why cant i be 16 years older and lovely so he will love me

Don’t Tell Me

 Hey guys this is the first part to the playlist series for Liam! Let me know if you want to be tagged in the future ones!

Characters: Liam x Reader, Platonic Scott x Reader

Warnings: None 


Save your breath, my brother
It’s not going in
I’m not your disciple, I choose how I sin
I’ve got a distant memory of previous lives
So don’t say I’m not ready
Back off with those knives

“Scott, you’re not listening to me! I love Liam!” My breathing becoming shallower with each word.
“You’re only 16 years old and with everything else happening right now, I’m sure there is more important things to worry about than whether you’re in love or not!” He retaliated.
How could he say these things to his own sister? I thought brothers were supposed to stand beside you, not in front.
“Don’t you lecture me about whether I’m in love or not. Don’t forget that you were my age and in love once as well. You know exactly what I mean.” My pointer finger jabbing the air towards my older brother.
His body stiffened at the implied message that I threw his way. The usually quiet McCall house was filled with breaths full of frustration and scoffs of anger. “I’m not Allison. Liam is not you. And we wont end up the same as what you two did.” I backed away towards the front door, hand clenched hand slowly releasing and grabbing the handle.
The wind nipped at my face. Tears threatened to fall down my rosy cheeks. I knew Scott was only trying to protect me so I wouldn’t endure the same tragedy and heartbreak he did, but in all honesty, the further i was apart front Liam, the more my heart seemed to split. Ever since the dread doctors had arrived at Beacon Hills, Liam was always by my side whether it was intended or not. Scott was too busy trying to stop Theo that he seemed to put his little sister to the side temporarily. Liam stepped in and took care of me, checking in on me in the middle of the night, making sure I always had someone to talk to since Lydia was with Scott majority of the time. Its almost as if Scott tries to protect me from all of the bad in the world so i wouldn’t be as broken as he is. He doesn’t realise, but I’m just as broken as he is.

You don’t know me like you used to
You can leave, but I refuse to
You can tell me that I’m crazy
But I won’t stop and this won’t make me

“(Y/N), get out of here.” Scott called from the end of the hallway. The clattering of shoes echoes through the hospital. The buckles from the wild hunt rung in my ears. Liam stood beside Scott, claws out his hands flexed in and out. I stood in the same place as before, not moving an inch.
“No,” I firmly said, my voice barely reaching above a whisper, “not without Liam.”
“Don’t start this again (Y/N)…”Scott’s eyes were pleading for me to leave, but i still didn’t move. Liam ran down to where i was standing, his hands lacing across my jaw and to the back of my head.
“(Y/N) please go, you’re only human. You can’t protect yourself. I’ll be fine.” His lips met my forehead and I wrapped my arms around his waist. His broad shoulders engulfed my tiny frame.
“Liam, go with her. I’ll stay with Scott.” Theo yelled from where Scott still stood.
Liam quickly turned around to face the two older supernaturals and i looked at Scott. Scott nodded his head and smiled slightly.
“Thank you, be safe.” I whispered, knowing he would still hear me despite being so far away.

Oh, don’t tell me I’m not ready
Oh, don’t tell me I’m not ready for love
For love

The swinging doors of the morgue were blocked by all of the examination benches. Growls  rung throughout the abandoned hospital. The cracks of whips and gunshots sent shivers up my spine. Sitting behind a rolling cart in the corner, Liam held me protectively against himself. I looked up and rested my head on his shoulder. The flickering lights from outside shone on his face, making each little feature stand out.
“Why did you stay? You could have got hurt.” Liam whispered, hurt evident in his voice.
“I just… I couldn’t leave. I don’t know why, I just….” I stuttered, not knowing how to piece my feelings together.
“Why though?”
“Something just came over me…”
“(Y/N) I can tell when you’re lying, tell me the truth.”
I sighed and he turned his head down to look at me.
“That’s the thing! You know me better than anyone, even Scott for Christ’s sake! When Scott was fighting the Dread Doctors, you watched over me. No one has ever done that for me and every time you fight, i fear that you might not crawl through my window in the middle of the night because you missed me ever again or hold my hand when I get scared.”
“(Y/N)…” Liam interrupted.
“Let me finish. I cant seem to go a minute without thinking about you. I think its because I love you.” My eyes locked with his baby blue ones.
His hand grabbed the side of my face and his soft pink lips pressed against mine. the kiss was full of passion, as if we would never see each other. My hands travelled up his body to the back of his neck while our lips moved in sync. He pulled away and smiled at me.
“I think I love you too.”

New Moves and Annoying Baby Brothers

Title: New Moves and Annoying Baby Brothers
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: Ticklish!Sam; Dedicated to @mattsmithwhovian; Dean and Sam move to a new home and this is how they settle in.

A/N: Me and @mattsmithwhovian decided to collaborate on (actually a lot of) fics and then this beautiful piece of art came up. Hope you like it!!!

Dean dropped his bags on the floor of the small apartment they’d just arrived at. He held the door open for Sam with his foot as he looked around. There was a small living room, kitchen and two bedrooms; one with a double bed and one with two singles.

“S’better than most places we’ve stayed in,” He mumbled, partially to himself and partly to Sam who was nosing around with a frown. “At least it actually has rooms.”

“And our own beds,” Sam chimed in, grumpily dropping his bag next to the small living room table and turned to his brother. “What’re we gonna do now?”

“Entertain yourself,” Dean shrugged, shoving Sam onto the old couch before walking to one of the single beds and pulling out his phone.

Sam yelped as he landed face first into the smelly cushions. He huffed, sitting up and eyeing his older brother.

“Jerk,” He muttered, trying to fix his already messy hair. He could hear Dean’s grin as the predicted Bitch was tossed back to him. Sam glanced around the room in thought. He was bored! How could he not be? Five hours on the road sucked, though it was better than their usual. Dad didn’t even tell them what they were hunting. Sam stole a look at his older brother and amended his statement: Dad didn’t tell him about what they were hunting. Apparently, it was on need to know bases and Sam didn’t need to know.

Sam pouted lightly, trying to do as Dean said and find something to entertain him. Another look at Dean had a mischievous smile form on his face. He ducked back onto the couch, making sure if Dean looked over, he wouldn’ be able to see Sam. Dean, when he realized his baby brother didn’t answer with an equal bitchy comment, did just what Sam predicted he would do.

“Whatcha doing, Samantha?”

Sam stayed silent, glowering at the hated nickname and eased himself a bit toward the bed. Taking a deep breath, Sam jumped up and let out a battle cry, throwing himself at Dean. The older brother let out an unmanly shriek, grunting as Sam slammed on his chest. He dropped his phone in the effort to keep his chest from bruising and it ended up in Sam’s smug hands. Bastard.

“Do I win?” Sam asked, smirking proudly.

Dean rolled his eyes, glaring up at his little brother, “Give me the phone back and nobody gets hurt,” He threatened before an incredious look came upon his face. “And no, you don’t win! Little brothers never win.”

Sam contemplated on what his next move would be before shrugging. What did he have to lose? He scrambled off Dean in a mad attempt to make it to the bathroom, phone still clutched in his hands.

“Can you catch me, big brother?” Sam baited, happy to receive Dean’s attention. 

Dean couldn’t help the fond smile that formed on his face at his little brother’s childishness. It wasn’t often that either of them got to act like kids and it seemed less and less likely for Sam, especially since learning about the supernatural six years ago. It seemed liked Sam generaly wanted to have fun and Dean relished in it, easily chasing after his little brother. He grabbed Sam by the waist, whispering in his ear, “Wrong move, Sammy.”

Sam squealed in surprise―not really surprised―when Dean brought them both down, making sure the older one got the burnt of the fall. Sam still had the phone in his hands, gulping as she looked up at Dean. Already, the bubbly anticipation filled his chest.

“I’m gonna give you one last chance to give me my phone, Sammy, and apologize.”

Sam did the mature thing and stuck his tongue out before turning his head away. Dean tried to put on a tough façade but Sam was being too goddamn cute. He chuckled at him, “Not the choice I would of picked but hey, I don’t mind.”

Dean weaseled the phone from Sam’s hands, taking them under his knees. He slowly walked his fingers up Sam’s right side, building the anticipation. Sam whined and felt small giggles bubble from his mouth as Dean teased him with a, Why so giggly?

“Y-Your fahace!” Sam sassed, belly fluttering as Dean brushed lightly against it.

“I wouldn’t sass me if I were you, bitch. You’re the one pinned down and oh so vulnerable,” Dean smirked, knowing form years of torturing Sam that the teasing made it ten times worse.

Sam’s cheeks heated up to a light pink and squirmed in his big brother’s grip. Dean’s words made Sam’s body feel hypersensitive, his toes already curling and hips moving in small motions form side to side. Dean continued his gentle tickling, knowing it would put Sam on edge.

“Bet the anticipation is killing you, isn’t it?” He grinned, feeling particularly cruel. “I’m sure you’d just rather I tickle you and get it over with, but nope! I’m just gonna keep teasing you until you go crazy, and only than will I begin the real torture!”

Sam’s dimples poked out of his cheeks, as he gave a small snort at Dean’s words. Dean would never hurt him, Sam knew but torture would just about be the correct word for whatever his big brother was planning. 

“Poor little Sammy, got yourself into a bit of a predicament, have you?” Dean smirked evilly, pushing up Sam’s thin shirt to reveal the smooth expanse of Sam’s tummy.

“Dehehe!” Sam whined, eyes squeezing shut as his stomach was exposed to the cool air. He pulled at his hands, trying to escape, nearly yelping when Dean circled a finger around his belly button.

“How does it feel knowing you can’t do anything to stop what I’m gonna do to you? Knowing you’re so vulnerable and completely at my mercy. Bet you regret taking my phone now, don’t you? Bet you’re gonna regret it even more in a minute….”

“Nohohot thehere…” Sam pleaded through his giggles. Goddamn, his brother teased him so well, he was bursting at the seems with anticipation.

Dean chuckled at Sam and finally dug his fingers into the soft stomach with all ten fingers vibrating his hands, “Not where?” He asked, feigning innocence. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Sammy.”

Sam arched and loud laughter immediately echoed through the apartment, “YEHehehes you dohOHOHO! Dehehe!”

The older brother laughed with Sam, “No, really Sammy, I have no idea. I’m not even doing anything!” Dean insisted as he tickled the inside of Sam’s bellybutton―causing Sam to squeak cutely―with one hand and moving the other to Sam’s ribs. Sam tried to suck his quivering belly in but that seemed to make the sensations worse. “You’re not going anywhere until I let you go and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“TIHIHICKLES!” Sam shrieked, trying to block out his brothers teasing. His dimples grew more defined along with the flush on his cheeks. When Dean tightened his hold on Sam, the kid tried to buck him off again as the helplessness he felt was agonizing. “IHIHI‘M SOHO GOHOING TO GEHEHET YOHOHOU BAHAHACK!”

“Good luck with that. I’m way stronger than you, Sammy. You have no chance, cant say I’m quaking in my boots,” Dean grabbed Sam’s wrists and pinned them abouve his headm using one of his hands. He wiggled the fingers of his free hand threateningly above Sam’s exposed underarms. “Are you sorry for jumping on me and stealing my phone?”

Sam giggled, ducking his head and admitting softly, “Nohoho…”

The older Winchester scribbled his fingers over Sam’s armpit with a grin, “You will be soon.” He kept one hand in Sam’s armpit, quickly letting go of the kids wrists and attacking the equally exposed belly, sometimes sliding into the little bellybutton. “You just let me know when you’re ready to apologize, okay? I have aaaaaaaaall day.”

Sam shrieked with laughter, arching his body in attempts to stop the tickly feelings. Giggles flooded into howling laughter and back down again with whatever maneuver his brother tried on him.


“Are you sure you’re sorry? Because I think you’re only apologizing to fet me to stop. I don’t think you truly learnt your lesson.”


Dean felt his heart warm with love for this stupid little kid in front of him. After a few more tickles, he stopped. “You’re such a dork,” He grinned, getting up. “And you loved it, don’t bother denying it.”

Sam wiped his eyes, residue giggles leaving him at least and grinned cheekily back at Dean, “At least I can admit it, big brother. We both know you like tickles too!”

“You wanna go for round two?” Dean asked, wiggling his fingers tauntingly at Sam. The kid shook his head vigorously, just the action his brother made had him giggling again. Sam forced himself to his feet and into his brother’s arms, nuzzling his nose against Dean’s chest, hand subconsciously clutching Dean’s shirt.

Dean chuckled, ruffling Sam’s hair before pulling him into a hug, “You’re such a girl,” He teased.

Sam playfully scowled at his brother and lightly dug his fingertips into Dean’s sides, keeping himself wrapped up into Dean. “Wonder who I got it from.”

Dean jumped as the fingers hit a sensitive spot and grabbed Sam’s hands with a laugh. “Don’t even try it. It’ll only end up worse for you.”

Sam pouted but nodded in agreement. Besides, he needed his strength to form a plan and get Dean back.

A/N: So this is the first part I guess you can say? I’m leaving the collab as different stories instead of making a series but like, I’ll tell you if it is and stuff. Anyway, I want to give @mattsmithwhovian a big thank you and hug for being the best Dean in the world (I was Sammy) and her anticipation and teasing kills me every time I read it. I LOVE YOU DUDE! 

Also, this is my first fic as a 16 year old! Yay! My birthday present to myself lol (That’s really self-centered but I don’t care). I hope you all loved it as much as I did!!! And don’t fret, there will be multiple sequels, starting with Dean tickles!!!!

Back To Basics Prt 16.

Prompt: Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.
A/N: Okay so here’s the thing. In my heart right now this is the last chapter. I’ve loved writing this story and developing the characters but it feels like it needs to come to an end. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. I know I have.
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Chapter 16 - “Sparkling.”

In the weeks that followed Lucas’ spontaneous night visit, Riley found herself feeling conflicted. She was stuck between wanting him to reach out again and wishing she could just move on. It wasn’t how she envisioned staring off senior year. She wanted a fresh slate, nothing holding her back from enjoying herself or becoming involved. She didn’t want to fall off the face of the earth just because of some guy. No matter how minty green his eyes were.

She’d been spending a lot of time by herself lately and when she wasn’t alone she was third wheeling which still felt just as lonely. Farkle and Isadora were spending as much time together as they could because they both got early acceptance into the ivy league of their choice. The only problem was they were in two separate states.

Maya had fallen crazy in love with a drummer named Jake. Riley didn’t have the heart to tell her how much the new boy resembled her older brother, instead she chose to be happy for her best friend and let things play out the way they were meant to.

Charlie apologized to her and wanted to make amends and Riley forgave him but she wasn’t able to forget what he’d done. She accepted his apology but wasn’t interested in rekindling their old friendship.

She wasn’t sure what it was exactly but lately she’s been less into second chances. Maybe she thought no one deserved them anymore.

She stood in front of her full length mirror, glancing over her outfit. New York was in a weird place weather wise. It was October but the chill hadn’t come in completely yet. Some days it still felt like summer and others felt like winter was right around the corner. Today was more on the colder side. She opted for a grey knit sweater dress, tights and over the knee boots.

“There she is” Zay sung while climbing through Riley’s bedroom window. “There’s my girl.” Once he’s on his feet he reaches over and pulls her in for a hug. She hasn’t seen him for a couple of weeks now, maybe a month, and she knew it was because Lucas was back in New York. Zay and her might have gotten extremely close over the last year but she’s always known where his loyalty lies.

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Derek hale imagine

Derek gets turned younger and the young him finally shows his feelings to you.

You were a werewolf, bitten by scott soon after he himself became an alpha, it was helpful you were best friend with derek hale who taught you how to control it. You’d like derek for ages but assumed you’d always just be friends. He had pleanty of chances to make a move and never had so you assumed he didnt like you that way. You were still best friends though and you knew atleast he loved you that way. Now he had been turned back to 16 and was probably freaking out, all the problems youd helped him work through he didnt even know had happened yet! “I hope he’s okay” you muttered and Lydia reassured you. “He will be fine don’t worry, we can do it”. You walked into scotts house to find stiles and derek having dinner with mr mcall. “Stiles” you asked halting as you walked in. All eyes shot to you two and mr mcall looked at you confused. “Y/n what are you doing here?. “Ow hey mr mcall we were just…”. “Stiles text us telling us his cousin was here so we came to show him around beacon hills” lydia smiled. “Ow thats nice of you, i thought you and scott were studying stiles?”. “Ow we are thats why y/n and lydias going to take de..Miguel out to have fun because were going to be busy with boring school work…you know us always putting our studies first”. “Mhhum” mr mcall muttered not believing this story. “Okay so we’ll wait for you to finish eating” lydia smiled. “Ow no were done” derek smiled “im ready to go”. “Yeah sure Scott will be back soon but Lydia can i talk to you a sec” stiles asked “like now”. Lydia and stiles went into the living room whilst you stayed awkwardly at the table. “So y/n where you taking me then” Derek asked with a smoulder. You felt your cheeks go slightly red before you stuttered “erm down town and we can see the woods and the lake house”. “Sounds nice” mr mcall nodded “just be careful theres been some weird animal attack and things, especially in the woods near the old hale place”. At that Derek sat upright and looked at mr mcall “wait what about the hale place?”. “Ill tell you about it Miguel come on Ive just remembered we have to go like right now come on”. It turned out thay stiles needed lydias help too so youd have to take derek on his own. “What am i supposed to do with him?” You asked lydia angrily “i wont know what to say to him”. “Y/n he is your best friend, just do whatever it is you usally do with him, it will be fine just meet us at the vet in a few hour okay?”. Huffing you nodded as you went to your best friend who didnt even remember you.

“Actually i had fun, im glad it was you i got stuck with”. You had taken derek to tjhe cinema, like the two of you did most weeks then to the restaurant down the road you both loved. Derek loved it and after a while it felt just like normal with him. Youd actually had fun hanging out with mini derek. You smiled at derek trying to avoid the smirks stiles was sending you. “Yeah it was”. “Maybe youd like to do it again..go out with me i mean? Like tonight or something?”. You didn’t know how to reject someone because they’d time jumped but you were going to find a way. “Well derek…” You started when you saw scott and stiles shaking they’re heads behind derek. “Go” mouthed stiles and scott nodded “he needs watching”. “Id love to” you finished smiling at derek. You heard his heart beat pick up happily and he smiled at you “so ill meet you up from here at 6? We’ll be done by then right scott?”. Scott nodded “sure youll be here by 6”. “Okay cool ill see you then” derek smiled and you nodded “cant wait”. Scott and stiles lead derek out leaving you liam and lydia. “He’s smitten” lydia laughed “god y/n i knew derek liked you but even when he doesn’t know you?”. “Shut up” you laughed and liam smirked “so your seriously going out on a date with him…even in his past self, your 2 years older than him!” . “Ow i didnt realise, i know then liam why dont you take him on a date to keep him out of kates way then?”. Liam laughed “okay okay i get it, have fun but not too much fun”. Rolling your eyes you grabbed your jacket and followed lydia to her car.

You sat with derek at lydia lake house overlooking the view, it wouldve been cute if kate wasnt clawing at the door trying to get in. “Derek this way” you shouted grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hallway “the door wont hold her for long”. “Whys she even after us?” Derek asked “shes my friend, she wouldnt hurt us”. “Derek i explained, your in a different time shes not the person you knew, she hates werwolves shes a hunter”. “But i dont understand, she couldnt have always been one, she was my friend i loved her”. You ran into a room and turned to derek “im sorry she didnt love you she was always a hunter, her family is and now she trying to hunt us, derek please believe me!” You pleaded. You turned around and went to put a chair under the door handle when it was thrown open making your wrist crack. Your eyes turned yellow from the pain and you roared moving away from the door. Kate strutted into the room, full werewolf too. She smirked when she saw you and then smiled softly when she saw derek. “Der thats where you are, i heard what happened, we need to go now i dont know what this girl told you but shes trying to hurt you”. You glared at her “me try to hurt him? Tell him who did this to him kate, derek please believe me, you know me, please trust me and scott if we wanted you dead we couldve done it by now, why would scott wait for now when im alone?”. Derek was studying you intently as if he was beginning to remember although he didnt respond to your words. Kate growled at you “you can either back up and let us go like a obedient bitch or i can put you down”. “Well im not letting you take derek so i guess its a fight”. “Great” she smirked “wont be a minute der just let me get her out of the way”. She leapt at you and began tearing at you. “Derek run, get to scott” you yelled swiping at her. Your claw sunk into her arm but in a flash she cracked your arm on her leg. Roaring you tried to get out of her grip but she forced your body onto the floor and kicked you in the stomach. You tried clawing at her ankle but she only kicked your already injured hand. She brought your face down on the floorboards and began to laugh “really scott left you to look after derek? As if your any help”. Her laugh cut right through you and you tried squirming to get away. She only held you tighter as she brought her claws to your neck “heal after this bitch”. Her claws brushed your neck when she was flung off you. You jumped up immedeitly and turned to see derek stood infront of you. “No kate” he yelled his claws at the ready “you wont kill her”. “Der you dont understand, i bet shes lied to you, i bet her and scott havent told you whats happened to you have they?”. “Actually she explained it all to me, how you did this to me and how you were always a hunter, is it true kate?”. Kate nodded smirking “sorry derek it is but i still need you so come with me now or ill kill her and force you to”. Derek laughed “as if id go anywhere near you, no your going to pay for what you did to y/n”. Furious kate sprang at him yelling “you will let me kill her”. Derek and kate lunged at each other, each just missing the others attack until suddenly derek caught her. “You dont even know her and your trusting her over me” she yelled. “Thats where your wrong” derek growled. Suddenly his body changed shape and when you looked back at him you saw hed changed back. “I remember y/n and i remember what you did to me”. He roared and threw her against the door knocking her out cold. “Derek?” You asked walking forward. He turned to you and smiled “im back y/n”. You smiled and he engulfed you in a hug as scott malia and liam burst into the room. “Y/n? Derek?” He called worried. “Derek” scott grinned spotting him “y/n are you alright?”. You nodded “thanks to derek he remembered me and fought kate”. Scott smiled “im glad your both okay, come on let take.kate to deaton, maybe he can keep her asleep or something”. Wcott picked kate up and started to walk away “i wonder why it was her he remembered” liam smirked as he helped scott carry kate out of the room.

Once you pulled u outside the vet derek turned to you “i remember today y/n”. You laughed “all of it? Even being miguel”. He laughed “yeah im angry at stiles for that but more angry at my younger self”. “Why?” You asked confused. “Because my younger self had more guts that me, he asked out the girl ive liked for ages which ive been too scared to do”. You looked up at him and asked “me?”. “Of course”. “Wow derek hale too scared to ask little old me out?”. He nodded looking down “i like you a lot y/n ”. “I like you too derek, i have for ages”. “Well would you like to go on an actual date with me? And this time i promise there will be no crazed argent after us”. You laughed and nodded “id love too”. Derek shoulders relaxed and he grinned at you, that signature smile. “Atleast ill beat my younger self to this” he smirked as he leant down and kissed you. Finally after years of liking him he kissed you and it was as amazing as youd hoped. You pulled away and grinned “this might be a tough date to beat actually”.

anonymous asked:

You endorse Joshaya? What the fuck. He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal and glorifying that to the young audience, and sidelining Maya – why can’t she get a guy her own age? Unfollowed.

ok lets break this down bc i do see these arguments a lot

“He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal”

maya is 15. josh is 18. 

its only illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, and in GMW the characters don’t even kiss. BUT EVEN THEN, maya is not considered a minor by new york laws, so the argument doesnt stand:

“ In New York State, a person who is under age 16 but older than 13 years old can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older; the crime of the 3rd degree rape only happens when a person over the age of 21 has sex with a person who is under seventeen years old or younger  “

so your argument, calling him predatory and her a minor, doesnt stand, bc even if they did have the sexy times its still legal. 

and josh has literally rejected her so many times on the age grounds so i dont see how he’s being predatory, and he’s finally coming to terms with how he cant see her like a little kid anymore

“Glorifying that to the young audience”

ok honestly, i would rather young girls learning that you should be with someone who knows you and understands you and will wait for you and respect you, exhibit a:

“What I observed about you is that you are the best friend anyone could ever have. Maybe it’s because your dad left. Maybe it’s because you’ve never felt that love. But it gave you the greatest capacity for love that I’ve ever seen.”

instead of being someone who treats you like an option, like lucas always has. i mean honestly i am so anti-lucas who shames her and puts her down for being a little rebellious and literally said in regards to deciding WHO HE WANTED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH that it should be a “group decision” like what the fuck?? thats not how this shit works. he has strung both girls along by refusing to make a decision and literally reducing them both to two options who can take his precious damn time to choose between. like no. i dont want young girls who watch this show thinking that that is acceptable. 

also, theres nothing wrong with a girl dating someone a few years older, which brings me to my next point:

“why can’t she get a guy her own age?”

personally, i was brought up encouraged to date above my age group. there is literally NOTHING wrong with dating a few years ahead, especially when the girl is younger. its scientific knowledge that the female brain is fully matured by 21 while the male brain is not until they are 35. girls are leaps and bounds ahead of their male counterparts and obviously certain lines should be drawn at a certain point, but 15 and 18 is literally a perfect age gap. why can’t she get a guy her own age? she totally can. but she can do so much better than some immature pimply 15-year-old fuckboi. 


bye hoe, you probs shouldnt be following me if you’re 12 anyway 

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I respect your decision to not ship it, but you can't just tell others to stop! There's nothing wrong, legally or morally with it? Within the law their relationship is completely legal (due to the 'Romeo and Juliet law'). Besides Otabek ONLY just turned 18 a month ago. He's literally still a kid too tbh. And Yuri is a few months away from being 16. The reason hardly anyone is against it, is because besides personal tastes, there's nothing problematic with it at all?

Legally, yes actually. The Romeo and Juliet Law doesn’t exist in Russia!! Or Kazakhstan!!  The age of consent in Russia is 16. Same with Kazakhstan. I mean, mine was a short google search, but?? 
Moreover, I hate it when people use legality as an excuse to make their ships more justifiable. The law isn’t even helping? You just made it worse. 
Yurio’s the youngest skater in the show, and people are sexualising him and pairing him with an 18 year old. 

Romeo and Juliet was an awful story too, by the way; and the way y’all paired Yurio with Otabek after such a short time fits your stupid (American) law. I don’t care if they ‘met’ when they were children, it doesn’t mean they have the relationship childhood friends would. They barely know each other, just like Romeo and Juliet. Let them be friends.

On top of this, it actually is wrong morally; because in case you didn’t notice, it’s making younger viewers fucking uncomfortable. It’s even making older viewers uncomfortable. Is that so fucking hard to wrap around you head?

Well, there are people making NSFW works, on this pairing, which removes a some meaning from the word “Moral”. The relationship between Yurio and Otabek is FRIENDSHIP what the fuck. It SHOULD be MORAL. It’s NOT if people keep exploiting characters in ways that they should not be.

 @hoemoghost​ (is in italics and “”) said, “Nothing wrong morally?!!! I’m??? FUCKING??? Yurio is a CHILD?????”, “ CHILD. A MINOR”, “HE CANT EVEN DRIVE!!!”. 


Otabek is literally still a kid too? No. He’s not a ‘kid’ in the same sense as Yurio. He’s elder, mature obviously. “LET YURIO BE A SHITTY TEENAGER!!!” Yurio is an angsty teen who’s still growing mentally and physically. He’s a kid. There’s a big difference between he and Otabek. OMG.

personal tastes ????

What kind of personal taste is shipping this. Tell me. Whatever it is, it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like it. Enough that I blacklisted it. I never blacklisted anything before this. ANYTHING. 

there’s nothing problematic with it at all

if there was nothing problematic with this ship, there wouldn’t be people fucking complaining. 

Next time you want to talk to me about your ship that supposedly isn’t problematic, get off anon and tell me about it.

In The Shower - [2/4]


You and Luke just finished watching a movie when told him you were going to take a shower. Luke always had this problem that whenever he got bored during a part of the movie, he’d throw popcorn at you. So by the time the movie was over, you were covered with popcorn butter. 

Making your way to the bathroom, you start singing 18 by One Direction. 

You turn the water on and remove all your clothes before hopping in. You continue to sing when Luke pulls back the shower curtain and says, “You have a lovely voice.”

“Thanks,” You tell him. 

You can hear him taking his clothes off before he joins you in the shower. He moves you from under the running water so he can wet his hair. 

“So do you like One Direction’s 18 better than ours?” He asks you oh so casually while pouring shampoo into his hand.

You roll your eyes at him. You know he’s just doing this to annoy you. If you say yes, he’ll get mad at you and call you a fake 5sos fan but if you say no, he’ll ask why not because that’s a good song. 

“Yes, Luke, I like it better than 5sos’ 18.”

He stops lathering his head and brings his hand to his chest and puts it over his heart. 

“Well, excuse me. What kind of a girlfriend are you? You’re supposed to like my 18 more. It makes you wanna dance.” 

“No, it makes me want to throw myself in jail because I feel older than you.” 

“Babe, you’re the same age as me.”

“Yeah, I know but the lines “I’m just waiting til I’m 18″ makes me feel like you’re 16 or something. While One Direction’s makes me think of a lasting relationship where the people grew old together and he’s telling her that he’s loved her for all those years.”

“Well, damn, how can I compete with that?” 

“You don’t.” 

He pouts at you and asks, “Is there any other song of ours that you hate?”

“Amnesia. Dear god, that song is so boring.”

“Excuse you. It’s a heartbreak song. It’s not supposed to make you wanna dance.”

You wave your hand at him.

“Ok, so then what’s your favourite 5sos song?”

“Easy, Disconnected. To be honest, if I didn’t hear that song, I probably wouldn’t be a fan in the first place.”

“The truth just comes out today.”

You shake you head at him and bring your arms around his neck and kiss him.

Pulling away, you bring his forehead down to rest against yours. 

“If it makes you feel any better, you make me feel better than any One Direction song.” 

“Like the happy feel better or what?”

“Luke, I think you know what.”

He looks confused for a moment before realizing what you mean and he smirks at you.

“You got that right.”


“I’m taking a shower,” You tell Michael before making your way to the bathroom.

You can hear his footsteps following you.

“Can I join you?” He asks you.

You turn around and see him moving his eyebrows in the “let’s have shower sex” kinda way. You smirk at him before nodding your head. His eyes got a little brighter and he rushes to the bathroom to get the water ready and strips out of his clothes.

Making your way into the bathroom, you see him sitting at the edge of the tub with his hand under the water, making sure it wasn’t too hot.

“Are you gonna start the shower any time soon?” You ask him while stripping your own clothes.

He waves his hand around at you and starts the shower. You walk over to the stereo you have sitting on the counter and turn on your favourite playlist. Getting into the shower, Michael sticks his head under the water pulls you under it with him.

“Okay, we’re both wet, can we have shower sex now?”

“What the fuck? No.”

Suddenly, Blank Spaces comes on and Michael groans. You don’t know why he complains every time because he always ends up singing and dancing along.

“Michael!! It’s my song!”

“It’s everyone’s song, babe.”

They’ll tell you i’m insane

You move your wet hair out of your face an look at Michael with those crazy eyes Taylor had. He laughs at you and pushes you away from him.

But i got a blank space, baby, and i’ll write your name

“I don’t know why you always complaining about me singing in the shower. You know you love it. It’s funny because I can’t sing.” You tell him, pouring shampoo into your hand and bringing it up to your head. You turn around so your back is facing him.

“I do love it, but I’d love it even more if I got to have sex right now but I’ll take what I can get.” He says before bringing his hands up to your scalp to lather the shampoo on your head.

Request // Masterlist


just a little something i wrote really fast last night. 

Tired of This Crap (Rant ahead)

 If you dont like my rant, or rants in general i suggest you do not read. (Though my rants i mean no harm ^^ at least try to)


External image

Its fans like these two just irritate me to no end.

Lets start.

The new turtles should just die? Seriously? Just because their not the 2003 turtles they should just die, wow…just….wow….

Let me school you on some of your points here.

The turtles are slimmer-

  • Well yeah, in EVERY incarnation they have always been slim, they look shorter and thinner because they are still growing. Like this point doesnt even make sense!

Their eyes can be seen through their mask-

  • Im guessing your not a fan of seeing the eyes, which is okay i guess, to me i always loved their eyes because eyes holds a very big part in expressions, I mean have you seen how expressive this show can be with their eyes?


External image


External image


External image


External image

Now try to imagin them without eyes and just have white, it’ll look odd. Which brings us to our next point.

The creators of this show knows how much we love the 2003 series, so when their eyes go white, its a reference to the 2003 series.

  • External image

It also gives us the element that they are in ninja mode. Their eyes dont go white at random times, they go white when their on a mission and when they get serious about stuff, pay more attention and you will see that.

Raph can stick his head in his shell….

  • Last time i checked they’re turtles….i mean their still heroes in half shells (Right?) im not sure but this little point seems to be just dumb. Turtles stick their body limbs in shells, yes they never did that in the previous versions (At least i dont think correct me if im wrong) But in this version it can be done.

Turtles in their shells:


Their not like the 2003 turtles, Yes they can go in their shells, why is that such a big deal to some of you? (Not all)

On to your next point,

  • You must of not watched the show past the first episode, Donatello does not have freckles, its Mikey who has the freckles, Donatello has the gap, Raph has the lightening bolt, but so what, the creators were trying to give the turtles a different look, so we can actually tell whos who without the mask. Why should it even matter how they look? As long as Mikey is still Mikey, Donnie is still Donnie, Leo is still Leo and Raph is still Raph then really its okay that they look that way. 
  • Casey is the same way, just because he has teeth missing and looks different shouldn’t  matter, they got his personality down, he is a jerk at times, but hes a jerk with a good heart, he’s actually older then all of them, hes 18, so really he isnt a child, he’s an adult. I dont know  why that matters either, as long as he’s still Casey then we should be okay, actually this current season he’s really growing on me, and dang it, we shouldnt be nagging on how he looks, hes still the bone head we love, even if he isnt exactly like the 2003 Casey, they are telling it from the beginning meaning one day we will see that Casey again, and soon im sure.
April is a dumb white kid who the kraang kidnapped…….
  • Guys….APRIL IS A DUMB WHITE KID, like wtf you really havent seen past episode 1 have you!? Let me go on a rant and tell you that you really need to get your shit straight. April is a 16 year old girl who was a victim in the whole mess! She never asked to be kidnapped in the first episode, and comparing her from the first episode to now, she really has come a long way! She is smart, brave, independent, moody just like every teen girl, she will kick your ass if you lay a hand on her boys, she will show you up, I mean she impaled a guy with no hesitation! Like no you DO NOT insult my girl. Just because she isnt the April O Niel in 2003 doesnt mean shes DUMB and white kid? Really? Just no. You need to take a chill pill and eat pizza, stop it with your jerky self.
Karai is Splinters Daughter
  • well i guess you have made it to season 1 finale. Anyways so what? Thats their story, cant really have Karai be shredders real daughter again, cause that would just be copying the same story (Not the same but you know what im trying to say, well i hope you do haha) No body wants to see that again when its already been done.

Splinter is Master Yoshi

  • Again like with the white eyes, they are taking the story from the 80s version and adding their own style to it, whats wrong with that? Nothing.

Donnie loves April, but its obvious Casey is gonna get the girl because mutants look stupid….. 

  • Okay….im not mad, im not, really! Just….i hate some humans sometimes. LOOKS SHOULD NOT MATTER! Donnie is still a human boy in a giant turtles body you twit! Donnie has been nothing but a good friend for April (not saying Casey hasnt been) And by now Donnies crush, love towards April isnt that big of a deal, he’s being a teenage boy who saw a beautiful girl and started liking her a lot, that like turned into love, that love turned into true love, is it one sided, maybe, we dont know for sure, but so what, Donnie has backed off and gave April space when she needed it (And yeah i know at the beginning of season two he was being “Creepy” but still he was giving her space, but he needed to know if she was okay so he kept his distance till she really needed him) and MUTANTS LOOK STUPID? SERIOUSLY? YOUR BASICALLY CALLING THE TURTLES STUPID LOOKING, BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT VERSION THEY ARE IN, THEY ARE GIANT MUTANT TURTLES!!! Okay onto the next point.

There is no point to the foot being an organization as in they have no goals what so ever.and the story line is no where near as good.They have three toes.Its all about the krang and mutants the foot don’t even play a big part.

  • This comment might of been made when season 2 was just starting or was right in the middle (Comment was made like 5 months ago) but the foot has a huge part of the story, no its not just about mutants and kraang, It seems that you only seen season 1 only, maybe some of season 2, but there is episodes dedicated to Karai and her past. They pay so much attention to the foot and Shredder, please watch the serious again. Get your facts straight.


You stopped watching after 10 episodes? Like how? I was hooked since episode 1! I mean how!? Meh maybe im just the odd one on this earth lol.


Its kiddy

Well this just says it all

  • you have not seen the ending two finale where Leonardo gets beat thrown into the window

I mean look at this shit:

Leo goes on an adrinaline rush just so he can protect his brothers, He wanted so badly to end it all, end Shreddr, the man who hurt his brothers, his father, and then just to get this in the end:


Thrown into a window.

Oh and lets not forget how Shredder threw exhausted Master Splinter down a drain in front of his kids and April:


Then there was the most emotional scene ever in this whole damn finale:



This scene tore all of us who love this show apart, i know it screwed me up for about a week x..x



You must not like humor do you? Like how can you not like their humor? Donnie is the sass master, Leo is such a diva, Raph is the sarcastic master and Mikey is just a big giant baby that annoys everyone for the hell of it. lol. You just need to see season 2 and season 3 like badly, but meh its up to you.


But this is DEFINITELY NOT KIDDY this show, has tested the waters so many times, just like tmnt 2003 series. This show doesnt have the tone that tmnt 2003 series had, but thats okay, not everybody likes intense, dark, griddy story lines all the times, a lot of people i know actually like the balance this shows gives. Its not to funny where its humorless or its not to serious that its hard to get through

These creators spend so much time and effort into this show, it kills me when i see comments like these, like seriously, TMNT 2003 is not perfect, it has its flaws to just like this show, and i understand opinions and stuff but dont be a jerk about it saying the new turtles need to die, like how old are you? I know i shouldnt be this upset over it but damn it, im sick of hearing stuff like this. the Nick series TMNT has been nothing but enjoyable, and if you tmnt 2003 fans wanna hate on it, great good for you, watch the 2003 series then, stop bashing the nick version over pathetic reasons like Donnie has now a gap, or the Mikey is so immature, some bs reasons.

If your gonna bash it at least have some good reasons instead of just nit picks and nags. 


(Dont get me wrong guys i love tmnt 2003 series, just i tend to love everything turtle wise, from the 80s to now.)

Okay, i think im done, if you guys have sources to these gifs and the picture of Donnie at the end please link me so i can give credit! 

Also you are welcome to put your input on this, this is just me being irritable, people like this just makes me go grrrr. lol. 

Age Difference Insecurities [Irwin/4]

 4 years were a lot. But you just turned 17. Yet you still felt traumatized with the fans wherever you went even though they loved you. And yet that’s exactly how you felt today. Traumatized. Nervously brushing your hair, you stared at yourself in the mirror. They aren’t going to like me. They’ll think i’m some kind of-

Babe?” You hear Ashton’s voice. You jump up, and quickly dart out of your chair to see Ashton. You let out a breathy sigh.

“Hi.” You mumble, tugging the end of your shirt.

“Are you ready to meet the fans?” He asks. No. You put on a fake smile.

“As ready as I can be.” You say. He raises an eyebrows. You knew Ashton could see through your lies.

“Really, Ash.” You say, nodding while grabbing your phone. He walks up to you and grabs your hands. You look down at them. His large hands cups yours and you feel his calluses. He twiddles his fingers, rubbing his thumb on your palm.

“Look at me.” He says. Your eyes lift up to meet his hazel ones.

“They are going to love you. More than I do.” He says, planting a sweet kiss on your forehead. You flutter your eyes closed for a second.

“But i’m not going to let that happen because you know i’m the only one who loves you most.” He says after a minute causing you to laugh.

“Yeah, I know.” You say, bumping his side making him smile. He intertwines his hand with yours and leads you outside. An immediate uproar of screams fills your ears. You inhale sharply and feel Ashton squeeze your hand. Slowly the prodigious group of girls decreased to around 8. Surprisingly the fans were open to you, telling you that they loved your fashion taste, complimenting you and telling Ashton how the both of you were an adorable couple. You watched Ashton smile with the girls and couldnt help but feel proud on how far he came along. You were standing a couple meters away so you could give some space for the fans before a trio of girls trudged toward you. You ignored them, thinking they were walking ahead instead of toward you.

“So your Ashton’s girlfriend, huh?” You hear a girl trail. You turn around to see the 3 teenage girls. The girl in the middle seemed older than you but the other two seemed younger. You smile warmly and nod.

“And what are you, 16?” She asks. Your taken back by her tone.

“Uh, I turned 17 just a couple weeks ago.” You say. The 2 girls beside her snicker making you feel smaller than ever. What did you do wrong? 

“I don’t understand why Ashton would go for such a young girl. I mean, he cant have ‘fun’ with her..” The girl says, talking to her companions.

“Excuse me?” You squeak.

“Do your parents even know your dating? Because if they don’t approve, I hope you know its against the law…” The other girl trailed. 

“Yeah, our parents are fine with us..” You say, distinctly remembering Ashton having dinner with you and your parents weeks ago. Your parents loved him. with his manners and ravishing smile.

“But then again, your too innocent. Too….whats the word….young." The girl says. Your heart drops to your stomach. This is what you were afraid of. You open your mouth to say something but the words falter out as your throat burned.

"Why would Ashton date someone like you when he has got people..i dont know, his age." She snarls. At this point you were lost for words, the tears threatening to spill. 

"You know one day he will dump you because hes wasting time on a girl who’s too young for him…” She says. You feel the tears stream down. You look up at Ashton and he looks at you. You wipe your tears and began to walk away.

“Y/N!! WAIT!!!” You hear him yell. That only made your legs walk faster and the tears stream more quickly. You feel him wrap his hand around your wrist and tug you back. You look to the side and see that you were in an alley. You look back down, the tears now dripping.

“Its okay, Ashton. I know i’m too young for you and we both know it wont work out because of the age difference. Ill understand if you leave me-”

“No… what?!  Y/N… what did those girls say to you?!” He asks, panic clear in his voice. His hands raise to your shoulders.

“T-They said i’m too young for you…that you’d have 'fun’ with someone you age….that your better off without me…that they’d suit you better.” You say, sniffling.

“Y/N, look at me.” Ashton says. You wipe another tear away, and remain your stare at the ground.

“Y/N please..” Ashton pleads, his voice cracking. You heart twinges in sadness at his voice. You look up.

“I don’t care about our age difference and you’ve heard me say that so many times before. I love you because you make me happy and there is no one else that suits me better than you do. No one. I love you so so so much.” He mumbles, wiping the tears off your face.

“And it hurts to see you cry because you don’t think i love you because of the age difference. The age gap is nothing. I love you.” He says again, kissing your lips tenderly. You sigh against his lips.

“Your not doubting me, are you?” He says against your lips, hesitantly causing you to smile.

“I could never doubt you, Irwin.” You say making him chuckle.

“Now why don’t we go get some ice cream.” He says. You grin, pulling out your wallet.

“I’m paying.” You say.

“In your dreams.” He counters causing the both of you to run while laughing to the nearest ice cream shop.

A Struggle-less Journey!

Thank you to all of you who messaged me regarding my previous blog post. It was a really big step for me, i really really do not like sharing my feelings with people. I am notorious for telling people ‘fluff’ information about myself so they think they know me but really all they know is that i like nerds and video games. However, that post really helped me and i would like to continue to share some things with you if you don’t mind?

Any of my close friends reading this will probably suddenly realise that they most likely know nothing about me prior to when they met me.. and that if they do they don’t know any details. I am just very closed.. i have walls that could keep out the strongest of colossal titans. I have only shared the details of my past with very minimal people and if i have i still kept a lot of it to myself. So i apologise in advance to the people i hold dearest.. once ive known you for like a gazillion years and i am convinced that you won’t up and leave me i will probably open up a bit more.

I am not really sure why i am like this or what exactly caused it but i wish i could show how i feel a bit more. I mean even when people compliment me in person it just makes me anxious and nervous and i don’t really know how to respond to that. When i am given gifts i am internally running around with joy but on the outside i really have to try and show my gratitude so people know i am thankful. Now this isn’t because i don’t feel these things it’s because i just simply do not understand how to show it. My internal monologue is screaming how much i love the gift and the person giving it to me but there seems to be a barrier stopping that reaching the person.

I much prefer to give people gifts or write them letters.. that makes me feel really good and happy.. Recently myself & Nina swapped gifts and i loved mine all so much and it felt good because she seemed to love hers and it was all just positive and happy and that was really nice and a good step for me. <3 my little poop shoot!

Just little things like 'omg you are such a great friend i love spending time with you’ is so impossibly hard for me to say i just tend to stick to typing those things to people. I am not sure if its a fear of rejection, that maybe they wont say it back so that holds me back? Or if i am literally incapable of expressing positive feelings.. maybe i am a cyborg? Even something like calling Martyn Stinky.. that to me is not a loving word so i am able to say it easily.. but he knows that is my loving word for him so it’s all good there!

It has gotten to the point many times in my past where i have felt people got too close too fast and i in turn completely distanced myself from them as it scared me.. that is not good! 

I have talked about my previous blog post with my Mum today and she expressed that she thought i needed therapy for a long time.. as i never came to terms with a lot of the traumatic things that happened in my childhood. It was very easy for me to ignore these things as i was a stereotypical emo kid.. all my friends were 'depressed’ so my own sadness and despair felt normal. I didn’t know any different because all my friends were this way too. It wasn’t until i got older that i noticed that my past effected my current relationships with colleagues, friends and partners.

For a long time i couldn’t even express my love for family members, it wasnt until my granny cried in front of me on my 22nd birthday and she said she thought i didnt love her. This broke me.. but fixed a part of me as well. That woman, that incredible woman, the person i look up to most in this world is crying because she thinks i don’t love her. Needless to say i always make sure i tell my mum and granny i love them regularly and i spend at least an hour a week on skype with them. Before this happened i would go months without any contact with them, because that just didn’t come naturally to me.. i dont know how to be social.. its a bit alien. 

I am still working on showing my Dad how much i love him, being a 16 year old girl when i met him for the first time was daunting. But man he is so much like me.. which also makes it easier. He is also the best Dad ever for 100% sticking by me as soon as he found out i was his Daughter.

That’s all i feel like sharing today, some big realisations for myself and the first step i guess in knowing that getting some sort of help wouldn’t do me any harm. So many of my incredible friends really gave some great advice this past two days and thank you all for being so honest with me. It cant be easy telling someone you care about that they need to get some help, i really condone your honesty and loyalty. 

Hopefully in the big wide world this resonates with someone and it can help them too in return.

I will be booking a Dr appointment tomorrow to look into therapy, i have been referred through the nhs a handful of times but i am naughty and never followed up with it. Stinky also thinks this is a good idea, i have the best stinky for being so supportive and not ever prying to deep or making me re live things i would rather forget. <3

Ranty rant rant

This whole rant is gonna be based off of thinking (also hoping) Larry will come out. Ok so we’ve all seen the shit Modest can do, you don’t even have to ship Larry to see that. Like for example how they’ve pushed Louis to the absolute limit where you can just tell he’s no longer healthy. Which has happened before during other stunts involving Harry. He’s pale, skinny, depressed, you can tell, anyone can tell, especially when you compare a healthy version of himself to how he looked just days ago.

That’s not right. Anyone can see.

Moving on. The worst part about this is that it’s just a group of old men trying to push an image so their management looks good. It’s not gonna look good when we all expose your asses let’s just say. With Modest pushing the theory of “Larry isn’t real, all the members are straight”, it’s taking a toll on everyone, everyone. All us fans are stressed out because of all this drama we have to keep up with, all the boys family members and friends whom would not be happy with how the boys are made out to be, most importantly the boys. Not only just Harry and Louis, because it’s not just them, it’s Liam, Niall and even Zayn too. Zayn was fully exposed, he came out of One Direction showing this whole new Zayn Malik, which can i just say he was hiding for the past 5 years (well forced to hide) I mean they changed the way his name is spelt for god’s sake. Liam and Niall have been pretty chill, but that doesn’t mean they get shit too. They get stressed aswell, don’t forget. Finally Harry and Louis. As mentioned earlier Louis gets put through so much he actually turns unhealthy and sickly looking. Harry however has always been given the ‘womanizer’ image, which Lord help me, I can never, ever forgive Modest for. At the age of 16, 16!!! Who in their right minds, makes a boy at the age of 16 be seen as dating women left, right and centre. And I hate how they bring older women into this too. This takes so much of a toll on not only Harry himself, but the boys and his friends and family too. To this day, interviewers are still mentioning his ‘womanizer’ actions. He’s absolutely over it, by the way he answers, or his facial expressions, his body language, all that… he’s sick of it. So are the others, I mean in interviews you see all the other boys, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, trying to stick up for him, but the interviewers always, ALWAYS dismiss them and turn back to Harry. Here’s a link for a video, which be warned you may need tissues:


Even watching 10 seconds of that is absolutely disgusting and for that I will forever hate Modest, there’s no denying that they’re the most horrible human beings.

Rightio I feel like I need to punch my screen because of that video but lets just get on with it shall we. Looking at Larry as a whole now. Modest push them up in a closet, it’s a very tight closet where it starts to hurt and after a while you can’t bare it any more, but there’s no way to get out. I’ve read all kinds of metaphorical situations and it makes a lot of sense. I’ll probably find some and post them a little later. I never understand why having two gay members, in a relationship, is ‘the worst thing in the world’, Modest haven’t said that specifically but it’s obvious that’s what they’re thinking and is the reasoning behind all these stunts, denials, etc, etc. I mean think about it, if this were Harry and a girl, or Louis and a girl, and they looked at each other the way Larry do, they joked around, touched, got tattoos, tweeted, ANYTHING like Larry do, everyone would believe it and be all for it. I see no reason why having two males is any different or is ‘horrible’, Modest just think it is. And honestly I’m over it, you guys are all over it, Louis and Harry’s family and friends are over (Modest makes them lie and deny and gives shit to their families and friends too), Louis and Harry are definitely over it, not specifically that they cant show their love but they’re sick of the fact that they keep having to hide and deny it for 5 years straight. There’s photos, videos, proof of Harry and Louis coming out of meetings, interviews, shows, etc upset over something Modest has said or caused. They’ve been specially trained to not acknowledge each other. Like can you imagine that?! At their ages when they first started out, they were being told that they “can’t be in a relationship, it’s not right, it’s disgusting, we won’t allow it”. How absolutely horrible! Being trained, TRAINED to ignore each other, no longer be friends with one another in front of people. It’s absolutely disgusting and  cant think of anything worse than being told by Modest, “You can’t show/be in love because you’re two males and that’d be horrible for our name.” “You’re not allowed.” And I’m all about gay rights, so that’s, I can’t imagine being told that, especially at that age. Love is love, simple.

Lastly to finish this off I’m gonna mention the future, when they DO come out (supposing they will, also hoping they will). I’m gonna place my bet on a few options here:

1. Modest are going to act like they never knew anything, they never forced Harry and Louis to do stunts, denials, shit like that.

2. Modest will make it seem like Harry and Louis only just started recently dating, so they’ll make it out as if the past 5 years were nothing.

Keep in mind Modest/Syco will no longer be One Directions management, so they’ll probably be exposed but then try to make up some bullshit, disgusting excuse which is the number one thing I’m not looking forward to when they come out. Also a lot of you will probably think, “YESS WE’RE GONNA GET EXPLANATIONS OF EVERY LITTLE THING FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS, ALL THEIR LITTLE LOVE STORIES, I CAN’T WAIT!!” no. No that most likely wouldn’t happen, we’re all hoping, hell I’m praying this’ll happen but this won’t be the case. Every little explanation and story?! There’s no time nor would management allow that. I’m assuming we’ll receive a speech along the lines of this… “Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction are gay and romantically involved.” That’s it. Now that’s pretty shit, I agree, like hell yea we deserve a whole 80 hour documentary of everything that’s happened. But unfortunately there’s not enough time, management also in today’s celebrity gossip that’s really all that’s needed, a simple confirmation.

So basically Modest are gonna be real dickheads (like they always have been) when Larry do come out, and we’ll get no explanation for the last 5 years whatsoever.

To sum it up, I hate Modest’s guts :)