why couldn't he be a regular

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jkr should have included a redemption arc for draco. this was a boy that was obviously scared of what he was going into, didn't want to be a death eater, and fleed from the war so he couldn't kill anyone. jkr still couldn't include one moment where draco was seen being a regular, nice human being to the golden trio. why did she leave him in our minds as a villain and instead redeem severus "i-got-rejected-once-therefore-i'll-obsessively-stalk-my-old-crush-and-bully-every-student-i-teach" snape?
  • me, at least once a day for the past five years: thinks about how hard eugene fought to get to bill after he got hit on Okinawa and how it took Hamm and snafu to keep eugene pinned down so he couldn't go check on bill and how little attention they seem to get on the regular in this fandom even tho it's clearly such an important friendship...

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


What would you do?

Sorry it’s a long story lol. Yesterday when I was at work (I work at stop and shop) this old white guy was flirting with me. I ignored him and was being polite and still spoke to him. Then he brought the conversation to politics🙄. Of course he had to bring up Obama🤦🏽‍♀️. So he says “you’re a beautiful woman but Obama never did anything for this country😒”.In my head I’m like “how does that even make sense”? I continued on working and he says “yeah he didn’t do anything for me”. 🙄I’m like this man is really trying to get me to be rude to him. My response was “oh really? I’m sorry you feel that way”. I just continued ignoring him and scanning his stuff. He then says “but this guy trump he scares me a little bit. I voted for him and he’s making me look bad. Great guy but he can’t tell me he doesn’t see what he’s doing. He’s acting like a complete jackass”. I think was expecting me to say something so he can have an argument with me and tell me how great his president is. But just wrote it off as him being old. He switched back to a different topic and told me “I have a girlfriend and my wife doesn’t like that, but she doesn’t realize she’s old”. I didn’t know what to say that so I just told him to pay, and he told me I’m very beautiful and he loved talking to me. I just smiled and told him have a nice day. What I really wanted to say was “go fuck yourself and you deserve to be alone🤷🏾‍♀️”. I promise I didn’t make this up 😂🤦🏽‍♀️


i guess i should say what my thing is

Seph meets Old Cloud

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AU: Miscommunications

Sandy had been working at the bakery all day and Bentley had been running errands so she’d taken the car, dropped him off in the morning and was going to pick him up tonight. He was just about to close up when the bell on the door rang showing that someone had come inside “Sorry I’m about to close up.” he spoke walking around to the front “Oh I was just looking for some- Sandy? Oh my god!” Sandy locked eyes with the customer “Delia?” he asked as she approached the counter. Delia Emily Andrews.

“Oh come on Sandy, when was the last time you called me that.” she smiled. Sandy bit his lip smiling politely, not since they were engaged.

“So you have a bakery? That’s cute, I had no idea- I’m in town for business and was craving some cookies and thought I’d look around.”

Sandy nodded “Wow, it’s been a long time.” he sighed.

Her smile grew a little guilty. “Yeah, it has… look I’m sorry about the way things ended. I tried to talk to you.”

“I know… I know- And I’m sorry.” he insisted “At the time I just could handle it. I shouldn’t have blocked you out like that it was cruel and selfish of me.”

She looked a little shocked “No it- it was perfectly understandable. I didn’t want to hurt you but I did. I’m sorry, you were my best friend.”

Sandy nodded a little and sighed “Anyway- how, how are you? What are you up to lately?”

Emily was glad for the subject change and leaned on the counter as Sandy rested his arms on it from the other side. She couldn’t help but see how handsome he was. Maybe it was because she didn’t have him. She tried to remind herself why they’d broken up with each others, all those little things that added up, as she spoke of her job. He listened intently, he was always such a great listener, an amazing friend really.

Sandy was glad to hear about her life and job, yes they’d dated in high school and he’d proposed in an ornate romantic way and he’d fallen hard for her. But he didn’t feel that anymore, no lingering wonder about what could have been or hurt and resentment about her not agreeing with the future he’d wanted at the time. He was glad, he’d had his time of mourning but he’d moved on and realized it was one of the best things that could have happened to him. Sandy knew that if he hadn’t realized they weren’t right for each other he would have never broken it off and he’d be in a loveless marriage. But he wasn’t. He’d met the girl of his dreams and they’d both fallen hard, this time it wasn’t just him in love with her like it had been with Emily, but Bentley truly loved him back. And it wasn’t high school infatuation or love for a friend confused for romance as had been the case with Emily. What he had with his wife was what people wrote songs about and what he’d dreamed of his whole life.

As Emily relayed where she was working and little things about her life Sandy smiled and would give her advice like they were friends again. He did feel happy to speak with her, he honestly hadn’t thought of her in years but it was nice to see an old friend even if they had parted on bad terms.

He was so kind, why had that been a bad thing exactly? She forgot, it’d been so long and she had started to wonder if they’d cut their relationship off too soon. Not dwell on it but every now and then she would have a thought that would some how trail back to him and she’d wonder what if. Before she knew it she’d leaned into his lips fast to kiss him, she hadn’t kissed anyone in a while and she wanted to see if there was a spark left or not. There wasn’t, she could feel it as soon as her lips touched his, and it wasn’t because he pulled back so quickly, but she could just tell.

“Whoa! Em-”

She blushed and looked down “Sandy no, I’m sorry. I just wondered for a second but it didn’t do anything for me.” she assured him honestly. That was one thing about Emily that had balanced out their friendship, she was bold, Sandy was meek.

He was beat red and looked… worried? That was it. That was one of the reasoned they’d broken up, she recalled. He worried far too much.

“I’m married.” Sandy croaked now standing up straight and a lot further away then they had been before she’d kissed him.

Now she felt horrible. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it- I didn’t know. You never said- I just assumed the ring was your promise ring.”

Sandy gulped and shook his head "Well I didn’t mean to frighten you. And I know, us breaking up was the right thing. I’m glad you found someone, you deserved it more than me.“ she smiled just a little trying to make him feel better. She was being honest and he could tell. Sandy just nodded.

"Thanks… it was the right thing. I didn’t see it then but I do now, and I hope you find what I found.” he responded slowly. 

She chuckled “What you wanted and what I wanted were always different, Wilkes.” Emily stood up straight and started to go

“Like I said I’m gone in the morning so it was really good to see you.” she told him standing at the door with a real look of friendship in her eye. When she nodded he nodded back, it made him think back to high school when she first stood up for him against some of his regular bullies.

When she was gone Sandy ran his hands through his hair and took a ragged breath. How had this happened? Why did she have to kiss him?! He wanted to scream. He had no feelings for her at all but he couldn't not tell Bentley about this. Sandy was a horrible liar. But this was his ex-fiance whom when Bentley’d asked about previous relationships when they’d started dating had gotten really jealous about the topic. He didn’t want to have to insist all night that he didn’t kiss her, but she’d kissed him and that it meant nothing because it sounding like something a cheater would say. And he wasn’t a cheater. He could never do that.

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Thank you for your writing! <3 Really! And, if you want to: kabby + 2, 12, 23, 39, 69, 92.

I don’t know if you were giving me a choice or asking for all of them, but I only chose one.

23. “Just once.”

“Marcus …”


“C’mon. Just once.”

“I said no, Raven.”

“Please, Marcus. Please. I’m begging you. Baby needs a new pair of boots.”

Marcus looked at her with something akin to disbelief, or perhaps confusion. 

“She bet me a new pair of boots that Abby would yell at you if you did,” Harper explained. 

“Not just yell,” Raven corrected, “publicly humiliate.”

Marcus was not amused. “Glad to know that you’re taking bets at my expense.”

“What’s thirty seconds of shame in the face of such need? These ones have holes, Marcus.” Raven picked up the foot of her bad leg and sort of shimmied it in his direction. “I have holes in my soles.”

“You got holes in something,” Jasper muttered as he breezed by.

“Shut it, Jordan. Help a girl out, Marcus.”

“If I do it, will you leave me alone?”

“Scouts honor.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Harper asked.

Raven shrugged. “No idea. But it sounded good.”

“Fine,” Marcus puffed in irritation. “Anything to get you to go away, Reyes.”

He swung his legs over the bench that he’d been seated on and stood. Abby was standing several feet away, nearer to the bar, and speaking to Jackson. The union was full of people milling about at the end of their shifts; Marcus weaved his way through them without looking back. He knew that Raven and Harper were following. 

When he had reached Abby he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her cheek and said, loudly enough for anyone around them to hear, “Hey, babe.”

Abby smiled distractedly at him. “Hey. I was just about to come get you.”

“Wait, what?” Raven practically screeched. 

Harper’s mouth had fallen open, but it was quickly morphing into a smile as Abby turned to face them. Marcus was quietly smug. 

“He just … Abby …” Raven spun on Harper, “that doesn’t count!”

“You said pet name,” Harper shot back. “Babe is a pet name.”

“Somebody wanna tell me what the hell is going on?” Abby said.

“She’s your problem now,” Marcus answered unhelpfully. “I’ll meet you in the mess. Good luck with those holes in your soles, Reyes.”

“I hate you, Kane.”

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Shouldn't Kai's curse on Elena have been broken if Kai really died? That's bugging me. Do you think it's possible that heretics can't be killed the same way as regular vampires? Vampire/werewolf hybrids couldn't be killed like regular vampires, so why not vampire/witch hybrids? The finale was a mess and made no sense. The only good part was Kai looking genuinely bothered that Damon would leave Bonnie to die like that.

Apparently when Kai killed himself it made the spell permanent or some stupid bullshit like that. 

But you are right about the heretics, they likely are so hard to kill. That’s why it doesn’t make sense how Damon was easily able to kill Kai unless he didn’t actually kill him permanently. Even though he chopped off his head, maybe next season you’ll find out that Kai is still alive and therefore that’s how you find out how hard it is to kill off the heretics, you can’t just go around trying to decapitate them like that.

I heard Caroline Dries say something about Kai turning into a witch-hybrid was a way to demonstrate how the heretics operate, that would only make sense if what it showed was how hard it is for them to be killed off if Kai isn’t actually dead for good. We saw nothing much from Kai, I mean we saw that he can still do magic, we saw that he still had feels for Bonnie even as a witchpire, and we didn’t ever get to see his Vamp face.

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I wonder if Dean had ever dubbed a portmanteau for him and Cas. Like the fandom has all kinds of words that end with '-stiel' and Dean himself had made 'Megstiel,' so why couldn't it be regular habbit of Dean to mash Cas' name with something else? Dean's naming habit is deeply amusing to me :)

Dean: “Deanstiel!”

Sam: “…..”

Fandom: “……………..”

The answer is yes he has and there’s a reason Dean is not allowed to name things. 

His expression in 10x05 was pretty much disbelief that “Destiel” was a thing just because of the name, and his annoyance with Sam with the “get in the car” thing was because for his attempts to find the “best” ship name he never hit on the one Dean has picked.


Alternatively -

Cas: “If you’re so desperate to put our names together we should just get married and then I’d be Castiel Winchester.”

Dean: [choking] “That’s not - it doesn’t work like - we don’t - okay then.”