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Hey i saw yr posts about the normalizing of toxic behaviors in the bpd community and i totally agree with you but i feel really shitty now because i have really invasive and abusive thoughts similar to those even though i know i shouldnt. even though i dont use them to manipulate ppl & i supress my splitting i feel like a walking poster child for bpd tumblrs nastiness and cant express it without it being seen as "relatable" idk it pisses me off that my symptoms are a joke and i needed to vent

something about this ask rubs me the wrong way but i cant point on why. what i do know is that your takeaway should not have been “fuck you for venting” but rather be more critical of your vent posts and be careful with how you share them to the public. if you do have really bad invasive and abusive thoughts, you shouldn’t be sharing it on your tumblr account and should like, talk to someone about it.

venting about on tumblr where people will enable your behavior is really no better than suppressing it and keeping it to yourself. if its that worrying to you then make it clear it shouldn’t be reblogged and keep it out of bpd tags where other people use it.

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idk what this is besides mostly crack (canon) that @skamforfaen and i discussed abt some things vilde might say, and do once she eventually!! becomes comfy with her sexuality. 

  • isak and vilde!!! yes gay pals!!! they’re going to be like “that’s homophobic” whenever something minorly inconveniences them and laugh so hard and everyone else is just “?????”
  •  i can imagine vilde sayin that first with the squads and then everyone’s “ …???…” and then isak goes all mock serious and “didn’t u hear her??? that IS homophobic smh”
  • *water bottle falls down on the floor* “well, THAT’S homophobic”
  • *gets bad grade on a test* my teacher is homophobic”
  • imagine sometimes how it just slips out at the worst of times bc vilde suddenly gets really into lgbt history/negative stereotypes and suddenly becomes really educated and she just, thinks everything is homophobic and oppressive (is she wrong tho)
  • “can that server tell i kissed my gf today??? Is that why my meals late? This is blatant rude homophobia im going to talk to the manager!“ 
  • and eva’s there like “vilde, we just kissed 2 minutes ago.” - “i know that eva! but our food is late! she’s homophobic!”
  • “vilde, you cant blame everything on homophobia.” - “and why not eva???” - eva gives her a look. - “well, you might not see the blatant disregard heterosexuals shoot our way because we are a same-sex couple eva, but i do! would a straight girl have to wait 10 extra minutes for her salad if she was with a boy?? i don’t think so!”
  •  "vilde it was one time and she gave u a valid reason.“ - “well we’ll see abt next time hmm." 
  • next time ends up being 2 days later and this time vilde ends up with no cutlery. "see eva, what did i tell you? homophobia.”
  • one time vilde says “as a gay,,” in isak’s presence and he chokes on air
  • “vilde,,,, you cant just- you cant just say that!” 
  • “and why not, isak?”
  • “you- cant-you- just- you just cant!?”
  • "i don’t have a problem with it isak. i’m gay. you know,,,, the stigma attached to the label can be very dehumanizing and hurtful but the more we use it the more it becomes ours and the less people can hurt us with it bc there’s nothing wrong it, is there isak? i like girls and you like boys and people just have to accept that.”
  • just give me isak and vilde learning from each other and gradually becoming friends and supporting one another (even tho it takes time to get there, vilde is forever thankful that she’s got isak and vice versa tbh)
  • just imagine vilde getting all philosophical and progressive once shes really comfy with herself.
  • just imagine vilde, isak, even and eva bonding over their sexuality and forming a group within their group!
  • pls vilde would so join “skeiv ungdom” (lgbtqia+ youth group), she’d be the fucking LEADER of skeiv ungdom oslo and organize all these pre-games and parties and demonstrations .  
  • she’d make sure its the safest place for everyone and just like with her first kosegruppa meeting, she’d make everyone do exercises and get to know each other and have introductions and make sure people use each others correct pronouns. 
  • and sometimes they play games or talk about their experiences and also the joys of being gay and how it gets better and how these groups are supposed to create a supportive place to talk and relate to one another but to also have fun and Hope.
  • some days they talk about certain lgbt topics and they vote on which one to dicuss first. e.g. compulsory heterosexuality, coming out, links between being lgbt and mental health, support networks, history, icons, songs, etc. 
  • and sometimes new members come in so they do this thing where every week they introduce each other again by their name, sexuality (if they want) and something good they want to share with each other that happened to them in the last week
  • sometimes people who’ve been coming to the meetings from the beginning end up introducing themselves one day but for the first time, actually coming out as well. so the constant introductions give all the members the option to come out when they feel comfortable or sure, bc not everyone in the group is out or labels themselves.
  • even is definitely co-leader along with vilde, she asked him specifically bc she loves the way he talks to people and the two of them have had numerous educational and supportive talks and have become pretty close. 
  • even “you don’t think that’s a bit of a superficial generalization?” bech næsheim.
  • i bet vilde would bake sweet buns (boller, like she did for kosegruppa) and pride cupcakes for the meetings too.
  • now pride: she’d make everyone bring at least one thing to pride (they’d make a day of it at isak’s place and get everything ready there and leave together) but she’d make sure she bakes and has a hell of a fun time frosting with her friends and gf eva. the frosting would be rainbow ofc and everyone ends up leaving the house with frosting smeared on their cheeks, cue a lot of kisses from everyones significant other.
  • just. concept: proud lesbian vilde, along with her fellow gay isak, his pansexual boyfriend even and her bisexual gf eva!

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa


i think about this line from janna a lot

why get defensive about that unless she felt like her gender was being called into question? my immediate impression was that janna is a trans gal. and i still cant find a better reason for her to respond this way, other than it being a meaningless line. buuuut its more fun to think of her as a trans girl

if you go along with the trans marco theory, it makes her interest in marco early on make way more sense. trans people are good at noticing other trans people, and maybe her non-flirt advances were like, her way of saying “i see you, and im here with you.”

Got7 Badboy!au relationship focus (Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson)


-          So people have sort of a suspicion about him

-          They have a suspicion that he’s actually kind of soft

-          Because yes, he dresses like a badboy, and he hangs out with the badboys, and he sometimes does that smoldery thing and all

-          But then he also giggles like the really cute college aged boy version of a middle school girl giggle

-          And he also has a dog, and it’s a golden retriever. Not a pitbull or a rotweiler or a german shepherd

-          A sweet, (kind of slobbery), smiley, soft golden retriever that’s trained really well and doesn’t need a leash

-          So you’d seen him around a fair bit, but you’d never talked to him and you weren’t quite sure what to think of him

-          But then he was out walking his dog around the block and apparently you guys live in the same block because you were chillin’ on a bench eatin’ food and flippin’ through ya phone

-          And then suddenly this big ol’ golden retriever prances up to you, tongue lolling and starts sniffing you and you’re like 😃 😃 😃 because dogs

-          And so you’re petting it and fluffing around it’s neck and it’s super happy while you look up to try and see if the owner is anywhere nearby

-          And then what do your pretty eyes see but MARK jogging up towards you and your eyes meet and he looks down at his feet while he’s jogging like immediately and you’ve never seen him up close before but now you do and your brain is like ‘wooooow’ and your eyes are like ‘wooooow’ and you’re just …. ‘wooooow’ (bc lbr, is there a single person on this planet who can see Mark Tuan for the first time and not be all like ‘woooow?” No. There is not.)

-          And once he reaches you he shoves his hands in his pockets and says ‘Sorry about that, normally he behaves but sometimes he just runs off like this sometimes if he sees someone he likes.’

-          And you laugh and you’re all like ‘no problem, he’s great’ and you’re smiling because this dog is just the sweetest thing and Mark think’s it’s adorable. And you say ‘I actually didn’t even know you had a dog.’

-          And he looks up kind of confused and you mentally facepalm because you two don’t actually know each other you just see him around at school and stuff, so why on earth would you know that but you say ‘oh, I’ve.. seen you around sometimes but never with this guy’ and you go back to ruffling up his fur

-          ‘oh’ and he giggles and it’s adorable

-          So you two talk a little bit, just small talk, and it’s a little shy and strange but sort of that nice kind of shy conversation where it’s a little weird but like a cute weird, not a bad weird, and you two are kind of okay with that

-          And you see him around more often with the dog and every time you do, you both talk because THE DOG, it’s ALL about the dog, no other reason that you two would want talk other than JUST for you to pet the dog… 😉

-          And then eventually one of those dog petting moments, he’s quiet for a second and then he’s like ‘Do you, maybe, wanna go out some time just us? I mean, I can bring this guy too if you want of course, but… I was thinking maybe it would be nice to… yeah…’

-          And you’re like ‘yeah, that sounds great’ so you two exchange numbers and then eventually he takes you to a diner type place for lunch and you get burgers and fries and milkshakes and while you two were walking there, he held your hand and both of you got all blushy and from that point on he always held your hand, like letting him do that was a mistake, you’re now short one hand for the rest of your life because he’s always holding it

-          And you guys talk and laugh for the whole date and then when he walks you back to your place, you kiss him on the cheek and he just

-          He dies, okay

-          But like happy dies. Like he smiles and squeals and blushes to death and it’s the most adorable thing

-          This was long, sorry not sorry, he’s too cute my fingers just went, they wouldn’t stop typing


-          Badboy

-          Actual badboy

-          Flirts with literally everyone

-          Everyone

-          Got a sister? He winked at her yesterday. Got great grandparents in their 90’s? Pickup lines for days? Your dog? He brought it a rose and asked for its number after school today

-          He doesn’t actually date much, he just likes making people blush and maybe he just likes girls a little too much..?

-          He’s not a heart breaker, everyone knows how he is, but he’s always single

-          Parents hate him and teachers kind of hate him because he spends class making their girl students swoon and throwing loose smirks around the room while he kicks back in his chair and chews gum IN CLASS what a baddie

-          So the first time he sees you, he’s all feet kicked up, chewing gum in the back of class and you walk in a tad late and he sees you and he stops chewing for a second and just watches you sit down

-          And you can feel him staring at you but you make a point of not looking because ain’t nobody got time for no shameless flirt like that

-          And then when class ends, he gets out before you and as he passes your desk he kind of clucks his tongue…? You know what I mean? He just makes that clicky sound thing… and says ‘hey, cutie’ as he walks out and just leaves and all the girls just swoon and rose pedals just fall from the rafters and he’s ridiculous okay. He’s ridiculous. But it’s kind of amusing and he’s so smooth about being ridiculous that you can’t help but smirk a little bit but you also 99% keep it together

-          And you know how he is because you’ve heard of him, so that helps

-          So that’s how it goes for the next few months, he does his thing and you keep it together like 99% of the way

-          And honestly, he’s kind of intrigued because you aren’t rude to him, sometimes you banter back at him, and you’ll afford him a snort every once in a while, but you definitely don’t seem like you’re at all taken with him

-          So your friends start noticing that he’s stopped being that way so much with other people and tends to focus his energy on you most of the time and they tell you that so you start paying attention to it and you’re like ‘huh… they’re kind of right’

-          And honestly, you’re a little more taken with him then you let on because yeah he’s cute but he’s also actually really gentlemanly when he’s not being completely shameless. Like he holds the door for everyone, and he’ll actually take notes in class for a change if someone he knows is absent so that he can keep them up to speed, and once you saw him save a frog on the sidewalk from getting walked on, so that was kind of weird but also sweet I guess…?

-          One day, you were absent from school because you hadn’t been feeling well, and when you went back the next day, Jinyoung went to your desk and was like ‘Hey, you okay? You weren’t here yesterday’ (thanks for stating the obvious, Jinyoung, props)

-          And you snort ‘did you miss staring at the back of my head all class like you usually do?’ You joke, because both of you know he does that and he literally doesn’t give a flip so he’s not even shaken at all

-          ‘Well yes, I did, and I was also a little worried. I know you care a lot about your grades so its unusual for you to miss.”

-          And you actually blush a little because he was genuinely concerned, but you’re like ‘oh.. yeah, I’m okay, I was just a little sick but it’s better now.’

-          ‘Good. Here, I took notes for you so you wouldn’t miss anything. And there’s an exam coming up this Friday, do you want to study for it together?’

-          ‘Since when do you study for school?’

-          ‘Well, I was actually thinking we could study pinball at the arcade down the road and get dinner after, but if you want to study for the exam then that works too’ He smirked and in your head you were like hold up, is he asking me out…? He doesn’t go on dates…

-          But then you laughed a little and just said ‘How about we study for the exam for an hour and then study pinball after’ and he smiles really big and says he’ll drive you to the library after school

-          And at this point he’s 100% stopped flirting with everyone else but you, and he’s really sweet and helpful, and sensitive, all the time and the two of you start going out regularly so your kind of a thing and people are confused because what? He’s actually a perfect boyfriend? No one saw this coming, including you and yet here you are, sitting on your couch leaning into his shoulder with your mom cooking dinner in the other room, and his arm is over your shoulder and he kisses your temple before going back to helping you study for your bio exam tomorrow


-          Class clown type of badboy

-          Wears the get up and goofs off, doesn’t really act too much like a badboy, just likes to go out and have fun with his friends at night a lot in pretty harmless ways, but he looks it and he’s hard not to notice so he gets labelled like that.

-          Legit though, he’s just a really wholesome person deep down

-          Loves his mama, and his whole family for that matter

-          Puts some effort into school and helps out around the house before he goes out after dinner with the bros

-          Very laugh, much jokester

-          This is probs why some of the older generation and the more uptight people at the school and around town don’t particularly like him

-          But he takes a bit of a liking to you from afar because you seem like a really good person but also kind of spunky and like to have a good time

-          And you have a great laugh, so he does his best to bring that out in class

-          So one time he leans over his desk and whispers a sort of inside joke with the students about the professor and you cant help but laugh out loud for a sec before your hand shoots over your mouth to stop you

-          But it’s too late, the professor already noticed

-          ‘Something you’d like to share with the class?’

-          ‘No, sir, I’m really sorry’

-          And he kind of gives you a look but lets you off because normally you’re a good student

-          So after class, you turn to him when you walk out and slap his arm (even though you barely know him because you never talk, you’re just classmates) and you’re like “What was that for?! Are you trying to get me in trouble?” And you scowl at him even though the joke was funny because you’d prefer your teachers to continue liking you

-          “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.”

-          “Then don’t next time.”

-          “Well, can I make it up to you by buying you an ice cream after school?” and he wiggles his eyebrows at you and smiles that really goofy smile

-          And you’re a little off balance now because wut, that was so sudden, but you manage a frown in spite of yourself (because yes, you’d love to say yes because you’ve seen how fantastic he usually is in spite of his reputation, but he’s not getting off quite that easy)

-          “No.” you look at him from under scrunched eyebrows, and he looked a little taken aback, and kind of sad, and a little awkward now

-          And you felt bad because you wanted to, so you kind of look down bashfully at the floor and say “But maybe if you asked me later when I’m not mad… I might be kind of okay with it.”

-          And you don’t look up but you can just feel the air around you light up with his warm smirk

-          “Ooooh. Okay. Sooo, would that be…. Like… tomorrow morning then?”

-          “I don’t know.”

-          “You’re going to make this hard for me, aren’t you?”

-          “Yep.”

-          “Well I’ll see you tomorrow morning then!” He said before prancing off down the hall while tried and failed to hide your smile as you watched him go.

-          So the next morning, he walks up to you and leans against your locker all suave like

-          “So I know this might come as a bit of a shock to you, and I don’t want you to be swept off of your feet so much that you fall over, so I’d like to give you fair warning. Are you ready?”

-          “Shoot”

-          “Can I buy you ice cream after school?”

-          And you smirk and think to yourself for a minute, and then decide to have a little more fun with him

-          “Well, I’m still a little mad, but almost there.”

-          So his face takes on a dramatic sort of look as if he’s about to start spouting poetry, and he takes your hand and holds it like he’s a prince and he says ‘Fair maiden, thy beauty enchants me so, the way in which thou rockest thy jeans and thy ever on fleek winged eyeliner hast taken my heart hostage.”

-          You smirk blankly at him all like “mmHMMMmmmm.” And you two just keep staring at each other, you like nah, try harder and him trying to gage your reaction. And when he picks up on that yes, you found it amusing, but no, not thereyet, he just says so casually as if he’s commenting on the weather “When you really laugh, like full on laugh, you crinkle your nose a lot and you don’t like it so you try to hide it a lot and I don’t know if you do it on purpose, but you should stop because I think it’s cool.”

-          And you’re like oh. OH.

-          And he can tell because now all of a sudden you’re bashful

-          So you say “Are you driving?”

-          “Yep.”

-          “I’ll meet you at the front doors after class.”

-          And he smiles and says ‘bye cutie’ before he leaves

-          So after that you guys are just dating. It’s just official, you’re together

-          And you have a great time all the time and he’s always making him laugh and you’re always making him laugh and there’s this fantastic, continuous banter between the two of you

-          And he throws his arm over your shoulder when he walks up behind you, and he pokes your sides a lot because he likes to bother you but then you smash his face with a pillow so that’s great too

-          And you guys are just those ultimate playful besties/old married couple type of thing and honestly it’s the funnest ever, but you also tell each other everything and lean on each other and trust each other completely so it’s just the best in SOOO many ways

Some Akielon side characters who deserve more love!

My thirst for more Kallias material is real, so fandom, please appreciate my struggling son. 

But seriously, if he were blond, he’d absolutely be Damen’s type (you know, layers upon layers of misdirection, but at the core willing to do anything to save the people they love. I want them to meet! I want him to reunite with Erasmus! I want to know what happened to him!)

Anxiety Awareness

I have been out today with friends and when i was on the way home i just got a sudden wave of anxiety.
Out of nowhere.
I was sat asking myself why i felt so anxious and couldn’t find an answer. Then i started to think about how little people know about anxiety.
Its a mental illness and people just think you’re just worried or scared.
Anxiety is a lot more than that.
Anxiety is not knowing why you feel the way you do.
Anxiety is having sudden waves of fear or dread that something bad is happening.
Anxiety is thinking that people are looking at you .
Anxiety is feeling like you cant get away , you are stuck. You feel trapped.
Anxiety is having clammy hands.
Anxiety is wanting to shut yourself away from the world so you don’t have to feel anxious.
Anxiety is feeling like you want to cry but are worried about being judged if you do.
Anxiety makes you overthink.
Anxiety makes you tired.
No matter how many people i tell nobody understands.
And i think it is so so important that more people actually understand.
Its not just being scared, its not just being pathetic. Telling us to just ‘forget about it’ or 'stop thinking about it’ doesn’t help at all.
You saying those things wont just magically make them disappear.
Anxiety is real.
It does exist.

o boi we are still doing this


“Because as a 17 year old, even I won’t go after someone 21+ until I turn 18″

Yes that WOULD be creepy…. But… let me just… point something out:

  • Ain is actually not 21 years old. He charades around as a 21 yr old.
  • If 500 years have passed while he was stuck in the rift, then he’s 500 years old. But if he just time warped from the time of the explosion to 500 years after the explosion (which we don’t know for sure, and will probably never know for sure), then he is 0 year old.

It WOULD be creepy if Ain was eyeing Elsword like some sexual predator but there’s none of that going on between the two.

Also, Elboy is actually close to 20 by the time he reaches end of Elysion, judging from the flow of time from previous areas. 

  • Ruben~Elder: two years passed (Base:13yo~ 1st: 15yo)
    • So two years have passed from ruben to its next area
  • Altera~Feita: one year passed (1st:15yo ~ 2nd:16yo)
    • one year has passed from Altera and Feita
  • Now, by the time they reach the end of Elysion they go through
    • Velder
    • Hamel
    • Sander
    • Lanox
    • and Elysion

So that’s FIVE whole areas. Even if we say that two areas take only one year to complete (which is BS if you consider how long some of these areas are), that leaves Elsword at a bit older than 19 years old.

Oh and Ain doesn’t age.

I bring this up because the time Ain perhaps realize his own feelings is towards the end of Elysion, where his mission doesn’t matter to him anymore because power of “friendship” is that strong.

“Ain grew fond of everyone […] and not just Elboy and Elboy alone”

  • Ain calls everyone by their weird nickname, except for Elsword
  • When the airship crashed, Elsword was the first thing Ain was looking for
  • Ain says “Elsword and the El Search Party” when Elsword is part of the El Seach Party so if he just wanted to say “everyone” he could’ve just said, “The El Search Party”

“Ain wouldn’t feel romantic attraction to someone”

I agree, canonically speaking, there probably isn’t any romantic feeling involved, but that’s with base Ain who isn’t capable of understanding that kind of human emotion… But if we’re talking about Erbluhen Emotion who IS capable of understanding such emotion…

Quoting myself:

But if you are speaking about the validity(?) of the Elsain ship then might I remind you that….:

  • Elsword x Eve ship exists because of that one time Elsword said “I’ll be your friend”
  • Add x Eve ship exists even though there’s 0 romance between the two (I won’t even get into this to avoid bloodbath but you know what I’m talking about)
  • There is close to 0 active romantic ship that is canon in the game currently. Even for Harnier and Solace, they never mentioned in the game that they’re in love. For all we know, they could be legit having some serious brother and sisterly family love.

No seriously the only romantic couple that we know for sure have existed was between Raven and Seris, and Glave and his girlfriend, both of whom are already dead. There’s no active romance in the game at all. And it’s kept that way for a reason.

Why? Because KoG knows this game thrives on User Created Contents, and the whole “ship” culture. They let people ship whatever they want while trying to minimize the forced shipping in the game just to please everyone. This is one of the reasons why people didn’t like Add x Eve because they felt like it was shoved down their throat even though in my eyes I didn’t really see it as being shoved down if you just pay attention to the interaction between the two… I mean… LuCiel pairing was probably more shoved down my throat lol “OUR SOULS ARE BOUND FOREVERRRRRR” but they cant marry each other? mkay KoG.

tl;dr ship whatever you want, fellow Elsword lovers

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Has jack moved into the building joe lives in? in joe's new vlog when he was saying 'We're great neighbours, great neighbourhood' or whatever you could just hear jack saying 'yeah we're neighbours' and i'm sure its the same lift


I cant believe more people aren’t talking about this. You’re 100% right, Joe did say “we’re great neighbors” to Jack and Jacks new flat looks EXACTLY like joes (same doors, same flooring, same kitchen layout basically). So, unless everyplace in London just looks the same, lol, it seems to me that he’s moved into the same building :)))))))))))))

things that are ok: not wanting kids and even not liking them so long as ur chill abt it

things that are not ok: hating kids just to seem ‘trendy’/calling kids demons for no reason other than being kids

like yall…..just cant seem to grasp that kids are people too? and they just dont know how to react correctly to things? BECAUSE THEYRE KIDS? like why cant you just. not be rude

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i saw i post you reblogged that said something along the lines of "dorian havilliard is tan not white" and i wanted to point out that being tan =/= being poc. i'm not entirely sure if it meant the skin color in fanarts or his race in general though. i just wanted to tell you because i know plenty of tan "white people" and it kind of annoys me that sometimes when a character is describe as tan they are automatically poc in some people's minds? (sorry if i'm misunderstanding something here)

No I 100% understand that. But since Dorian is ALWAYS described at being tan, even in winter, and because nearly EVERYONE in ToG is white, and because there are people in this fandom who’d like some more representation, Dorian Havilliard is “naturally” tan to us. Plus he has naturally black hair. Which (I’m mixed race so I get you can be black with naturally blue eyes etc) buuuuut why CANT Dorian be Brazilian? Or Puerto Rican? Or some kind of “naturally” tan people????? Why do we have to assume that he is white *with* a tan?????? Why does white have to be the default when Maas says over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over that he has tan skin?

Even if you hold fast to him being white with a tan….why does he have to look like a beautiful snowflake in fan art? Why not a beautiful autumn leaf?


Personal meanspo…
You fat fuck!!! You want to binge right now… i knoe you do! Why the hell would you do that?? You finally reached 129! You have worked so hard to what? Throw it all away? Like you always do??? How pathetic can YOU GET??? you see so many skinny people around you!! You know why they are thinner and more beautiful than you are? Its because they have CONTROL! the one thing you dont have. You cant be beautiful if you dont have control! Work harder! HUNGRY TO BED HUNGRY TO RISE MAKES A GIRL SMALLER IN SIZE! there is a reasom why that saying exists!! BECAUSE ITS TRUE YOU OBESE FUCK!!!!! No more going into the kitchen. You are done for the night. STARVE BITCH STARVE

This last month man...

So…I work in supermarket/convenience strore things where everything COOPerates
Most of the own brand we sell is UK grown or fairtrade or organic or free range or a combination of the lot, so prices are a little higher then other places, so that helps cut down on some of the worst costumer at least…or so I thought…

Been threatened twice because I looked at people…like, I watched someone while working then walked away and bwcause I saw them again while walking away they went off on one and threatened me

Stopped a repeat shoplifter who tried to plead saying he is an alcoholic, like I’m sorry mate but F off you cant steal this alcohol

Had someone get angry and start insulting me because I asked them “hey whatcha looking for mate?” To…ya know…be polite

Had SO many people try and buy fags without ID…then straight away ask their mate for them…like no he isnt buying them either

More shoplifters coming in and of course my company doesnt hire security because why would they…so much alcohol and food stolen

My store doesnt have a warehouse so all delievery cages off stock are kept on the floor…I had someone steal a whole box of Vodka (Roughly £100-150) from the cage but if course once he is outside theres nothing I can do

The UK has new tobacco laws on minimum sizes and uniform packaging coming in soon; and its infuriating when a customer asks for something thats in the new plain packs, I get it, and they go “oh are you sure these are the ones?” Or “oh you got the wrong ones” like no dorice you old cow I have this tobacco cupboard memorized I got you the right ones

I currently work in a student city…a UNI STUDENT CITY…so you can imagine how fun it was for us get an 8 cage delivery…at 8PM when we close at 11PM on a SATURDAY night….one of our busiest days, a BIG delievery, SUPER LATE…

I work tills…about 80% of the two years+ I have worked for this comoany has been manning the Kiosks…so I know what I am doing…a LOT of the other cashiers and hell even my supervisors and team leaders and rarely even managers ask me questions about “whats this code?” “Do we sell this brand cigs/tobacco?” “How do we process this?” So I know my job. So when we have an 8 cage delievery on a sat night and I am on tills and my manager is going on about me talking to the customers too much like…no mate…the only customers you seen me talking to more then necessary where the only customers I have.spoken to more then necessary…and that was because they were standing there for ages not knowing what to buy so I was helping them choose to get them out, leave me to tills I know what the fuck I am doing.

also fuck shoplifters

TL;DR I know what I am doing please f off and dont steal

some angsty coming out of the closet memes as requested.

“ wait… you’re joking right? this isn’t real. “
” i need to be more open and honest with you all, even if you like or dislike it. “
” this is who i am and if you don’t like then i don’t like you! “
” please don’t be that family that disowns me for being who i am! “
” fine, throw me out! you’ll regret it one day when realize it’s stupid! “
” why can’t people just accept me for who i am? “
” you think i want to be this way! you think i enjoy people put down about something i cant help! “
” i’m doing anything wrong! it’s just who i am! “
” i can’t believe you guys don’t accept me over this! “
” no child of mine is going to sit here and take action to this! “
” no, no, honey, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it soon enough. “
” this is not just a phase! this is how it’s always been! “
” great, so, this is what i get for being open with who i am. “
” what kind of family stops loving their child over something they can’t help! “
” you’ll have to live it, one way or another. “
” so what? half the world is struggling with the same thing as me! “
” you don’t understand and never will so please stop talking about it. “
” you’re supposed to love me regardless of what i do with who i do it with. “
” you can’t keep this little act up forever! “
” it’s not an act when it’s something that been there my whole life! “
” what’s the meaning of this? who taught you this stuff? “
” honey, please, maybe some therapy will help better understand. “
” you can’t be serious about this, no. “
” why can’t you just accept me the way i am? “
” what’s wrong with me? what’s wrong with you! “
” there is nothing wrong with me, why can’t you see that? “
” i don’t want to be trapped in the closet! “
” please, please, don’t do this to me! not now! “
” you can’t just run around and keep acting like that! “
” i am going out and you can’t stop me! “
” well, honey, that is your personal business, but thanks for sharing. “
” stop treating me like i’m a criminal! it’s perfectly normal! “
” what’s so wrong with liking something you can’t stop? “
” i didn’t just decide to be like this! it’s always been like this! i just decided to tell you! “
” well, that’s me and it’s never going to change. “
” i will fight for it because it’s a part of who i am! “
” i don’t deserve to be treated this way! like a serial killer! “
” i’ve done nothing wrong! people do it all the time! “
” it’s not just me, it’s a whole community! why can’t you try to understand? “
” no, you just think you know everything and you don’t! “
” well, i’m not forcing myself on to something i don’t like! “
” i will never change this about me, i can’t even if i wanted to! “
” i can’t believe you just told me that! “
” what do you think your parents are gonna say about it? “
” i will never live with someone who doesn’t support me. “
” so, is it okay if i still crack jokes about it or? “
” do you people ever take anything seriously when it comes to me? “
” it’s not a joke! it’s a real thing! “
” i can’t believe i’m being laughed at by people who are supposed to love me. “
” wow, so you guys think that it’s funny now? “
” don’t you dare use that tone with me! “
” this is who i am and you have to deal with it someday! “
” how can it be so wrong? “
” i’m not in the wrong over something i have no control over! “
” you can’t just kick me out over something like this! “
” i thought that out of everyone who’d you understand the most. “
” i just want to be supported, is that so much to ask? “
” it is not something to laugh about it! “
” you’ve got to be kidding me, all these years? “
” why didn’t you say something sooner! “

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But the thing is not every one is smart enough to do so. There are people that let children watch anime with sexualized children in order to convince them that being sexualized in that manner is okay. And if you don't condone something in real life then why fiction? You wouldn't like people making racist jokes in real life or fiction. It's just about what you consider to be a serious issue or not. Trying to justify indulgence in immorality in fiction is neglect for the reality of the issue.

Ohh i did know i should have stayed away from this discussion. I won’t reply more asks referring to this issue I’m sorry. This is fandom. FANDOM. You can stay or you can leave. You can enjoy, you can IGNORE. Nobody shoves their ships on your face and so you cant police them. Your fandom experience is in your hands only.
Everything is problematic to someone in some way or another. The series of Fifty Shades of Grey are problematic to me in many ways still a lot of women i know read it and its a world wide best seller…. Theres with them good they enjoy it.

What makes me laugh at all the jontron hate is that instead of getting all scared saying “omg i cant believe this, blocked” you dont take your time to actually have a conversation with jon Why he thinks and feels the way he does. He obviously isn’t on your plane of exsistence when it comes to politics. You’re just always going to use the same excuse * its not my responsibility to educate you * lol

Jon is not like every hotshot celebrity who is probably more disconnected from the world than him. Hes just a youtuber im sure he reads his own fanmail. Not only that but i think people dont know how to handle when someone disagrees with them. You know how many celebrities dead or alive probably disagree with you on a whole shit ton of things? You know how many shows youre probably going to have to stop watching? If you dictate your life that way then shit fuck your faulty ass cafeteria morals.

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I’ll share more later I really don’t wanna send too much aaaaaaah!

BUT aaaaaah thank you so much for saying this, I really feel less bad about it. 
(I dunno why I feel like I’m annoying people when I share something, and I just forget that people are following me to see the stuff I share, I’m SUCH A WEIRD PERSON, WHY I THINK THAT WAY. @A@ tbh I cant explain how my brain works)

Aahhh Anyway! I love you for rassuring the scared lil’me and kick my anxiety away. ♥ *hugs you like the cat below*

Originally posted by tabikidelirmedim

If you guys has some smol reaction gif request, I can always try to make some when I have the time for it, so, feel free to send your ideas in my ask box! ♥


Over a dozen drunken Garleans went on a march through Eorzea on the Twentieth Sun, and the only thing murdered were pints. 

Reports say the Imperials gathered at Buscarron’s Druthers in the Black Shroud after apparently traveling Eorzea hopping from bar to bar before closing out the night near Castrum Oriens. The end of this ‘pub crawl’ featured a concert by noted performer and anti-hygiene advocate Savo. The selection of music performed largely focused on themes of Garlean conscription, the war and sexually transmitted diseases. 

One of the Garleans in attendance, who goes by the name Nate, said the concert was “"emotional at times, entertaining otherwise.” He added; “Savo’s brilliant, and a stupidly talented artist.”

Another Garlean said the depiction of their empire offered by Savo’s musical selection was “surprisingly accurate.“ 

The concert and related alcohol consumption drew dozens of attendees, not all of whom had a non-standard number of eyes. From Flame Lieutenants to Shroud Miqo'te, the concert was enjoyed by people of all stripes. 

A Doman man, Akiro Takeshi, even bonded with a group of Garlean attendees. "It’s hard to remember that soldiers aren’t mindless machines that carry out orders but are also people under the armour and uniforms,” said Takeshi.

Not everyone enjoyed the performance, though. Savo clashed with a large, imposing Garlean figure who was verbally restrained by the two women in his company. He seemed to be offended by the music, and was goaded somewhat by Savo’s irreverent performances. 

After leaving the Druthers, he contacted the Crucible to comment “THEIR MUSIC SUCKS!” very loudly and drunkenly.

Savo, who is famous for her Night at the Cliffs concert series and her work with The Keeper’s Kiss, as well as for living in a drainage pipe, said that for her part she intended to be respectful of Garlean culture.

“They like us are not rulers. We have this war chosen for us, be people more important than we. Its bad enough we have to do the dying, why cant we have some fun once?” said Savo.

She added “And i kinda wanted to give them fleas.”

Written by freelance correspondent Maxe Sahashin, author of the bestselling romance novel Halone Without You, available at booksellers near you - unless you live in Ishgard.