why can't you do it on a school day

aftg characters as b99 quotes
  • neil: if i had a mic right now, i would drop it.
  • andrew: it's very embarrassing having feelings.
  • kevin: [you're so good at this stuff.] i know, i'm good at everything.
  • aaron: school is cool. that's why it rhymes.
  • nicky: i'm 23, i'm a celebrity, and today, i'm gonna die!
  • dan: i feel like a proud mama hen whose baby chicks have learned to fly!
  • matt: don't give candy to a baby! they can't brush their teeth.
  • allison: [hey, do you carry a hairbrush in your purse?] of course. i'm not an animal.
  • renee: you're looking at the undisputed bubble weight champion.
  • riko: my mother cried the day i was born because she knew she would never be better than me.
  • jean: i am way too sleep-deprived to deal with your negativity right now.
  • wymack: look at that. you've helped me find my smile.

Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

The Signs as Mom Lines
  • Aries: Who threatened you at school? Where do they live!? *sharpens knife, runs out of house and off into the distance*
  • Taurus: i packed your lunch and some snacks for you. if you're still hungry just give me a call and i'll bring you some Taco Bell.
  • Gemini: i'm not like most moms ;) i'm a cool mom.
  • Cancer: I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE.
  • Leo: want to go shopping after school? i can't carry ALL the bags by myself haha
  • Virgo: if you didn't sleep in so late you might actually have time to do productive things with your day
  • Libra: *walks into kids school with starbucks* i'm so sorry i'm late honey, i got so distracted.
  • Scorpio: you have to the count of three you little fucking asshole. why don't you ever want to hang out with me lol?
  • Sagittarius: ew. you are NOT wearing that to school. go fucking change
  • Capricorn: Idc if you're 12, you will get a job and learn the value of a dollar, you little jellybean
  • Aquarius: lmfao show me that one youtube video again
  • Pisces: Honey, I think you're so special and unique. I love you so much. Oh, wait. What was i saying again? I can't remember but i think you're so awesome

Sometimes I feel that voltage men understand you better than human beings

  • me playing SSH in 2009, young and innocent: wow this is so cool :) i love how detailed the museum is, it feels like it could be a real exhibit
  • me playing SSH in 2017, having worked in actual museums and knowing a little something about How Tourists Do: oh my god. what the FUCK. why is half of your exhibit locked behind doors that require playing games to complete. who the fuck is going to want to do that. crowd control?? hello?? everyone bunching around the games, fighting for a turn, then bunching around the itty-bitty doors, swiping their cards one at a time, to go down narrow rickety stairs?? all while fighting the people going back UP the narrow rickety stairs to find more answers in the exhibit??DISASTER. DISGRACE. and the fucking TEMPLE STAIRS??? henrik's not going to be the only one in the hospital after your first school group tears through there. we're very sorry, mrs. johnson, timmy took a swan dive after his classmates got a little too hype about the whole "human sacrifice" thing. no we didn't have any railings or barriers why do you ask. ACCESSIBILITY??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??? EVERYONE CAN DO STAIRS AND NAVIGATE NARROW CORRIDORS, NO PROBSIES. OH YOU CAN'T?? GUESS YOU'LL MISS HALF OF THE EXHIBIT YOU PAID TO SEE, BUMMER. WAIT WHY ARE YOU MAD AT US. beech hill is fucking screwed, y'all. i would not be on that staff on opening day if you paid me a million fucking dollars. pandemonium. anarchy. angry sweaty tourists. rascal rebellion, indeed.
Vampire Diaries {Sentence Starters}
  • "Your hair's different; I like it."
  • "I know that you can't change who you are, but you don't belong here anymore."
  • "I shouldn't have come home."
  • "The rest of the world has moved on. You should try, too."
  • "Today will be different. It has to be."
  • "They follow you. You can't escape them - as much as you want to."
  • "I will smile, and it will be believable."
  • "For over a century, I have lived in secret. Until now."
  • "I need you to be afraid of me. I need you to run like hell, do you understand me?!"
  • "Do you wanna hear the bad news, or the really bad news?"
  • "Why did you come back after all this time? Why now?"
  • "I'll be downstairs. Drinking."
  • "I know it's late, but I needed to know if you're okay."
  • "I'm not going to give up on you. I believe in you."
  • "Not in the mood! Today's been a no-good, very-bad day."
  • "You're really going to run this whole psychic thing into the ground, huh?"
  • "Why would you risk it? Why would you come here?"
  • "Don't embarrass me, young man!"
  • "I don't hurt people. I don't do that."
  • "If you're just gonna mock me, could you move along, please?"
  • "Aren't you a little old for a high school carnival?"
  • "Hey! If you want to forget it happened, fine. But I can't."
  • "I can't tell you what to do. But coming back here was a mistake."
  • "Let go of me before I cause a scene."
  • "You're taking a stupid risk. I could hurt you."
  • "Yes. You're a complete nuisance."
  • "I have so many emotions, but I don't have any way to express them."
  • "You touch her and I swear I will never speak to you again."
  • "Indulge me for a little while, please?"
  • "Don't pout. It’s not attractive in a woman your age."
  • "What do you know about werewolves?"
  • "I know I'm the last person you wanna see right now, but I need you to come with me."
  • "You were running from something. What was it?"
  • "I've no secrets. Only dirty shame."
The 1975 sentence starters
  • "Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war."
  • "Go sit on the bed because I know that you want to."
  • "You've got pretty eyes, but I know you're wrong."
  • "Get in the shower if it all goes wrong."
  • "I swear there's a ghost."
  • "I feel like I'm just treading water."
  • "I love the house that we live in."
  • "I love you all too much."
  • "I've got a woman now."
  • "This one's on the house."
  • "It all tastes the same, but there's something different about your mouth."
  • "You try chasing dreams, it's harder than it seems."
  • "Stick another pill in my head and go to bed."
  • "We're not doing it again, so leave it."
  • "I wanna see you, but you're not mine."
  • "You think we're doing it again, keep dreaming."
  • "Yeah my shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back."
  • "She's got a boyfriend anyway."
  • "All we seem to do is talk about sex."
  • "He's got a funny face, but I like that 'cause he still looks cool."
  • "Does he take care of you or could I easily fill his shoes?"
  • "If we're gonna do anything we might as well just fuck."
  • "And you're a liar, at least all of your friends are."
  • "It's my party and I'll cry to the end."
  • "You must try harder than kissing all of my friends."
  • "You're alive, at least as far as I can tell you are."
  • "And it's not my fault that I fucked everybody here."
  • "Do you wanna dance?"
  • "It's no fun if you've only a bottle of wine."
  • "Yeah, I want you."
  • "I'm so high, I think I love you."
  • "I was thinking about leaving again, it all depends."
  • "Are we just friends?"
  • "We go where nobody knows."
  • "Oh, my hair smells like chocolate."
  • "Stop looking at my friends."
  • "Write another song about your friends."
  • "I love you, don't you mind."
  • "I think I've lost a lot of my friends."
  • "Well fuck me if you must then."
  • "Treat me like an old friend."
  • "I'm not scared."
  • "I used to think you're cool and I believed you had a wonderful vision."
  • "I was always looking for a way to get out."
  • "You just write about sex and killing yourself and how you hardly ever went to school."
  • "I'm falling for you."
  • "Maybe you'll change your mind."
  • "I'll take you one day at a time, soon you will be mine."
  • "Do you fancy sitting down with me? Maybe?"
  • "I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck."
  • "I can't believe that we're talking about him."
  • "Why do you talk so loud?"
  • "I think you're trying too hard."
  • "I've been thinking lots about your mouth."
  • "I forgot to call you."
  • "I remember that I like you, no matter what I found."
  • "It's nice to have your friends round."
  • "It's just you and I tonight."
  • "Gotta love the way you love yourself."
  • "You got something to say? Why don't you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head?"
  • "I don't seem to be having any effect now."
  • "I guess I'll never learn 'cause I stay another hour or two."
  • "You know I can't be found with you."
  • "I'm so fixated on the girl with the soft sound and hair all over the place."
  • "You're cold and I burn."
  • "She had a face straight outta magazine."
  • "Babe, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."
  • "I'll give you one more time."
  • "You've got a pretty kind of dirty face."
  • "Babe, you look so cool."
  • "What's the fun in doing what you're told?"
  • "I could persuade you."
  • "I'm not your typical, stoned 18 year old."
  • "Girl, I'm not your savior."
  • "They're just girls."
  • "One moment I was tearing off your blouse, now you're living in my house."
  • "What happened to just messing around?"
  • "You just sit and get stoned with 30 year olds and you think you've made it."
  • "Well, shouldn't you be fucking with somebody your age?"
  • "I told you from the start, I'll break your heart."
  • "She's definitely got the style."
  • "I'd like to say you've changed, but you're always the same."
  • "I'd love you to stay but that's simply insane."
  • ""Well, I think I'll say a couple of words if you don't mind..."
  • "You've seen so many faces that I've never seen before."
  • "We're never gonna lie to you."
  • "I know it's me that's supposed to love you."
  • "Is there somebody who can love you?"

Tamaki Suoh + Pink!
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Peter Pan (2003) STARTERS
  • "Me? Forget? Never."
  • "I'm afraid I am not learned at all."
  • "I'll show you the road to dusty death."
  • "Would they send me to school?"
  • "She'd rather grow up than stay with you."
  • "You can't catch me and make me a man."
  • "But I do know a thing or two about pirates."
  • "She can't hear you. She can't see you. She's forgotten all about you."
  • "I do believe in fairies!"
  • "Boy, why are you crying?"
  • "All children grow up... except one."
  • "If they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent to the Neverland."
  • "Proud and insolent youth, prepare to meet thy doom."
  • "Oh, what a marvellous name!"
  • "Don't you know what a kiss is?"
  • "I know what you are!"
  • "I am the best there ever was!"
  • "You're a tragedy."
  • "There is another in your place."
  • "He is called... husband."
  • "Are mermaids not sweet?"
  • "Like all surprise attacks, it must be conducted..."
  • "She's not very polite."
  • "One night, I heard my mother and father talking of what I was to be when I became a man."
  • "One girl is worth more than boys."
  • "I don't have a mother."
  • "My new obsession is you."
  • "Things were simpler when I was younger."
  • "You cannot make me!"
  • "If I were you, I'd give up."
  • "If you were me, I'd be ugly."
  • "Discipline. That's what fathers believe in."
  • "Of course I missed you."
  • "You won't forget me, will you?"
  • "Will you come back?"
  • "Old. Alone. Down for."

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So I work for galaxy bucks and our store manager is the worst. Refusing to let people change shifts or have off for school no matter how in advance you ask, penalising you when you do take a day off, changing corporate policy and then throwing you under the bus when the DM asks why things are being done wrong. There's a case against her with corporate right now but everyone is quitting or just walking out and I'm terrified for my job since I can't really afford to leave. Any advice to survive?

If you’re feeling down or stressed, friends, remember to take a moment for yourself. Everything will be okay. You are doing brilliantly. You’ve come so far and I am so proud of you. I hope you’re proud of yourself, you should be. So take some time to take care of yourself then remember why you started in the first place. You can do this ✨☺

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So my SD live in Washington & I live in Canada, he want to fly me out to see him for 3 days, I have school& work so that's why it can't be long, it's our first meet too. He offered 1k but I want to make it 1.5k-2k.. is that reasonable? How do I raise that on him?

Hi there,

Is he expecting intimacy for 1k? I honestly feel like you should ask him for more (closer to $2k if not more) because it is for THREE days. Which means he is providing you with $333 a day, and we know what isn’t much. How much time are you going to spend with him during those three days? Is he providing you with an allowance meanwhile you are there as well?

There are just so many different factors, but please be careful. I would request for my own hotel room as well. Just be open and honest, tell him that you are making a lot of sacrifices to go on this trip, and you would like him to provide more, otherwise it’s not worthwhile.

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Hi zoë it's very late and I'm having a rough night. I didn't really have anyone else rn so that's why I'm here. I've been having a horrible semester at school. I'm failing everything and I don't even know if I'll graduate. I'm horribly depressed and suicidal and every time it seems to get better it just gets worse again. I don't know what to do I feel so hopeless. I try to tell myself it's ok to fail sometimes but I can't make myself believe it. Idk. I just need a word of encouragement.

hi love you have GOT TO KEEP FIGHTING keep pushing forward even if the most youre doing a day is just surviving KEEP GOING keep your head up youre so close to the end just because youre having a bad semester does not mean next semester will be bad or that all semesters will be bad Its just One Bad Semester ANON I LOVE YOU AND BELIEVE IN YOU

Can't Comunicate

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister and you are mute.

Dean drops you off at a new school, again. Another nightmare was going to start. Dean always tells you to just let the day pass and ignore the others and do your thing. You’ve tried this, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, depends on the school. Some of them have been actually great, made a ‘friend’, some of them you would make some enemies, which you couldn’t understand why.
“Hello class. This is (Y/N) Winchester” the director introduced you to the class “she’s a transfer student”.
The teenagers don’t say a word, they stare at you, no, examine you like you are a lab rat. You sit at the only empty desk in the front row. Even though you can’t see the other students, you can feel their eyes on you.
The director says something to the director, something you know too well. Even though you can’t hear him you know exactly what he is saying.
‘This girl is mute’.
You’ve been mute since you were six month old, out of nowhere, after the fire, you couldn’t make a sound. The doctor said they didn’t know why this is happening, but they’re most logical theory is the fire. Since you were pre-matured, your vocal cords were more sensible and with all the smoke, it all died down, but your father has another theory. The monster that killed Mary Winchester, your mother. You learned a few things about sign language, you and Sam sometimes comunicate that way. But Dean and your father are always working and doesn’t have time to learn. Now that Sam is gone at Stanford, you don’t use sign language anymore.
“This is weird” a voice came from behind her “I wonder why they don’t send her to a special school”.
“Shut up, Marty” a girl replied in a whisper “I heard mute people can hear better than us”
“Sure?” The boy asked “this would be kindda cool, but she is kindda freaky. You see what she’s wearing? I’m sure she lost her voice in a satanic thing”.
“She does look weird”.
You sigh focusing on what the teacher is saying. You’ve heard these comments way too many times now, and yes you are sick of it, but you can’t replied. You did a few times by punching, but this didn’t help. You’d go back at the motel and John would be awfully mad.
‘Keep a head up, little girl’ Dean’s voice said in your head ‘they are the freaks’.
‘They are just scared because they don’t know’ Sam’s voice came up.

At the end of the day, you were going crazy. All the comments in the hallways and the funny looks you were getting was going to drive you mad. You were at one other stare to text Dean to come and get you. It’s only lunch time and you’ve never felt so ashamed of being mute.
You look up from your book seeing someone pointing at you and he’s friend looking at you frowning.
That’s it.
You: Dean, can you come and get me early?
Dean: Why? What’s wrong?
You: They keep staring at me and pointing and saying I’m a freak. Dean, I can’t take this anymore.
Dean: Look, Dad is leaving in an hour, and I’m going to get you after.
You: Thanks.
One hour. That’s all you had to wait, but for you it was way too long. You go outside the school and find yourself a place to sit under this big tree. You watch the wind blowing away the leaves on the ground.

“(Y/N)” a voice called.
You turn your head towards the voice seeing Dean walking towards you. You give him a small smile and get up. You both get in the car where Dean takes a moment looking in front of him.
“(Y/N), you know I can’t come and get you each time kids are being kids. You know, they are freaks”.
You nod.
“But, after the other school, you should get a break. Why don’t we go mini golf, huh?”
You smile happily with enthusiasm and nod.
“Well, here we go then”.
Dean starts the engine and drive away.

After school.
  • Kise: Shoot, I forgot to bring my umbrella.
  • Kuroko: Kise-kun...
  • Kise: Ah! Kurokocchi!
  • Kuroko: What are you doing here, Kise-kun?
  • Kise: Ahaha, I forgot my umbrella at home and didn't check the morning forecast.
  • Kuroko: That's so lame.
  • Kise: How mean-ssu! Ah! Could it be that Kurokocchi also forgot his umbrella?
  • Kuroko: Yes, I forgot mine. The rain starts late after school and I didn't know I'll be spending the whole afternoon in the club so I didn't bring one.
  • Kise: Oh.. It's so like you, Kurokocchi.
  • Kuroko: I guess we have to wait for the rain to stop.
  • Kise: Y-yeah, we should.... Uwaah, Kurokocchi and I? I can't calm down. I can't calm down.
  • Aomine: Ouu! It's Tetsu and Kise! Why are you guys here?
  • Kuroko: Aomine-kun, Murasakibara-kun, Akashi-kun, Midorima-kun, hello.
  • Aomine: Oi, Kise...
  • Kuroko: Don't disturb him. He's mumbling incoherent words.
  • Aomine: Hah?
  • Midorima: Unbelievable.
  • Kuroko: It's rare for Midorima-kun to forget his umbrella.
  • Midorima: I didn't. Akashi destroyed it.
  • Aomine: Why would you do that?!
  • Akashi: It's lonely without Shintaro.
  • Midorima: That reason is way too suck, Akashi!
  • Murasakibara: Arara, I've seen this situation before.
  • Aomine: Hah?
  • Murasakibara: Group of friends, stuck in the school, were no one else is there, and after that... the following days, they were a goner.
  • Kuroko: ... Aomine-kun, what are you doing?
  • Aomine: Uh, I thought there's something on your back so I checked it out.
  • Midorima: Ridiculous, there's no such thing like-- kyaah!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kise: That's a loud shout, Midorimacchi.
  • Aomine: Ah, you're back from the reality.
  • Murasakibara: But that's like a girl shout~
  • Midorima: It-It was not me.
  • Akashi: It was clearly you, though.
  • Midorima: Enough. We need to think of a way to get out of here.
  • Akashi: With a strong lighting blow a while ago, I don't think it's safe to wait here.
  • ----
  • Kise: Why are you guys even here? And where are we going?
  • Midorima: To the shogi room. There's plenty of board games and books there to keep us entertain.
  • Aomine: You're fantasizing about Tetsu and you, huh? Oi, Kise, that kind of scene only happens in Shoujo Manga.
  • Murasakibara: Yeep~ Like one of us will be gone.
  • Midorima: Why are you so into that kind of plot?
  • Akashi: We have to hurry or else Atsushi's theory might come true.
  • Aomine: You're scared, aren't you? Haha! Tetsu, Akashi is-- Tetsu?
  • Everyone: ...... It came true!!!
  • Kise: Uwaaah, Kurokocchi?! Where are you?!
  • Midorima: This is ridiculous. That guy is hard to find.
  • Akashi: For now, let's find Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko: ... But, I was right behind Murasakibara-kun. I guess I'll head to the shogi room first.
  • ----
  • Kise: It's impossible. We searched every room and we couldn't find him!
  • Aomine: Tetsu is not a kid to get separated from us, though.
  • Murasakibara: It's happening!
  • Midorima: Like I said, why are you so into that?
  • Akashi: Let's split into two groups. Shintaro and Murasakibara in the gym and lower floor of the school. Daiki, Ryouta, and me will be on the upper floor. Got it?
  • Everyone: YEAH!
  • ----
  • Midorima: This is hopeless. What if that guy ran away and went home?
  • Murasakibara: But it's raining hard outside. See?
  • Midorima: Kuroko is not the type to forget things, though.
  • Murasakibara: But he was waiting with Kise-chin in the entrance. Besides, Mido-chin, why are you holding onto my shirt?
  • Midorima: I might get lost.
  • Murasakibara: Eehh?
  • ----
  • Aomine: Wow, this floor is scary as hell. None a single light was on.
  • Kise: It's creepy but don't you think Kurokocchi is scared?
  • Akashi: It's the opposite.
  • Aomine: You have no idea what happened back when we visited this haunted house. Tetsu did most of the work, though. He scared the hell out of us.
  • Kise: Kurokocchi does?!
  • Akashi: Hold on... What's that?
  • Aomine & Kise: W-where?
  • Akashi: Is that a light?
  • Aomine: Oi, Akashi, don't scare us like that.
  • Kise: I'm scared-ssu.
  • Akashi: It's coming...
  • Everyone: NYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
  • ----
  • Midorima: What's that?!
  • Murasakibara: What's what, Mido-chin?
  • Midorima: Didn't you hear that? Someone was shouting!
  • Murasakibara: Eehh? I didn't hear that.
  • Midorima: O-oi, Murasakibara. How about we head to the shogi room and just wait for them to come back?
  • Murasakibara: But Kuro-chin might not know the way to the shogi room. And Mido-chin...
  • Midorima: What?
  • Murasakibara: Please walk on your feet. Don't cling on my neck.
  • ----
  • Aomine: Haaa.. haaaa... t-that was.. what-what was that?!
  • Kise: It's a ghost-ssu! It's a ghost-ssu!!
  • Aomine: Stop shouting you stupid! It might be Midorima or Murasakibara!! Right Aka--
  • Aomine & Kise: ....
  • Kise: A-Aominecchi...
  • Aomine: Man, this is so troublesome!!
  • Kise: It's like Ghost-san is slowly taking our friends one by one-ssu!
  • Aomine: That's impossible! Akashi might ran to a different route! And don't call a ghost like that!!
  • ----
  • Akashi: Ha... haaa..... haaaaa... Now, where am I? Huh? Eh? Haaa?! Tetsuya?!
  • Kuroko: Hello, Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: Wait, huh? Where were you?! We were looking for you.
  • Kuroko: I didn't go anywhere, though. I was right behind Murasakibara-kun and all of you suddenly ran to a different way. So I decided to wait in the shogi room.
  • Akashi: All this time...
  • Kuroko: Yes, Akashi-kun. I came to get you guys but Aomine-kun and Kise-kun ran away from me. That hurts.
  • Akashi: They thought you were a ghost.
  • Kuroko: That's so mean.
  • ----
  • Murasakibara: Mido-chin, Mido-chin. Is that I think it is?
  • Midorima: Oi, Murasakibara, don't scare me!!
  • Murasakibara: No, look. It's a light. It's coming over to us.
  • Midorima: U...uhh.. Run, Murasakibara! Run!
  • Murasakibara: Huuh? Why? And stop pulling my hair!
  • Midorima: Ngghh... It's coming over!! It's getting closer! Run I said!
  • Murasakibara: I'm not a horse! And stop tightening your legs around my waist. It's killing me!
  • Midorima: It's here!!
  • Murasakibara: Eeehh. Arara~ It's Kuro-chin.
  • Kuroko: Hello, Murasakibara-kun, Midorima-kun.
  • Midorima: Kuroko?!
  • Akashi: Wow, Shintaro. You got Atsushi to give you a piggy back? He never agrees to let me do that.
  • Murasakibara: He forcefully do it, though~
  • Midorima: How did you find him, Akashi?
  • Akashi: He found me instead. Besides, he didn't literally disappear. He was right behind
  • Atsushi.
  • Midorima: Uh, I see.
  • Murasakibara: Since we found Kuro-chin, Mido-chin... can you go down now?
  • ----
  • Kuroko: The rain stops.
  • Midorima: The rain stop this late? Shall we head home?
  • Murasakibara: Let's stop by the store~ I need snacks.
  • Akashi: Sure thing. Let's go...
  • Midorima: Hm..
  • Murasakibara: What's wrong, Mido-chin?
  • Midorima: I think we are forgetting something? I just can't put my finger on it.
  • Murasakibara: The rain stops, so you are forgetting to eat ice cream.
  • Akashi: That's right. Let's head over there. It's my treat.
  • Kuroko: Thank you, Akashi-kun.
  • ----
  • Aomine: Oi, Kise, what should we do?
  • Kise: It seems ghost-san is not moving an inch away from the door.
  • Aomine: 'ch, let's just wait for the others to come and pick us up.
  • Kise: Sure-ssu.
  • School: We treat everyone with respect and consideration. Your health comes first and we do not tolerate bullying.
  • Student: *has panic attack in class* I want to go home
  • School: do you want good grades or not? That's not a good enough reason to go home and miss your education
  • Student: I really don't feel well and I cant concentrate
  • School: you need to stay and learn if you want good grades
  • Student: *has social anxiety* *the school know about it*
  • School: why don't you answer when you're spoken to? It's rude and you're not going to get anywhere in life like this.
  • Student: *has social anxiety and can't do oral exam*
  • School: you'll be fine. Just pretend we're not here. If you want a good grade you'll do it.
  • Student: but miss, we don't get math homework today.
  • School: I don't care. Im giving it to you anyway. You can always do with a little bit of extra work. *sets 4 pages of questions for the next day*
  • Student: I didn't manage to complete every question, I had a lot of other homework and exams to study for
  • School: *gives you detention* this subject is more important than the others
  • Student: *has anxiety and didn't do well on exam* I couldn't stop worrying about it so I didn't get to study much but I tried my best
  • School: everyone gets nervous. your education is more important. Do you want good grades or not?
That feeling...

That feeling when you see your crush even for one short second and make your whole day complete. ‘Cause even if you know that he will never come to look at you the same way you do to him, you can’t help. Since you’ve fallen for him so hard that you forget your surroundings and smile like an idiot, everytime you walk by him. 

“I don’t really know why I’m still hoping.”

Big Hero 6 {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why is he trying to kill us?"
  • "WHEN are you going to do something with that big brain of yours?"
  • "My brain hates my eyes for seeing this."
  • "STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP! It's just an expression!"
  • "I can't lose you, too!"
  • "You mean so much to me and, honestly I've always felt a distance."
  • "I am never taking the bus again."
  • "If my _____ asks, we were at school all day. Got it?"
  • "We didn't set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned."
  • "It's just a suit. This is not my real face and body."
  • "Oh, I just stubbed my toe a little. I'm fine."
  • "Let's not jump to conclusions. We don't KNOW he's trying to kill us."
  • "I am not fast."
  • "There are no red lights during car chases!"
  • "I'm not a student. But I am a MAJOR science enthusiast."
  • "Wow, that is both disgusting and awesome."
  • "This won't change anything. Trust me. I know."
  • "Please, l-let me go. I'll give you anything you want!"
  • "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"
  • "You gave me a heart attack!"
  • "Yeah, if I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this."

dextervexter  asked:

I'm very worried about my future as an artist. I've grown exponentially since I got my first art school rejection letter, and I know for a fact that I am good. But I still can't help but fear that I'll never become an animator. Do you have any advice?

You should show your work to professional artists or others that you respect (not your mom, unless she IS a professional artiest. Sorry, Mom:() to get feedback. Most art schools will offer feedback on why your portfolio was rejected if you ask them. As each school is looking for different things, it’s important to tailor your portfolio to the school to which you are applying.

Personally, I advise you to submit a portfolio with a lot of drawing from life. Draw scenes that you witness during your day. I always tell my students to look for an interesting situation. It doesn’t have to be sensational, but there should be a story there. In a quick “gestural’ fashion, drawn in ink, (keeps you from getting too “noodly” or detailed) sketch the scene. The three things to communicate are: Who is this? (Old man, little girl, athlete, etc.) What are they doing? How do they feel about it? If you can do that, you are telling a story. Focus on the characters in the scene, but indicate enough of the setting to tell us where they are (a park, a coffee place, etc.).

Also, if you have it, I recommend including a reel of any animation you have done (if you are applying to an animation program). It could be Drawn or CG or Stop Motion or whatever it is you do. If you haven’t done any animation, that’s OK. It isn’t necessary, but it will help if you have it.

Let me reiterate here the importance of getting feedback. Get it on your artwork, get it on your portfolio. We aren’t always the best judge of our own work. So let others tell you what they think.

Good luck!