why can't you like me

me : *is emotionally detached, and very distant*
my parents : why’re you so moody

me : *is expressive or energetic, and not an emotional zombie*
my parents : he’ not sober right now is he

Adulthood is literally just a cycle of spending every waking minute wishing you could go to bed until it’s actually time for bed and then it becomes the absolute LAST thing you want to do because going to bed is the thing that makes tomorrow happen and then you have to do it all over again

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

can’t believe Netflix is renewing a show that glorifies suicide, had graphic scenes that were trigger, had a mostly white cast, and an obvious fucking end but fucking cancels the show about black and latinx teens trying to get out of the Bronx thru music and their family. not to mention it had a plus music and even lgbt representation. but no go ahead please chase a dead plot (pun only kind of intended)

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Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.


Hairstyles and realizations


but it’s better if you do - panic! at the disco

What is the hardest thing about SPN to believe?

That Castiel still loves humanity after working retail. It’s soul crushing and makes you hate people. After working at a Gas-n-Sip, Cas would be “Fuck you guys! Let the world rot. Y'all suck anyways. Imma eat a taquito.”

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Darkiplier Never Left: A Theory

Okay, so this theory has been bouncing around in my brain since March, and I’ve briefly touched on it before, but I’ve never fleshed it out on here. Buckle in, homies. This is a long ride full of excessive bolding and italics, and we’ve abandoned the land of chill and “Read More”s.

As always, this connects to my other theories.They’re not required reading, but they will definitely help. I’ll link to the two most relevant ones (which are also the two most popular ones, so that’s neat!): The big bad, which explains the purpose of each of the egos in Markiplier TV; and this one, which explains why Mark is trying to undermine Dark.

In Markiplier TV, there are two heads to the table. One of them has already presented his plan to take back control. We’re about to witness the plan of the other. 

What is the plan exactly? Well, that much we’re not sure of, yet, except that one of the clues we’ve been given is a piece of what looks to be a ransom note. We’ve also been given a still from some security cam footage, which, when brightened, has a clear anaglyph (red/blue) effect. (You can view the brightened version here, courtesy of the lovely @amycampbell00.) This leads many to believe that someone (Mark, most likely) has been taken hostage, and that Dark is behind it. I agree with this, but I think that we’re making a mistake in assuming that this is a recent development. In fact, the point I’m here to make in this post is that Dark has had control of the channel since his very first official appearance in February. 

Let’s take a look at the psychology behind Dark as a character. He has two serious hyper-focuses: control and choice. Control is what he desires; choice is what he denies. During the Horror route of A Date with Markiplier, his obsession with the concept of choice is emphasized repeatedly. 

What’s interesting about this is that he follows this statement by, technically, giving you a choice– but what he presents you with is actually just the illusion of choice. It may seem like there are different paths to take, but only one will actually make a difference. The rest send you directly to dead ends. No matter what you do, you will, ultimately, have to make the “choice” that he has been leading you to all along. 

Immediately after this exercise in futility, he extolls the virtues of avoiding choice altogether and letting him have control. 

Okay, so why is this relevant? Well, consider this: we also know that Dark doesn’t exactly obey the laws of space and time. (Mark directly mentioned this fact in the February live stream.) Not only that, but he has some semblance of control over it as well– when you try to escape during the Exit video, he immediately creates a time loop and sends you back inside. He has complete and utter control of the situation at every moment, and if things don’t go the way he plans, he can literally manipulate the world around him. 

Knowing all of this, why would Dark then allow us to make this choice?

He wouldn’t. Of course he wouldn’t.

This man just spent the entirety of his time with us asserting that he was in control, and that choices are not only unnecessary, but dangerous. He set up a false choice to emphasize that point. There is no way he would give us a genuine choice after all of that. It goes against everything we know about him. Even if he was genuinely caught off guard (which I find hard to believe, but that’s a point for another post), he would not set himself up in a position of vulnerability that would immediately undermine all of his efforts up to that point. Any sort of “weakness” he would present would only be in the service of a greater purpose. 

Darkiplier can manipulate what we see. He can manipulate what we hear. He can manipulate the laws of space and time. He doesn’t need to give us any power over him. 

He’s tired of giving people a choice, and we are no exception. We don’t have the option to shoot Dark. We never did.

No matter what we choose, we will be shooting Mark. Mark didn’t escape on his own to confront Dark– if he had, Dark would have simply thrown him back in as he did in the Exit video. No, Dark let him escape. Dark let the gun fall at our feet. And Dark let us shoot him– except, of course, that he didn’t. The only difference your “choice” makes is how long he pretends to be the real Mark. 

 This all circles back around to his obsessions: he will give us the illusion of control over the situation and a choice in the outcome, when in reality, we have neither. And these things shape the most dangerous illusion of them all: the illusion of safety.

Mark isn’t in control of the channel. Mark hasn’t been in control of the channel for a long, long time. We already know that Dark can imitate Mark flawlessly, and he’s been doing so for months. Those brief moments in videos that appear to be Dark exercising the weak amount of power he has left? Those are simply to make us believe he’s not running the show. He’s practically taunting us.

He’s been pulling the strings for months now, patiently waiting for the right time to step out from the shadows and reveal his plan. Judging by the events of the past few days, he’s finally ready. The real question is, 

are we?


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


Tomorrow will either be the happiest day of my life or ruin me

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Feyre is Stupid, Right?

Some Anti: Lol Feyre’s such an idiot, I can’t believe she couldn’t solve that riddle

Me, an intellectual: *sharp inhale* Okay, just one thing:

So setting aside the fact that numerous readers didn’t solve it either, let’s focus on the actual riddle itself. With the answer being love, Feyre should totally know that, right? I mean, that kind of cheesy answer, it’s a staple answer.

Except of course she wouldn’t.

Feyre can’t even read, so she certainly didn’t grow up pouring over books that debate logic and explore wordplay and definitely never encountered riddles in that format. Her father was pretty much checked out 24/7 so no way he ever taught her how to approach a word problem like that. And as for Nesta and Elain? They were busy trying everything not to feel, not to be in the situation they were in, let alone teach Feyre, for it would be an act of acknowledging just what they have lost to have to instruct her in the place of a governess. 

Riddles require a certain knack - the more you know and learn about, the better an understanding you have of the kind of abstract thinking that is required to solve them. It’s safe to assume that this is one of, or even THE first riddle Feyre has ever been met with. So no, she doesn’t know how to apply the correct way of thinking to it. 

More than that, if she grew up without that kind of education and word testing, she probably isn’t well adapted to any kind of language analysis.  That’s not to say she’s stupid, for there are many different kinds of intelligence. All this shows is that she never had the opportunity to learn in this area, and her brain may have developed in a different way as a result of minimal stimulation to those areas. This is especially common for those who suffer from neglect as a young age - the later in life you engage with certain types of learning (especially speech) the harder it is to ever learn them. 

To call her stupid for not being ‘smart’ in this one particular way is the epitome of the problem with our current education system. It focuses only on testing people’s intelligence and ‘usefulness’ in one very narrow way, which systematically discriminates against the underprivileged (especially, in our case, people of colour). 

Looking at the riddle itself, it is key to think about what the answer was: Love.

So it always seemed obvious to me why Feyre, even if she could utilize more abstract thinking, never would guess that answer.

It would be like asking a man who has never had water solve a riddle where the answer is ‘to be without thirst’. Never before has Feyre really felt love, her best grasp of it a long-faded memory of a time with her mother, and her present of a man who is abusive, and whom she is still struggling to accept her feelings for. 

Feyre taught herself how to hunt, how to skin animals, how to track beasts, how to manage finances, how to judge a person’s character, how to paint, how to fix whatever breaks around the house, how to stay warm through the winter. Did anyone ever explain these things to her? No. She learned on her own, because she had to, and despite being a literal fucking child WHO WAS STARVING AND NEGLECTED, it is her who has kept all four of them alive. 

So don’t you dare calling Feyre Motherfucking Archeron an idiot.


Raise your hopeful voice, you had the choice - you’ve made it now.