why cant i hold all these tags

make starscream the patron mech for kids who are in abusive situations

for kids who dont have any close friends or loving family to fall back on, for kids who cant afford to be autobots about their life because the odds are against them all the time

i know hes supposed to be evil, i know we are apparently supposed to hold no sympathy towards him as a character because of his awful personality, but can you blame him? hes broken, hes been abused— frankly i find it admirable that he still has the strength to just keep pushing the boundaries!!

i refuse to believe that hes just ‘evil’ just cuz hes gotta be THAT character, cuz hes gotta play that role. if he had some love in his life, i think hed be very very different. but he doesnt have that, so he has to work with what he does have, and he still keeps flying on, and i find that amazing!

i really want him to be the character that inspires kids who think theyll amount to nothing, to strive for everything. i want him to encourage kids to defy gravity. is that so wrong?

Keep the good vibes and positivity going

I know it can be hard, seeing the tag in disarray can make you question why you’re even here, but please just give us a minute. We are trying to fix it.

Even if it ends up just me stood in the middle of a raging way, holding pizza and a melting ice cream screaming ‘CANT WE ALL JUST BE FRIENDS?’ Then thats what I’ll do.

In the meantime why not try a couple of things - 

1. Send a message to a fan. Maybe its a person you follow but haven’t spoken to before? Maybe its a friend? Just someone. Send them some love. You never know, they may need it.

2. See a fan art posted recently in the tag? Don’t just like it, REBLOG THAT THANG! Reblog and post a compliment. Everyone needs a confidence boost at times.

3. Repeat 2 with gifs.

4. Repeat 3 with stories.

5. Repeat 1.

These things may seem small, but if we can get even 100 people doing this, the ripple affect with spread. 

If you still need time. If you still need to vent. If you just want a friend to talk to, your big goober Oosh is here.

Look at this face - 

This is the face of your 24 year old, responsible mod who loves you very dearly and wants to protect you. I’m sure Mark would if he could, but in his absence I am here. Hope thats good enough.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing