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gina linetti in 3x08: uh, it better not be pregnancy-related, ‘cause that crap is nasty. the miracle of life? dress it up however you want, that’s some disgusting animal kingdom nonsense.

gina linetti in 4x22: in a relationship that was not hinted at even once all season and pregnant with a boyle cousin’s child


i apologize to all non-manchester united folks here in advance for tomorrow. we are already freaking out and so whether we win or lose your dashes will likely explode tomorrow. please love us anyway, we suffer a lot.

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thank you so much for all the amazing writing!! if you're not too overwhelmed with prompts, could you write something with andreil + protectiveness??

Reading this back, I’m not sure this is quite the protectiveness you were looking for, but hopefully you still enjoy? Like wow did I diverge. Please message if you want a take 2. Also, fun fact: this is based off a true story in that I too thought Ratatouille was a safe and good movie to watch with my four year old nephew. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t and he cried.

Being a witness in the FBI’s trial takes more out of Neil than he anticipated. Hearing every detail and seeing the photos presented to the court leaves his stomach rolling. It leaves fear and dread crawling through his veins and gnawing at his bones. It leaves the itch to run sparking with each beat of his heart. Andrew is always there, though, to quiet the urge. With a look. With a touch. With simple but strong words. 

But when they finally make it back to PSU, Neil still feels off, like he hasn’t quite got his feet righted against the ground. The Foxes are both suffocating and overly cautious at the same time. They don’t leave him alone, and yet they tip-toe around him, talking in hushed tones they don’t think he hears and watching him with concerned eyes they don’t think he sees. Even if it does start to get under his skin after a few days, they’re his family, and really, Neil does appreciate the gesture. So when Dan suggests a movie night, Neil can’t find it in his heart to decline. 

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After seeing the ridiculous amount of robo-Genos-children in Murata-sensei’s doodle, I got inspired to do something silly based on a scene from The Sound of Music