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Aw love I’m sorry you’re upset. Truth is, there’s been a lot of subtle (and some not very subtle at all) attempts to make it seem as though Harry and Louis couldn’t possibly be in a relationship, and sadly, some people have swallowed it hook line and sinker because of the intense emotions they feel about their fave.

It’s sad to me, because if nothing else it just means that people have lost sight of what brought them here in the first place. As for me? Those tattoos are permanently inked in their skin for nothing, and I love both of my sons so much. I’m a Harrie Louie Larry larrie.

imagine life in wanna one dorm

- winkdeep rooming together 

- guanlin sneakily switching room keys to be jihoon’s roommate 

- pretends not to understand korean when they tell him he cant just switch roommates just because he wants to room with jihoon

- daehwi wanting to room with baejin but jihoon already claimed

- jihoon leaving out every morning proud of his outfit while the rest look on confused ((guanlin would say woah at everything his hyung does))

- jisung the naggy mom making them pack their mess every morning

- ongniel rooming together and stay up late for heart to heart talk 

- splitting up ongniel just for the banter then them moving back to the same room after laughing haha wdym ongniel not rooming together

- sungwoon constantly mocked for being shorter than the maknae

- woojin hiding his laugher at hyung line’s not so innocent jokes

- hyungs realise woojin isnt as innocent as he seems and teaches him the interesting way of life

- jisung and jaehwan team up to tell ghost stories at night to scare the babies

- ong stays up all night thinking imagining the scenes while kids are sound asleep

- wakes daniel up bcos he doesnt want to be alone but all he gets is a satoori ramble of sleeptalking

- orders delivery and makes jaehwan pay for it since he’s the richest and “doesnt have to split money with an agency”

- jisung setting a bedtime “so the kids will grow” when really he just needs his beauty sleep his 27 year old bones need rest

- maknae line wakes up in the middle of the night because they heard scary noises when its just jaehwans psychotic laughter

- minhyun and sungwoon constantly playing nuest/hotshot’s music 

- jisung refusing to room with daniel again after his teeth grinding and sleeptalking woke him up at night

- jihoon and baejin want to room together but daehwi wants to room with baejin and guanlin wants to room with jihoon

- daehwi feels bad that woojin might be left out and wants woojin to room with him too

- not enough space in the room for so many love lines and woojin actually wanted to room with the hyungs instead of his childish dongsaengs

- daehwi trying to convince the young line that the living room is actually a good place for them sleep permanently bc it’ll be like a big sleepover

- actually just wants everyone to be together all the time

- sungwoon bringing more things into the house than he did to 101 dorm

- stocks up the house with the same amount of food as they did for ioi but is finished before night time

- jisung didnt believe how messy guanlin could be and gets shocked at his luggage  

- minhyun glad that seonho isnt around to bother him 24/7

- secretly orders pizza and chicken to cube in the afternoon and late at night so that seonho can have his 5 meals a day

- guanlin invites forced to bring seonho to the dorm and byeongari chest bumps everyone but by the time he reaches his 10th hyung he realises one is missing

- minhyun is hiding in the room, tired of him after 5 seconds of meeting

- ong and jisung making everyday life a variety show

- jisung and jaehwan forced to un-room after the first night from disturbing the whole house with their mixture of psychopatic laughter and incessant talking

- daniel grinning non stop at how pretty the house is and secretly planning to smuggle his cats over

- daniel and woojin helping each other to make their satoori into a talent for variety shows 

- guanlin having so many things to say but cant express himself in korean

- one day explodes with a monologue in perfect korean and the whole team is sh00k by the maknaes speech

- guanlin is unstoppable after that day and joins savage line

- ong and jihoon pranking every member that enters their room with a new scenario everyday but they fall for it everytime

bonus *if seonho lived with them*

- wonders why he needs to be assigned the room when he’s going to sleep with hyungs anyway

- lies on minhyun’s bed bc his bed is too empty and drives minhyun so crazy he leave the room

-  minhyun returns and realises seonho fell asleep on his bed

- his roommate gets ready to record the moment where minhyun flips seonho off the bed but he just pulls the blanket over seonho and goes to sleeps on the couch

  • what she says: i'm fine

I still cant believe the line, “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” is in the film.
What do you mean ??? Her power ? You feel her power ? You feel your connection ??? The energy ??? The pain ??? What do you feel ??? What is it ??? Why would you say this to a prisoner ??? Kylo you need to go back to bad guy university because this is not what you say to a combatant.

i know that beggars cant rly be choosers, but why is it that we have to go to hots for decent dva or lucio content? i mean, the obvious answer is that blizzard wants us to play more hots, but it would be much nicer to have all these cool voice lines… in overwatch. you know, the game theyre both from.

I have to give credit where credit is due as it is obviously inspired by @shamefulbirb ‘s Corroded Crank. idk why I did this, me bored. I was super anxious making this since I didn’t know if I wanted to post this because I was afraid people where going to say that I ‘stole’ or copied the same idea because they were both robots. I joined the tumblr community about two months ago and I didn’t even now about Corroded Crank  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Obviously an alter ego of @crankgameplays featuring my terrible handwriting :’v. Don’t kill me pls I cant draw creepy things….I’m terrified to post this

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Why yes, in this hotel lobby with 20 people in line for the two front desks you were the first to think that maybe you could check out here. No, clearly you, the genius that you are, are only person to whom it occurred to come over to a conspicuously empty desk to try and skip the line. Whats that, you cant check out here, but surely you, the special little fuckwit you are, can checkout here, how dare i suggest you go get in line with the other peasants!!!! Clearly theres been a mistake!

i can believe how upset people are getting over one sleep-deprived post i made about not wanting to see wendys porn

i would have forgotten about it by now if there weren’t a bunch of dumb fuck nerds going “UH THIS IS INTERNET WELCOME TO IT LOL”

bitch i grew up on the internet seeing fucked up shit every day. i still dont want to see wendys ass. ive seen goatse, mr hands, tubgirl, and other things i cant remember right now. i just dont wanna see people beating off to hamburger mascots. i dont know why but jacking off to characters designed to sell unhealthy food crosses a line for me. “ooh i wanna fuck lucky from the lucky charms cereal” whatever weirdo. we all got our weird shit. just. dont do it around me. 

the fact that people are wearing beating off to wendys as some kind of “lol internet” badge of pride is so much sadder than me just not wanting to see it. y’all are acting like bronies. this is what it was like five years ago when i couldnt go a day on the internet without seeing cropped my little pony porn. thats what y’all are acting like right now. you are literally falling back on the arguments that bronies used to get away with posting rainbow dash getting dicked down by a massive horse cock “as a joke.” 

Tom Hiddleston: Glasses

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Note: Sorry for the longish two paragraphs. I thought of this because if @nuggsmum and the picture if Tom and his glasses.

“Tom do you want another cup?” you asked poring your self a cup of tea. “Yes please”. “Here you go.” “Thanks sweet heart.”.

You and Tom were currently going over some scripts “Okay where were we?” you picked up your script looking for where you left off. “Um … t- these are the files agent. I think.” Tom scrunched his nose up reading. “Tom,” “Yes?” “When are you going to get your eyes checked?” Tom looked at you furrowing his brow “My eyes checked?” you sighed “Yes you know the opticians” “I don’t-” “Tom you really don’t think you need to go to the opticians?” He shook his head “no I think my eyesight is perfectly fine” you leaned over the table and took the script “Ok then, read the first line”. You placed it in the middle of the table, Tom leaned foward “No you can’t do that” “why not? Surely you cant see it from there?” you turned the script around “Tuesdays newspaper was very intresting wasnt it George?” “[y/n] you made that up!” He laughed “Ok then put that up close to your face and read it old man.” you challenged him. “Sweetheart I’m only a couple years older than you and I’m not that blind!”. You sat back waiting for him to read it “Tuesdays newspaper was very-” you smirked as he said it in defeat. “Sweetheart I’ll go to the optitions next week, ok?” you leaned forward and kissed his lips quickly “ok”.

~~~ A few weeks later ~~~

“You look handsome in your glasses Mr Hiddleston.”. You have been teasing him all day about his glasses he thought it made him look like an old man, but it only made him look better if anything. “Don’t call me that sweetheart, it makes me feel old” “really now Mr hiddleston” you sat next to him, Tom put his hand on your leg squeezing it, “you dont look like it.” “Ah thank you sweet.” Tom kissed your cheek. “Y'know I bet the fangirls will love you with glasses.” “Are you sure I will not loose some, looking like an old man” Tom smiled at the last bit, you had been calling him that all day. “Tom you look just as good with or without glasses.”. “Really?” “Absolutely”. You kissed him on the lips he tried following you after you let go. “I love you with or without glasses.”, “I love you to sweetheart.”. You kissed him again finally shutting him up about his gorgeous glasses.

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A different praising anon here. I've been a part of the fandom for a long time and have been trying to walk along the line to avoid Maxwil and Willowson due to ship wars. But your art has made me reconsider and I adore Maxwil. Bless you and your art!

Both are cute and have unique chemistry between characters! I dont see why someone cant like both of them since there’s a lot of cute art between the two ^^ I believe there’s enough Wilson to go around alsobutthatsjustmeeee

Thank you for your nice words! I’m happy I got to rope more ppl in (^v^)bb

leave me alone

character: all the gladers, I dod not put the reader in a relationship 

Warnings: i cant think of the word but a rude person is catcalling and is being mean and wont go away. so like catcalling or whatever. Also a naked girl for like one line. But if you look or think hard enough a dude does mention wanting sex. One last one, a character has a bit of a dirty mouth so swearing.

Extra notes: I did make up an extra glader as to not make anybody’s favorite glader the bad guy so thats why there is a random name in there that you have never heard. 

The glade was a safe place, it was boring yet safe. Nobody ever complained about it too much.I mean obviously they wanted out but everybody knew it was safer here so they just left it alone. They never had to worry about food or water, they had shelter abd they had eachother and thats one thing they could agree on. The only other thing they could agree on was how perfect Y/N was. Y/N was unlike everybody else who was in the glade. She was loving, coring, innocently untouched by the evil that seemed to surround everybody else. When someone was in need she was always there, now it was their turn to be there for her.

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RFA + V + Unknown: Cuddling scenarios

(Very mild spoilers for Jumin and Unknown and mild spoilers for Seven)


  • You’re both in a field, somewhere he claims hes been hiding from you for a long time and he wanted to surprise you tonight because it was a ‘special night’
  • You’re pretty sure its just because he wanted to ride his bike but
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who’s asking
  • He brought along a whole picnic too and you cant help but be impressed
  • Even if its just store bought food and goldfish bread but still
  • Cmon with that loving smile he could feed you insects and you’d still willingly eat it
  • You’re lying down next to each other, your head on his chest as you both look up at the sky, or so you thought
  • Hes staring at you, but you’re too lost in the stars to even realize
  • He probably does the “the view is great thing” while looking straight at you lets be honest here
  • But honestly though, how did he get so lucky with you?
  • You smell like strawberries and marshmallows and your eyes are so bright and alive and your lips are so pink and look so soft and
  • Oh whoops hes hugging you
  • You burst into giggles and he swears that his heart stops for a second because your laughter is the best sound hes ever heard and he would give up acting in a second if he could hear it for even one more second.
  • So he decides to continue hearing it, and tickles you
  • Zen you little shit
  • After you regain your breath again, you look at him once more only to find him staring at you with the most adoring look
  •  And that’s when you know you found the one


  • Of course hes playing LOLOL
  • Look is anyone really surprised?
  • And normally you’d play with him but you stopped because somEONE (COUGHS YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBER) DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU CLEARLY SAW THE ENEMY TEAM AND KNEW WHATS UP  you just didn’t feel like playing anymore uwu
  • You’re craving cuddles but hes playing the game which basically means hes not sleeping for a few more hours smh this nerd
  • But you’re persistent, and before you know it you’re pulling his chair away slightly before just plopping down onto his lap
  • Oh hi there
  • He blushes and smiles at you
  • “hey ther-WA TCH OUT FOR THE ENEMY”
  • You roll your eyes at him playfully but you also snuggle in
  • To your surprise he turns off his microphone???
  • Hes still playing tho but hey turning off his microphone is a big step ok
  • He smells fruity with a tinge of detergent to your relief because you love him but spending a long amount of time at the computer does not normally make people smell good, but he also smells like-
  • “yoosung?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “why do you smell like the cupcakes I bought for my friend?”
  • “…oh”
  • Smh this child.
  • you both laugh though, and your night continues with small talk and small kisses pressed to the underside of his jaw and he can’t imagine it any other way.


  • The first time you two cuddled it was bc she was really stressed.
  • Bc omg she needs to make paperwork for the café and try to import some high quality beans and wheRE is that furniture magazine oh my god how is she supposed to know what shade goes best with white sand??
  • Spoiler alert its province blue
  • You literally have to pull her to the couch, but shes still insisting that she has to get up and work and fill up more forms and
  • Oh
  • You’re on her lap
  • You’re rubbing her back softly and just humming and her heart beats so fast its like the time she saw Zens Zorro poster for the first time
  • She smells of her paperback notebook, cinnamon and, of course, coffee, and holy shit you wish you could just buy her scent as a candle
  • Turn out you can its literally called cinnamon coffee candle
  • You buy it and paste her name on it. Its ur mini jaehee. u cover it in a blanket when its extinguished and cry when it finishes
  • She actually relaxes????? You did the impossible??
  • She grips on your waist like you were the last cup of coffee on earth and its quiet except for your humming and if someone had told her past self of this scenario she would have never believed it
  • But its real- you’re real and shes never been more blessed.


  • He was reading alone in the living room
  • You had gone to bed earlier, and he had decided to settle down with a glass of wine and, of course, Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • He didn’t get very far, before you emerged from the bedroom, hair a mess and eyes slowly drooping.
  • He really needs to pay for a photographer to capture you at every moment because even now you still make his heart ache with your beauty.
  • “What are you doing, still awake?”
  • “I can’t sleep, can we cuddle?”
  • He throws everything away (rip Elizabeth) and brings you back into the bedroom
  • You’re both lying down on the bed, and he can’t help but be happy because he loves talking to you at night when theres no one else to disturb the both of you.
  • “Why can’t you sleep?”
  • Silence.
  • …shes already fallen asleep hasn’t she.
  • If he knew what smh was he would have used it.
  • But instead he takes the time to fully appreciate her.
  • He always believed that he didn’t need a woman.
  • After all he had Elizabeth the 3rd. Isn’t she enough?
  • Look at his father. He loved him, yes, but to see a woman so clearly take advantage of him and have everyone realize but him? It was his worst nightmare.
  • Yet she came into his life, and she actually cared about him.
  • Rika had V, and this girl could have had anyone else in the RFA, but she chose him.
  • Even when he wasn’t acting rationally, making mistakes when he should always know better, she stayed by him. Took care of him. Loved him, even.
  • He had all the money in the world, but she was worth every penny.
  • She moves slightly in her sleep, grabbing onto him as if to ensure that he stayed.
  • But she didn’t need to worry.


  • Its late and you’re tired
  • There was one particularly annoying guest that you had to spend the whole day talking to explain every single detail of the party
  • Of course, at the end he found your service horrible and refused to go
  • :))))))))
  • You’re lying on your back on the bed with your eyes closed because you simply cant be bothered with moving. This is who you are now. If Seven wanted to talk to you he needs to get in line because now its time for-
  • Wait a minute
  • You cant hear his keyboard clicking away
  • Somethings w-
  • And before you know it you feel a very familiar body on yours
  • -rong. Godammit Seven
  • He smells like, to no ones surprised, Honey Buddha Chips and Dr Pepper, but by now the smell is comforting to you.
  • “its noth-“
  • ..
  • Did he
  • Did he really program the cat to play airhorns to the tune of Darude Sandstorm?
  • You cant help but burst out laughing, and although he laughs too, he cant help but feel relieved that the stressed look is gone from your face, even if just for a little.
  • He may joke a lot, but he genuinely cares about you so much.
  • You’re one of the only constants he has in his life. One day, if he disappears, he knows that you’re not going to give up, that you’re going to follow him and disappear too, and while that makes him feel guilty beyond relief, it also makes him feel unbelievable happy and loved.
  • Hes felt so alone for so long, but now he has you.
  • He feels his throat get restricted, and to hide his face he just hides his face in your hair, blowing raspberries to make that smile stay on your face.
  • He doesn’t go back to work that night.
  • You’ve always been there for him, so now he’s going to be there for you.


  • He loves cuddles bc he loves you so much??????????? Like oh my god im allowed to hug you close and just hold you. you’re real and you want to be with me and v.exe has broke
  • you both had spent a couple of hours in the forest, before the rain had interrupted.
  • now, you’re on his lap on the couch, looking over the photos hes taken.
  • with the rain falling outside, how you looked in an oversized sweater and your cheery comments at each photo, he had never felt so calm.
  • His hand was tracing shapes onto your thigh and he wasn’t even paying attention to the photos, he was just staring at you.
  • Your hair was so fluffy, your skin looked so soft, your eyes were so focused yet they were shining, your lips pulled back in a soft but warm smile and
  • Whoops he didn’t even hear what you said.
  • You had asked him his plans for these photos, but he was just staring at you with such a beautiful smile how on earth did you not start sobbing at that moment?
  • He smells like the rain and pine trees, but he also smell like warmth, if it had a scent.
  • You just put your arms around him and squeeze because oh my god you love him so much hes so adorable??
  • Hes blushing because hes pretty sure hes been caught staring at you but he hugs you back and you both just stay like that, giggling and talking, the camera forgotten on the sofa.
  • Hours later you wake up only to find that you are trapped. Hes asleep and he is not budging. 
  • Hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life there.
  • Though you have a feeling you are.


  • It was still late at night, but you were still up doing work
  • Or, as others saw it, watching the seventh season of Modern Family, but still
  • You were so into the show that you didn’t see the man coming out of the bedroom, a small hint of fear hidden in his eyes.
  • He closes your laptop, but before you could complain he grabs your hand and drags you to the bedroom.
  • You’re still confused, and slightly annoyed because that was a good part of the episode, but that was when you notice it.
  • The way he’s holding you so tight? The way his breathing is uneven, as if he’s run a marathon? There was only one answer.
  • He had a nightmare.
  • Of course, he denies it when you say it out loud, but the fact that he’s still holding on to you tells you that it was the truth.
  • You feel your heart swell when you realize that he wanted to be with you after he had a nightmare, but you quickly realize: you have no clue how to comfort him.
  • ????? Dr Phil never thought me these things
  • So, you start to sing, because hey, that’s the only plan you have.
  • He hated nightmares, and hated the fear and the feeling of weakness they brought him.
  • His first thought was to be with you, because being with you always made him feel safer  so you just being there would be more than enough.
  • Except he quickly realizes he’s wrong when he hears you sing.
  • O h my god is he dating a reincarnated siren.
  • Your voice is beautiful, soft and melodic as you sing the first lullaby you could think of.
  • It happened to be a song about a sky, and as you sing, he catches himself seeing a sky in his mind and hes decided that if he were to die now, he would die happy.
  • Had he known that day he sent you that message, that you would be the one to calm him down and help him through thick and thin, that you would have shown him love that he wouldn’t have known existed, he would have scoffed and said that he already knew that love didn’t exist.
  • But, as he hugs you even tighter, listening to your voice, he realizes he was wrong.
  • Boy was he wrong.
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: mahou shoujo of the end is such a good manga if people look pass the gore and ecchi nature. the story line is intense and it is going into a prequel after 30 chapters which is unique and thought provoking. no one is commenting on the fact that sayano is the masked character that has been protecting them even thought she wasn't introduced in depth until around chapter 5. its story line rivals madoka which was over hyped in comparison to mahou shoujo of the end. all the characters that seemed harmless did a quick 180 and i think kogami is going to show his dark side soon. also i don't understand why kogami is the only one that can have children with tsukune why cant you have her fall for a different man in the future since kogami is dating sayano? what does it mean when himeji said that tsukune's child was the brains? there are just more questions the more chapters there are and the chapters dont update fast enough because no one sees the storyline just the blood and boobs. i just want someone to feel passionately about this series so we can talk theories about it.

Why is everyone nowadays competing for who can be the most self destructive

Like thats the dumbest fucking thing you realize

Cant you just live in internal peace and be happy about it instead of trying to have more issues then that other dude
The world is so great and vast and it took like 7 lined up miracles for us to exist. Be happy, go outside, and smell a flower you twat.

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I was wondering if you would be willing to share your opinions on some things? I've been very interested in vodou, vodoo, and hoodoo (theory, not practice) since I took a religious anthropology class my freshman year of college. I recently got the chance to visit New Orleans, and it was neat to see the shops and museums, but I couldn't help but feel that some of it was geared more towards tourists than anything else. (1/3)

I’m glad that people can make a living doing these things, but I wondered what your thoughts were concerning tourists who don’t necessarily take it seriously? Or shop owners who aren’t necessarily authentic profiting off it as a tourist trade, as well as those who are authentic? (I was really pleased with the way the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum was set up!) I’m also curious to hear your opinions about white folks who go through the ‘proper channels’ to practice. I felt that many of the books that were for sale in some of the shops were largely written by white anthropologists, or those in religious studies, who were welcomed by practitioners and allowed to be initiated to not only study, but practice as well. I hope this isn’t too much or too invasive. 

I have a lot of different feelings on this topic (thank you for asking me!)

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in your opinion which heroes have the biggest divide between good players and bad players

  • Hanzo (”i hanjo, i feed” vs “if i can see you then you are already dead”)
  • Genji (duh)
  • Tracer (”why didnt she recall that” vs “why are our supports always dead”)
  • Widowmaker (duh)
  • Reinhardt (”i am going to walk in holding up my shield so it’s already broken by the time the fight starts” vs “BRING ME ANUZZER”)
  • Zarya (”why the fuck did you shield me” vs “MAK SEE MUM CHARJ” every ten seconds)
  • Ana (dies in first five seconds of team fight because she thinks she’s a dps vs “oh well i guess we literally lose the entire game because of that sleep dart, cool”)
why the speak now world tour is the best thing on planet earth

hearing the fans screaming right before each song, and after each song.

the smoke and “drop everything now” when she first come out.

the hand heart during mine.

the “go!” right before the story of us.

the instrumental break in the story of us.

“can i please see you jump” in the story of us.

how she pauses after the line “how i cant sing” and fans scream in mean.

the “big jump”

the clapping in mean.


back to december mashup with apologize and you’re not sorry

the phone call before better than revenge 

pretty much the whole better than revenge performance 

the instrumental part at the end better than revenge.

the dance and wedding during speak now

the “all eyes on me” face

the tree/b stage

the emotion she put in last kiss

her throwback songs/covers

the emotion in dear john

“shining like fireworks over your sad empty town”

how magical enchanted was

the bells in haunted

when she sings “the crowds in stand went wild” in long live and the fans scream

the look she gives during long live

the sparkly guitar

the love story dress

flying over the crowd

the bows at the end

the dancers…

the band…

the agency…

the outfits…

the fans…

the look..

but most importantly…

taylor alison swift.

long live the speak now world tour!


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Thanks for answering my question. if you dont mind me asking another one, how much is sov!alm toned down compared to gaiden!alm? Since i heard gaiden!alm was a ruthless madman and all that

celica’s hippie ass telling alm if its possible for zofia and rigel to coexist peacefully and alm straight up tells her NO. PLEASE NOTE THAT this IS a nes game so of course there wasnt much room for characterization. in echoes we see that he clearly doesnt want to go to war but also points out that rigel invaded first and zofia HAS TO BE PROTECTED and he wants to protect it which honestly makes a lot of sense and i dont see why celica got so upset lol and he also tells celica that her peaceful views arent bad but theyre just unrealistic


IM SO MAD THIS WAS TAKEN OUT. yes im aware alm’s voice actor said the line in one of his streams but shits not the same

Awakening DLC Alm was also a savage barbarian lol saying how u cant compassionately stab an enemy (celica wants him to be more compassionate) and that if u hurt him hes gonna hurt u tenfold. TRULY AN INSPIRATION.

Echoes!Alm was toned down a little from Gaiden!Alm. like he still has his ruthless moments like when he stormed the Thieves hideout to save silque.