why cant we be married

fuckihn….. aro/aco marriage…. Nb marriage…. Bi marriage…. Im fucming screamig do these people ever fuckihf ever go outside. Can you imagine these people. You meet a het couple and theyre like “oooh we cant get married :////” and ir like ok why and they say “Ace Marriage Is Illegal :////”


“I could not think of losing my excellent Lord Melbourne, for that I didn’t know what I should do without this kind man” 


Love Shot  -  We Got Married 233

Pregnancy Series - Morning Sickness

Sorry this took so long to upload I was running out of ideas ! anyway hope you enjoy it !

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“ you have barely touched your food (y/n) “ Ashton pointed out to you as he had another bite of his  french toast. You where having brunch at your restaurant that you had recently opened. While Ashton had time off work he liked to come in and have breakfast with you. “ yeah I’m not that hungry “ you replied pushing your berries around your plate.
“ you have to eat babe , especially because your carrying my child “ he smiled taking another mouthful. He loved to mention your pregnancy because he was just so proud of the fact he was going to be a father . “ Sonya must have done a good job your chomping through it and I’m just feeling nauseous thats all “ you answered with a smile.
“ okay I’m just trying to look after my girl “ he smiled reaching over the table and grabbing your hand. “ i know babe , here you can have mine i don’t want it “ you said handing over your plate of french toast. “ thanks babe “ he winked taking your plate and giving you his empty one.
“ the restaurants doing really well “ Ashton noted as you looked around the room with scattered couples and businessmen and women talking about proposals. Since your restaurant had opened a week ago every night the tables had been fully booked . You were pretty proud of your achievement. “ what are you thinking about babe ?“ He asked interrupting your thoughts
“ nothing just enjoying life “ you smiled with your wide grin .
“ so you’ve done modelling ,a course in photography and now started your own restaurant . what’s next ? “ he questioned taking another mouthful and grinning at you
“ i really don’t know maybe expand “ you replied looking back around the room.
“you think you’ll ….” you cut him off by covering you mouth with your hand and excusing yourself to run off to the bathroom. emptying your stomach into the toilet you sighed as this had become a regular thing since you found out about your pregnancy. you sat on the cold black tiled floor as you caught your breath. you felt a cool breeze on your back alerting you to someones presence in the bathroom . “ I’m sorry (Y/N) “ Ashton sighed leaning over your crouched form. “ you shouldn’t be in here “ you grumbled using your hands to push you off the cool floor .
“ My Girl friend owns the restaurant “ he laughed helping pull you off the floor . Flushing the toilet you watched as the contents of your stomach disappeared . “this better be worth it Irwin “ you moaned causing Ashton to chuckle .


“ why cant we just go get married in vegas ?” Calum groaned as you walked around the country club your father was a member of with your fingers interlaced. “ because you and i both know your mother and mine would never allow it “ you replied rolling your eyes at your fiancé . It was 8am in the morning and Calum had been complaining ever since you woke him up. “ since when was this about them i thought we were getting married “ he replied wearing the smirk he always wore when he thought he was right. “ Weddings are all about family , the purpose of a wedding is to bring to two families together to create a new one “ you sighed “ just look “ you stopped him in the open grass court yard “ in just under a year and a half we could be getting married right here “ you exclaimed the biggest grin spreading across your face. Calum’s smile grew with yours , he loved how excited you would get about the wedding and love the fact he was the one making you this happy. “ so what do you think ? “ you broke the silence . His large brown eyes scanned the view of the grounds
“ its good babe “ he replied focusing his attention back on you.
“ i knew you weren’t going to like it “ you let out a sigh of disappointment
“ babe i didn’t say that ! “ he defended “ i love it “ he continued his eyes staring deep into yours
“ really ?” you asked your spirits lifting
“of course ! you know I’m not good at this wedding stuff , i thought when i asked you to marry me that you would just tell me when and where to be and you would organise the rest “ he laughed
“ wow fiancé of the year right here “ you joked sarcastically smiling at him
“ well i try “ he laughed with you “ I love you (Y/N), i don’t care where we get married as long as I’m marrying you ! I want you to have the perfect day so if this is where you imagine us having it then get your Dad to book the date for us “ he smiled
“ are you serious ?” you jumped excitedly
“ yes ! now can we go get breakfast now ?” he pleaded using his puppy dog eyes .
“ Alright lets go “ you laughed as you started to head back to your car.
“ so we have a date and a venue I’m so proud of us Cal “ you smiled as you entered the kitchen after hanging up on your phone call to your sister confirming your venue .The smell of bacon filling your nostrils and making you feel sick. “ i know babe…” you cut him off by running to the bathroom to vomit last nights dinner . “ hey (Y/N) ? “ Calum called after you “ are you alright ?”
“yeah don’t come in here “ you called back as you wiped your mouth and stood up from your position on the floor. “ (Y/N) I’ve seen you puke before its nothing I’ve never seen before“ he laughed as you tried to hide your face as he enter the bathroom. “ yeah but i was drunk that time , i had liquid confidence “ you replied grabbing your tooth brush to clean your teeth.
“ but it will be worth it “ he said wrapping his muscular arms around your tiny figure.
“ tell me that in fifteen years when we have a grumpy teenager ” you replied .


You awoke suddenly feeling yourself about to vomit . Quickly throwing back the covers of the hotel bed you climbed clumsily over Luke and out of the bed to make your way to the bathroom as quick a you could. Kneeling down in front of the toilet your knees connected with the heated bathroom floor. Emptying everything your stomach had in to the bowl of the toilet all you wanted to do was cry. It had been like this every morning for the last week . This was the second time this morning you had been up. You rested your tired head on the seat as tears started to fall from your eyes . You were overtired and emotional all you wanted to do was sleep. Noticing your side of the bed was empty Luke pulled himself out of the warm bed . He was exhausted to the point he was close to falling back asleep. But leaving you to deal with this by yourself was not an option . He promised himself he would not let you go through this feeling like you didn’t have his support . Finding you crouched over the toilet he came to sit with you “ I’m sorry “ he apologised
“ go back to bed Luke you have interviews today “ you ordered lifting your head
“ I’m only going to bed if you are “ he replied stubbornly . You knew you weren’t getting anywhere with him “ i don’t know if i can do this Luke “ you cried into his chest you tears soaking his t-shirt. placing a sweet kiss to your forehead he replied “ (Y/N) (L/N) you are the strongest person i know ! after everything with your parents and the hate you got from both fandoms when we first went public …”
“ still get “ you interrupted him to correct him
“ my point exactly , it would be easier for you to break up with me and avoid the hate but you are a fighter and if you can do that then you can do anything because i know you can “ Luke tried to comfort you . You sat in silence for a while . The sound of your breath the only sound in the room as the two of you sat there on the floor falling asleep. Luke always knew what to say . When ever he was around you felt like you could breathe freely with out a care in the world . You had only  been together for over a year but you felt like you had known him for longer. Some how when ever you were with Luke you knew everything was going to be okay. “ how did i get so lucky to get you ?” you asked breaking the silence . “ I ask myself the same question about you everyday “ he replied as you felt him smiling . “ do you think we will be good parents Luke ?” you asked lifting your head to stare into his captivating blue eyes . “ I think so “ he replied “ should we head back to bed ?”
“ yeah , just let me brush my teeth first Hemmings  “ you smiled making Luke chuckle smiling cause he knew by the use of his last name he had cheered you up.


“(Y/N) baby ? “ you heard a voice stir you from your sleep
“hmmm “ you replied pulling your duvet up over your shoulders and burying your head further  into the pillow . “ Babe its one thirty we have to be at Calum’s in an hour “ Michael laughed pulling the covers away from your face. “ noooo  “ you moaned retrieving the covers from him
“ (Y/N) come on “ He sighed sitting at the end of the bed “ where going to be late and you hate being late “ he reminded you playing with your feet making you kick him in annoyance .
“ I’m not going “ you groaned as another wave of nausea came over you
“ why not ? you said you would be there “ Michael questioned
“ i feel like … “ you cut yourself off by emptying your stomach into the bucket you had left by your bed for the last week “  its okay babe “ Michael rushes to your side to comfort you . Rubbing your back as you begin to dry reach on your empty stomach. You began to cough when your body realised you had nothing left to give “ your doing good baby “ Michael encouraged
flashing him a weak smile you coughed again . “ lie back down hun , ill call Calum  and say we aren’t going to make it “ Michael fussed helping you lie down covering your weak body with the warm white duvet . You started to dose off immediately . Your body was exhausted you could hardly keep your eyes open . Just as you thought you were about to get back to sleep an unnerving feeling reappeared  in you stomach . You pulled yourself up out of bed immediately to grab the bucket again. You brought up what was left in your system which was mostly left over bile . clinging on to your stomach how could this be normal ? you didn’t remember you best friend (Y/B/F/N ) having morning sickness like this when she was pregnant . Your stomach ached and you felt dizzy . You couldn’t take this much longer . You tried to stay strong and work through it but it was getting two hard . You reached for your iPhone on the wooden bed side table to your right. Dialling the number of someone who was sure to pick up and know how to help. “ hello (Y/N) ?“ a voice answered from the other end of the line . She sounded worried “ are you alright ?” she added
“ Karen “ you groaned “ I’m going to murder your son “ you continued resting your heavy head in your hands . “whats he done now ?”

Thanks for reading sorry if this sucked 

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i think that in their wedding day sherlock would be so impatient he would be like "john john why cant we get married now?" "we must wait until 6pm sherlock" "but i want it now" and after a few hours before the ceremony john would ask him why is he so impatient about it and he would say "because im afraid you'll change your mind" and john would kiss him deeply and promisse that he would never change his mind and would love sherlock forever