why couldn't you wait

And in case you’re wondering, Irene has confirmed that some of the pages have definitely been leaks.


She’s also not happy about Amazon choosing to show the second kiss scene too. Please keep this in mind before spreading around those ‘previews’.





Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary



Holy sh*t I’m out of shape. 

Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends

  • customer: *walks out of my store not wearing the outfit I made them*
  • me: *stops them outside* Yeah hi, you just bought an outfit from me, and I see you're um, you're not wearing it? I just *laughs nervously* I just don't understand. You said you couldn't wait to wear it...so why not now? But uh, yeah that's just me. Anyways, have fun at your amusement park thing I guess.

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Wait you still do this like nsfw,but what's with Skrill?he doesn't really do it when he had Re-Nightmare,your his boyfriend,can you ask him?why couldn't he continue are-Nightmare?oh wait I should go ask him myself

why you ask this this don’t have sense AND I’M FUCKING NOT SLEEPYKINQ ASK FUCKING ME 


“Maz eats ice cream before every game! We realised it’s the secret to his success.” / “Maz gets first pick. Maz, which one do you want?” / “I think I’ll skip today.” / “What? Maz, you gotta have your rainbow sprinkles, bro.” / “I just don’t want it.” / “Serious, Maz, I got, like, three extra.” / “The things I do…‘cuse me - there we go.”

UNDRAFTED: “Okay, but what if it creates a fissure in the space-time continuum?”

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Liam discounted his song on iTunes this week so it surpassed Louis right now in the US (why couldn't you wait a week Lima!) Niall as well though his has been discounted for a while!

Just keep buying, streaming, and telling your friends and family members to buy and stream. Louis should get a boost when the song fully impacts radio on Tuesday and when he does some promo in the U.S., which will hopefully be very very very soon. In addition to the discounts, Liam and Niall have had the advantage of a lot of U.S. promo already and a lot of radio airplay.



Thoughts from last night's SHIELD
  • Me: Do it Jemma, keep that promise, kill that bitch.
  • Jemma: *accidentally kills Bakshi*
  • Me: Damn it, she killed the guy helping them. Bakshi, why couldn't you just move out of the-- Wait, under all that compliance he was A NEO NAZI. Never mind, everything's good, don't feel bad about it, girl.
  • Ward: You've changed. I'm disappointed.
  • Me: Shut up, asshole. Why do you think she changed? Shouldn't take more than one guess...
  • Me: Four for you Jemma you go Jemma. You'll get him in time. You deserve it because you're huRT AND ANGRY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO APPEAR FINE AND HE DOESN'T EVEN FEEL BAD FOR TRYING TO KILL YOU AND FITZ.
  • Imagine this scenario.
  • Gray: *Explains why he left and apologizes, expecting some sort of anger from Juvia.*
  • Juvia: “Juvia understands, it couldn't be helped, she forgives you."
  • Gray: "Wah-wait why?"
  • Juvia: "Because Juvia knew Gray-sama had a reason and you would come back."
  • Gray: "B-but"
  • Juvia: "All this time Juvia believed in Gray-sama and waited."
  • Gray: "But why aren't you angry with me?!"
  • Juvia: "Because Juvia knows it was as difficult for Juvia as it was for Gray-sama."
  • Gray: "You can't just forgive me like that! It feels unfair for you"
  • Juvia: "But Juvia isn't angry?"
  • Gray: "Still...it feels like I'm taking advantage, you should be angry at me, you should be wanting to hit me."
  • Juvia: "Juvia doesn't have it in her to hold grudges against Gray-sama. After all she's just really happy you were safe.Though Juvia was lonely all the time we weren't together.."
  • Gray: "This isn't right, ugh for now, isn't there anything I could do? Something that will make you happy? Though I don't think it will be enough for all this time but for now? Even something small?"
  • Juvia: "Hmm..Juvia can't think of...wait Juvia knows!"
  • Gray: "What is it?"
  • Juvia: “Okay! Kiss Juvia!”
  • Gray: "Wait what?!"
  • Juvia: "Kiss Juvia!"
  • Gray: "Wait!! I can't do that!!"
  • Juvia: “Gray-sama left Juvia for half a year, alone in the rain without a single word.”
  • Gray: " Eh...b-but.."
  • Juvia: “Juvia was really worried too, but she believed in you.”
  • Gray: "........geez f-fine"
  • Gray: *leans in as he starts to get embarrassed because Juvia is staring at him with sparkly eyes in excitement.
  • Gray: “C-close your eyes!!”
  • Gray: *Gray leans in slowly, when he's just so close he stops outta embarrassment and the realization on what he was going to do."
  • Gray: “Uwa I can’t!!”“Its so embarras-
  • Juvia: *pulls him in not allowing him to go and kisses him, shocking Gray's cheeks into a thousand shades of red.
  • Gray: "Wha-"
  • Juvia: "There! Juvia and Gray-sama are even! for now that is ♥"

We were amazed to find

Your beauty and your worth,

And we will protect your kind,

And we will protect your earth.

And we will protect your earth,

And we will protect you!