why cant u old

My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

i see ppl who are 25+ on here and im like why are u here. not bc old ppl cant be on tungler but bc im already all crotchety and cranky at everything on here and im just 21

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Honestly youre really rude for saying people cant headcanon Jason Todd as played by Jensen Ackles, in the comics he's drawn with fair skin and a similar build to Jensen. Not to mention the guy even voiced him in under the red hood. Jensen is pretty famous, especially among the Supernatural fandom. If he played Jason he'd probably make him a much more popular character

i cant hear you over the crowbar shattering my skull bc i would literally rather have my face smashed in then read this entire ask again thanks


How Eunhae spice up a 2 year old song they sing at least 20 times a month

Ladies and gentlemen follow the SJ way of life

I think this is what they want fangirls to call them from now on

Hyukjae anyways

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Are Smoker and Hina from back in your recruit days as a Marine your smoking buddies still?

Like old times… almost.