things should be done/said but unable to put in words that a normal human being can understand

11- will cry after and during every personal conflict you encounter and spending hours trying of thinking about what you should have said after its too late only to find that it didn’t matter crying and obsessing over it in the first place

12- being an insensitive judging prick but also the most understanding and loving human being on the face of the earth at the same time

14- clumsy as fuck always dropping things

15- the confusion of “ why does it even matter” and having principles that you will never compromise even if you were about to be killed

16- can go from “I don’t give a fuck what people think” to “oh shit I just took a deep breath I wonder what people think of me now” attitudes in 2.5 seconds

17- always apologizing for any emotion expressed outwardly

18- forever wondering why you’re so fucking weird

19- thinking of the worst possible outcomes of every situation and depressing yourself for no actual reason

20- can write like an award winning poet but throws up words in real life conversation

21- proofreading every word you wrote for 3 days

Edit:I totally forgot number 13 proof of my ever ending clumsiness so

13- lack of attention/care to details

Should I go on?

Try to be civil about this

I’m going to get hate for this without a doubt. I’ve been scrolling through the election tag here and noticed so much emotion, heart-break, and pain. Many being personal accounts of someone greatly affected by the outcome of the election. And I felt like putting my input on the whole thing. I woke up today learning the news of Trump winning the election and proceeded to carry on with my day. A day that happened to be the same as all the other days I’ve experienced. I didn’t see anyone crying, I didn’t see anyone scared, I didn’t see anyone changing their daily routines because of this election. What I saw was a normal day full of smiling faces from everyone of different backgrounds, races, and sex. So why is it that people are scared? What is the fear that now hangs over this country? Does it so happen to be that where I live is the only place on this country that isn’t feeling the effects of this election? I just don’t understand why so many people are actually feeling attacked by this election. Trump is one man, not the monster under your bed.

sometimes i swear i could fall right into my shadow
kinda like the time my young young brain believed i was touching my alter ego’s fingers through a mirror
one time i was 10 & had 24 teeth– 20 fallen, replaced. i swallowed 3 in my sleep and the rest by an uneasy feeling quite good at convincing it’s better to have nothing than something unsteady.
around the same time, i couldn’t kill a gecko who had fallen, broken twisted its neck still breathing for five five five five five days. i watched her eaten alive by ants squirming then still for two two weeks, i was crying for at least six
(i can’t count how long my sadness is it’s big and cloaks over my throat. i count how long it takes things to die fade dissipate, then i count how long they’re gone, like people people count sheep to fall asleep.)
it’s why most things in between other things are blurry,

in the eleventh grade i glorified absurdism because i thought it was actively honest
sure that book slithered off your lap, afraid & rustling pages, discontent because you startled it with your sudden movement
i glorify a lot of honest _______
(if i go forward, my shadow follows. go backwards, and i’m the fool who steps into hollow darkness)


Imagine Stiles feeling really guilty about Allison’s death.

>p<“It’s all my fault, I killed Allison” cried Stiles. “No, Stiles, you didn’t kill her, it was void Stiles who did and he’s not you. You had no control over that. No one couldn’t have done anything to save her.” you replied sweetly, wiping tears off of Stiles’ cheeks. “Then why do I feel terrible and alone?” muttered Stiles. “You are not alone, you will never be alone, you’ll always have me and Scott. You can always talk to us about these things. Just please stop feeling bad about yourself. Please Stiles.” you said wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck. Seeing Stiles cry makes you also cry, it’s hard seeing one of your best friends feeling terrible without feeling the same pain as them. You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Stiles and all you wanted to do was help, you just had no idea how. 

>p<“What can I do to help Stiles?” you offered as he cried on your shoulder. “C-can we go to A-Allison’s grave? I wanna say goodbye t-to her, Say I-I’m sorry.” Stiles requested. “Of course Stiles, we can go now if you want?” Stiles nodded as he carried on sniffling and wiping the salty tears from under his eyes. 

>p<You arrived at the grave, you’ve only seen the grave once but you could never really look at it properly because you couldn’t handle the pain of losing your first best friend in beacon Hills. Allison was the one who helped you around the town and school and she was the one who introduced you to the pack. you wouldn’t have met the pack without Allison and now she’s gone. You were never seeing her ever again and that hurt you so much, even just thinking about it hurt.

>p<”Do you want me to stay with you? Or do you want to be alone with Allison?” you asked Stiles. “Can you please stay? I don’t want to do this alone” sniffled Stiles. You walked over to Stiles until you were side by side. Stiles reached for your hand and you tightly held it. He looked at you and you softly nodded your head. “So, Allison, we miss you and w-we’re really sorry about your death. Beacon Hills will never be the same without you. I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve d-done something to help you. It’a a-all my fault. We love you, Allison.” Stiles turns to you and begins crying again, he looks at you while you quietly sob, he wraps his arms around your waist and you both cry your eyes out. You never knew loss would be this hard. 

>p<”W-we should go back, i-it’s getting pretty late now.” you said. Stiles nodded at you and you sat through the whole car journey in silence, complete silence. Even though Allison wasn’t physically there, she will always be there supporting us in everything we do. She will never be gone, never.

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A/N: This made me cry and I'm the one writing it. This turned out so sad but it’s probably one of my favorite imagines I’ve ever written. Ahhhhhhh anyway, I hope you guys are still enjoying my imagines, if you are, send me a quick message to let me know. Other than that, I love you guys and until next imagine xx

The X-Files and Stranger Things exist within the same universe and here’s why:

Hawkins, Indiana 1983

Eleven escapes from a US Department of Energy National Laboratory and over the course of the series we discover that she exists as a weapon to fight against the Russians in the cold war. But is that really her purpose? We’re supposed to believe that she developed telekinesis in the womb due to LSD and sensory deprivation experiments on her mother? Why is she Eleven and and not One and how many others are there? Who is authorizing the men who run this “US Department of Energy” lab in Hawkins? 

The X-Files can answer these questions.

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My rant on Hinata Hyuga haters

I never understand why Hinata haters put so much significance over one measly, little comment Hinata made about Naruto’s hand over the previous panels of Hinata crying her eyes out from seeing Neji die. And for those who blame Hinata is at fault for Neji’s death, you’re in the wrong because if Hinata wasn’t there, Neji would’ve done the same thing for Naruto who was the one on the floor. After all, the main priority was to protect Naruto. Blaming Hinata for Neji’s death is as stupid as blaming Luffy for Ace’s death or Cloud Strife for Aerith’s death.

Both Hinata and Luffy showed how much they’re saddened by the death of their older sibling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kishimoto was inspired by Oda to kill off Neji since Kishi and Oda are good pals.

And in my opinion, Hinata cried more tears than she should have over Neji. Why do I say this? Simple. Remember this page?

Yeah, Neji tried to kill Hinata in cold blood over a trivial family issue and this was only three years ago prior to the war. Yet Hinata forgave and forgot and still wanted to establish a family bond with Neji.

Another subject of the Hinata hate is this

Another stupid assumption towards Hinata from the haters is that they assume Hinata is popular because of her big boobs. If that’s the case, how come Tsunade, Ino or Mei aren’t as popular as Hinata? It makes no sense for haters to assume that Hinata fans only like Hinata for her looks. Whether people like it or not, there are many reasons for why people like Hinata and I’ve seen various good reasons from other people. For example…

“Hinata is a useless character”-Hinata Haters

Hinata is by far one of the most useful characters in the series. 9 times out of 10 whenever Hinata is given panel time, she does something useful. Hinata may not have had a lot of panel time in the Manga but at least she was useful all those times she got involved. Hinata fulfills her roles in the series.

“Hinata is just an obsessed stalker”-Hinata haters

To the haters: before you call Hinata a stalker, you should look up the proper definition of one. Hinata watching Naruto from a distance is not stalking. Minato did the exact same thing. He watched Kushina from afar because he knew she was a strong person.

So is Minato a stalker too? Of course not. A stalker is someone who follows you wherever you go, usually with the intent to do harm to their target. Hinata was bound to see Naruto a lot since they were in the same academy and class(obviously). Bottomline, Hinata is not a stalker. The definition of the term is in itself. If people are using the Naruto SD spinoff as evidence that Hinata is a stalker, then just keep in mind that this is the same series that calls Neji a cross dresser.

Ah here’s a funny one. "Hinata is so useless. She can’t handle a rock.“-Hinata haters

Okay. Now this is where I begin to lose faith in humanity if people are resorting to hating a character over every little thing possible. Hinata trips over a rock. So? I wasn’t aware that in the world of Manga/Anime tripping meant you were useless. I mean where were the haters when Naruto tripped in the exact same way?

The reason why they both tripped was because they were exhausted. It’s that simple. Hinata has been fighting on the front lines for about 2 or 3 days during the war before she met up with Naruto. This is by far the most retarded way or reason to bash a character. Haters might as well hate on her for breathing, which I’m pretty sure they do.

“Hinata is a weak kunoichi/character.”-Hinata haters

I think Naruto and Kishimoto disagree

The argument saying that Hinata is weak because she never won a fight in the manga is ludicrous. Keep in mind that the two opponents that Hinata went up against were the very same two that Naruto couldn’t defeat without Kurama’s help. Besides, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Rock lee never won a fight in the manga. Are they weak? Of course not! Hinata has been taking care of herself well enough in the war as well as her allies.

Not to mention, if Hinata was acknowledged by one of the sages of six path a.k.a the founder of the shinobi of the moon, you better believe Hinata is not some average ninja.

Also, this

I rest my case

Forneverworld on Youtube has a video called “Hinata haters without logic” http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1awtzo_WkU and I must say that Hinata haters REALLY have no logic. Everytime I see a Hinata hater, they ALWAYS have their facts about Hinata wrong. If you’re going to hate on a character, at least make sure you know what the f*** you’re talking about. Honestly, these haters just give me the impression that they are just trying so hard to hate on Hinata for no particular reason other than the fact that a lot of people love her.

On a side note, none of these pictures or gifs are from me. Credit to lunaneko14 for the last two pictures.

I want you all to myself and maybe that’s selfish but Ive already gotten so attached to you it’s all I know. Your my best friend but at the same time your more than that. Your my happiness, the reason why I cry, the reason behind my smile, my sanity. Your just my everything and I know own time is limited between us and after time is over it’s all up to fate to decide what happens between us because the lord only knows I’m terrible at long distance. I really am. But for you, I would. For you I’d facetime everyday when I’m supposed to be doing homework. I’d call you between passing periods. I’d do everything and anything for you. I know Ive done so many things wrong. I know you haven’t actually told me that you have feelings for me but call it a feeling, call it a instinct but maybe possibly I have a feeling you feel the same way too. I know Ive done so many things wrong but for once I feel like Ive done something right. Your right. Your my sanity, and without my sanity, well I’m afraid what will happen to me.

- //words to him//

Good and Bad - Jacob Frye x Reader

A/N: Recently I received two requests for fics that had Jacob comforting the reader during times of sadness. I had a chat with a mutual today who was feeling pretty down so I wanted to write this. I hope this brings you and anyone else who needs it some kind of comfort :)

Sometimes we don’t know why we get sad and that’s okay…and Jacob understands <33

Words: 1,159
Warnings: None

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Korean Idiom: 귀에 못이 박이다

Literally meaning “to have one’s ears become callused”, this idiom is used when one is sick of hearing the same thing over and over again.

어렸을 때부터 공부하라는 얘기를 귀에 못이 박이도록 들었어요. Since I was young, I’ve been told over and over again to study and I’m sick of hearing it.

귀에 못이 박히도록 외쳤던 구호! A rallying cry shouted until everyone is sick of hearing it! (Awkward translation!)

You might be wondering why one example has the form 박이다 and the other 막히다.  Well, it turns out that many Koreans are confused when it comes to which verb is the correct verb.  The sides all hinge on how one interprets the word “못", which carries two meanings: 1) nail; 2) a callus.  If you side with 못 meaning “nail”, then 박히다 is your verb of choice: “to have a nail hammered into your ear”.  If you’re on Team Callus, then 박이다 is yours: 못이 박이다, “to have a callus form.”  From my quick research on the debate, it seems that although 귀에 못이 박이다 is the proper and original form of the idiom, 귀에 못이 박히다 has been recognized as an acceptable variation.

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hello!!!me about my boy again bc !!! ok last night we were talking for 3 hours about things we cant wait for when we’re married and it was amazing and he said hes gonna cry when he sees me on our wedding day hes Not a crier and he never understood why people cry when they see their wives but he gets it now. and its crazy bc we’re so in love and i still cant get over things abt him that made me fall in love w him and at the same time its like i find something new everyday i fall in love overandov

This is actually so good and pure and I’m so happy for u I’m crying💙💙💙

we’re looking at the stars because we like to
remind ourselves of the things that are
strong enough to burn through the darkness.
our legs are pressed together and we’re holding hands 
just so we remember to feel something tonight and 
all i ever needed was this, just me and you and 
nothing else. i want to spend as long as i can laughing
into the skin of your shoulder because the only other thing
i ever could have done was cry and there’s no time
for that tonight. i want us to sit, sipping soda
from the same straw and asking all the questions
that matter. you’re telling me why you never really
liked your father and my hair is blowing in the wind
and for the first time i think i may have done something
right. we talk about regrets and you ask me if given the
chance to do it all over again, would i leave everything the 
same and i think i would, just for the right here, 
the right now, the mess of a girl i had to be to stumble 
my way right into your arms. and you’re not perfect, 
and i’m not naive, and we both know our hearts can't 
swell like this forever, but we’re strong enough to hang
on for another day, and that’s all that either of us cares about. 
i think this is the kind of love that disappears soft and 
beautiful and fast like the setting sun and maybe i’ll forget
you. but i’ll always carry you with me, the boy who knew
all my ugly and stayed. i think if we’re lucky, memories of
nights like these will always come back to us when
we need them. someday someone will look at me like
they want to crack my soul open to the core and for just
a split second, i’ll remember the exact color of your eyes.
—  nights with you by Auriel Haack 

Mom: You look like a train wreck.

Me: I look like a Winchester, THAT’s what I look like.

Mom: Same thing.

I’m crying omfg

Because you’ll never understand. You’ll never feel true madness spiralling and bouncing through your head and you’ll never feel the remorse of being simply you. You’ll never hear your own voice echo so loud the same time tears are welling up in your own best friend’s eyes. You’ll never feel anger just because of pathetic paranoia, you’ll never tell yourself over and over again “they don’t actually like you, in fact they talk about you behind their back.” You’ll never feel the despairing confusion of not even knowing why you are crying your eyes out, and you’ll never understand why I cut off the people who were there for me through it all. You don’t feel like me. You don’t hear things like me. You don’t understand me. Don’t tell me to be nice. Don’t tell me to calm down. The demons are at it again and they’re the ones who are in charge.
—  all my friends always lie to me, I know they’re thinking: “you’re too mean, I don’t like you”

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Everyone deserves a good cry man, doesn't matter what it's about. That's why the saying "don't cry over spilt milk" is so dumb because I'll cry if I want to, I'm a grown ass woman

Thanks, that makes me feel better. And I mean, I cried over spilt orange juice last week, which is pretty much the same thing

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what am I doing? sitting here each night watching the same show, reading the same book, listening to the same music, crying over the same things? loving the same boy who isn’t going to love me back because of my tears, writing the same words that don’t seem to help me anymore. it’s a routine these days, retracing the same steps I left the night before. will I ever take a random turn? a sudden swoop to the right, a new experience? the answer is no, I won’t. I will continue sitting alone in the dark wondering why my life suddenly changed to this, forever. it is simply who I am. a wanderer of my own mind, a mere shadow of what used to be a person.
—  journal entry #213, october