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Us Against the World

A/N: This is a direct sequel to Me Against You!! This takes place during Spiderman Homecoming, and much of the story is based solely on my knowledge of the trailer! When Spiderman Homecoming comes out, I might consider redoing this series so that it fits in with movie canon ( *whispers* If I get begged enough I’ll definitely consider redoing this based on the movie!! ). 


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You walk into a hall that’s plastered with Knights Rule posters and majorly congested, kids rushing in every direction, a ( red and blue ) beach ball being tossed around, laughter echoing. You must be walking too slowly, because several people try to mow you down.

In an act of self-preservation, you press into a wall of lockers. Soon the crowd will thin, and you can navigate your way without incident. As you wait, you try not to think about your old school three blocks over, and the fact, that after your last class, you wouldn’t be walking back with …

No way are you going there.


Your gaze shoots up from the floor to a rotund giant of a boy. “Ned!” You blurt out, eyes going glassy with horror.

Normally you would be happy to see one of your dearest friends, but not when you’ve just broken out of Wakanda to head back to Queens. It’s been close to a year since your fight with Peter; you’d hoped that your friends from your old neighborhood would forget about you, but it appears that Ned hasn’t. 

King T’Challa had sent papers to Midtown High’s principal, stating that you’d moved to Greenland to be with your ailing Grandmother. Everyone was under the impression that you were in Greenland, playing the dutiful granddaughter. No one knew you were hiding out back home – which makes you wonder how Ned had managed to track you down.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Please, no.” You chant desperately under your breath, grabbing Ned’s hand and dragging him into the first empty classroom you can find. “What the hell are you doing here? More importantly, how did you find me?”

He, at least, has the good grace to look ashamed. “I saw you heading into McDonald’s with some other kids. I asked around, found out a new student had transferred here. Figured it was you.”

“Did you tell Peter?” Your anxiety swells to a fever pitch. “Please tell me you didn’t tell Peter.”

“I . . . Didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure that it was you. But that’s why I’m here, actually.” Ned’s face is unusually serious. “Peter’s in trouble.”

You snort to yourself, moving over to sit on the teacher’s desk. “Please. Parker can handle himself.”

Ned stares at you. Initially, you grab your hands to steady them against his intense scrutiny. You’re not scared, no – but uncomfortable, definitely. Wordlessly, he hands you his phone. There’s a live feed on YouTube, already playing on the screen. There, in living colour, is Spiderman – no, Peter – arms and legs outstretched, straining with the effort of holding two halves of a metal ship together.

“Oh, crap,” You breathe. Peter, what have you done?

You quickly flick through Ned’s phone, only to find more videos and articles all talking about how the masked vigilante Spiderman was struggling to keep the Staten Island ferry from collapsing off the coast of New York. There are over two hundred people on that boat. People with lives of their own, families waiting … You feel an overwhelming urge to flee the room. You look to Ned, but he doesn’t say a word. His brow is furrowed. Instead, you hand Ned back his phone, swallowing back the instinct to rush over to Peter, quashing back the hopeful voice whispering that this is your chance to make up with him.

You cross your arms over your chest, fighting to keep your expression affected and superior, though objectively it’s neither affected nor superior. “No, no and no. There is no way that I’m going out to bat for Parker.”

You’ve managed to keep your low profile for two weeks. If you do this, there’s a chance your face could end up splashed all over the tabloids, the very thing that you’ve been trying so hard to avoid. You could be thrown back into – You shudder, fighting to keep your breathing from slipping into hyperventilation. No. No way.

“He needs help!” Ned protests. “He told me about Germany, and Peter said you were amazing –”

Now you want to slap Peter for being a snitch. Nobody likes a snitch. “Newsflash: I don’t do that anymore. I’m never using my powers again!”

And it was true. You’d kept to your word, locking your powers up where they belonged, where you could never use them again. Captain America had been firmly supportive, enveloping you in a warm and tight hug that nearly set you off crying again. Clint, Scott and Sam had all offered you words of encouragement, along with more warm hugs that had soothed you infinitely. Wanda Maximoff had given you odd, furtive looks when you’d announced your decision. You’d gotten the sense that she was sympathetic, that she knew all too well the fear of having powers that you couldn’t control and feared.

“You have to!”

“You can’t make me do anything!”

Shock flits across Ned’s face at your outburst; then, his face hardens and he turns to leave, but not before he tosses out over his shoulder, “He’s never stopped talking about you. Even after the two of you fought. He moped around for weeks after you left, you know. He liked you, he wanted to ask you to the prom. Now you’re just going to abandon him? I can’t believe you!”

“He liked me? Like, just as a friend, right?”

Ned doesn’t reply. But you’ve known him long enough to know his face when he’s screaming internally with panic. It’s obvious that he’s gone and revealed something he wasn’t supposed to. You watch Ned practically sprint out of the room with a twinge of guilt in your intestinal region.

You should be glad Ned’s gone. There’s no one around to bother you anymore.

But your mind is glued firmly on Peter, in over his head, struggling to save everyone.

“You’ve got class,” You remind yourself weakly. “Creative writing.”

But you’re already slinging your Anello pack over your shoulder and running out the door.

You’ve got a ship to catch.

You’ve blown sixty bucks on cab fare, but the cabbie had gotten you to Battery Park in less than half an hour, speeding like a bat out of hell the whole way there.

You’ve never been to the park before; if you were here for leisure, you would take in the sky that seems much bluer down here, the noise of the ferries, the seagulls wheeling overhead. But you’re not here for a relaxing picnic today. Your feet fall into step, heels barely touching the ground, toes pointed forward. You dash down cobblestone paths, pushing past stunned people, some of whom are running and screaming in panic, some of whom stand rooted to the spot, utterly transfixed by the sight of the famous Spiderman holding a crumbling ferry together with a mixture of sheer willpower and his spider webs. Someone elbows you in the back, and you tumble to the ground, scrambling off the ground after a minute of lying there, stunned. There are scrapes on your hands and knees, but it could be worse.

A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. “PETER!”

He might be hundreds of miles away, but you swear his head turns in the direction of your scream, as though he’s managed to pick it out from a crowd of thousands. His face remains tilted towards the spot where you stand, and you can’t help but wonder if he knows you’re here. Your ribs convulse and your lungs hold tightly to every millimeter of air so that you don’t sob in fear, which hasn’t happened since you were a kid. You’ll let your face turn blue before you let strangers see you cry.

“Peter,” You say again, your voice cracking like an adolescent boy’s, betraying the messy wad of emotions within you. “Peter.”

There’s no way he’ll be able to hold that together on his own.

Fear. It coats your mind like a sticky spider’s web. If word gets out, Thaddeus Ross could very well have you thrown back into that hell-hole of a prison. You could lose your freedom in one fell swoop. It would be so easy to run; to pretend that you never saw anything.

But you can’t. Peter needs you. And you know that if the situation were reversed, he wouldn’t even hesitate to help you. The two of you might have parted on bad terms, but however much you hate him for being Tony Stark’s lapdog, you know that you’ll hate yourself even more if you stand by and let him die.

Okay. Okay. I can do this. Focus.

The power burns beneath your skin, begging to be released. After a year of being locked up in the deepest recesses of your mind it snarls like a wild animal in a cage. You scream and thrust both hands outwards, forcing the powers that sleep deep inside to the surface.

Slowly, but surely, with the screaming of metal, the two halves of the ship start moving towards each other. You’ve taken some of the burden off Peter, but now it feels like you’re pushing and shoving against a brick wall that refuses to budge.

A sharp pain slices through your head, agonizing enough to make you whimper. You wipe at the thick, warm blood that gushes from your nose, wondering if this is the punishment that comes from a year of pretending that you were normal, that you weren’t a freak who should be locked up far, far away, where you couldn’t hurt anyone.

Your hands tremble. The ship groans, threatening to collapse, and more frantic screams split the air. You wonder if Peter’s one of them, screaming with the effort of holding three tons of metal together. Gritting your teeth against the pain, you shove the two halves back into place once again, sweat dribbling down your neck and into your collar. There is only one thought looping through your mind: Don’t let go. If you do, it’ll be the Titanic all over again. People will die. Peter will die.

And you know that if he does, you won’t ever recover.

You and Peter are still holding the boat together when Tony Stark comes swooping in.

Never in your life have you been so happy to see him.

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Hi Thank you for your post on the imposter syndrome! I actually want to study Computer science but I got scared and studied Network tech instead, not I really want to get back into computer science but I am still scared. Can you give some tips on overcoming it? Also what got you into computer science? why do you like it? how did you learn to like it? how did you know it was what you wanted? I am discouraged because I think I can't do it since I am a girl.


I’m happy my posts help people, that’s why I make them. :) As for your problem:

Don’t let our sexist society prevent you from doing what you love! They are wrong and it’s awful that girls and women are made to feel this way. The best thing we can do, in my opinion, is to show them that YES WE CAN do all these things. Yes we can become computer scientists, engineers, physicists, everything men say that women can’t do. Fuck them, what do they know?

That being said, I know it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to actually go through with it. So I think it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you afraid?
  • Are you afraid of what people might think if you fail?
  • Are you afraid of what you yourself would think if you failed?
  • Are you afraid of how people will treat you because you’re a girl?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen and why?

I think the answers will get you a whole lot closer to what you need to do to make yourself feel better about this. Regarding the different treatment, I can only really speak from my experience but I very rarely felt that people treated me like I couldn’t do things because I’m female. The professors never implied things like that girls are less intelligent/less capable of logical thinking/too emotional or anything. I rarely heard it from my classmates and then it was never an open “Girls can’t do this” but more general sexist remarks that you’ll find anywhere (sadly). I heard from a friend, though, that at her uni she’s the only engineering student in her year and her professors do say things like this so I’d say it depends. But please, don’t let this stop you from doing it in the first place! It’s okay to be angry and sad at this, it’s okay to go home or go to a bathroom and cry, as long as you come back out and do your best. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it when you achieve your goals.

About my love for computer science: I was always interested in computers. My mom was tech-savvy and taught us how to be, too. I started opening up computers to get out the hard drive or CD drive when I was in my early teens (although I don’t know a lot about hardware, really). I guess I never questioned that women can do all this because of my mom. My interest led me to experimenting with HTML and CSS (later), which led me to taking computer science classes in school which absolutely rocked - I was lucky to have a great female teacher, though. I just really, really liked programming and analytical thinking.

When I was finished with school I sat down to think about what I wanted to study. I weighed my options and ultimately decided to go with English and computer science, because I loved both. I didn’t know if it was the right thing for me, I just kinda went with the flow. I haven’t regretted it, though. Computer science encompasses so much, but I especially love the beauty of good code - when things seem to magically fit, when a simple solution is so elegant and so functional and so cleanly coded that you can’t help but admire whoever built it. I love understanding complex things, algorithms, architectures, because it makes me feel smart and because I can then use them to make more beautiful code. I love how you can learn one principle in one course and then see it used over and over in completely different areas of computer science because it is so useful and universal that it applies all over the place.

No, I didn’t like all my courses. Some where hard as hell and I’m sometimes amazed that I passed those, but in retrospect they’ve taught me a lot (looking at you, robotics and advanced graph algorithms…). Man, the amount of time I spent on my friend’s couch pulling my hair and cursing my professors… But, still, everywhere I looked the same principles where used, even if only in small parts. It was still all logical. So yeah, eventually I knew I wanted to keep doing that, keep making beautiful software, in a way striving for perfection. And yeah, I know it’s not always possible, and I’m also so lazy, but the satisfaction when you found the freaking bug and your code runs and it works is just so amazing. I had to grin so hard a few days ago when I got the Javascript program to do what I wanted (I think I actually pumped my fist into the air) - it was so good.

So I’m sorry if this post doesn’t help you all that much, I generally have a lot of self-esteem, especially about being intelligent (enough), so please just send me another ask if you need more help. You can also message me or write to me off anon so I can reply privately if you’d like that. Just remember that being a girl/woman hasn’t stopped me or my friends from studying computer science and getting degrees and loving it all. If you want to do it, you can. If you fail, you try something else.

Getting very tired of going in the tags all the time, only to be met with the attitude of “Flint/Thomas doesn’t mean as much/mean anything for representation because they didn’t bang on screen and all they got was a shadow kiss!!! All they did was read and drink tea!!! That’s not real representation!!!!”

I’m freaking exhausted. I’m so tired of hearing it.

Okay, so the m/m sexual side of things could be much better in the show, and I’m not arguing that. Should Flint be able to find love again? Absolutely, and I think even Thomas would not want him to suffer and be alone and miserable.

But you want to know what else is problematic in lgbt representation?

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There, now it’s fixed and a bit more fair, of course after pointing out pros and cons of both characters the “Why James was 1000% better than Severus” is arguable.

Original super biased post is here.

And people, if you ship snily you are not insane as the original author of this “thing” implied.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to like or dislike. Enjoy whatever fictional character/ship/whatever makes you happy. 

And if you don’t like something don’t be a bitch about it.

As John Locke used to say:

I don't even get why people are raising a shitstorm over the bi Cassandra/Cullen/Solas/etc mods.

Like really:

1. It’s not like they’re stealing your romance. It’s still there. Bi literally means they swing both ways.

2. For the people crying erasure, stop. Please. None of these characters lose any sort of major character traits, as opposed to if you turned Dorian straight, as a major part of his character hinges on being, as a matter of fact, gay.

3. If you don’t agree with a bi (insert canonically straight character here), the solution is really quite simple, and can be fixed w/ one easy step: Don’t download the mod.

4. Seriously, it’s not a big deal. Let the girls who like Cass or guys who like Cullen or whatever do their thing. It affects you in no way in the slightest.


In conclusion, don’t harass the people who made or downloaded these mods. Video games are supposed to be a source of joy, not pointless conflict. Just go have fun with whichever character you’re into.

Tumblr Battle #1
  • This bootleg issue has got me thinking, so I made a little parody of Cabinet Battle #1 to reflect the discourse going on right now. In this case, Jefferson is representing the pro-bootleg tumblrites, while Hamilton is well... Lin. I made a statement about this before, so the arguments in the battle are just reflective of what I've seen.
  • Enjoy.
  • Washington: The issue on the table. Hamilton4me's plan to release a bootleg for anyone to see. Secretary Jefferson, you have the floor.
  • Jefferson:
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • We fought for these ideals, we shouldn't settle for less.
  • These are wise words. Enterprising men quote em'.
  • Don't act surprised you guys cause I wrote em!
  • Yooo but y'all can't see.
  • Watching this musical ain't nevah gonna be.
  • We're too poor, or too far. Can't get there with one car.
  • So watching this bootleg is all that's left to me.
  • And don't give me shit about it Lin.
  • Let tell you something, man where to begin.
  • Your show flew, Moana's due, there's so that much you can do.
  • So why not let have us, the people, have this win.
  • Stand with me, in the land of the free, and pray to God that we can fix this inadequacy.
  • Listen when it comes to us, we're not choosy.
  • So we ain't gonna wait until you try an' sell that movie.
  • Washington: Thank you Secretary Jefferson. Secretary Hamilton, your response
  • Hamilton:
  • Thomas, that was real nice declaration. But can't you see this musical's going across the nation?
  • Don't you think I should have some pride for my creation?
  • Or should we just gut it and give it a nice cremation?
  • I understand to all my fans, who think their needs aren't part of my plans.
  • But listen. I'm doing everything I can, to land a HQ Hamilton straight into their hands.
  • Words of wisdom from a slaver, that's rich.
  • You're probably selling that bootleg. No hitch.
  • Don't try and lecture me 'bout morals, when you tried to go and make your own slaves, your bitch.
  • And another thing all you Tumblrites
  • Don't think that you're doing is anywhere near right.
  • I'm trying to invest in a way that's best to get you all a copy of the play, not Highlights!
  • Thomas Jefferson, tryna giving away my Hamilton.
  • Shame on him!
  • And anyone who is supporting him.
  • You jokers won't face me, you gotta use a pseudonym.
  • That argument's in worse shape than the national debt is in.
  • Sitting there useless as two shits.
  • Hey turn around bend over.
  • I'll show you where my shoe fits!
Let peridot love (also let people ship what makes them happy)

I am a multishipper, i only want peridot to be in love, she deserves love, I don’t care if it’s a normal ship or not, I ship her with everyone. Be proud of what you ship, it’s okay if never becomes canon, it has to make you happy.

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Texts- Harlow and Adriana
  • <p> <b>Harlow:</b> Well- my mom and Rogers would make a good couple and nope not throwing myself on that mix too. If that's what they want - who am I to judge them. And why are we talking about them now? I was talking about myself and my attraction to hot people- your just talking about my mother and Roger's sex life. Big difference. Are you seriously not letting that go? Contrary to popular belief you can't actually control who you are attracted to.<p/><b>Adri:</b> I just wanted you to get a glimpse of what I'm feeling but you're impossible. But you can control the things that leave your mouth. I hope my parents have a great sex life because sex makes you happy. Together or with other people. Just not you. Never you. And not at the same time. And definitely not with shoe laces and choking involved.<p/></p>

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Can I request an imagine where lance uses his awful pick up lines on the reader but instead of brushing him off like most, she's completely star struck at his "suave-ness". And everyone sans lance is like "I can't believe that line actually worked," and lance is just happy the cute girl likes his lameness? Omg this was super long but I just love your blog!💙

“So…” Lance started, trailing the word as you looked at him, “Did it hurt?”

You cocked your head and looked at him in confusion. 

“When you fell from Heaven?” Lance asked flirtatiously, rolling his eyebrows.

You let out a giggle and dramatically flipped your hair. “Why, it did!”

Lance eyes widened at you reaction. Most of the people who he used cheesy lines on would scoff and walk away, dismissing his interests as simple flirting. But you, you were different.

Ok I'm upset

Yet another amazing artist got their tumblr account deleted for no fucking reason. Matsutrash. Apparently there’s some false accusations of them posting underage porn but obviously they never did that. And right now I’m just so upset.
This needs to fucking stop. Anti’s are acting like children and accusing people of fake shit. They’ve already gotten more than a few artists’ account deleted and that’s not cool man. These people work hard, using up their time and energy to provide something for their followers and theirselves. It’s their happiness. Why would anyone want to take that away. Cut all this bullshit about what you can and cannot ship, mind your own fucking business and let people do what makes them happy.
People are actually afraid to do art and be on social media because they’re afraid of harassment and being deleted. Leave the fandom if it upsets you so damn much. Jesus Christ like seriously I’m so upset right now.

the signs as mean girl quotes
  • Aires: "BOO you whore"
  • Taurus: "She doesn't even go here"
  • Gemini: "On Wednesdays we wear pink"
  • Cancer: "Glen coco! You go Glen Coco!"
  • Leo: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help that I'm popular"
  • Virgo: "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!!"
  • Libra: "I wish I could bake a cake with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy"
  • Scorpio: "I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him"
  • Sagittarius: "Is butter a carb?"
  • Capricorn: "You smell like a baby prostitute"
  • Aquarius: "Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang"
  • Pisces: "So if you're from Africa why are you white?"
It actually is quiet annoying how people cannot let Russia (or rather Polina Gagarina and her team) have their second place. Whether you want to believe it or not people in Russia do not want war and destruction. Nobody does. So why the hell can't people let a singer be happy about her achievement just because the country she is from is in a political dispute at the moment?! A society that wants tolerance and respect is being extremely unfair und intolerant. Think about it.

But of course congratulations to Sweden! Definitely deserved! Amazing song, amazing performance and a very handsome singer!

literally every reylo/anti argument i see online
  • Reylo: Why do you hate it so much?
  • Reylo: We don't know for sure if Rey's a Skywalker. In fact from what we've seen so far, there's more of a chance of her NOT being related to the Skywalkers/Solos than-
  • Reylo: Okay, so Kylo imprisoned Rey, read her mind, made her faint and freeze with the Force, and pushed her into a tree, and she shot at him several times and gave him some scars in a lightsaber duel, but a lot of these things were in self defense on his side, and he could've done a lot worse to her if he wanted to. They're pretty even, so how is it any more abusive than Kylux? Oh right, I forgot, relationships between two men are always okay, only male/female ships can be abusive. And how about Anidala? I ship that too but everyone seems to think it's perfectly fine that he choked his pregnant wife. It's not funny to compare it to abuse, because a lot of shippers are abuse survivors and-
  • Reylo: How? He got his ass handed to him by her. SHE KICKED HIS ASS. Just because the message is forgiveness and redemption doesn't mean it's sexist or-
  • Reylo: Why, because she's not with Finn or a girl? I respect people who ship Finnrey and headcanon Lesbian Rey, I don't mind those at all, but when you accuse them of racism and homophobia because they like something else too, that's going a bit too far...why can't you just ignore the shippers and let them be happy? Why do you have to post hate in the Reylo tag and directly attack talented contributors to the fandom that create beautiful art? You can hate it, I don't mind, everyone has different opinions, but why must you force them on others and insult people who think differently?

“ Guys I think ___ has a girlfriend. “

“ No but seriously  ____ has a girlfriend I have proof! I saw them with ___! “


Idk maybe it’s because it’s no ones business? lol?

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not gonna lie, i've been considering leaving tumblr. People are so rude and trying to force their opinions too much. No one can just let others be happy, they need to point out flaws or why somethings is "problematic" hell even with david bowie passing, people are like "you can't mourn him bc he said.." you didn't give a shit about what he said before he died so why did you care now. I'm frustrated at this site so much

i know right??? tumblr is becoming really extremist at this point, to the extent that it’s really starting to support censorship - and that freaking terrifies me. 

i mean like, for example, though feeling objectified by a man horrible and shitty, seeing organized masses of people on tumblr saying that women are superior to men or saying that all straight white boys are trash (and to the people who say that: you’ve clearly never met my little brother, who is a straight white boy but is also the sweetest ray of sunshine you don’t deserve to meet) and then hunting down and harassing anyone with a different opinion, is significantly more horrifying to me

here’s the thing: sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic people are awful. don’t get me wrong, i think their opinions are horrible and i’d do whatever’s in my power to avoid them at all costs. But at the same time, THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR OPINION. 

just because they have a shitty opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to march about on tumblr, all self-righteous, making public call out posts so that they get hit with tons of hate mail and death threats, forcing them to either change their opinion or you ruin their lives.

also this whole culture where, some jerk (who is often of a lower economic class, and lives in a condition wherein saying things that we perceive as offensive are the norm so, even if its a shitty thing to say, they kind of don’t know any better) says something problematic on social media and they and their employers are immediately hit with an onslaught of internet sjws demanding they get fired, and then they do and they lose their jobs and their homes, which subsequently screws up their childrens lives too… and tumblr is 100% in support of this and tbh i find that disgusting

One of my favourite quotes by Voltaire is “I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.”

the sjws of tumblr need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that this culture they’re creating of “believe what i believe or i will attack you” is fucking censorship

also i’m really horrified by the david bowie thing holy fuck are people actually saying that??

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That ace feel where your celebrity crush that you adore beyond reason could be all "lets bang" and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and you're like. nope, can't, can't do it. nu hunh. And then you feel like there must be something seriously wrong with you because who SAYS that?!?!?! Or you know, being hella ace, but all your fantasies have to involve sex somehow cause you can't ever see anyone giving it up just to be with you, cause why would they? Yeah.


Also there are plenty of people who are happy without sex, ace or otherwise. 

okay let’s get one thing straight

as much as i love my ships and headcanons, if blizz is smart they’re never going to make any one particular ship canon to the lore imo. one of the best things about this game is that it allows so many different headcanons for that very reason because romance isn’t an integral part of the canon.

so can we stop being salty over a few new interaction lines? let the people whose ships they support celebrate, and to everyone else, you keep doing your thing too.

  • Farkle: Maya, what's going on with you? You've been really quiet and distant.
  • Maya: Farkle, what's going on with you? You've been really quiet and distant.
  • Farkle: No, I haven't.
  • Maya: Well neither am I.
  • Farkle: Why are you avoiding Riley?
  • Maya: Why are you avoiding Riley?
  • Farkle: What are you talking about? I've been by her side the entire time.
  • Maya: And so have I.
  • Farkle: Why are you hiding your feelings from her?
  • Maya: Why are you hiding your feelings from her?
  • Farkle: Stop That!
  • Maya: Then stop with the questions!
  • Farkle: You tell her yourself or I will.
  • Maya: What about you? When are you going to confess your feelings?
  • Farkle: This isn't about me! It's about-
  • Maya: This is about you! If you care about me, go tell Riley you love her!
  • Farkle: I care about you and if you care about me, YOU go tell Riley you love her!
  • Maya: Stop putting this on me, Minkus!
  • Farkle: You're the one who keeps repeating everything I say!
  • Maya: Well, why should you tell me what to do and give me advice if you won't even live up to it yourself, huh?
  • Farkle: Fine, I'm in love with Riley. There. Are you happy? Now your turn.
  • Maya: I'm in love with Riley Matthews, my best friend.
  • Farkle: Our best friend.
  • Maya: What are we going to do?
  • Farkle: I'm not sure. All these feeling are-
  • Maya: They're not new.
  • Farkle: What?
  • Maya: We've both been in love with her since the beginning. We just reused to acknowledge it so we suppressed it until we exploded.
  • Farkle: So now we know how we feel. But Riley, we don't know how she feels.
  • Maya: Yeah, we do. She likes Lucas. It's always been Lucas for her. You said so yourself that she's still in like with him and now, they're dating. Isn't that just great?
  • Farkle: She's in like with him, that's only for now. Lucas is her first boyfriend. We don't know how long that's going to last, we're her best friends. We've been together for years. She loves us. It all just comes down to who she's in love with?
  • Maya: Looks like you're not as good as your promise.
  • Farkle: Huh?
  • Maya: You promised to love us both the same, but you chose Riley. You've always chosen Riley.
  • Farkle: So have you. You were in a triangle and even though Lucas and Riley picked each other, even though you never had feelings for Lucas like that. All this time you've been protecting Riley and wanting to make sure Lucas could pursue her happiness. You always choose Riley's happiness over your own.
  • Maya: She's Riley Matthews. A literal ray of sunshine, she deserves everything good in this world. Of course, her happiness matters more than my own because she deserves it more than me.
  • Farkle: But Maya, you can't keep putting someone else's happiness before your own.
  • Maya: I could say the same to you. It feels like being broken from the inside.
  • Farkle: Why though? We let her walk away and we're left feeling empty.
  • Maya: Because we leave pieces of ourselves in the people that we love.
  • Farkle: How do you get them back?
  • Maya: You don't. The only way to fill in the cracks is for people to trust you with their given pieces. I think that's how it works.
  • Farkle: You have me. Feel free to use me as you see fit, remember?
  • Maya: It might be different this time, but thanks Farkle. You have me too.
  • Farkle: What about Lucas?
  • Maya: What about him?
  • Farkle: What do you think about him?
  • Maya: Same as always, he's still a Huckleberry and sometimes I want to hurt him, but he's my friend and Riley's boyfriend so it's not like I can do anything about it. What about you?
  • Farkle: He's a Freak Face! But he's our friend and if there's one thing we have in common with him is that we want Riley to be happy.
  • Maya: I told Lucas to go tell Riley that he loved her at the Ski Lodge and he didn't do it.
  • Farkle: Yeah, but we told her we loved her ever since we all met. He's new at this, give him time.
  • Maya: Except it's different now. If one of us ever confess, how do you suggest we tell her we love her in a different way?
  • Farkle: You're an artist, you could express your feelings to her in that way. Me, I'm not entirely sure how I go about-
  • Maya: Creatively. Creativity feeds science, science feeds creativity. You're a genius, you're a real boy, not a robot. Feelings are stronger than science. For you, that can be overwhelming, but science doesn't always explain people. Sometimes you have to feel what you need to feel and that's the truth. The truth is always the best thing and it comes out one way or another, so no matter how long we keep this a secret from Riley, she's going to find out. I don't know how, but she will.
  • Farkle: So shouldn't we tell her ourselves instead of waiting for the universe to explode and give away our secret?
  • Maya: You're right. But knowing and accepting this new part of me is hard. If I tell her, the world we once known could change. Nature changes. People change. The three of you are my safe place and if Riley leaves...
  • Farkle: She won't. Because she loves you, she always have.
  • Maya: She's always loved you too. She may not say it as much when you're around, but she appreciates you for a lot of reasons.
  • Farkle: I guess this makes us a broken duo?
  • Maya: You just have to own it, then it won't make you feel so bad. We're perfect imperfections.
  • Farkle: Life as we know it is changing, Maya.
  • Maya: Scared?
  • Farkle: I don't know just yet, you?
  • Maya: I don't know. I don't know if I got her anymore.
  • Farkle: Me either, but you're Pluto. I don't think she'll ever stop believing in Pluto, in you.
  • Maya: And if she does, promise me one thing.
  • Farkle: What?
  • Maya: That you two both do your thing. Both of you go get in a rocket ship and become the first couple to ever be on Mars.

iheartbloodsuckers  asked:

Why can't people be happy for all the girls? Yes Camila has done multiple singles, so what, she's still with the group and hasn't said anything about leaving. You people just love to assume that the girls are feuding with each other or that the girls are unhappy. Let time show us what's gonna happen with them and stop hating on them especially on Camila she's constantly said making music is her happiness and she's happy let her be HAPPY FOR FUCKS SAKE. Alright enough ranting for the night ✌🏻️