why cant i place you


at the 1:52 timestamp this dude does the thing where white gay men imitate Sassy Black Women™ except it sounds like hes never met a real black person in his life bc im not sure what the fuck that is

If i were stephen i would pretend season 4 doesnt exist too. That season sucked on a whole different level. Arrow was never going to win any awards for writing or anything but even for their not so great standard season 4 doesnt measure up. There was nothing good about that season not even 7 episodes of happy olicity saved it for me.

just bpd things

splitting on your fp for having a dream in which they interact with a completely made up person they aren’t even friends with irl.

Still you (samXreader)

words: 1036
warnings: fem!sam (partly), fluff
request: “ fluffy one shot where sam gets turned into a girl for a few days or whatever so he has to borrow readers clothes and is kinda shy about being affectionate towards his gf (reader) but she doesn’t care and still gives sam kisses hugs, and cuddles and it’s all cute and sam is all omg ‘she doesn’t care’ and its too awww” anon

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summary: sam gets turned into a girl by a witch and you try to make him feel comfortable. He’s beyond embarrassed so you try to comfort him by showing him you don’t care and you still love him either way.

“Um Dean,” a voice shouted from the other room.

Dean and you were currently finishing off a witch. You pulled the trigger and the witch slumped to the floor. A deep breath escaped you as you tried to place the voice you had heard call out for Dean.

“Sam?” You ask worriedly, looking around for the younger Winchester, your boyfriend.

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Actual SNSD dialogue

MC: (to Sooyoung) Why do you want to go to [place I cant spell but its probably a hot spring or beach type place] with Seohyun?

Jessica: Because she’s younger, so you can make her scrub your back?

Sooyoung: hmmm..thats a good suggestion

MC: Seohyun, go scrub her back 

Seohyun: *that one sound she makes when snsd are teasing her abt something, you know the sound*

Sooyoung: I want to see Seohyun’s real- 

Yuri: NAKED BODY!!!!!

Everyone: ???? 

Seohyun: *makes the sound again but at the next level*

Sooyoung: I cant just say it outright like that!


So basically someone made twitter rp accounts of Terry and Jackie without my permission.

Not only that but they’re reposting my art AND got both of them completely wrong??? what’ this about Terry being Bi and Jackie being “straight” (and misgendered too what a surprise) lmfao?????? I already tried to report them but I doubt Twitter will give a damn about it.

Listen guys, I care a great deal about my characters and Im very glad you like them enough to pull this kind of shit, (not really, Im actually very angry) but would it be very hard to at least like… y’know, ask me for permission first?????

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you're nice, cute, sincere, funny, friendly, honest. fuck. why cant i find someone like you.?

We’re all over the place. We’re just probably eating alone, hiding on the Internet, and being too nervous to initiate anything. You gotta look real careful sometimes too though because we’re generally v smol