why cant it go in a line

Questions for the signs

Aries: how have you been doing? has the past finally caught up with you? have your mistakes sunk in? that’s okay. now let them go. they do not define who you are anymore. you have the power to move on from who you used to be. within you lies the power to grow. utilize it. your gift is special, a priviledge granted to few.

Taurus: are you really happy?is this the life you enjoy, or the one they want you to live?start making choices for yourself. live is too short not to enjoy every moment.

Gemini: who are you trying to fool? pretending to be someone you aren’t will only cause you to completely lose yourself. open your eyes, and do things for yourself. not for them, but for you. then, you will discover how happy you truly are capable of becoming.

Cancer: how come you always put others before yourself? your own well being is just as important as the needs of those you love. take care of yourself, so you can better take care of others’.

Leo: why push away the love they offer you? why not embrace it? emotions are okay. no matter what you tell yourself, you are human. its okay to be vulnerable sometimes.

Virgo: when are you going to let yourself breathe? are you going to stop constantly critisizing yourself? you don’t have to be your own worst enemy. once you become your best friend, you will know peace.

Libra: are you still questioning yourself? why not just go with your instincts? mistakes are okay. you will never see what life has to offer if you keep holding yourself back.

Scorpio: why are you letting yourself settle for less? why aren’t you seeing that you deserve better? i see that you fall back into routines, and you hope it will be different; better, but it never changes. you are an incredibly radiant soul who should only accept the treatment that they deserve. you should be surrounded by positivity and happiness for miles and miles. why don’t you let yourself? 

Sagittarius: who are you so afraid of? why are you letting them control you? let go of the past, they do not define who you are. focus on yourself. i know you have an amazing soul.

Capricorn: do you see the world differently now? ever since it happened, have you taken a closer look at the society you were born into? maybe colors seem a little more dull now. maybe the lines are becoming abstract and you cant tell whats real, and what you have imagined. is there still even a difference? you don’t know. but you keep on living because you know the future is brighter than this colorless gray palette. keep going forward. 

Aquarius: tell me why you’ve done it all, but never really lived it? you’ve had so many experiences, but did you ever stop in the moment to actually live it? you’re always thinking about the past. if you don’t stop to actually live life, it’ll be over before you know it. be present.

Pisces: why are you still blaming the world for your actions? can’t you accept responsibility? sometimes, karma has nothing to do with your choices. your words have a lot more power than you think they do. take a look around, pisces. this is your world. make decisions you are proud of, and understand that not everything unfortunate happens because of bad luck. you may be the root of your own problems.

bts personality analysis: seokjin

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i think that jin is a really malleable person; someone that can adapt to people based on their personalities. he has the ability to modify his behaviour to suit other people like how he is silly and goofy when around maknae line and is much more reserved and insightful around the hyung line, people who are closer to his age. jin is honest and knows when to assert himself. he knows when he is to be respected and isn’t shy when giving his two cents in a conversation. even though he is seen as confident and outgoing, i think that jin is insecure. he needs praise and he needs to have validation and thats why i think bangtan gets a little hard for him at times because, as we all know, jin doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves. he said that he tells himself that “acting young will make him look young” and i thought of the confidence tactic ‘fake it til you make it’. i think jin is trying really hard and i just want everyone to fuckin appreciate all his hard work can we agree kim seokjin is an angel???? i also have noticed how impatient jin is and i wouldn’t go as far as saying tactless, but i do see that jin is very open about his opinions which can be brutal if it triggers a soft spot. 

ive said this a lot, but people think that a celebrities personality is what we see through interviews and reality shows and even logs - but that isn’t the case. we need to remember that kpop is a business and that they manufacture things a lot because at the end of the day, kpop is for entertainment purposes. bighit has done a good job portraying bts as a relatable, chirpy band; this is bangtan’s ‘avatar’. their avatar sometimes gets taken away in livestreams or in meet-ups and we can see who they truly are and i think that jins alternate, ‘variety’ personality is more or less the same in real life. variety seokjin is goofy and tells dad jokes and that is his shtick, but in real life we see that same hilarious seokjin except a lot more intense. jin is intense and passionate. we see that on stage, majority of the time when he is singing awake. it’s really beautiful to watch the awake performance and to hear his emphasise on certain words that he is most passionate about and you can tell that he has gone through a lot. 

jin has said on many occasions that he felt most loved after the fire era when he Evolved and did hand kisses and told jokes and you could see how happy he was and it made me really happy to see (when did this turn from an analysis to me just complimenting jin????). 

i also noticed while looking through the bts ch+ channel some things that kind of gave me more insight to jins relationships with the bts members. one relationship that kind of had me kind of wondering was jinkook. it’s hard to work out because i’m aware of the age gap but i’ve noticed that jungkook doesn’t necessarily acknowledge jin and it made me quite uncomfortable to watch. i do enjoy the back and forth that jinkook have and the banter is fun but i don’t know - it seems like theres some tension there sometimes (if anyone wants video receipts hmu). i’m not trying to start some god damn ship war so pls chill in my ask box this is just what ive noticed. i think that jin and jimin are a good pair because jimin has a habit of making people feel good and validated which is exactly what jin needs most, and i think jinmin’s relationship is healthy and beneficial for both of them!! i think that taehyung really does look up to jin as an older brother and has a great amount of respect for him and ive noticed that he always laughs at jins jokes!!! a+ concept!!! jin and hoseok are nice to watch because i think jin loves to learn and hoseok is always there to help him learn. even though hoseok is younger than jin, he is a teacher figure to jin. jin respects hoseok. jin and namjoon!!! one of my favourite relationships!! i think that jin is himself when he is around namjoon because he knows that namjoon isn’t one to judge, which i think is something that jin fears. he drinks up namjoons insight and gives his own insight back and i just really love the dynamics of this friendship. jin is most pliant when around yoongi, since yoongi’s character is pretty intense, i wouldn’t have thought that jin would be roommates with him; it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. but it really is kind of perfect. jin has the ability to adapt his personality and knows yoongi’s boundaries and that’s why i think he is the best person to be yoongi’s roommate (i rly cant imagine yoongi rooming with someone from maknae line - what a trainwreck). 

kim seokjin - intp/sagittarius. optimistic, honest, impatient, adaptive.

imagine life in wanna one dorm

- winkdeep rooming together 

- guanlin sneakily switching room keys to be jihoon’s roommate 

- pretends not to understand korean when they tell him he cant just switch roommates just because he wants to room with jihoon

- daehwi wanting to room with baejin but jihoon already claimed

- jihoon leaving out every morning proud of his outfit while the rest look on confused ((guanlin would say woah at everything his hyung does))

- jisung the naggy mom making them pack their mess every morning

- ongniel rooming together and stay up late for heart to heart talk 

- splitting up ongniel just for the banter then them moving back to the same room after laughing haha wdym ongniel not rooming together

- sungwoon constantly mocked for being shorter than the maknae

- woojin hiding his laugher at hyung line’s not so innocent jokes

- hyungs realise woojin isnt as innocent as he seems and teaches him the interesting way of life

- jisung and jaehwan team up to tell ghost stories at night to scare the babies

- ong stays up all night thinking imagining the scenes while kids are sound asleep

- wakes daniel up bcos he doesnt want to be alone but all he gets is a satoori ramble of sleeptalking

- orders delivery and makes jaehwan pay for it since he’s the richest and “doesnt have to split money with an agency”

- jisung setting a bedtime “so the kids will grow” when really he just needs his beauty sleep his 27 year old bones need rest

- maknae line wakes up in the middle of the night because they heard scary noises when its just jaehwans psychotic laughter

- minhyun and sungwoon constantly playing nuest/hotshot’s music 

- jisung refusing to room with daniel again after his teeth grinding and sleeptalking woke him up at night

- jihoon and baejin want to room together but daehwi wants to room with baejin and guanlin wants to room with jihoon

- daehwi feels bad that woojin might be left out and wants woojin to room with him too

- not enough space in the room for so many love lines and woojin actually wanted to room with the hyungs instead of his childish dongsaengs

- daehwi trying to convince the young line that the living room is actually a good place for them sleep permanently bc it’ll be like a big sleepover

- actually just wants everyone to be together all the time

- sungwoon bringing more things into the house than he did to 101 dorm

- stocks up the house with the same amount of food as they did for ioi but is finished before night time

- jisung didnt believe how messy guanlin could be and gets shocked at his luggage  

- minhyun glad that seonho isnt around to bother him 24/7

- secretly orders pizza and chicken to cube in the afternoon and late at night so that seonho can have his 5 meals a day

- guanlin invites forced to bring seonho to the dorm and byeongari chest bumps everyone but by the time he reaches his 10th hyung he realises one is missing

- minhyun is hiding in the room, tired of him after 5 seconds of meeting

- ong and jisung making everyday life a variety show

- jisung and jaehwan forced to un-room after the first night from disturbing the whole house with their mixture of psychopatic laughter and incessant talking

- daniel grinning non stop at how pretty the house is and secretly planning to smuggle his cats over

- daniel and woojin helping each other to make their satoori into a talent for variety shows 

- guanlin having so many things to say but cant express himself in korean

- one day explodes with a monologue in perfect korean and the whole team is sh00k by the maknaes speech

- guanlin is unstoppable after that day and joins savage line

- ong and jihoon pranking every member that enters their room with a new scenario everyday but they fall for it everytime

bonus *if seonho lived with them*

- wonders why he needs to be assigned the room when he’s going to sleep with hyungs anyway

- lies on minhyun’s bed bc his bed is too empty and drives minhyun so crazy he leave the room

-  minhyun returns and realises seonho fell asleep on his bed

- his roommate gets ready to record the moment where minhyun flips seonho off the bed but he just pulls the blanket over seonho and goes to sleeps on the couch


Ok so Taeyong,Jeno,Chenle,Renjun,Jisung all dyed their hair with major changes and that had me thinking… ARE THEY APART OF A NEW LINE UP??? Maybe that’s why SM has finally let Ten out of the dungeon and plus with all these countdown posts (with no detailed explanation on what they’re counting down to) the boys have been posting lately I have a BIG feeling something is about to go down..!

Either that or their just messing with us 😂

BTS Reaction × Hurting you × Angst 🌧

GUYS requests are open! Please don’t feel shy, I like writing and would love writing something you would be interested in!


Rap Monster

You had enough of your boyfriends routine the past few days. You knew it was out of stress and expectations of fans and his team members that that he would come back home only to work more and neglect his health. You didn’t know that showing your concern would lead to screaming at each other in the living room. When he said that your concern is not wanted and he can manage without you, you cried in disbelief at his reaction. When he sees your tears he would regret it so much and apologises for his cruel words. 


You wanted to surprise Jin by attending BTS’ final concert of their wings tour. When he began singing his solo song you along with thousands of fans were screaming and cheering for him. You went to look for him backstage which was the reason he and you are now arguing in one of the empty rooms. When you questioned him why it was so bad that you came to cheer for him and if you were a girlfriend that he’s ashamed to have he let the rage get the best of him and agreed that you’re an embarrassment to him causing tears to fall out of your eyes, he then realised he had made a mistake and wiped your tears away to hold you in his embrace and shower you with apologies and kisses.


You knew he was busy and tried your best not to bother him but you really had to call him because you missed him. He picked up and you realised that he wasn’t in a good mood and so you decided not to tell him why you called. Hell broke loose when you accidentally slipped a word on how he’s neglecting you to which he replied to with “Why are you always so clingy” and “why cant you leave me alone for one day” all to which you took to heart. When he heard soft sobs on the other other side of the phone he realised he went overboard and apologised for not making time for you and checking up on you and made promises to chat to you more often.


You were never the type to be jealous but when your boyfriend asked you “why cant we be like them” referring to Y/F/N’s relationship, you were hurt. You really didn’t understand why he couldn’t talk about your relationship without comparing it to anything else and so you got angry, shouting back at him. Jhope knew too well that he had messed up and that he should’ve tried a different approach.


You were worried for Jimin as he’s been losing so much weight recently, you barely saw him eat and noticed that almost all the clothes he had were now loose on him. You tried to motivate him to eat more and be more confident by visiting BTS during practice and bringing food for them to eat, all of which he avoided only to practice more and use the excuse of having to “perfect his dance moves before the comeback”, making you more worried and decided to confront him. “Why are you not eating, look how unhealthy you look from starvation” you’d say unintentionally triggering him, “Worry about your health first” he’d fire back “maybe you could use to lose a few pounds” making you feel self conscious and embarrassed in front of all the other members. You walked out as the tears fell from both shock and feeling not good enough, something you already had problems with but tried your best to ignore. He would run after you and apologise saying that he didn’t mean it and that your perfect the way you are but you couldn’t have stayed with someone who didn’t love themselves and expect them to love you too.


All was unwell when you realised how much time Taehyung spends with the actress he shares a love interest with in a drama he acts in. You knew they were just friends but you couldn’t help it, you were jealous which lead to you telling him to spend more time with you.
When you told him that, Taehyung got so irritated and shouts “You don’t get to control how I spend my time be it Seojong or someone else” making your eyes fill with tears of disbelief at his cruelty with words. Not wishing to hear more, you decide to leave and before you could go far, Taehyung would run after you to make things right and apologise. 

“Sorry I neglected you, but believe me when I say I love you and only you” he’d say.


You were really confused when Jungkook refused to take you out to play bowling, he usually would force you to come along. You kept asking whats wrong and he seemed to be getting annoyed which made you in be annoyed. “Why cant you just tell me why for the first time of your life you don’t want to go bowling?” You’d shout and all your irritation turns into disbelief and upset when he shouts “Because its boring when I play with you! You’re just so fucking bad at everything I like, are you happy now?!”
Disheartened you refused to look at him knowing your facial expressions will betray you and tears will escape. Seconds later he would apologise and say he was out of line and that he should be grateful you even bothered to ask him for a game he knows you’d try your best to beat him at.


i think about this line from janna a lot

why get defensive about that unless she felt like her gender was being called into question? my immediate impression was that janna is a trans gal. and i still cant find a better reason for her to respond this way, other than it being a meaningless line. buuuut its more fun to think of her as a trans girl

if you go along with the trans marco theory, it makes her interest in marco early on make way more sense. trans people are good at noticing other trans people, and maybe her non-flirt advances were like, her way of saying “i see you, and im here with you.”

I have to give credit where credit is due as it is obviously inspired by @shamefulbirb ‘s Corroded Crank. idk why I did this, me bored. I was super anxious making this since I didn’t know if I wanted to post this because I was afraid people where going to say that I ‘stole’ or copied the same idea because they were both robots. I joined the tumblr community about two months ago and I didn’t even now about Corroded Crank  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Obviously an alter ego of @crankgameplays featuring my terrible handwriting :’v. Don’t kill me pls I cant draw creepy things….I’m terrified to post this

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“you guys secretly love each other.”

summary: you wake up to minhyun and jaehwan cuddling and you’re hella confused.

person: hwang minhyun ft kim jaehwan aka saranghae team lmfao

firstly i had no idea wtf a sleep au is,, so im sorry if this didnt meet expectations someone pls tell me what a sleep au is lmfao so i kinda just made this hella different than requested but oh whale….. someonE TELLMEPLES

  • you and minhyun have been friends for about 4 years
  • and it didnt rlly bother you at the fact u guys like to sleep next to each other
  • yeah both of u have crushes but none of u have admitted
  • smh
  • anyways
  • the wanna one members somehow know that uguys flirt like 26/9 (what am i doing help)
  • minhyun invited u over the dorm bc he got so fuckn bored
  • ur like “i JUST SAW YOU TWO DAYS AGO?? smh CLINGY”
  • then minhyun left u on read and he knows ur gonna slap him in the face
  • so the doorbell rings
  • and daehwis like “I GOT IT DID U ORDER FOOD ANYO- oH Y/N!!”
  • daehwi pulls u into a hug and u blush bc wtf hes so cute what even?
  • “what are you doing here y/n??” ong smirks “oHMYGOD UR HERE FOR MINHYUNRIGHT??”
  • you blush and ur like “nah i gotta clean ur dorm smh.. i hope u guys dont mind that i’ll be staying over tonight??”
  • “oF COURSE NOT” daniel smirks
  • “whos there? AISHDDHDH Y/N!”
  • minhyun runs to u and pulls u into a hug and ur lowkey dying bc hes so tall and u know ur gonna fall and die
  • “why dont yall jusT KISS ALREADY OHMYGOD” seongwoo screams
  • “shut up..” minhyun rolls his eyes
  • “ur so clingy what did seonho do to u i LEGIT JUST SAW U TWO DAYSAGO”
  • “why are you talkin about seonho” minhyun pouts “U CAME HEREFOR A REASON”
  • “bc i am the mum of seonho” u roll ur eyes
  • “Y/N-NOONA!” guanlin screams and runs to u 
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDHCHC” ur screaming inside
  • “ok you make me want to live here guanlin”
  • u kinda forget about cleaning the dorm so minhyun does it by himself and then jaehwan suggests about watching a movie
  • “hORRORRR”
  • “no i cant do that” you pout and daniel gives u a high five “i feEL YOU Y/N”
  • “why not romance.. ekekekek” uR WANTING TO SLAP THE HYUNG LINE SO BADLY
  • “ok hyung line.. u rlly want me to smack u dont u” you look at the maknaes “lOOK AT THE MAKNA!!ES!! SO!! WELL!! BE!!HAVED uNLIKE YOU ALL TREATING ME LIKT HIS”
  • “sungwoon UR GOING TO DIE TONIGHTHEHDHC” u scream mentally in your mind bc fuckandeveryone knows now u like the hwang minhyun and UR DYING
  • luckily minhyun is in the kitchen and he probably hasnt heard anything…
  • “hyung…. THIS WASNT THE RIGHT TIME” woojin tuts at sungwoon hyung
  • “this is why i love the maknaes.. my children”
  • ong throws a pfT at you and u smirk
  • timeskip to night
  • you’re getting ready for bed and you are like take the couch and minhyunslike nO just sleep beside me and u panic a little
  • “o..okay”
  • “why are you nervous? we’ve done this a lot”
  • you can hear small screams
  • “oh mygod whos screaming”
  • “jihoon hyung” guanlin giggles
  • “i know but like.. THERE are other people here..”
  • “just…. come closer y/n, its fine”
  • he snuggles next to you and u kinda just become the small spoon lmfao
  • “i love you.. y/n”
  • “i love you too..”
  • u kinda check to see if hes sleeptalking but nO
  • “im sorry i didnt say this sooner,”
  • the rooms dead quiet but u can hear some muttering
  • “the members were pushing me and i-”
  • “OUCH”
  • “iM SORRY CONTINUE I JUST” guanlin falls off his bed
  • bc ur smiling like an idiot
  • man
  • in the morning u wake up and some members are already awake
  • “morning y/n!” they greet u
  • you look to your left where minhyun was
  • “oh my god”
  • minhyun moves a little and opens his eyes
  • “OHMY-”
  • jaehwan falls off the bed
  • “oHMYGOD IM”
  • ur hella confused
  • the end.
  • whats a sleep au someone tell me asap
kiss me slowly

Who the fuck asks the cashier at a random shoe store in the mall on a date? Apparently Kim Doyoung, that’s who.

a sort of bf fic for my birthday??? it’s not my birthday yet but i’m posting anyways. it was supposed to be more bf but it ended up being more of something else but i like it. the first part is also from a text post i cant find but ye. ^^ enjoy ^^

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  • what she says: i'm fine

I still cant believe the line, “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” is in the film.
What do you mean ??? Her power ? You feel her power ? You feel your connection ??? The energy ??? The pain ??? What do you feel ??? What is it ??? Why would you say this to a prisoner ??? Kylo you need to go back to bad guy university because this is not what you say to a combatant.

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Shot by Shot Rundown Pt 2

  A week late but here you go (the first run down can be found here)

disclaimer: i own nothing, all shots and scenes depicted belong to Netflix

it should also be noted that these are just MY theories and opinions. I am by no means an expert, and you are absolutely entitled to your own thoughts and theories.

without further adieu here we go-


as long as she has her eggos and is safe that’s all that matters :’)

i hope shes warm enough

that person is me running away from all the shit that’s about to hit the fan

so i’m assuming this season is really going to focus on the lines between dimensions blurring around Halloween thus why Will is struggling so hard rn yada yada yada nothing new

i want to know why this monster is just now on the radar you know? like while Will was in the Upside Down did he know about THIS thing or just the demagorgan

dang i guess trick or treat is ruined then?


??? where are they? and who is that random man with them? it kind of looks like a lab or some place underground. also i’m screaming bc 

NOTE: their outfits here are different from the ones they’re wearing in the shot of them staring at the wall i love detective legends WHO GO OFF AND RESEARCH THE SUPERNATURAL by themselves how interesting 

no really who is this guy and who is he keeping tabs on (see: the white note cards to the left)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL (i made this joke in my last rundown i’m sorry i’m so lame)

i think i mentioned this in the last run down, but even though i’m not a huge fan of Steve atm, i’m intrigued by this dynamic of him and the kids they’re going to be doing

does every small town in tv shows have a lookout point where the core group congregates to see shit go down?

this is such cool cinematography if they did, in fact, make one side of the road green and the other dying on purpose

i’m ALSO SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS FRIENDSHIP DYNAMIC THIS SEASON (just bc Will was MIA last season, we didn’t really get to see much about his relationship with the other three aside from how much they wanted him back, and towards the very end of the final episode)

ok even though this new monster is creepy as hell and i’m so upset will has to suffer again this season……….this kid is a hella talented artist way to go Will you’re doing great

omg please stop hurting mah boy…but also wtf why do I have to deal with another slow burn ship this season screw this

…….you……..you’re to blame

who are you and what are those glowing light cylinders doing in front of you

NOTE: i actually think this is Hop in the same scene as a clip you will see later in the trailer…you can look there to see my theory on why he is doing this stay tuned

pictures???? of what I can’t tell. why are they showing these to him while hes in the hospital? (peep the gown)

someone help this kid pls

are they at an ER or a police station?

big mood Joyce (ugh I hate how she has to suffer through this again just let the Byers live please)

can’t even tell whats going on here other then the fact that it looks like the upside down next slide

what are all these wires yikes

this doctor seems like (based on what I saw this trailer especially) he’s going to become a new reoccurring character…interesting…he better not back stab any of my children or i will stab him in his back


oh my god a conversation between Will and Mike where Mike fills him in and tries to explain his feelings for Eleven HERE FOR IT PLEASE LORD




ummm…??????? first of all whose house is this, I dont reconize it and second of all…

why does she look so angry now i’m kind fo concerned WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?

halloween dance maybe? i’m just confused as to why people are at the school in the middle of the night, i think this is mainly wishful reaching on my part

what’s interesting to me about this shot is not even so much the drawing (which i discussed in my last rundown), but the fact that Joyce has the phone next to her again? last season she had it in hopes of communicating with Will, which causes me to question who she is waiting for this time?

a portal i’m guessing?

NOTE: I think that Steve and Dustin are going to be the main friendship focus out of the kids and Steve. i think it’s going to be Will off having problems of his own, Mike with Eleven when she comes back sorting things out, and Max and Lucas…which i’m guessing is going to be the love interest for max they’ve been hinting at and if any of the crazies out there start trying to SHIP Dustin and Steve I will come for your throats

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus please mAKE THIS STOP


nope ignore, next


how many dang trips is Hop taking to the Upside down this season?

edit: see further down for the theory

see: my last statement 

who are you odd doctor man?

well he kind of looks as out of the loop as the rest of us so i think we can trust him…for now…

*heavy labored breathing*

oh boy…

excuse me while i scream until my lungs concave (OK BUT THE BED ROOM SHARING TROUPE PARALLEL??? CANT I JUST CATCH MY BREATH FOR FIVE SECONDS BEFORE BEING ATTACKED AGAIN?? okay but it kind of looks like theyre in a hotel???? why????????????)

Holes (2003) that should be Hopper behind her

this scene was in the Comicon trailer and it doesn’t concern me any less now 

me too steve…me too…

…will the real Karate Kid please stand up

actually, the more i think about it, the more i’m thinking Hop making all these weird trips to the Upside Down has to do with that deal he made with the scientists last season…like his end of the bargain was basically doing all the dangerous dirty work everyone else is too afraid to do 

that or he’s being sent to locate Eleven but I’m choosing to ignore this theory

YIKES (Part 18937487002)

lowkey think this is going to be that weird pet thing Dustin eventually gets but watch me be wrong

classic Samwise Gamgee

nothing but respect for my sons (if their love triangle causes any sort of animosity between these two this season I’m burning something)

i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy want to like Max this season and I hope shes more like cool and reserved and not annoyingly angsty and rude like so many tv franchises like to paint preteen girls. but Stranger Things has not failed me yet so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt

interesting that Will and Mike aren’t there doing whatever the heck they’re doing, but Steve and Max are? idk if it means anything, it’s just interesting. makes me wonder if Will and Mike are going to be off figuring out whats happening to Will, while these four focus on something else? but what?

Dustin is ready to throw down (I think that this has to do with his “pet” they’ve been teasing this season. like idk maybe he’s trying to tame it or something)

everyone in this show is about to be in the best damn shape of their lives with all the running they seem to be doing my god

oh my god??? so it looks like they’re sterilizing him for something, but Hop looks like he’s in pain so I’m completely against whatever the hell is going on in this scene

NOTE: this is probably in reference to him paying off his end of the bargain with the lab

can this monster just calm tf down and give these mf kids a chance to take a BREAT?????????????? LEAVE

this whole trailer consisted of horrified looks, people in pain, and running

so maybe Hop is being used to test weapons for the labroatory on the monsters in the Upside Down? and that was the deal he made?

the amount of panic and seeming lack of experience these people working at the lab have expressed on multiple occasions makes me doubt their credibility as scientists to begin with

she looks terrified and sweaty this is not a good combination (also did you know that Nancy Wheeler could run me over with an 18 wheeler and I would say “thank you”?)

that looks like Nancy’s gun so looks like the core group is getting ready to rumble 

can’t tell if he looks suspicious, seductive, confused, or constipated in this shot so MOVING ON

??????????????? who tf are you? (based on the pictures on the walls, he’s in the Byers house?)


I don’t think I’ve ever hated an idea more than the idea of my bois going into the upside down themselves no thanks

does anyone know this guys name? i can’t keep calling him Samwise


a raid of sorts? but on what because this doesn’t look like the upside down so…the real world?

again with these inexperienced scientists working on what is apparently a very important government project. this staff need to be reevaluated

*Teenager by My Chemical Romance plays in the distance*

(the relevance behind this shot makes me curious, because from what i can tell which obviously isn’t a lot with the mask and such, its not anyone we know yet…and it’s just a bunch of teenagers sooooo)

i think it should be noted that Dustin is wearing the same outfit and headset from that scene from the previous trailer where he’s screaming “ABORT ABORT” so my guess is we are just going to have one episode where the kids venture into the Upside Down for a mission of their own (in which they ALL better return safely or I will be making some calls)

i’m confused now, because previous to this, it looked like Dustin was outside with the headset kind of running point, but here it looks like he’s in there with them??? idek anymore

i’m so sosososoososososososo really for this show down scene


this pretty much confirms for me my theory on how the love triangle pans out (Lucas and Max end up together) 

*sigh* at this point, i’m officially worried for every single one of the main characters 

LOOKS LIKE JOHNNYBOY HIT BACK(look at that bloody nose) OOooOOooOOOOOoO (also i can’t wait to hate you whoever you are we’re just going to call you Crusty for now)

hmmm….this is the same van that those teenagers in masks were getting out of a few scenes back…interesting


she literally looks so angry this trailer oh man…though this one she also looks more…upset maybe?

correct me if i’m wrong but is that not the woman who we’re pretty sure is Eleven’s mom? the distortion around the camera also kind of makes it look like a vision/ flashback, so this could possibly be something Eleven is seeing and explain why she’s so upset?

this looks like the same scene where she’s yelling and looking pretty mad. also noted: this is the same outfit she’s wearing when she appears in that unknown door way looking so angry 

NOTE: i’m also confused about her hair? like yes, i know they let Millie grow her hair out this season, but in a recently released short clip where Eleven busts out of the wall into the middle school, her hair is still buzzed. so does this suggest a time jump? if so, how much time has passed? does this also suggest that she came through the upside down a while back and has been living on her own long enough for her hair to get THAT long? which would mean she didn’t go to Mike or the others for help, she just has been roaming around doing whatever it is they’ll have her doing…

solidifies my belief that Dustin and Steve will be the main friendship they will be pushing this season 

NOTE: ….??? why does Dustin have flowers? i lowkey think Dustin is going to awkwardly go to Steve as like a big brother figure to give him advice on his crush on Max

eternal mood

oh okay wow…so this is actually right before all the shit with the kids going into the upside down all happens (Dustin’s shirt and headset)

all of these scenes with the same outfits makes me wonder how long of a time period this season spans over…honestly my guess would be like three days

lol why does Steve seem so confused by the contents of his own trunk

NOTE: whoa whoa whoa this just went from day to night…so the whole “do you still have the bat” scene is different from Steve actually removing the bat from his car

why does Steve have the bat to begin with? I thought it was Jonathan’s?

i’m betting said shit just officially went down


QUESTION: is there anything you guys want me to do when the episodes are released? maybe like an episode rundown w/ my thoughts and opinions? idek leave a comment if you reblog and have an idea


i know that beggars cant rly be choosers, but why is it that we have to go to hots for decent dva or lucio content? i mean, the obvious answer is that blizzard wants us to play more hots, but it would be much nicer to have all these cool voice lines… in overwatch. you know, the game theyre both from.

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A different praising anon here. I've been a part of the fandom for a long time and have been trying to walk along the line to avoid Maxwil and Willowson due to ship wars. But your art has made me reconsider and I adore Maxwil. Bless you and your art!

Both are cute and have unique chemistry between characters! I dont see why someone cant like both of them since there’s a lot of cute art between the two ^^ I believe there’s enough Wilson to go around alsobutthatsjustmeeee

Thank you for your nice words! I’m happy I got to rope more ppl in (^v^)bb

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Hi so my allistic friend is planning on making autism acceptance badges for her etsy and needs alternatives to the harmful puzzle pieces and what not. Is there anything I can do to help? I don't actually know what kind of alternatives would be good, I just know the negative. Help?

hi! this is a good question, and i can only suggest my own ideas, so other people please weigh in with suggestions!

- the accepted symbol of autism pride (or general neurodiversity) is the multicoloured infinity symbol, however it is still recognisable in solid colour
- flapping hands seems to be a nice idea, either as actual hands or ((\[n_n]/))
- #RedInstead. make anything red as a fuck u to A$
- (i personally am a big fan of the “reclaim the puzzle piece” movement, but as your friend is allistic it is not theirs to reclaim. also it has to be very clear it’s reclamation not supporting A$, considering that their awfulness is not widely known irl)
- some people have suggested cats as a symbol! bc of the whole “different body language often wrongly read by humans” thing, and a bunch of similarities
- the “different but not lesser” idea is a good theme to stick to. like how some people say our brains are like different operating systems. or those twisty type puzzles: not broken, just different. i cant think of any examples that make for good symbols tho

- idk if this helps but i chose the icon for this blog because it is Andy Warhol’s “Are You Different” which i think resonated w the autistic experience™ (and after explaining this a follower said he was/might be autistic), so choosing symbols that resonate could be another way to go
- for my own line of patches, i make some “changeling pride” style autie pride patches because of the historical relationship between changelings and autistic kids
- i, personally, Love the idea of fireflies. idek why? i think its because i didnt know they were real, then knew they were real but not how they work, then realised theyre way cooler than any flies around them. similar to my discovery that autism existed in myself, idk how i function, but im sure as fuck cooler than allistic people

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Why yes, in this hotel lobby with 20 people in line for the two front desks you were the first to think that maybe you could check out here. No, clearly you, the genius that you are, are only person to whom it occurred to come over to a conspicuously empty desk to try and skip the line. Whats that, you cant check out here, but surely you, the special little fuckwit you are, can checkout here, how dare i suggest you go get in line with the other peasants!!!! Clearly theres been a mistake!

i can believe how upset people are getting over one sleep-deprived post i made about not wanting to see wendys porn

i would have forgotten about it by now if there weren’t a bunch of dumb fuck nerds going “UH THIS IS INTERNET WELCOME TO IT LOL”

bitch i grew up on the internet seeing fucked up shit every day. i still dont want to see wendys ass. ive seen goatse, mr hands, tubgirl, and other things i cant remember right now. i just dont wanna see people beating off to hamburger mascots. i dont know why but jacking off to characters designed to sell unhealthy food crosses a line for me. “ooh i wanna fuck lucky from the lucky charms cereal” whatever weirdo. we all got our weird shit. just. dont do it around me. 

the fact that people are wearing beating off to wendys as some kind of “lol internet” badge of pride is so much sadder than me just not wanting to see it. y’all are acting like bronies. this is what it was like five years ago when i couldnt go a day on the internet without seeing cropped my little pony porn. thats what y’all are acting like right now. you are literally falling back on the arguments that bronies used to get away with posting rainbow dash getting dicked down by a massive horse cock “as a joke.” 

Running Lines ~ Harrison Imagine~

Summary: you need help running our lines for a movie

requested: no but there needs to be more imagines about my man

note: lol i said i was going to do this a while ago and this has actually been written for like a week but i just started schools and i also wrote for other fandoms so i’m busyyyy

“AND CUT! Good job everyone, let’s move to the outdoor scene, so go ahead and take a 30 minute break” Our director yells and informs us. See i’m the female lead in this new movie. I costar with Tom Holland, he’s incredible and we’ve actually began to be friends.

“Hey y/n, did you want to run some lines for a little bit and then hang out with me and Haz in my trailer?” Tom asks as he’s walking up to me.

“Oh yeah just let me grab my phone form my trailer.” Tom nods and I walk off. I get into my trailer and start looking for my phone. I search everywhere before I finally find it. I go to Toms trailer and walk up to the door. I hear voices before I knock.

“Really Tom? You couldn’t have just went to her trailer?” That was Harrison’s voice. Harrison was Toms bestfriend and assistant, they spent all their time together and it was adorable. I’ve always had a crush on Harrison but he doesn’t seem to like me, at all

“Please be nice Haz, I don’t even see why you don’t like her, she’s lovely” Tom says.

“She gets on my nerves, she walks around set thinking she’s all this and all that when she’s not-” I couldn’t take anymore so I decided to knock on the door.

“come in” Tom yells.

“Hey, sorry I took forever, I couldn’t find my phone for the life of me” I say laughing.

“Hello Harrison, I haven’t seen you all day” I smile in his direction.

“Well no shit, i’ve been in here all day, we can’t all be lead roles like you y/n, some of us have to be assistants” He rolls his eyes and sits on the couch.

I look down at the floor before looking up at Tom and put on a fake smile.

Me and Tom walk over to a small table in the room.

“Okay do you want to work on the next scene or do you wanna practice something you have trouble with?”

“Well i’m actually having trouble with the next scene, i just feel like i’m not bringing the right emotion you know?” I say flipping through our script.

“Alright perfect. Ok so do you wanna start?” He says smiling. I nod and move my hair behind my ear.

“Could you quit walking so fast, for just one second Daniel?”

“Learn to keep up, Lacy. Not everyone here can just accommodate to your every need and cry.” Tom says using his American accent.

“WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO MEAN TO ME?” I fake shout almost whining.

“That was good y/n. Oh, Haz could you please read my lines with y/n. I just remembered I had to go meet with Taylor.” Taylor was one of the other lead roles. He was playing Toms bestfriend.

My eyes widen and I watch as tom moves through the room quickly grabbing paper work before shouting bye and slamming the trailer door.

“Fucks sake. Just read that line again and we can go from there.” Harrison says plopping into the chair across from me.

“WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME” I shout standing up so I can really get into character.


“No there’s something else so what is it? I have done nothing but try my very best to please you. I work hard just like you do and I have been nothing but nice to you. Why do you hate me Daniel and tell the truth” I take a step closer to Harrison. His jaw his clenched and I can tell he’s actually a really good actor.

“Because you’re perfect. You have beautiful hair, and a gorgeous smile and your laugh is heavenly. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you listen to the same music as me. Our humor sense is the same, we love the same movies and the same video games. You’re like my version of a dream girl and I could never have you because you’re so far out of my league. I hate you because I want you and you’re too stuck up your boyfriends ass to see that, to see me.” Harrison steps even closer to me. His eyes actually looked pained he’s definitely playing the role. Then it hit me. He’s not playing and neither am I. This is me and Harrison working out our problems.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I would never date him when I’ve got you, right here.”

“You want to date me? Why?”

“The same reason you want to date me. You’re perfect. I’ve liked you since the day I met you but, you were always so mean I thought I’d never have a chance”

“Is this the part where we kiss?” Harrison says.

“What? that’s not in the script. Harrison you have to follow the script or else I’ll get confused and kissing is not-” I’m cut off by Harrison’s lips pressing against mine. I drop my script and move my hands to the back of his head. I have to stand on my tip toes to reach his lips.

I pull apart and look into his eyes.

“Did you mean it?” I said playing with the hairs on the back of his neck.

“Of course I did. I want to be with you. I’m sorry I was so rude all the time. You’re far too perfect to be treated like that” He says kissing me again. We make out for a while just standing there when we heard the door open. We jump apart quickly.

“What are you guys doing?” Tom asks looking at the scripts on the ground.

“I got my girl” Harrison says pulling me by the waist and kissing me again.

“NO STOP THAT. None of that in my trailer. Go make babies in y/ns trailer” Tom says sitting on the couch. We laugh at him and join him, me in Harrison’s lap.

Tom Hiddleston: Glasses

Originally posted by teacuphiddles

Note: Sorry for the longish two paragraphs. I thought of this because if @nuggsmum and the picture if Tom and his glasses.

“Tom do you want another cup?” you asked poring your self a cup of tea. “Yes please”. “Here you go.” “Thanks sweet heart.”.

You and Tom were currently going over some scripts “Okay where were we?” you picked up your script looking for where you left off. “Um … t- these are the files agent. I think.” Tom scrunched his nose up reading. “Tom,” “Yes?” “When are you going to get your eyes checked?” Tom looked at you furrowing his brow “My eyes checked?” you sighed “Yes you know the opticians” “I don’t-” “Tom you really don’t think you need to go to the opticians?” He shook his head “no I think my eyesight is perfectly fine” you leaned over the table and took the script “Ok then, read the first line”. You placed it in the middle of the table, Tom leaned foward “No you can’t do that” “why not? Surely you cant see it from there?” you turned the script around “Tuesdays newspaper was very intresting wasnt it George?” “[y/n] you made that up!” He laughed “Ok then put that up close to your face and read it old man.” you challenged him. “Sweetheart I’m only a couple years older than you and I’m not that blind!”. You sat back waiting for him to read it “Tuesdays newspaper was very-” you smirked as he said it in defeat. “Sweetheart I’ll go to the optitions next week, ok?” you leaned forward and kissed his lips quickly “ok”.

~~~ A few weeks later ~~~

“You look handsome in your glasses Mr Hiddleston.”. You have been teasing him all day about his glasses he thought it made him look like an old man, but it only made him look better if anything. “Don’t call me that sweetheart, it makes me feel old” “really now Mr hiddleston” you sat next to him, Tom put his hand on your leg squeezing it, “you dont look like it.” “Ah thank you sweet.” Tom kissed your cheek. “Y'know I bet the fangirls will love you with glasses.” “Are you sure I will not loose some, looking like an old man” Tom smiled at the last bit, you had been calling him that all day. “Tom you look just as good with or without glasses.”. “Really?” “Absolutely”. You kissed him on the lips he tried following you after you let go. “I love you with or without glasses.”, “I love you to sweetheart.”. You kissed him again finally shutting him up about his gorgeous glasses.

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Golden for your word ask

‘Kagome was nearly falling asleep by the time a gentle hand reached up to tilt her head, and she found herself facing hazy golden eyes.

“I love you too y’know.” ‘

**OKAY I CHEATED AND PUT TWO SENTENCES. BUT!!!!! I couldn’t NOT add that, y’know??? Thanks for the word! You got a bonus! ;D