why cant i be 18 yet

June 23, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

you are with your friends in a hideout counting your many items in your precious collection. “18, 19, 20, 21, 22, [ ], 24, 25-”

your friends ask “whyd you skip over [ ]?”

youre confused. you didnt skip over anything. and they didnt even say what it is you skipped over.

“why did i skip over what?” you ask.

“the number. the number [ ]” they say.

“huh?” you say. in fact you all say it. you are with a group of friends in a hideout. in a certain town in a certain video game.

“you cant say the number [ ]!” your friends say.

you all try to say the number. but you are not allowed.

“they stole the word [ ] too!!” your friends say.

i am the one behind it. no one may say this dreaded number anymore. i do not continue the game, win the tournament and win the word back. we do not need it. i put the controller down. i turn the console off. i have done gods work. in one universe….the number does not exist anymore..

(it was that time of the month again. the 23rd. yo today sucked start to finish.)

It has been (-175) days since “January 2017”.



hello, my name is allen and i live with my friend jasper. we live together and even though my parents have helped from time and time again, they cant always do too much. so thats why im asking for commissions!

- for our money situation, jasper has been making some alright money. but, it ALL goes into bills, rent, utilities, and food. though paying for the bills and rent give us little to no money for food we can grab. even at the dollar store (which is now our best friend)
- i havent been able to get a job because i have no ID yet, i dont know how to drive, and im surrounded by places that only accept 18+. i feel i may never be able to drive due to my very very bad eyesight that not even brand new glasses could fix
- we would like some money for food as we only have 20 bucks to feed both of us (which isnt much) and all the money jasper recently got is going right into rent and bills

1) Sketches: Torso up - 1$ | Full - 2$

2) Lineart: Torso up - 5$ | Full - 6$

3) Flat color: Torso up - 6$ | Full - 7$

4) Shaded: Torso up - 7$ | Full - 8$ | With a background - 9$

5) Character ref: OC you own - 9$ | Create an OC*** - 10$

6) More than one character: Just add a dollar to the original price

*** : I will create an OC for you to keep as your own. You just have to tell me what you would want (a humanoid bug OC, an ice cream bunny, a fandom-related OC, I’ll even do lovechildren). Everything will be kept ambiguous for you, unless you tell me exactly what you would like them to be presented as.

It’s okay if you pay over the original amount. I had some people ask if it’s fine so I wanna get it out of the way saying we really appreciate it! You don’t have to or need to however.

I will not draw the following

  • Smut, NSFW, or explicit nudity
  • Realistic animals or just anything realistic. I can’t draw non-humanoid animals well
  • Incest, pedophilia, abuse, or sexual assault

I will draw the following

  • Any fandoms (unless it’s something I have bad memories with, sorry)
  • Shipping
  • Light guro, or blood
  • Humanoids, or humans
  • OCs and AUs
  • Pretty much anything

!Please look at my art tag for things I’ve drawn!

Contact me on IM if you want to commission. If you want to just donate, go to paypal and add txchnologic@yahoo.com for payment. If you can’t donate or commission us, then please at least reblog.

(the paypal has jaspers birth name, please dont bring it up. thank you)

anonymous asked:

is that person aware that in order for it to be pedophilic, keith has to be PREpubescent? meaning he cant have gone through puberty yet? which, if thats the case, any keith ship, like kl@nce, is also pedo. its canon that ALL paladins, including shiro, are teenagers, which, if they can do maths, means shiro is 19 or under, and they are all confirmed "late teens" [17/18/19] so this age gap is not just legal, but healthy. why are anti's so unintelligent?


Name: haven’t decided on a permanent name yet but for now call me astraeus (hes the titan of the stars and planets makes me feel masculine)
URL: @thegeekydinosuar
Age: 14
Location: MI
Transition: out to only my best friend, pre-everything
Gender: agender, transmasculine
Why I want to be a brother: I want to be a brother because my family is unsupportive. I get really dyspheric about things and I need help from other trans men to help me make my way through this journey, because I cant do it alone and im scared.
A little bit about myself: I’m pagan, really into astrology and stars, I have an anxiety disorder, I love books, drawing, legend of Zelda game series, star wars, Harry potter, im just a geek in general (hence the url haha)

Best Friends Break Up

So about two days ago my best friend of 11 years broke my heart.

Here’s how it happened…

On Instagram Kevin (her boyfriend) posted a photo of a $130 dollar vape he was going to buy. I commented, “I thought you guys were broke lol better save money for the baby.” That’s it. I didn’t hear anything back so, whatever you know.

The next day I get a long message from my best friend saying, “What is it anyones concern on how much we spend our financials anyones problem cause when we hang out we still manage to pay for u and micah when you guys “have money” and yet we dont bring it up and we dont ask for gas money. O’well looks like someones really concern or jealous  we dont come around cause u guys can never pay for yourself and yet Micah has a job and u cant  or dont want to work. Seriously out of all people u would be the last to be talking about money ms.gofundme im to lazy to work.”

I’m looking into my phone reading all that like, What the fuck? Why is she personally attacking me like this? Also, she has NEVER spoken to me like this before. Ever. So of course I’m shocked. I really didn’t know what to type back.

Finally, I think up something to say to defend myself. What I type back is, “Whoa, okay. I’m so sorry my comment made you upset. That wasn’t my intention, but how dare you blame us for decisions you or Kevin made on your own. Micah and I never personally ask you guys to spend  money on us. We always pay for ourselves or at least pitch in half on things. Trying to blame us for your own decisions is a new low, even for you. If it was bothering you so much why did you choose to keep quiet? Why didn’t you talk to me about it and speak up. Yet again, your own fault. Now I’m jealous??! You have nothing I would want. Nothing. (She has a horrible boyfriend and she got knocked up at 18 and now a mother.No education. No job. So yeah, No way!). How dare you call me lazy!

I send it. 

She responds back with,” You’re funny, u have a little job sitting on your fucking ass and maybe that’s why your mom treated you like shit cause you wanna be a party girl. I bet you anything you’re the one who needs help and do u miss I cant work a real job cuz a cold case.”

I’m crying at this point. My mom abused me my whole life and Less then a year ago I was raped by my Father. She’s basically throwing it all in my face saying I deserved it all. What kind of friend says that? Then the whole “party girl” thing. Wtf. I do school for 8-9 hours a day everyday. There’s 12 hours in a day. When the fuck do I have time to party? 

Our friendship is obviously over. She showed her true colors. 

I wasted 11 years on someone who never really cared about me. I’m devastated…


anonymous asked:

God you totally reek of desperation. You're a 17 year old girl who follow what ever zoe does especially the description on which it is an information about zoe on her blog and your hair too. Seriously dude how desperate are you. You're almost 18 and you act like a silly child. Well let me make this clear. You-Are-Not-Zoe isn't your favorite quote be the best version of you then why cant you be the best version of you. No wonder you have not found a boyfriend yet. He doesn't see much of you.

the only reason i’m answering this is because you need to learn when to stop AND not to talk about what you don’t know.

No i don’t follow “whatever” zoe does. My description is a quote from her blog yes. Most people have song quotes why can’t i have a blog quote if i relate to it? In case you didn’t notice, i have a blog that is mostly dedicated to zoe.

I’m pretty sure over 1 million people in the world have their hair ombre, but if it’s ME doing it, it’s wrong? yeah good point honey.

I may be 18 but i will surely be a child for the rest of my life because that’s who i am! Don’t like it? Great ‘cause i’m not here to please everyone, specially people like you who judge everyone for whatever they do.

I-Know-I’m-Not-Zoe. Yes that is my favourite quote and I am the best of me. Let me tell you something: You didn’t know me like 6 years ago. Or you wouldn’t say that.

Now don’t you dare talking about “why” i don’t have a boyfriend because you CLEARLY don’t know. and it’s really disrespectful to talk about people’s lives without a clue. I KNOW why i don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t need to trying to guess why.

Now go get some fresh air and come back to the internet when you are able to help people and not bring them down.