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@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

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In your own opinion, what kind of power/ability do you think makes people too powerful?

when they dont have a limit. unlimited super strength and never getting tired? OP. Ability to read and control ALL minds around u? OP

thats why i have caps on every super that i have. Zip has a lot of stretch but not a lot of strength, Galaxy can only use telekinesis on objects that she can actually physically lift  bec it creates the same amount of strain. Even Deathwish who seems unstoppable given their expertise and abilities doesn’t even have powers and even has fibro that means they need a lot of recharge time and self care. 

bec on all fronts i think its the weaknesses of heroes that still make them human. Plus any character given too much power allows way too many opportunities for plot holes. Like i dont want every problem in SZ to be questioned with “well why didnt u just send galaxy?” like even galaxy cant read every mind around her. she can sense intentions and emotional vibes but if the person has too many mental barriers in place its much harder for her to get a good read. which is why eli is so easy to hear and put to sleep and alex so much more complicated.

@zotmoun replied to your post: The NH fans are like dude read chapter 98 before referencing the manga. Then SS fans are like dude read chapter 133 to see where Sasuke reveals his feelings about Sakura. But still as usual dialouges are too hard for you to read ��

idk about you but the ‘too hard to read’ “insult” is getting just a bit too old you going to come up with something new or?? ?? but hey ill raise you okay hear me out ill go and re-check these chapters out just for you 

how did you get this scene

as a confession of sorts of naruto to hinata ??/ ??? — listen he barely knew she was he didnt even really acknowledge her (until the chunin exams he finally saw hinata as a person especially during this scene) and listen he has this thing of protecting the weak hinata isnt the only one who was so lucky to hear about how much naruto appreciates and believes in them besides he said a person like you not “i like you!!” i also want to know how this is also a confession he doesnt even know her???? shes just another one of his classmates just like ino and kiba 

the type of person that he likes isnt someone negative all the time and those that see the potential in him (like cmon hes been living without his parents for all of his life and everyone shunning him away so ofc hes going to like these types of people u know someone who doesnt see him as kyuubi but as an actual person) but if yall want to take this as a sort of ‘confession’ then damn yall do you 

also what do you call the last????? like you guys are neglecting that that movie and this scene contradicts each other 

onto the sasusaku chapter youre talking about where he “admits” his feelings for sakura

this isnt a confession either what in the latest chapters where sasuke talks about his relationship with team 7 he said that this team was like his family because you know and sakura is weak and even though shes too infatuated with sasuke he sees sakura as family albeit annoying he trusts naruto to take her away because he knows how much naruto cares for her 

im also going to mention sasuke moved and saved naruto on his own whim and why im mentioning this is because this is a completely different scenario sakura was protecting tazuna and now sasuke needs to fight to help protect naruto and sakura 

besides who even has time for romance (come on you also have to admit that kishimoto did such a shit job developing the “intended” relationships between these 2 pairs and the last movie doesnt justify a damn thing honestly including the end of the series) 

my main problem with naruhina and sasusaku as a whole is because there was no damn development there was nothing these chapters dont mean a damn thing when they dont back and reference it kishimoto attempted to push it forward and try make it seem so but he sucked he even admitted it “im not good at writing romance” i wouldnt have a problem if there was proper development not naruto suddenly realizing his feelings for hinata thru a genjutsu because hes so fucking dense that he actually gets guilted into feeling those same feelings for her (and as my friend who supports the pairing he basically said “he feels like he owes her”) and u know theres a damn problem if u need a movie to try and justify a pairing (ive actually read posts that this movie was beautiful in writing and development there were so many things wrong with this movie but thats a different post for a different day) 

and sasusaku is my most hated pairing but i do have to admit there was much more “development” i suppose than there was between naruhina but the way it was written as a whole and introduced in chapter 700 from 699 is so pathetic 

if youre bad at writing romance then why bother putting it in the story???? because then this happens

so basically tl;dr

you: look at these chapters this is where they ~*admit their feelings for them*~ 

me: idk man it looks pretty generic to me 

so now i want you to tell me that i cant read and sasukes lines are too hard to read like i want you to tell me that again because if thats all ur going to say this debate is over 

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i love your writing so much aaaaaa WHY ARE U MAKING NOCTIS AND PROMPTO SUFFER SO MUCH i mean im totally cool with reading that bc i love reading multichapter fics who have awesome writing BUT I WANT THEM SMOOCHING TOO. your kissing scenes are too a+ 10/10. oh and how you put stella in your fic!! i wasnt expecting that! cant wait to see more of her. your updates really make my day happy!

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Thank you kindly for your comment and support! Whenever I get one for The Loveless Prince, I’m absolutely thrilled <3

SUFFERING IS ESSENTIAL >:3c Smooches are essential, too. 

I wanted Stella to appear since early February but it took months until the story was ready for her. I love Stella. We’ll hear about her more :3


Anonymous said: Can you make icons of danny or arin? Or twrp? thank you!

How about ALL OF THEM! Here ya go, the grumpy gamers and your fave space rockstars

For Science ? For Science


Y/n’s pov:

I the crossed my arms and glared at him
“Newt i cant do this with you being such a fuss” i say
 “your not getting that  close to my.. thing” he says
“why” i ask slyly
“W.w.w   well i uh” he stutters
“Fine we will do the front of the chest” i say as it move to be knelled between his legs i hear him swallow loudly and he’s blushing like mad till i put my hands on his shoulders feeling every muscle he has i can see him looking at me smugly and slyly “eyes shut” i say putting a hand over his eyes 

“why” he asks slyly

“because i cant work with you stareing at me” i tell him

“fine” he sighs i then move my hand and he has shut his eyes so i continue my work concentrating more on the book again but  paying good attention to where on him my hands are till as they reach the bottom of his stomach i stop 

“what” he asks opening one eye to see me 

“one eyes shut, two im reading a second” i tell him he then sighs and shut his eyes sitting there obviously waiting for me to do something 

“im a allowed to uh-” i ask

“are you allowed to what” he asks 

“go a bit lower, for science ?” i ask

“for science and not  your own personal amusement?” he asks opening his eyes and looking at me very suggestively 

“for science” i reply crossing my arms 

“fine” he sighs 

i then move my hands down to trace along his v lines then starting to go lower 

“are you sure this is for science” he asks

“positive newt now shut up” i say to him 

“fine” he replies as i move my hand down to the waistband of his boxers starting to go lower as i look up a second to glance at my book he leans forward  and kisses me making me take my hands away and wrap them around his neck as we kiss the kiss getting deeper by the second till he pulls away “sorry y/n, i just really wanted to have kissed you before you well felt down there” he said 

“relax” i say as i hold up my book and turn the page to a blank one next “there's no info on that, i would have stopped once i turned the page” i explain to him we both then laugh before he takes my book and turns over to the next page “oh look what i found” he says showing the book to me a chapter on female biology “may i, for science” he asks

“al right” i sigh turning around so my back is facing him.


“may i, for science” i ask

“al right” she sighs before turning around to face away from me i then start the book with like she did muscle groups placing my hands on he neck feeling very inch i can get my hands as i  run them down her back as i get to her trousers me and start again at the top of her arms all the way down and connect our hands “sorry love but i will need your trousers off” i whisper to her she giggles and does as i told her slipping off her trousers and putting them on the floor as i move hands to run along her legs feeling ever inch till i get to her thighs i can tell she’s shut her eyes and is breathing deeply so i skip over that area and sit my hands on the bottom of her stomach and go up taking her shirt of with me and throwing it to the floor i then hug her closely from behind placing my head on her shoulder and kissing her neck lightly in response she moves her hand back and slips it into my boxers feeling every inch of me so i kiss her a lot lot harder and leave a mark on her neck but she pushes me off and turns around to face me and we kiss, both of us full of lust and passion till she pushes me down onto the bed flat her on top of me and she pulled away from our kiss pinning my arms down beside me then giggling slyly before beginning to grind on me making me moan in pleasure every time she makes even the slightest movement till she leans down and starts kissing me neck as she grinds till we connect our lips again and she lets go of my arms so as we kiss i wrap my arms round her then flip her over and pin her down under me “My turn sweetheart” i tell her as i begin to grind onto her and kissing her neck as hard a i can and she moans in pleasure till i move down to her stomach and start kissing it and moving up licking every inch of her till i reach her lips again and kiss her hard and passionately even biting slightly on her bottom lip both of us running our hands around each other alot and rolling on the bed alot one second she’s on top of me the next in on top of her im sure we’re gonna fall of the bed in a second till all of a sudden 

“morning” a voice says from the door making us both stop and cover ourselves up with blankets from both this bed and the next one  as its Clint looking very tired and he’s got sick on his shirt 

“hi” y/n says casually like we are just not the way he’s found us 

“hello” i add

“well not i totally believe you've been reading all nigh and all day” he laughs

“oh shuck off, this started innocently” she says

“started innocently, it defiantly wouldn't have ended innocently” i tell her 

“i hope not”she giggles pulling me into another kiss

“GUYS” Clint shouts

“sorry” she says sitting up i then sit up beside her as we both put our clothes back on and Clint leaves till we are both dressed again 

“sorry about that love i swear it was all in the business of science” i tell her

“of course it was newt” she giggles “you can go back to bed now, re gather your strength, your gonna need it” she says 

“i bet i am” i tell her as we meet in another kiss before bidding each other goodbye and i go back to bed.

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idk why but im just not able to read seb's ig comments in his voice like idk i cant imagine him saying any of these stuff out loud haha but then again the same goes for everyone i know - they always seem like a completely different person online vs irl, does that make sense?

it’s bc he types like a teenager with like 75 extra letters at the end of his words. i was going to say he presents himself as more put together than this irl, but he like walked past people at comic con and just roared so like nvm he’s a dork everywhere