why cant they just be like this and happy and stuff

People have been discriminating me for watching yuri on ice and saying bad stuffs about it like ‘ew thats so gay why are you watching it’, without even knowing what this show is all about. This show saved me a lot of times. Ive been having a lot of anxiety attacks last december to the extent of having suicidal thoughts just for it to end, and around that time i began watching yuri on ice out of curiosity and to see yuri katsuki’s character development truly inspired me. And knowing that a lot of people like/ LOVED this show made me so fucking happy. I just cant hide my happiness on how this show is so successful. I just cant

mORE fluffy domestic andreil headcanons bc why not (I CANT STOP IM SORRY)

  • ok so most of the shelves in their kitchen cabinets and pantry that are high up are empty bc..they’re both too smol to reach them..wEEPS my tiny sons…so they have to cram everything onto the lower shelves and its honestly a mess 
  • when matt comes to visit their apartment for the first time and sees he laughs for a year and then like a little shit he moves stuff around to the higher shelves 
  • andrew is not amused
  • andrew nearly punches him in the face for it
  • neil manages to stop him 
  • “its just groceries andrew chillax” 
  • in the middle of the night andrew drags a chair over from the dining room and climbs up to get the stuff down from the higher shelves. he feels ridiculous and he hates it and he swears he WILL punch matt in his tall stupid face the next time he sees him
  • when he gets back into bed neil is up and he totally heard andrew drag the chair into the kitchen and he’s trying so hard not to laugh at the visuals of andrew ON HIS TIP TOES ON THE CHAIR getting their cereal boxes down from the top shelf 
  • andrew glares at him. “whats so fucking funny?” 
  • “nothing..” 
  • andrew grumbles and gets into bed and neil is still fighting back laughter. andrew punches his arm. “stop it” 
  • neil does not stop it. 
  • “i hate you. 1000 percent.” 
  • “is someone so tiny even capable of that much hate??” 
  • “neil josten shut ur little fucking smartass mouth.” 
  • “make me.” 
  • *they proceed to make out furiously for hours* 
  • another alternative, andrew insists on them using the top shelves no matter how smol they are. and so that means they’re both constantly hopping onto the counter and climbing on shit to get what they need.
  • sometimes when they’re feeling silly one of them will get on the other’s shoulders
  • neil is horrible at balancing andrew and andrew is a little shit who’s always wiggling around. 
  • it usually ends up with them stumbling around the kitchen, andrew holding onto neil’s hands so tight, telling him to “watch where you’re fucking going loser” 
  • they bump into walls like a dozen times at least 
  • its in these rare moments that andrew cracks a smile or lets out a shout of laughter as they trip and go tumbling onto the floor. 
  • they then roll around on the linoleum tiles, and andrew usually ends up straddling neil and pinning his hands up over his head and they never end up getting their fucking cereal what a surprise 
  • on the other hand, when its neil on andrew’s shoulders, andrew’s got him no problem. he usually just holds onto neil’s legs and they don’t need to hold hands or anything but neil still grabs for them and andrew still lets him hold them bc neil has a Thing for andrew’s hands 
  • they always end up getting their cereal from the shelf when neil’s on andrew’s shoulders but that usually means no making out on the kitchen floor and thats boring and not very exciting or interesting so they rarely do that 
  • which means their mornings usually start off very very silly and with laughter and smiles and kisses which is perfectly okay and they totally deserve the happiness and i’m emo about it bYE

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tbh i think the worst thing i've seen in a fanfic was when i found one that made the protagonist (who is canon mlm btw) violently homophobic and throw around the f slur and stuff... it really fucked me up. like, in canon he's just a kid who happily loves his alien bf, why cant we just have that?? why do they have to try to shove angst into every gay character jfc let us have a happy kid who likes boys

is this from young avengers 

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Im so confused with this Malec stuff. I swear, I could absolutely swear that Magnus was showing Alec his cat eyes in that promo pic for ep 7. Was I just seeing what wasn't really there, or did they cut it? But WHY in the FUCK would they cut it?! If there is a God the next ep will pick up where it left off and start when them not fucking and everything will be fine. After a legit season and a half of them handling Malec SO well I cant see how they managed to drop the ball so fucking badly????

i couldn’t agree with you more. I genuinely thought that he was going to show alec his cat eyes and that they would have had a waaaay much longer conversation about the scene™, but none of that shit happened and instead they ended up cutting a whole scene (the wine scene) for whatever fucking reason that may be. They had a couple of scenes in this episode that I was like are??? they??? extremely?? necessary??? like a few of the scenes were so unimaginably unimportant that it really surprised me how short the malec scenes were. But I also have like a thought? prediction? hypothesis??, if you will, that their malec story line/arch wasn’t long enough to be stretched all the way to the end of 2b so they decided to milk each moment out and give us shorter malec scenes in order for them to keep the same story line/arch all the way through the end of 2a & maybe 2b.

As for the scene™ that disappointed many of us, i reeeeaaally hope they pick that shit right up at that same scene where it ended. I would be, and not alone, so royally pissed off if they didn’t. I’ve been avoiding talking about the episode in general, for this same reason bc I could honestly go on and on about how mad and disappointed I am. I had so much hope for a good rep in this episode and it just ended up being a really, and I’m sorry to even assume this, queer-baiting episode. They made it seem like we were going to get so many good malec scenes but in the end they just basically showed them all in the clips and stills they used for the promos.

It’s like in a way we were promised heaven at first site, but then when we got to the gates we were presented with a “and your ticket please?”

Like no bitch don’t try to finesse me tf?? ,,, you showed us one thing but completely meant another ??? okay.

anyway,,, im sorry I unleashed hell on your ass bc you probably weren’t looking for this when you messaged me!

Hey, I stand with PewDiePie

“Ermahgerd gais #poopiepieisoverparty yay his career is overrr. Dats wat he gets for being a anti semi n being racistttt”

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I’m sorry.. I tried…

In general, how have the drawings I’ve done in sai looked? Better or worse?

  • my friend, who's been in a happy relationship for the past year and a half: you gotta read this fic [ft. cute quirky characters with superhuman good looks] it's so adorable!!! all fluff and meet-cutes and soulmate stuff!!!! i can't handle angst at all haha i love purely fluff fics
  • me, who's still getting over a long-term ex, peeking out from my barricade of mutual pining/angst/unresolved tension fics for ships i project my leftover pain onto: :)))))) that's :)))))))))) nice :))))))))))) love the rec it totally didn't throw me back into my spiral of self-hate and remind me that i'm ugly and will never find love

I don’t think I am ever going to stop watching this. I’m so emotional. It’s so perfect. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we’re getting NEW Gilmore Girls. Its all new. Why was Kirk at Friday night dinner? Why did Rory tell Jess she didn’t have any underwear? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! I’m just so happy. It’s been almost 10 years, and these beautiful wonderful characters that I’ve loved for most of my life are back. These perfect characters who have shaped me as a person are FINALLY back. And I think I might be more emotional then I thought I’d be, but in a really good way.

Lets get to the point-

Artist can make choices of what they want to draw! And if they want to draw sin let them be, there is no shame in sinning, I’m sure all of us undertake fans have that creppy side where we want a romantic sans and all that other stuff which is TOTALLY okay. But seriously say that u cant do this and sin is disgusting and Art Block to artist, sometimes can even lead artist to deppresion cuz sometimes we cant even post the things we want to and have to not deal with anyone with this kind of problem, NO LIE, I totally respect the tags of “Undertale” or “Undertail” being in total difference- between “SFW” and “NSFW”
But literally just saying why are u doing this and that and complaining to artist, then just go to another blog, to make ur ass happy.
I don’t see why we artist sinners have to go threw with stuff like this. They have a choice and if that’s the content they want to post, that’s what they can post, sometimes if a artist not feeling well, Let them be- some artist likes when they comfort but some artist just to be alone and think things out- but also just some act behind anonymous doesnt mean u just can talk by your own will and spill and talk about the artist of the things u dont like ur preference, also respect the 18+ SIGN, Many people ignore this and are young and watch is reason why many artist have to go threw things and can get kicked cause of reasons like these content being shown to 11-14 kids, u can suggest an artist to have a SFW blog and if the artidt agree to help the problems, thats threw the artist to decide and help them more on their contents. Ive also seen ship problems…
SHIPS ARE A HUGE PROBLEM HERE, constantly people get mad and even block or unfollow because an artist ships something of their suggestions, LITTERLY! we all have our own preference and ships but we don’t have to get mad and complain over it and make a huge argument! Sometimes artist go threw depressions mostly for this reason-
Let Sinners Be!-


heyy !! 

theres info on why i set this up below the cut, but tl;dr u can help me out and get dank memes in return, how cool (!!)

i’m planning on adding more stuff (obviously), this is literally only random shit i found on my laptop i thought might be fun. 

remember, all the above designs (and more) are available for multiple products, the ones shown are just examples!!

nice. reblogs are rly good for ur heart, did u know. happy memeing. 

more stuff below. and PLEASE READ THIS TYVM OK NICE

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Like why? When a idol comes out to be dating some of you guys always gotta be on some Mythbuster, Scooby Doo, X-Files mode? Its not even that damn deep for you guys to be deep sea diving for receipts and evidence of some stuff YOU come up with in your head. 

It’s not that serious. Why cant you guys just be happy or just not even care and ignore it. 

With all these “theories” only one thing comes to mind.