why cant they just live happily ever after

ok i dont watch the vampire diaries??? but apparently the two lesbians that died… were engaged and about to get married?? and literally said their “i love yous” before dying???? i just cant believe…. they were two seconds away from a happy ending?? i dont know why they were killed but u could have just written them off in a harmless manner!!! they could have gotten married!!! and just moved away and lived happily ever after!!! or anything tbh!!!! but of course they’re LESBIANS so they gave us a glimpse of hope and right before they would get a happy ending they killed them?? the CW is fucking up so bad. writers this year are fucking up so bad. i just cant believe how this has happened 10 FUCKING TIMES. THIS YEAR ALONE. and its only APRIL. and 2 more harmful lesbians/bi deaths are coming up apparently. IM!!! SO!!!! ANGRY!!!