why cant i move on with this ship

no discourse has ever been more truly pulled out of someone’s ass then “i really like taakitz so heres why shipping taako or kravitz with anyone else is um.. derailing canon mlm representation and i cant just blacklist the ship name and move on for some reason”

i’ve literally never seen a fandom try to say that Having other mlm ships other than the main one is bad until now. especially the justification being “derailing” taakitz like taakitz doesn’t get enough content pffff. it’s the biggest non-issue i’ve ever seen. maybe try caring bout the awful treatment of poc and lesbians in the fandom rather then whining that someone wrote magko fanfiction

  • Me: It's been so long since I read snk I'll probably have a very different outlook. I probably won't ship eremin anymore.
  • Me a few chapters in: He dies for him he literally dies for him I'm sorry he is his hope and inspiration to move forwad he gave him his dream they grew up together he is the reason he wants freedom okay I just don't see why you wouldn't ship it.