why cant i be ciara

Hunk headcanons because he needs more love

or an adventure in how i dont know anything about science, but try to write about it anyway

  • loves to take things apart and put them back together, this used to be a problem when he was younger and didnt know not to take apart the toaster before breakfast
    • as a result though, he’s great at assessing and fixing mechanical problems. he and pidge have lots of fun building weird robots together
    • he made shit like this when he was younger. he rebuilds the slap-awake machine for lance. he uses the applause machine whenever he feels it is necessary.
  • pidge may be shiro’s Favourite Child™, but hunk is space mom’s. Whenever there’s a mission requiring diplomacy theyre on it together because goddammit are they the only ones on this castleship with any tact??
  • makes sure to write shay lots of letters, despairs at the lack of an interplanetary postal service and has vowed to set one up after the whole fighting the empire thing is over
  • he’s the sort of person you cant help but trust, he probably had a lot of friends back on earth who he misses, but he’s making new ones in space!
  • please consider prankmaster hunk, he has the skills to set up ridiculously complex pranks that use sensors & shit to make sure that the bucket of water/goo always lands on your head. he helps clean up afterward.
    • in retaliation pidge builds an automated goo trebuchet
    • they team up to make the training robot smush a pie in keith’s face. certain people are more amused by this than others.
  • loves to collect stuff like rocks and trading cards. his yugioh card collection garnered him respect and awe on the playground as a grade schooler
  • deputy parent friend, he’s space mom and dad’s protégé 
  • the master of conversation, will always notice if someone is feeling left out and makes sure to include them in the conversation
    • hunk is that one person in the conversation that nods and smiles when other people are talking over you so you dont feel like a fool
  • he’s a good bean ok