why cant i move on with this ship

Y'all are really starting to piss me off with this tbh. How about instead of arguing with each other all the damn time and destroying fandoms everyone just stay in their own goddamn lane? I am so sick of seeing posts with sns shippers are bad because whatever or the ss fandom is disgusting because this and that. Well here’s an idea! Leave each other the fuck alone? Ever think of that? Let people do and ship what they want. Stop the hatred. Stop the pettiness. Stop trying to start drama and cause problems with each other. We all love Naruto no matter what we ship. Why turn on each other simply because of different beliefs? Honestly. Every ship fandom has flawed people inside of it. Sorry, that’s just how it is. It doesn’t mean every member of said fandom is trashy. There’s just nothing you can do about that. Block the hateful people and move on. Stop attacking fandoms and accusing everyone inside of them of being an asshole. Just stop the hate already oh my god.

can’t believe it’s fucking may. almost halfway thru the year wtf:)))))) why is life moving on so fast

Awed - 1 :A:

BTS - V (Taehyung) series 
Warnings : Contains mature content in some parts, also slang words.
Genre : Angst,fluff,smut, all mixed up XD

Fantasy? That’s the kind of a world I live in. being surrounded by stories of delight, amusement and all of the happy little things possible. I feared people. Rather than making new friends I preferred adding a new book to my shelf  But even a lovely fairytale has its dark times.Same can be said for me.

“(Y/N) Look who is here! “ My dad shouted joyfully from downstairs. It was obvious that my dads best friend is here with his family unfortunately and I might have to deal with his ‘devil-like’ son, Taehyung. You can never predict what is going on his mind. Although my parents love him and consider him a ‘ideal son’ or to be precise now ‘ideal son-in-law’. But  he will remain a mysterious ass for me. 
“Oh (Y/N) you just get more beautiful day by day!” said Taehyung’s mother. “It’s just that you met me after so long you think like that aunty and nothing else” I replied. Finally noticing the huge pile of bag and boxes I asked my mother “What are those for? Who is coming over?” and her reply was just like one of my nightmares coming true “Those belong to tae sweetie , he is moving in with us for some time as his parents are going for a world tour. I am so happy they are making their dreams come true. Just imagining when is my turn.” “wait.what?but why cant he live in his own house? he has so many servants lined up for him anyway plus he is a grown up now.” I whisper yelled at her. “Sweetie he is going to start his intern-ship at our company it will be easier for him to be near your dad. plus he wont feel lonely while his parents are away.now get that thing in your brains and smile. Don’t act like a madwoman.” my mother yelled at me back and with silence and a puffy face as my response our little whisper yell marathon ended.

“(Y/N) why don’t you show Taehyung around, make him familiar with this place as of starting today this is his second home. Right Taehyung?” “Yes sir. I am really looking forward to it ” Taehyung replied to my dad and shifting his gaze to me at the last sentence. I just started at him with an annoyed expression and murmured a follow me. 

“So this will be your room with a study room beside it” I just navigated him around in an annoyed tone. “That’s all okay , but where is your room?”he enquired. “That’s not necessary for you to know” giving him a death glare I turned to go back when he suddenly pulled my arms and stated “Yes it is you midget.A whole house tour includes your room too” Just stomping my feet in utter annoyance I guided him to my room and the mini library I owned. “Are you able to even reach those books on the top shelf midget?” he mocked. “Why does it bother you anyway ya tall bitch, just get out now,the house tour is complete” yelling at him I pushed him out. He stopped midway and pulled me closer whispering in my ear “Next time language baby girl. You don’t cuss on me and when I said I am looking forward for this stay I mean it.” he left me standing there startled and also hoping this doesn’t get worse.

Just another bangtan lover trying to pen down some scenario’s. This is my first time writing also English is not my first language so forgive my mistakes. Always open for any suggestions. Hope you enjoy :’)

Shipping Cycle: From being a casual viewer to a hardcore fan

do you know that feeling when you start shipping this pair from tv/movie/book/anime/manga/real life/multiverse without the certainty that they will end up together?

you first remark on your OTPs’ palpable chemistry, then go in a fangirling mode in every OTP moments they have

made you even more convinced that they really REALLY REALLY SHOULD END UP TOGETHER

you join your OTPs’ fandom and made an oath to SHIP THEM TILL YOU DIE ( figuratively )

when you’re into deep that real life is getting in your way with your OTP

then you meet other shippers on the rival fandom and things start to turn nasty

you might even start a fandom war

but the most heartbreaking of it all is when the people behind the  tv/movie/book/anime/manga/real life/multiverse start screwing around and messes with your OTP


when you cant make sense ( or in a very deep denial state ) on why your NOTP become canon

so you end up with a broken fangirling heart

and you force yourself to move on and immerse yourself with fanfictions/fanworks of your co-OTPs, spending your time with whole lot of wishful thinking…

and just when…

when you thought you have already recover from the trauma of your OTP not being canon you started watching another series 

and the vicious cycle begins again…

  • Me: It's been so long since I read snk I'll probably have a very different outlook. I probably won't ship eremin anymore.
  • Me a few chapters in: He dies for him he literally dies for him I'm sorry he is his hope and inspiration to move forwad he gave him his dream they grew up together he is the reason he wants freedom okay I just don't see why you wouldn't ship it.
Shamelessly shipping Kylo Ren x Rey

and I’m proud of it. That scene with him using force on her and FUCKING CARRYING HER BRIDAL STYLE afterwards and that scene in interogation room.. wow, that scene was filled with innuendos. If they turn out to be cousins, I’m still going down with this ship, their chemistry is insane. so happy I’m not the only one who ship them

if you’re hating on this ship, dont bother tell us about it. Let yourself calm instead telling everyone you’re uncomfortable about it. No one forces you to ship them. You think it’s abusive? muhaha, Most of the TV shows have some problematic, borderline abusive relationship at some point, yet still their shippers holding on. So why the fuss, really? just move on, no one wants to hear your rant.

and I already cant wait to see the more upgraded version of Kylo with the more trained and stable Rey. it will be fun to see in ep8. I still wish Kylo to undergo some redemption arc in next episodes, though! I want him to fight the dark side and come back as Ben Solo..back to his Mom. I want to see him redeem himself after all the mess he’s made.. something his grandfather never did.

all i want is a fanfiction where ray is falling head over heels for gavin really suddenly and hes confused and freaking out because gavin has been completely in love with michael for like forever but then michael’s married

and gavin has it so sorted out like “i still love him, but i understand i cant have him” and ray is falling apart because why cant gavin just move on its not hurting anyone but him because he wants gavin to move on to him

whether it has a shitty end or a happily-ever-after trope ill probably love it