why cant i ever get over you

sometimes i see ppl with mental illness wishing that something traumatic (or more traumatic) had happened to them because then people would be symptathetic to why they are the way they are and

i understand the logic behind that thought, but as someone with diagnosed ptsd i just want to say that no amount of trauma will ever make nt people sympathetic to you or your symptoms. the asshole that tells depressed people they have no reason to be suicidal, is almost certainly the same asshole that tells people with ptsd to get the fuck over their trauma and stop being victims. you cant win with these people, and more trauma doesnt make people more accepting of your illness

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recently I find myself asking "why cant I just be better at drawing males then people would love my art" because it seems the majority of the world only want to see two males being in a relationship. :c I wonder if I can ever feel happy with my art...

That’s because most shows have mostly male characters.  Mostly male characters = mostly guy ships.  trust me, as someone who is a part of the lgbt+ I’d love to see more diverse relationships

but there’s no use complaining to someone else over it.  I got good at drawing different body types because I practiced.  

Wondering will get you nowhere! Time to work!  I know plenty of artist who are popular and draw a lot of girls! draw what YOU want, not what everyone else wants 

edit: tip for when learning to draw “men” and “women” bodies. sometimes there are only small differences. both men and women can be buff or a toothpick or chubby, not to mention nonbinary people. Study all types of bodies, don’t limit yourself to stereotypes  

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Lance has a condition that doesn't allow his mind to focus on one thing for too long, so whenever Keith yells at him during training and such— Lance always says some funny or flirty comeback so the team won't know. He had medication to help him back on Earth but after awhile, it starts to affect his piloting and Allura is tempted to take over as the blue paladin and just have Lance stay and learn how to manage the castle or something.

Hi yeah that condition is called ADHD which is kind of like noticing everything around you until you focus on one thing and that one thing you have to do until its done and if someone stops you then you can never do it again, and fun stuff like that. Plus getting overwhelmed so you cant do the thing because everything is too much, and getting underwhelmed so you can’t do the thing because everything is too little. WHy can’t anyone ever just be whelmed

okay but honest to god I think Allura would never do that. Mainly because she’d want to help Lance, because she cares about him, so instead of taking over, she’d find the chemical formula for his medicine and actually help him instead of making it worse.

Sorry if this response seemed snappy I just thought the way you talked about the “condition” was rude for some reason, so I would like to apologize.

Edit note, I was informed that the term ADD isn’t used anymore so I’ve taken that out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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"The one time I trust you to shop for me and what do you bring back. Pink! Everything is pink. You are never shopping for me again." Any ship

Everything’s Pink!

Why did I involved this with my You Are Loved angst?
(To summarize You are Loved,  Morality had an abusive girlfriend named Brianna. Logan got buttdialed and overheard an abusive outburst that happened and drove to pick Morality up. Morality is comforted by his family and goes back to break up with her and take his stuff home.)

tw: anger outburst

“The one time I trust you to shop for me and what do you bring back? Pink! Everything is pink. You are never shopping for me again.”  Roman was pissed off. Everything was supost to go perfectly according to plan, but then Morality had to ruin it by buying everything-in pink!

Morality was nervous, he never saw Roman this angry, the last time he saw this much anger from Roman was towards Brianna.

“I’m sorry, I thought you’d like a change in scenery, you were having a tough day so I thought” Moraliy was interrupted by Roman.

“I don’t care what you thought Morality! Seriously! Just for one second-“

Morality starting shaking and crying, he didn’t expect him to get this mad, he thought Roman would never- what if he wanted to send him back to Brianna. What if Morality was the reason Biranan got mad at him? What if every datemate he would ever have would end up hating him?

“Why cant you just take this seriously for one sec-“  Roman noticed Morality shrinking to the floor and stoped talking.

“Hey babe are you okay?” Roman asked, letting his protective instincts take over.

“I-I’m sorry, I promise I’ll do better, I-Im sorry- I’m so sorry” Morality was sobbing and rocking back and forth.

Roman realize what he had just done.

“Oh no! Morality, I’m sorry I just didn’t expect so much pink, and I’m having a really bad day! I shouldn’t have put it out on you at all, oh my gosh Morality I’m so sorry babe.” Roman hesitated, last time he saw Morality in this state was when Logan had brought him over from Briana’s house, and Logan was the one to comfort him. “Can-can I give you a hug?”

Morality sniffled and slowly nodded. Roman came closer and hugged him.

“I’m sorry babe I shouldn’t have gotten so mad about this.”

“But I deserved it, I d-didn’t get what you wanted and-“

“Hey you got me everything I said I needed. It just happened to be pink.” Roman looked at the pink supplies and smiled, “now that I think about it they look really cute. I’m sure Pranks will love it.”

“You think so?” Morality asked.

“I know so. You know how he likes to break gender norms;” Roman chuckled before kissing Morality on his forehead, cradling him in his arms. after a few minutes he asked;

“Do you want to stay like this for a bit or do you want to move somewhere else?” Roman wasn’t sure if this was too public for Morality, but Morality just shook his head.

“P-please don’t leave.” Morality was hiccupping from all his crying.

“It’s okay I’m right here, I’m not leaving any time soon.” Roman shushed as he petted Morality’s hair.

They stayed like that a little longer before moving around to decorate the house with the pink decorations.

Prince kept a small pink bracelet as a reminder to take care of Morality.

They did a lot of snuggling that night.


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31

Chapter 31

‘It was the dancing again…wasn’t it?’

The silence that answers you confirms that you’re right before he ever has to respond. The moment of tenderness blended with fiery passion that the two of you had shared previously, had slowly simmered down to a comfortable peace between you both as you’d settled into the sheets, and proceeded to lay quietly together for a while. However, the question had been plaguing you since you’d seen the way his smile held too much tension at the restaurant earlier that evening, his attempt at pretending everything was fine so that you could celebrate finishing your exam had been touching, but caused you to worry about him constantly until you were laid there with him in your arms, head cushioned on your chest as he listened to you breathe, and you were able to ask him outright.

You remember before when you’d gone to watch him perform and he’d been a little quiet afterwards, which at that point you’d just put down to him being tired, but each time since when he’d talked about past concerts and had casually mentioned times he’d ‘messed up’, you’d observed the subtly puzzled expression that was paired with the words, and so the moment you’d seen it flash across his face at the restaurant when you’d asked him how work was, you’d known he was drowning in his own thoughts.

And you cared too much about him to let him ever think he wasn’t the most beautiful human being- inside and out- in existence.

‘…And the singing…I think my voice cracked about 5 times.’ He whispers after a moment or two, his breath rolling against your skin causing you to shiver as you stroke his hair soothingly, the sadness in his tired voice making your chest tighten unbearably.

‘You know the fans probably didn’t notice-‘

‘They did.’ He mutters quietly, his voice only growing sadder and you gently tilt his head up so that you could look down into his eyes, only to find the beautiful brown orbs covered by his eyelids.

‘Jagi, you know that even if they noticed, it would have been because they thought it was cute that your voice cracked, or…. they were worried that you were tiring yourself out. You don’t need to worry-‘ You try to reassure him, stroking his cheek all the while, but you trail off when he slowly turns his face into your stomach with a quiet groan, before pushing himself up onto his knees on the bed, head hanging heavily.

‘But I didn’t do well enough, Y/N.’

It’s the crushing disappointment at himself that radiates from his words, and the broken tone of his voice, that has tears pricking at your eyes as you shift to sit up properly, reaching out to hold his hands tightly in your own- his tshirt that you had stolen to wear bunching up around your hips- and feeling only the slightest bit of respite from the sadness when he manages to glance up at you.

‘I’m a professional…people pay money to see us, and im meant to provide a show. But if I mess up, I ruin it for them, they might get angry at me, or at any of the others because of me, and I cant-‘

‘Jin-nie, why didn’t you tell me you felt this way about all of this?’ you ask sadly, leaning towards him to press your lips to his knuckles and staying there to hide just how upset you were to see him so crushed over something he cared about so much, proceeding to wait patiently for a response.

‘No-one ever asked before. I’m not used to openly confessing to being bad at something. Sometimes if something significantly bad has happened during a concert we’ve discussed it afterwards and I’d start talking to one of the guys, but I usually just try to cheer the others up when they feel like they’ve done something wrong…they need it more than I do-‘

‘Baby…you’re crying.’ You whisper, having looked up at him when he’d begun talking and continued to watch as his eyes had filled with tears as he’d stared into thin air, his hands gripping to your own in his need for comfort causing you to be unable to wipe away the glistening beads as they’d dampened his cheeks.

‘I’m fine.’ He murmurs quietly, his voice cracking as he quickly fixes a smile on his face and moves his gaze to yours, the look obviously being an instinctive response with the way his eyes begin to dim after he realizes what he’d said and the way your expression told him you didn’t believe the words.

You slip your hands from his as you move to shift onto your knees beside him, instantly pulling him into a hug and wrapping your arms tightly around him as he buries his face in your neck, a small sob escaping him before his exhaustion is smothered against your skin. The heavy breaths that sink into your flesh, along with the tears that wet your shoulder, cause you to slowly pull him back till the two of you were laid in the bed once more, his cries barely being audible the whole time, with only his shoulders gradually stopping shaking being the indicator that he was calming down.

‘I’m always here for you to talk to, Jin-nie…I’ll always listen, always. So, you can keep comforting and looking after the others…but just remember I’m here.’ You whisper tearfully to him, pressing a kiss first to his hair, and then brushing his fringe back to touch your lips to his forehead, feeling his arms tighten around you in silent thanks.

‘I don’t deserve you.’ He murmurs as he pulls his head timidly back from your shoulder, nuzzling your neck before he manages to catch your eye, and properly puts some distance between you both on the pillows so that his eyes could rake over your face, his mouth opening again to talk before you managed to correct him.

‘You’re like some kind of angel…some kind of beautiful, clever, adorable, compassionate…angel.’

The way he whispers the words, like he was short of breath from the site before him, and having him stare at you all the while, whilst he smoothes his hand over your hair, pausing to cup your jaw and wipe your own tears away with his thumb, has you watching him dizzily, with only one thought pounding against the walls of your skull, so insistent, that it slips from your lips.

‘I love you.’

‘I love you.’

It was like some cliché movie moment, a simultaneous, unplanned confession, but even though you spare a moment for that thought, the rest of your head and your heart was filling with the sight and feel of him and his words as they fall from his lips, your chest tightening in suffocating happiness as the two of you slowly grow smiles that stretch your lips till your heads are bending together and your foreheads are touching, the moment allowing you to close your eyes to take it in, but you’re not able to remain blind for too long without needing to see the beauty laid right in front of you.

‘Was that too cheesy?’ he whispers after a moment, his hand sliding down to your hip and pulling you closer so that you could wind your limbs around one another properly, your head finding its way to rest against his chest, the warmth of it against your cheek making your almost instantly sleepy. But you make sure to keep your eyes open long enough to peek up at him with a smile as you answer.

‘You’ll never be too cheesy for me, My Prince.’


Songs that describe how EXO feels after a rough break up with their girlfriend

A/N: In this reaction, they have been broken up for about…2 months we’ll say.

Shall we begin?

Minseok (Xiumin):

Come Wake Me Up-Rascal Flatts

Though, he’s tried every possible thing to forget about you, he feels like he’s in a dream. The memories would constantly play through his mind, causing his heart to ache. He loved you so much and lost you because of  stupid fight the two of you had. Minseok is always hoping you’ll come back to him, no matter how slim that chance is. 

Why can’t I get you out of my head? I just want you to come back to me…”

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Junmyeon (Suho): 

I Never Told You- Colbie Caillat

You were the best thing that had ever happened to Junmyeon, and he let you slip away from him. He misses everything about you. Junmyeon is constantly thinking of you, but is grateful when the boys make him temporarily forget about you, but you always come back into his head. Junmyeon regrets not trying to stop you from leaving, and he is constant guilt over not telling you just how much you mean to him. 

I should have stopped her. She was everything to me…and I let her walk away.”

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Yixing (Lay):

A Little Too Not Over You- David Archuleta

Yixing would be the most hurt and damaged. With you being a popular idol, he sees you everywhere. Award shows, variety shows, new movies and shows you’re going to be staring in.  Just when he’s thought he’s moved on, he sees you and all the feelings come crashing down on him. Yixing doesn’t understand why he just cant get over you. He spends more time in the studio in attempt to figure it out. 

I thought I could move on…so why haven’t I yet?”

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We Belong Together- Mariah Carey

Everyone thought you two were perfect together, and were hurt upon finding out you two split so far into the relationship. But nobody was as hurt as Baekhyun. He feels incomplete without you. Baekhyun loved you more than anyone could ever imagine and he regrets letting something so stupid and childish come between the two of you. He plasters a fake smile onto his face during the day but once he’s alone, he falls apart because nobody could take your place in his heart. (Jesus Christ, this gif really hurts my heart.)

I feel so empty without you, (Y/N).”

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Jongdae (Chen): 

The Heart Wants What It Wants- Selena Gomez

Jongdae remembers that day perfectly. That was the day his life was flipped around. Jongdae knows he should give you up, and he constantly tells himself that, but you still manage to take over his thoughts. He feels like he can’t escape the thought of you, and it hurts him more and more every passing day. Though no matter how hard the memories break him down, they were too perfect for him to forget. But, Jongdae knows his heart will never get over you.

“Look what you’ve done to me, (Y/N).  My heart just won’t let you go.”

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What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts

Chanyeol is always pretending he’s okay after the break up. He constantly regrets the day you walked away and not begging you to stay. Chanyeol wanted a future with you, and it hurts him that he can never have it with you. Though it would hurt seeing you again after such a rough split, it hurts him even more keeping everything he wanted to say in his heart from you. Even if you don’t get back together, Chanyeol just wants to tell you everything he’s felt. He even wishes sometimes at night to just go back to that day and stop you from leaving him. 

i’m so sorry, (Y/N). I should have stopped you and worked it out…”

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Better Than Me- Hinder

Kyungsoo loved you unconditionally. But because of his schedules and you constantly being alone while he was away, you called it off. Though it hurt, Kyungsoo let you go, knowing you could find someone who possibly treat you better in his eyes. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you. He misses you much more than he lets on. Kyungsoo wishes he could have been there for you much more than he was. He’s in constant guilt of that. He’s told himself it’s for the better, but he can’t let you fully go. (Ah, I hate seeing the boys cry. Oml)

I miss you so much…but I know it’s better this way.”

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Jongin (Kai): 

When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars

Jongin misses you, but he has managed to somewhat move on. But as soon as someone mentions you or he hears that one song play on the radio, his heart breaks all over again. His mind is filled with your memories and the day you left.  Like Kyungsoo, he has a busy schedule as well. He regrets not giving you his time as much as you deserved. Jongin hopes that whoever you love next, that man will do everything he can for you to make up for what Jongin made the mistake of not doing. 

I hope he makes you happy, (Y/N). I’m sorry for not being enough.”

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Sad Song- We The Kings

Sehun loved you more than words could describe. So when a fight resulted in you leaving him, he was completely broken. He misses you more than words can say and just wants you to come back to him. Sehun treasured your relationship and it hurts that he’s still wondering what went wrong. He understands that he may not be the most affectionate man, but he always showed his care in love in the little things. But now that you’re gone, he feels like he’s lost the most important person in his life. 

My heart just doesn’t feel the same….I feel like half of it isn’t here anymore.”

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Ahhh, so whatcha think? Good? Hope I didn’t hurt your heart too much heehee ^.^

~Admin Athena

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Which placements do you hate the most + why (be as savage as possible)

This ask is kinda difficult for me cause there’s no placements I inherently /hate/ but ill still list ones that i tend to dislike based on my experiences

▫Aquarius & Capricorn moons: I find them extremely cold and harsh. They tend to be apathetic (at least on the exterior)
▫Capricorn placements in general don’t vibe with me.
▫Aries Sun, moon, mars or venus: Seem selfish to me. Also, in general theyre just too much.
▫I cant stand virgo/gemini sun, moon, mercury and mars: incessant debating (that they insist isn’t arguing), cant be wrong EVER.
▫Libra moon, rising & mars: they tend to think they always keep the peace and shit when really theyre the ones who keep stirring the pot. Theyre incredibly indecisive and can never see what theyve done wrong in a situation.
▫I also just tend to not get along with water sign placements or water heavy charts: idk why but i think its probably cause we tend to be petty, self victimizing, jealous, possessive and over emotional. And i already have enough of those traits on my own.

I love all of you and recognize it also has to do with an entire natal chart but like this is just from my experience.

Ask Anything Astrology!

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imo the superbowl performance should have someone who's the most popular in AMERICA. the bbmas were fine cause its for music all over the world. armys getting ahead of themselves thinking bbmas=superbowl. theyre 2 very different things and just because you got one doesnt mean you can get the other

yes!! also i dont think any non american has ever performed on superbowl?? why do yall american want everything to urselves??? european armys cant even get tour dates??? (im sorry american armys i dont mean harm but just sayin)

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Seriously, Lauren is out of control. Shes been acting up ever since camila left the group and this whole year, shes been attacking anyone whos disagreeing with her. I mean just because we dont agree with her, we're fake fans? She gets upset over everything, why cant she just focus on the positive responses? The whole time I've been in this fandom, I have not seen lauren appreciate a fan's comment. (I'm stating my opinion abt the comment she got on her second to the last ig post and she replied)

well she isn’t calling you a fake for not agreeing with her, she is calling you a fake fan for HARASSING her and the people that are close to her, some of you don’t just disagree but you also have the need to spam comments with negative words and call her fake. she is standing up for herself.

lauren has also answered positive comments on twitter and it’s inevitable to not answer the negative ones, when i see a negative ask i have the need to answer, try having millions of people harassing you and the people you love, you’ll see what she goes through.

still don’t understand why you’re bringing camila into this when lauren has been like this since forever

midterm stress

A/N: this is short and sweet, thanks anon for the request i loved writing this because it gave me such brad feels, so here ya go. also I’m catching up on requests so bare with me, ill try to get some done since todays a snow day for me (:

it was the last day of midterms and you needed to make sure you passed this test so that you could get by in this class. you had been studying all day ever since you’ve gotten home and you had all of your papers laid out on the bed spread out trying to organize everything. you heard the door creak open when you saw brad standing there with a cheeky smile on his face while holding a taco bell bag. “what are you doing brad” you laughed. “i thought my smart girlfriend would want some taco bell to eat for your study sesh” he giggled dropping off. “your the best” you said grabbing a taco from the bag and taking a bite. you continued going over your notes as brad went to walk out. “brad, babe you can sit in here if youd like im not kicking you out. itll only be another half hour tops i promise”  he then headed over to the couch to open up his laptop for a bit. you were going through vocab for biology and you kept getting the same thing wrong every time  you tried maybe five times through with your flash cards until you tossed them in frustration. “well i guess im gonna fail, because i cant do anything right” you said with your hands over your face. brad rushed directly over to you “baby, dont say that. youll get it. you’re the smartest girl i know” he said holding to the side of your face. “but i cant brad, ive been doing this all day and i know im gonna fail this” you said almost crying. “shhh baby girl no tears, why dont you take a break i miss my baby’s cuddles” he said hugging you with his breath hitting the side of your neck. “oh alright, only because youre the cutest boyfriend like ever” you said kissing him swiftly. “thats my girl, now move these papers so i can actually cuddle with you and watch some tv” he said giggling piling the papers together and put them on the couch.

he wrapped his hands around you and peppered kisses all over your neck. “i love you so much baby i hate seeing you cry” he whispered lovingly in your ear. “im sorry im just extreamly stressed and i need this class to graduate” you said turning to face him. “dont apologize, i just want you to relax. and i think i have a few ideas” he said bringing his face closer to yours. you smiled at your boyfriend in content “yeah? whatd you have in mind then?” leaning even closer. he chuckled starting to kiss you holding your waist  leaning on top of you starting to lick the bottom of your lip, you opening your mouth allowng his tongue to trace the inside of your mouth. “well, a little bit of that, and hm of this” he said before grabbing your butt causing you to squeal. “and maybe a little bit of this” he chuckled before tracing his lips down to your chest. you were a mess under his touch and he knew it. “i love how i could make you get all flustered” he chuckled. you then took the chance to flip him over and straddle his waist whilst he had a shocked expression on his face. “now whos all flustered?” you asked sarcastically. “kiss me” he mumbled bringing his face close to yours. you decided to tease him a little bit so you started of kissing him very slowly biting his bottom lip, causing him to groan. you began rocking your hips a little bit before kissing him. “babe if you dont cut that out im gonna cum in my pants” he said with a laugh. “stop what?” you asked sucking on his neck. “oh fuck babe, you’re killing me” he said with a groan. you pulled away finally and sat down give him one more peck on the cheek. “how was that for a break babe?” he smirked. “i think i need to have those type of breaks every day of the week” you laughed. “im down for it anytime, any day of the week babygirl” he said sweetly. “brad, i love you so much. thanks for calming me down” you said cuddling into him. “i love you too, so much. i dont think youll ever fully understand how much i care for you baby” he said kissing you on your forehead cutely.

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You want a roast?! A well-cooked tender? Huh? Well, here you go: you are so awful, like wth, why are you so nice? Who likes nice people? You are seriously so ANNOYINGly cute and loveable, are you flippin' kidding? Like, get your shit together and give us a chance to show you how much we adore you, or else... or else I'm gonna hug you to death and then treat you to ice cream in heaven, got it?!! Don't mess with me, 'kay?! I mean it!! (♡)

im crying this is the cutest ask i have ever received oh my god… you guys are so nice??? i cant get over how amazing my followers are…

Best Friends throw the best punches

Summary: In which you and Xiumin are very good friends, and after being lead on by a guy you really like he comforts you.
Genre: friendship, fluff, angsty
Length: 1200

NOTE: So I tried to make this really angsty and friendship like without too much of a romance between the reader and xiumin, hope its good- Admin Bubbles

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You really liked this guy.

Almost as much as you liked eating and watching Netflix all night, and that was saying a lot. And you were pretty much sure he liked you as much as you liked him. You had similar interests in music and books, and he made time to hang out with you at least two times a week in which you either went to the movies you hung at coffee shops.

Its like a dream come true.

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hey, edd. why are you so angry at tom? what did he ever do to you?

EDD: I’m not angry per say. I guess i’m more peeved. I get why hes so antsy about anything having to do with or happen to even relate to tord, but its been a year.. he cant freak out over things forever..tords dead and it’s over now.

Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Dan wants to cuddle with Phil in bed so he uses the excuse of his fear of darkness to make Phil let him in. Soon emotions are released and true feelings are set free.

Dan and Phil said their goodnights and both headed towards their own beds. Phil walking behind Dan he turned the lights off in the kitchen and the living room before making his way down the hallway and then to his room. He knew Dan hated the dark so he always took it upon himself to turn off all the lights so Dan didn’t’ have to.

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tsukishima x reader

You set yourself down into the bath filled with bath bubbles and hot water. After such a long day, this was absolute heaven. You had woken up late because you stayed up late, studying for the big test today. After realizing what time it was, you hurried to the bus stop only to see it leaving right when it got into your sight. Once you finally got to school, you had missed half of first period. Which meant you had only half the original time to finish the big test you had studied for.

Events only grew more stressful after that. You forgot your book for your next class at home. You didnt realize your library book was due yesterday so the librarian charged you for a late fee when you were returning it. At lunch, the line had gotten unbelievably long that you werent able to get anything good besides sweetened bread and an okay meat bun. But thinking back to how your day was just starting, it didnt measure up to what you saw during lunch. You sunk lower into the bath troubled by how emotional you had been about the situation.

Once you got your “lunch”, you walked to the usual hang out spot to see your two best friends since forever. But once you got there, you were confused as to why it was only Yamaguchi. He saw you walkin up to him and gave you a nervous smile.

“Where’s Kei-chan, Tada-chan?” You looked around confused.

“Ah.. well, a girl came up to us while we were waiting for you, and uhm…” Yamaguchi pointed to behind the building. As you were looking up, you saw Tsukishima come around the corner, lookin as annoyed as ever. He was carrying a clear bag filled with chocolate covered fruits and decorated with little dinosaur drawings.

As Tsukishima gotten closer to you and Yamaguchi, you snickered. “Wooow, middle blocker over here getting noticed by all the girls. You know, your gonna have to return one of their feelings eventually.”

“Shut up, ____” He replied annoyed. “If I dont like them, I cant just return their feelings.”

“Aw why you so mad? Were there not enough dinosaurs on the little baggy for you” you teased Tsukishima playfully. Yamaguchi kept giggling at your humor and Tsukishima only grew more annoyed. He obviously didnt enjoy all the attention on him.

“Because you showed up here again.” He snickered. “Dont you have any other friends? You know, people that actually like you?”

You pouted at his rude comment. You were always confused as to why girls had confessed to him alot recently. Then again, you had wondered alot about Tsukishima lately also. “Tada-chan is my friend, ass wipe.”

“That makes one of us.”

“Tsukki, youre bein mean.” Yamaguchi said timidly. “If you don’t be nice to ____-chan, she really will get new friends.”

“No, I’ll just find new friends to replace Kei-chan. You’ll always be my friend Tada-chan!” you stuck your tongue out at Tsukishima then gave a sweet smile to Yamaguchi. Even though you werent looking at him, you could feel Tsukishima’s annoyed face give off a heavy aura.

Just as Tsukishima was about to walk away from the two of you, the school bell had rang. You all looked towards the direction of the bell then back to each other. “Perfect timing, I didnt want to hang out with you anymore.”

“Tsukki!!” Yamaguchi called out as he walked after his friend. He looked back at you and waved good bye. You smiled back half heatedly. You knew Tsukishima didn’t mean his rude comments. But lately they had caused a little ache in your heart.

You smacked your hands to your cheeks and felt the water sprinkle your face. Then a sudden chill fell down your spine. When did the water get cold? How long have you been in the bath? You sighed to yourself and decided to wash off the bubbles and get out the bath.

Tsukishima had been your friend since as long as you could remember. His older brother and your older brother had been on Karasuno’s volleyball team together. So Aki-kun would come over alot. He would play with you every now and then. Talk about dinosaurs. Exaggerate his stories of being on the volleyball team. The next time he came over, he brought someone with him.

“_____-chan! This is Kei, my little brother! I felt bad about not being able to play with you today since your brother and I have to go back to practice, so I brought my brother!” Akiteru said with the biggest smile. You could see Tsukishima look off to the side all shy and look at you with his cheeks a little red. You looked up at him in wonder.

“Do-domo..” Tsukishima whispered quietly. You looked up at Akiteru then back to Kei. You smiled back and bowed your head. It took a second to realize you werent going to bite him. He bowed back to you and both of you had gone outside to play in your backyard. Since then, he was just always there.

Yamaguchi was introduced to you a few years later by Tsukishima and all of you were just together. Everyone would see you guys walk home together. Do errands for your parents altogether. Hang around Tsukishima’s house to play and learn about dinosaurs from Kei and Akiteru when he was around. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi were your happiness that would always be there when you would fall broken.

But why was Tsukishima much more bigger in your world than before? He was always there. When Yamaguchi and Tsukishima slept over when you were younger and you were having trouble sleeping, he would offer his hand to you to hold until you fell asleep. When studying got hard, he would tease you about how easy it was or you were just dumb, then offer to help you when he was done. When your parents would fight, his house was the place you ran to. When the older girls in middle school would bully you, Tsukishima would scare them off with his stern mean looks while Yamaguchi held your arm to remind you he’s there for you too. And that was the thing, Yamaguchi was there for you just as much as Tsukishima was. So why was Tsukishima in your head.

You grabbed your towel and cursed yourself. You hadnt realized it was a bit smaller than expected. You wrapped the towel around your body, only to feel as though it made no difference. You were still pretty chilly from a lack of the towel being able to cover your wet body. Your breast’s cleavage could easily be seen even if someone was several feet away. The bottom of the towel barely covered your butt cheeks. Good thing your parents and sibling were downstairs. “Today just sucks..”

As you got out the bathroom, you peeked through the hallway to make sure no one was in their rooms. You could hear your little siblings playing downstairs with their toys and your parents talking about what they wanted for dinner. You could hear them choosing between take out or cooking. As you left the bathroom, you could see that your door was a little cracked. “God, my siblings just cant stay o-…”

Your voice trailed off as you opened the door to find someone else in the room. Sitting at your desk with their back towards your, you noticed a tall blonde figure looking through your text books as they wrote their notes down. 

Before being able to get a word out, Tsukishima started turning around to face you and started to ask about your notes. “You know, _____-chan your notes could actually help you in class if you stopped for-…”

He noticed your face was super red. He noticed your hair was still wet, dripping onto the carpet. He noticed how undeniably small your towel was and how it made your legs look long. He noticed the water trailing down from your neck down to your breast and into your cleavage. The more he noticed, the more he got red.”


Before he could get a word out you ran to him and started kicking him out. He kept stuttering a few words while you were pushing him out your room. For some reason, Tsukishima couldnt get his legs to listen when he clearly wanted to walk out the room. His body weigh wasnt helping either, because the more you pushed the harder it was for him to leave. With his back to you, you let go of your towel to be able to push him more. As it fell to the ground you pushed Tsukishima all the way out your room and his face into the hallway wall. You slammed the door behind him, flustered about what just happened. You picked up your towel and shoved it into your face. Why is my luck just so bad today?

Behind the door, you heard Tsukishima talking. “Despite you slamming my face into the wall, I actually came here to apologize.”

You turned around to look at the door. You saw a shadow underneath the doorway. Tsukishima was standing there.

“Apologize? For being mean to me all these years?” you teased him. He heard you giggle, and even though you couldn’t see it, Tsukishima smiled a bit. “Kinda,” he laughed to himself. “It wasn’t the right way to tell you how I feel” You waited for him to finish. Why were you hopin for something you didn’t know was coming? Why were you so excited for him to tell you something? Why were your cheeks so warm?

Suddenly you heard him shift behind the door. “Hurry up, your parents are waiting for us. We’re goin to eat out.”

Just as you heard his footsteps walk away and your little siblings laugh with Tsukishima, you sat at your door. You cupped your face, feeling your cheeks- no, your whole face, hot. In that minute of waiting for Tsukishima to confess nothing, you questioned yourself.

Has he been in my head, in my thoughts more often now… Because I have fallen in love with him?

*later at dinner your family and Tsukishima questioned you why you screamed alone in your room. all you could do was turn red and deny them of their questions.*

imagine the batboys playing pokemon go

Tim trying to calculate the walking amount to Pokemon ratio for maximum Pokemon catchage (his ‘nerd skillz’ are actually very useful he’s catching them at 1.3 times the average rate of everyone else okay guys)

Dick flipping around all of Gotham on patrol looking for ‘mons (“well the thug is tied up pretty secure maybe should wait for police just in casOH SHIT A CHARMANDER GOTTA GO”)

Jason collecting as many bird and bat Pokemon as he can and naming them (mockingly) after his brothers (his favorite is a zubat named Bruceman Batwayne) (Bruce isn’t amused)

Damian turning his nose up to it at first (“come on dami, it’s fun!!” “Grayson, why would I ever be compelled to play that ridiculous game”) but being overcome with his love of collecting stray animals and starts going to ridiculous lengths to catch them (“ROBIN YOU CANT JUST JUMP OUT OF THE BATMOBILE DURING A CHASE, IT’S DANGEROUS AND IRRESP-” “THERE WAS A SKITTY, FATHER. A SKITTY.”)

Alfred quietly comparing his to the boys’ and calling them over whenever he finds one on the grounds. (He finds the game quite charming, really)

Everyone just immediately expecting Bruce to be too serious and uptight to play it, until Jason and him start arguing and it gets brought up. Bruce quietly unlocks his phone, and BAM he’s already level 50 and caught 'em all. (“HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET MEWTWO??” “because i’m batman”)

Exo Requests:

Them reacting to rumors of you cheating and believing them

Them reacting to finding out their ex(you) is in an abusive relationship

Xiumin: “You’re cheating on me!”

You: “what? No!”

Him: “Don’t lie to me! we’re over”

*1 year later*

Xiumin: “I wonder what she’s doing?”

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “Huh? How could I let this happen?”

Luhan: “This is what you call love? i’m so done”

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “What’s going on here?”

Your bf: “get lost lady its has nothing to do with you”

Him: Hey! i’m a man and she my ex girlfriend so shut up and go away!“

Kris: "I’m so disappointed in you”

*1 Year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

“This is so not my style”

Suho: “You were only with me for my money weren’t you?”

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “oh no! Hey (Y/N)!

You: "S-Suho?”

Him: “hey man here’s a couple thousand if you leave the girl for good”


“Don’t touch me. it’s over”

*1 Year Later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “What have I done”

Baekhyun: “Leave and don’t come back”

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend* *walks up to him*

Him: “Do you really think this makes you cool?”

Chen: “I really don’t want to look at you any more, for like ever”

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “(Y/N) Your little Chenchen is here to save you!”

Chanyeol: “How could I find this out from someone else other than you?”

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: *to your bf* “I’m surprised you haven’t been hunted by her family yet, i mean thirty over-protective and violent uncles, sure would be scary if I was in your position” *your bf runs away with his tail between his legs cursing*

*Chanyeol turns to you*

Him: “it’s nice to see you again”

D.O: “How could you do this i thought you loved me?”

*1 Year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “If you don’t want to get hurt move aside”

Tao: “Why would you ever cheat on me!”

You: “Wha-”

Him: “We’re over!”

*1 Year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: (Grand entrance) “GET AWAY FROM HER!”

Kai: *so disgusted about the rumor he cant even look at you*

*1 year later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

Him: “I suggest you back off, and stay away from her”

Sehun: “Are you seriously doing this to me?”

You: “What?”

Him: “You know what!, we’re finished”

*1 Year Later*

*sees you being abused by your boyfriend*

“What the hell does he think he’s doing?”


I am so so so so so sorry it took so long and i am so sorry it may seem bad but i hope you like it, this request was quite a challenge