why cant it go in a line


i think about this line from janna a lot

why get defensive about that unless she felt like her gender was being called into question? my immediate impression was that janna is a trans gal. and i still cant find a better reason for her to respond this way, other than it being a meaningless line. buuuut its more fun to think of her as a trans girl

if you go along with the trans marco theory, it makes her interest in marco early on make way more sense. trans people are good at noticing other trans people, and maybe her non-flirt advances were like, her way of saying “i see you, and im here with you.”

I have a bad feeling that everyone will suddenly die ,and like that’s not even the bad part but we all end up going to hell and there’s a long-ass line and shit and satans standing at the gates arguing with everyone.

“Wait hold up ugly! What the fuck am I even in for?”

“No,no,no! I went to church.No let me go to hevan asshat!”

“Wait,stop! I shouldn’t be here!”

“All of you shut the fuck up!Your suppose to be here!”
 “Fucking, why!?!”


meanwhile in hevan God suddenly receives a phone call:



ive been trying to novelize some of the stuff thats gone down in homeworld

also Overthinking™ bc ocd is a fun time i love doing this instead of writing what im supposed to be writing

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okay but think about this for a sec: Matt Holt is mysterious unknown masked guy.

also think about this: the galra sent matt to take down the rest of the paladins after capturing shiro once again. everyones fighting back with all theyve got because they dont know its matt. pidge is fed up with the galra taking people they care about so they start screaming things along the lines of “this one is from shiro,” “that was from my dad…” “and this one is for matt” while jabbing at him with their bayard. well when pidge screams out matts name hes freezes for a second because he swears he knows that voice. why does he know that voice? why cant he remember that voice clear enough to know? pidge catches him off guard and knocks him out flat on his back. pidge is filled with so much anger and hate towards galra theyre about to go to town on this masked soldier until lance holds them back while keith lifts the mask and the second pidge realizes its matt, lance lets go and pidge is by his side in tears begging him to wake up and be okay.

why the speak now world tour is the best thing on planet earth

hearing the fans screaming right before each song, and after each song.

the smoke and “drop everything now” when she first come out.

the hand heart during mine.

the “go!” right before the story of us.

the instrumental break in the story of us.

“can i please see you jump” in the story of us.

how she pauses after the line “how i cant sing” and fans scream in mean.

the “big jump”

the clapping in mean.


back to december mashup with apologize and you’re not sorry

the phone call before better than revenge 

pretty much the whole better than revenge performance 

the instrumental part at the end better than revenge.

the dance and wedding during speak now

the “all eyes on me” face

the tree/b stage

the emotion she put in last kiss

her throwback songs/covers

the emotion in dear john

“shining like fireworks over your sad empty town”

how magical enchanted was

the bells in haunted

when she sings “the crowds in stand went wild” in long live and the fans scream

the look she gives during long live

the sparkly guitar

the love story dress

flying over the crowd

the bows at the end

the dancers…

the band…

the agency…

the outfits…

the fans…

the look..

but most importantly…

taylor alison swift.

long live the speak now world tour!


Things heard at marching band

“Do you wanna be my hooker?”
“Toes up, no choo-choo training”
“I want those angles so perfect you arm hurts”
“I wish the piccolos didn’t exist…”
“The new baby bass is hot”
“I literally want to die”
“Why is marching band so early in the morning”
“Its literally black outside if papa d says were still marching im going home”
“I got new drillmasters are you jealous”
“Why do the freshmen get the new helmets!?”
“Why cant we take coaches ALL the time”
“My instruments a dude because i blow it all the time”
“I will shove this stick up your ass if you dont shut up”
“Its so… hot”
“Look at my tan line!!!”
“Fuckin’ freshies”
“No shoes in the locker room.”
“Fanny packs are stylish and functional, fight me”
“I want you early to being early”
“Im hungry. Let us eat!!! Please dear god i dont want to die of FAMINE”
“i want to just lay here and accept death”
“*lays on floor and groans*”
“Why isn’t marching band considered a sport… fuck man,”

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: mahou shoujo of the end is such a good manga if people look pass the gore and ecchi nature. the story line is intense and it is going into a prequel after 30 chapters which is unique and thought provoking. no one is commenting on the fact that sayano is the masked character that has been protecting them even thought she wasn't introduced in depth until around chapter 5. its story line rivals madoka which was over hyped in comparison to mahou shoujo of the end. all the characters that seemed harmless did a quick 180 and i think kogami is going to show his dark side soon. also i don't understand why kogami is the only one that can have children with tsukune why cant you have her fall for a different man in the future since kogami is dating sayano? what does it mean when himeji said that tsukune's child was the brains? there are just more questions the more chapters there are and the chapters dont update fast enough because no one sees the storyline just the blood and boobs. i just want someone to feel passionately about this series so we can talk theories about it.

i like to think that this was more common it seemed

like, toriel just thinks of a pun in the middle of the night and she just HAS to tell someone

what if that’s why she kept that journal…?  oh no. i made it sad. :(

(captions under the cut in case you cant read my awful handwriting)

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Psyren headcanons
  • since Krieg cant communicate with Maya verbally (without saying something relating to meat and death) he uses various hand motions/gestures to let her know how hes feeling.
  • Maya tries to curb some of Kriegs unhealthy habits; such as eating things raw (and alive), going long periods without bathing, overthinking, and participating in unsafe antics with Axton and Gaige.
  • in their free time, Maya would like to sit down with Krieg and read books together, sometimes pausing to let him finish re-reading certain lines before turning the page. she doesnt know why, but he likes the old world literature books; Dante’s Inferno being his favorite.
  • when Kriegs bandages get too dirty, Maya helps put on new ones. It took time for her to be allowed touch them, since Krieg is really self-conscious about letting others see the scars on his arm.
  • There’s nights where Krieg has trouble sleeping, so Maya would try to stay up with him to help him go to sleep. sometimes she would just squeeze his hand, rub his back or hum him a song to lull him to sleep.

since theyre taking it off netflix at the end of the month, i decided to try and finish Angel: the series asap. I got up to season 4 and it is So Bad. most of the characters are OOC and the plot lines are terrible. also, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO CORDELIA

Title: Make Me
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Genre: ??? Aggressive fluff??? what is this???????
Warnings: Language
Request: Ain’t no one ask for this
A/N: This was my very first request EVER back when I first started! Someone asked for a Steve or Bucky fic using the line “Exactly how long are you going to do that for?” and I wanted to re-write it! Why? For fun! Also because my blog recently turned one year old! I might also re-write the Bucky version because that’s a thing as well. :-)

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You were closer to that of a popcorn machine than an actual human being, Steve was convinced of that. You wouldn’t stop, whether you were physically incapable or you simply refused, he wasn’t sure, but he was sure of this; it was driving him insane.


Steve sighed, looking up at you from his book from under his lashes. You were across from him on an armchair, your legs pulled up onto the seat and tucked neatly to the side as you scrolled on your phone. Any other time he would think it was cute, but every time you pressed your lips together and made that fucking popping noise, his attraction to you turned into only aggravation.


“Y/N, please,” Steve said carefully, clenching and unclenching his jaw. He was normally so patient with you, finding some aspect of your habits adorable, but not now.  He was inches from tossing his book at your head. He just wanted to finish the book, but he couldn’t, because you had decided to be more you than usual.


“Y/N,” he repeated your name. His eyes were glued to you, knowing that he couldn’t start reading again until you’d stopped. Clearly, that was not going to happen.

You and Steve were close, so it wasn’t like he felt rude being annoyed with you. The rest of the team liked to joke about your relationship, bestowing you the nickname of “America’s Sweetheart.” You didn’t mind, finding the whole thing both adorable and hilarious, but Steve took a lot of it to heart. They all knew of his feelings for you, and made it painfully clear to you through their teasing, which you had caught onto almost immediately. You knew how Steve felt, but wanted to wait for him to gather his courage and tell you. As far as he knew, you were completely clueless to his little crush.


He would confess when he was ready, when you weren’t busy being literal superheroes. It was hard to figure out when the time was right, especially since he’d only ever really been romantically involved with one woman. He was still new to all of it, and everyone knew it, including you. Tony had tried to help him, to teach him that it’s perfectly normal and that he should just fuckin’ tell you.


Steve always wondered if you ever noticed the way he stared at you a little too long, or the way he would cease to remember how to walk straight when he saw you. He was always trying to find subtle ways to express his feelings, maybe sitting closer to you on the couch and resting his hand as close to yours as possible, or maybe the adorable, motivational sticky notes he left on your door every morning. You returned the gestures often, holding his hand when it brushed against yours or writing your own little notes for him to find later in the day, but he still couldn’t bring himself to reveal his feelings.



“I swear to God,” Steve muttered under his breath. At this point he had set his book aside entirely, too distracted to continue reading.

“What?” you asked innocently.

“Exactly how long are you going to do that for?” Steve counter-questioned.

“Do what? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you replied, a smile beginning to grow on your lips. You refused to meet his gaze, your eyes glued to the screen of your phone.

“You’re a piece of work, you know that?” Steve said, leaning forward and resting his arms on his knees.

“Art work, maybe,” you said, finally looking up and shooting him your best sarcastic smile. Steve scoffed and fell back against the couch, his head leaning on the cushion so he could look up at the ceiling in exasperation. He was shaking his head, unable to help the smirk that tugged at his face.

A few minutes passed and you were silent, still scrolling on your phone. Steve seized the opportunity and started reading again. Maybe now he could figure out what happens to Bella and Edward’s relationship.


That was it. The final remaining shred of Steve’s sanity fell away, all self control thrown to the wind. He all but tossed his book to the side and flung himself up from the couch, striding across the room to your chair and stopping inches from your face. You were smiling smugly, your eyes locked with his.

“Do it one more time,” Steve seethed through his teeth, “I dare you, Y/N.”


His lips connected with yours roughly, his hands gripping your shoulders as he kissed you with everything he had in him. Your lips moved against his eagerly, the feeling of finally kissing him sending your heart soaring, even if you had to piss him off to get him to do it. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him even closer than before and deepening the kiss. His hands left your shoulders to encircle your waist, pulling you up into a kneeling position.

Steve was the first to break the kiss, his chest rising and falling in sync with yours. His eyes were softer now, but still held a certain fire behind them as one of your hands tangled in his blonde hair.

“You knew I would do that, didn’t you?” Steve asked.

“I mean, I was hoping. That, or I thought you’d punch me,” you replied with a smile.

“Sam thought you would just leave,” Natasha said as she entered the room, “Oh, and Y/N, you owe me 20 bucks.”

Who wants a Poly!headcanon?

Alrighty who wants to hear about my ‘Dooku doesn’t go to the Darkside and actually sticks around to see how Qui-Gon gets on’ idea?

Aka 'Grumpy Jedi Grampa accidentally ends up with three boyfriends’.

Like for reals, I’m talking generational shipping here. All the way down the line.

Imagine it: Dooku/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan/Anakin.

A poly relationship with all of them in varying different relationships with eachother.

Okay so! It starts a few years after Qui-Gon gets knighted and just cant seem to drift away from his Master. He’s taught Qui-Gon everything he knows and that wasn’t necessarily the most by-the-book Jedi code so Qui-Gon is constantly going back to his Master like 'Why don’t they understand?? I know what I’m doing!’

  • And Dooku is all stony faced and serious and offering advice but inside he’s just so damn proud his ex-Padawan is growing up to give the council headaches about morality and grey areas.

And then Qui-Gon gets a bit older again and sees his first Padawan to Knighthood.  He’s more sure of himself and confident in his abilites and he goes to his Master to express his joy and–

Well one thing leads to another and the next thing they know Dooku’s bringing Qui-Gon breakfast tea in bed (Dooku’s bed) and telling him he needs to get up and dressed because Qui-Gon has a meeting in the council chamber in thirty minutes he shouldn’t be late to.

– And after that they just fall into this easy agreement that whenever they cross paths, which turns out be only occasionally, Qui-Gon’s probably going to be there in morning.


Qui-Gon eventually meets Obi and suddenly he’s got a new Padwan, and Dooku is suspicious and probably not very warm towards his new grand-padawan since he remembers the absolute wreck Qui-Gon was after Xan.

  • And Obi never understands why his Master would want to hang around with this dry, humourless old grump (and why does Qui-Gon always sit SO close to him whenever they’re together?)
  • (Obviously Obi-Wan grows up and starts to get suspicions, but of course never asks because that would be rude. )
  • (And honestly it happens so rarely he usually forgets about it, until he sees his Qui-Gon bidding Dooku an exceptionally affectionate (for Qui-Gon) farewell. Or noticing how his Master always let’s his touches linger just a little longer than usual on his old Master.)

And then the UNTHINKABLE happens: Qui-Gon is struck down by Darth Maul, and Obi is clinging to him feeling his lifeforce slipping away and begging him not to go (don’t let his words be about the boy please please please)

It’s only by some MIRACLE that Qui-Gon manages to hold on long enough for the medical droids to get to them.

And even then it’s touch and go for DAYS until Qui-Gon is stable and can be moved to the Temple.

Dooku is at Qui-Gon’s side within the day, and Obi-Wan hears from his friend Garen that the Jedi Master made it halfway across the galaxy in record time and NO ONE KNOWS HOW. (it’s suspected that the Master pulled in every favour he had to allow him to get him through pirate-controlled Space, but that was never confirmed.)

And after that, Obi-Wan knows. Hell, after Dooku storms towards the medical bay, barking at younglings and Masters alike to get out of his way, half the Temple knows their feelings towards each other.

(Which is like a kick to the chest for Obi-Wan, who is only just now realising his own feelings for his Master.)

And Dooku doesn’t leave the medical bay until Qui-Gon wakes up. 

  • (He’s an utter terror; barking at nursing staff, wanting regular updates, and even after DAYS of sitting there, rarely drinking and hardly eating, Dooku looks as well-groomed and presentable as ever. To the untrained eye.)

Qui-Gon finally opens his eyes for the first time and there’s this long moment where they just look at each other and Dooku is scowling his darkest, most intense scowl and doesn’t say a word. And that’s how Qui-Gon knows just how worried he was about him.

And the first words out of Qui’s mouth, raspy and weak from disuse, are to ask if Dooku has brought him any tea.

  • (Qui-Gon tries to laugh off the disgusted noise Dooku makes, his ex-Master informing him that he wont be drinking anything but water until his stomach is healed. But Qui-Gon knows he’s never seen Dooku’s expression so soft or pained before, nor seen him look so unkempt and dishevelled inside the Temple.)
  • The next questions are about Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Obi-Wan has been Knighted even before Qui-Gon awakes, and following what could have been his Master’s final request has taken Anakin as his padawan.

  • “Your Padawan is a foolish as you.” Dooku tells Qui-Gon, and he is clearly not happy about Anakin being trained by the fledgling Knight.

But Qui-Gon wont be in any fit state to train the boy for months, they all know it, and without Obi-Wan refusing to take no for an answer (Qui-Gon is so proud) Anakin would have been sent away.

After that, for a long time Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon see very little of each other. Qui-Gon is recovering, then back on missions (paired up with Dooku for a while when the older Master refuses to let a still recuperating Qui-Gon go on his own). And Obi-Wan is sent on his own missions with Anakin.

But after a few years, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon start to cross paths more and more, and Anakin of course is delighted by this. He loves having Qui-Gon around; the Jedi Master lets him get away with so much more than Obi-Wan. 

  • (And he knows just what to say to make Obi-Wan go bright red, which makes the teenage padawan absolutely crease up with laughter.)

And whilst Qui-Gon is fondly embarrassing him in front of his padawan, Obi-Wan realises his feelings for his Master have not diminished. And it physically pains him.

(To the point he cant focus on missions when Qui-Gon is there, and he’s short with Anakin, and angry with himself.)

He’s at the point of going to the council to request Master Qui-Gon not be sent on any more missions with them, when Qui-Gon gently confronts him about his uncharacteristic moods.

And well...one things leads to another and the next day Qui-Gon is recording a message to inform Dooku about the developments in their relationship.

  • Dooku is like 'I suppose that’s acceptable, bring him to me next time you’re at the Temple’.

And Obi-Wan is suddenly regretting every single one of his life choices that has brought him to be in a relationship with his old Master, and his old Master.

  • “He doesn’t even like me!”

    “That’s clearly not true, Obi-Wan.” And it’s true, Dooku stopped disliking Obi-Wan as soon as it was obvious as a Padawan that he was nothing but a Paragon of Jedi ideals, and treated Qui-Gon with the appropriate respect.

  • (And he could evidently grow a highly respectable beard, which Dooku looks very pleased with when they meet for dinner.)

The relationship ends up being mainly Qui-Gon centric for a long time. They each share their time with him. Qui-Gon ends up on missions a lot with Obi-Wan, so when he’s back at the Temple he makes time to spend with Dooku.

(Although of course eventually they all end up piled in bed together, and Dooku is bringing both of them tea in the morning because apparently his legacy is train Jedi who will not get up in the morning.)

Anakin comes along later. First as Obi-Wan’s lover, then jumping Qui-Gon at the first comfortable opportunity when he’s informed of how their relationship is put together.

But Anakin and Dooku find it difficult to see eye-to-eye. There’s just too many years and so many conflicting ideas between them for them to do much but argue.

It ends up not being too much of a problem, though. They all learn to spread their time between each other, so when Obi-Wan is with Anakin, Qui-Gon spends time with Dooku. And equally when Qui-Gon is with Anakin, Obi-Wan gets to spend time with Dooku.

  • (Obi-Wan enjoys this more than he would ever have thought possible at the beginning of their relationship– getting stories about Padawan!Qui-Gon, or playing chess and enjoying tea, allowing Dooku to teach him useful tactics the Master learned when he was young. It’s as much a thrilling educational experience as it was bonding whenever he got to huddle up his Master’s Master.)

Eventually though, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon do want to spend some time together alone, and during one such time Anakin and Dooku end up having to front a mission together.

And they bicker.

(Like oh my god they bicker so much and their Clone Troopers are suddenly confused about who’s dating who in that relationship because they’re sure as hell acting like an old married couple.)

But then something goes wrong and there’s powder in the air and Anakin is suddenly high off his face on Spice or some other narcotic, and Dooku has to physically haul the not-so-light young Jedi Knight back to safety.

Why don’t you like me??” Anakin is suddenly demanding, apropos of NOTHING and Dooku is glad it’s only them in the med bay whilst Anakin sees out the drug in his system because he’s getting to old for this shit.

How did he end up with 3 partners of progressively younger ages?? Who thought this was a good idea?? And now Anakin will not stop clawing at his robes demanding 'why don’t you like meeeee?’

“I don’t dislike you, Skywalker,” Dooku is having to explain in his very calmest 'so done with this’ tone, and Anakin is just looking up at him like he’s grown another head.

“But you dont like me,”Anakin is clutching to Dooku more for balance than urgency now, and Dooku keeps a hand fisted in the Knight’s robes as the young man leans further and further away. “You like Obi…” Anakin continues, looking down his nose as the thoroughly unamused Jedi Master, and then his face breaks into a 100% spaced-out grin, “You really like him…” his pouting frown returns, “But not me!”

And Dooku wishes he had a free hand to rub at the headache he can feel coming (if he let’s Anakin go he will fall over) and instead has to explain in SMALL words how Anakin is very young, and they have very different ideals and no he doesn’t hate him and yes he’s fine with Obi-Wan and Qui–

Anakin cuts him off mid-sentence with an off-center kiss and Dooku is just stood there with the most longsuffering expression as Anakin giggles against his mouth and he has to physically peel the Spice-addled Knight off the front of his robes and drag him to the bed.

And you can bet as soon as Anakin is FINALLY sedated he’s calling Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and informing them that they can deal with their energetic, needy paramour because his days of looking after CHILDREN are very much over tyvm.

(Obi chimes in with an unhelpful “Have you considered not calling him a child, Love? That may be the crux of the problem–” and Dooku hangs up on them.)

But Dooku and Anakin are on much more amenable terms after that, and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are very relieved.

(A few months later Anakin makes an off-colour and uninformed joke about Dooku’s stamina in bed and one thing leads to another and the next morning Dooku is bringing him tea in bed and Anakin is staring at him with an utterly disgusted, disbelieving expression “HOW ARE YOU EVEN WALKING I CAN’T MOVE.” )

(Also, Anakin and Padme are best buds with benefits and the babies still happen only this time they have one Uncle and two grampas and are literally the most adorably spoiled babies ever.)

Blood on my jeans.

This morning, Tuesday the 24th of February, I pulled my car into a spot in the commuter parking lot at school. I grabbed my things and began to walk towards the buses. A single line began forming, about 30 people long. I began listening to my ipod (yes, I still listen to music on an ipod instead of my phone) while I waited on line for the bus. Suddenly I heard a very loud slap through my music. I turned around to find a older man, maybe about late 60’s early 70’s, lying face down on the concrete. The loud slap I heard was his face and body hitting the ground. A group of students and myself ran over to the man. He was faintly moaning, having difficulty breathing, and wasn’t responsive. My initial thought was that he was having a seizure. We rolled him over on his side and thats where I saw that some of his teeth were shattered and his nose was bleeding. The surrounding students called 911 as we held him on his side. The man had been wearing a black winter hat when he fell and suddenly someone pointed out that blood was dripping from it. We took the hat off to reveal a large gash in his head. At that moment I realized he wasn’t breathing. I don’t know CPR, so I immediately started shouting at the increasing line of people if anyone knew CPR. I shouted a few times and finally small group of people ran over and a girl immediately jumped on and began performing CPR. She was able to get the man to start breathing again. His breaths were shallow and rough and he was choking on something. Another stranger yelled out turn him on his side again. When we did thats when we realized that he was choking on his own vomit. We were able to stabilize the man for a few moments, until he stopped breathing again. Another stranger, a girl, took this round of CPR. While CPR was being performed, another stranger, a man, reached his hand into the incapacitated mans mouth and pulled out his tongue to reveal more vomit shooting up. He stabilized for another moment and again stopped breathing. This went on for at least twenty minutes as we waited for help to arrive. The ambulance eventually arrived and they carted him off on a gurney while still performing CPR.

I really don’t believe the man made it. But I don’t know for sure. I attempted calling the police station and the hospital, but nobody would give me any information. You can call me pessimistic, but the situation didn’t look very bright. Forty minutes of CPR is not a good sign. I don’t know what caused him to collapse, I’m thinking possibly a stroke or a seizure. 

I ended up getting blood on my jeans in the process of all this. And as I stare at it now I can’t get this image of the the mans hat laying next to the blood stain in the road out of my head. I’m supposed to study for an exam, but I can’t focus. 

 I didn’t tell this story so you would think I’m a hero, because I’m not. I wasnt able to catch anybodys name, so I told this story to honor the strangers who REALLY helped. The people who stood out, but will eventually fade back into the chaos of the everyday. I’m kicking myself hard because I don’t know CPR, but I am currently searching for classes I can take immediately. It’s such a powerful tool and I firmly believe everyone should know how to perform it. 

Thank you for reading my story. Go tell someone you love them. 

REMINDER: In D,D& more D Ford specifically tells Dipper that Stanley “saved him”. Then he goes on to talk about the inter-dimensional rift. So on some small level Ford did appreciate being rescued from the portal (even though he couldn’t thank Stan because of the larger implications). Ford probably had a little bit of relief that he was out of the portal and temporarily safe from Bill. Ford coming out of the portal wasn’t totally terrible for him, he acknowledges his brother saved him, personally. 

honestly i cant even be mad bc that’s entirely in line for lexa. of course she would do that. of course she would stamp down on her feelings, that little voice hissing in her head that they’re weakness, she’s being weak, and of course she would take the deal to reassert herself over them. i have my people, this will break off clarke, i can go back to how it was before. and maybe she’ll understand why i had to do what i did

my shareholders are on the line.  want to know why i just drove the company into the ground.  im panicking.  i need to make pancakes to cheer myself up but its too late to go to the store for pancake mix and then look up how to make pancakes on wikhow. i cant breathe right. i need a bacon

chihori  asked:

umm.. in :re chapter 31, it seems that at the beginning takizawa screams "mommy daddy i cant help it im sorry i couldnt help it" does that signify anything special? n also, even after letting everyone see him go berserk (even his former colleagues) why did he cover his face in front of akira?? thank u~~

It might…there was a post here that said “I ate mom’s intestines”. It seems to imply that Takizawa ate his mother and possibly his father, based on those lines. I really hope it’s not true though…

As for him covering his face in front of Akira, I thought that by doing that, he was covering his kakugan, or his ghoul side. Somewhere deep inside, he’s ashamed of showing up as a half-ghoul in front of Akira, his rival/friend.

There was also this post that shows that the word “jealousy” is shown on Takizawa’s hand. He’s still jealous of Akira - she’s a First Class Investigator, and Seidou is a half-ghoul who couldn’t even kill Sasaki (granted, he was weakened a bit by Hinami, but Seidou still didn’t win), who is always second.

The thing about mental illness is that we all want it to be a sprint. We want to realize our problems and suddenly be at the finish line, free at last. But that’s not how it works. Mental illness is like a marathon. Hell, its like a marathon we didn’t train for. You start off thinking “okay, cool I can totally do this” and then the miles stretch on and you lose hope. The finish line is nowhere in sight and we start to wonder if we’ll ever be free of this constant burning pain. And then we look around and we see other runners passing us, and we think ‘man, why cant I be doing like them’ and we lose even more hope. But the truth is, maybe they’ve just been running for longer. As we go along, we grow a little stronger. And it hurts like hell. And it feels like you can NEVER get better and you feel the worst you’ve ever felt. And sometimes, maybe you have to sit down. Its okay to just sit in a place and be where you are and take a breather. Running is hard. Running is DRAINING. But the important thing is that you get back up, and you start running again. Some of us might run for the rest of our lives. Some of us might only run for a few years. Some of us might finish, and then have to start over again. All of these things are okay. But you never throw someone into a marathon with no preparation and expect them to ease through it. We’ve never been prepared for mental illness, so don’t feel bad when it hurts you, or when it drains you, or when you feel like you “should” be doing better. Go at your own pace. And I promise one day you’ll find someone who’s willing to run right next to you and make sure you never stop.