why cant they just be dead together

tome asked teru if he knew of any telepaths and hes like “yeah i know 2″ and shes SO EXCITED until she meets them and its like…..they can only communicate with each other. so tome asks teru if he can learn telepathy and they spend like 5 minutes meditating in terus room together trying to get telepathy to work but then tome gets bored and they watch one punch man together and tomes like “look that alien can use telepathy why cant u??” and teru just cant hold it in anymore he just as to ask “tome do you want to fuck an alien?” and without skipping a beat like immediately right after teru ends his sentence there is not a moment of silence tome just says “yes.” there are. a good fifteen seconds of silence. tome is looking teru dead in the eyes. she hasnt blinked. teru is sweating

Listen okay lance wanting to be a pilot because his hands are his most mobile points like he always needs to be moving his hands but he never could focus well when they were doing lectures about safety so he’s pretty shit at it and his competitive nature (esp w keith) comes from impulsiveness and he probably stims honestly he runs his hands through his hair so often it has that permanent messy look and thats also why he cant stand keiths mullet, it just seems Wrong,,,  he uses the face mask to help soothe him to sleep but even so he can never have a restful night so he’s taken to wandering around the castle at 1 am ,,,  he always used to be rowdy with his siblings and younger cousins and neices and nephews and they loved him because he matched them so well when they all played together and he misses them so much aaaaaaa,, no offense but lance has adhd and you will have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands

its as if them putting all those beautiful kissing scenes and then the sex and then the emo stuff was supposed to make up for it all but literally??? i cant even focus on how wonderful those scenes were when lexa is fucking dead why did they think this would be okay? it isnt okay???? especially all mushed together like that like they expected it to make up for it like they got us all excited just to break our fucking hearts im so mad at myself for having faith in these writers im so mad i had hope that for once that a beautiful queer ship could be endgame im so m a d at myself and the writers for this one