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Hi! I only recently managed to watch the finale (darn real life commitments getting in the way) but can I ask what about it was so meta? I think dabb said that this finale was the most meta, but I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake because I don't think I got it?


If you check out my tag #spn 12x23 meta you should find it all there.

13x01 is set up to be 1x01 but in REVERSE. They are entering endgame by subverting the pilot and I am SO HERE for this!

As “All along the Watchtower” suggests (the song that ends back at the beginning), we have:

- Mary and John reversal. John is dead, Mary is missing, they want to find Mary: FINDING MISSION.

- Cas = Jess. Dean is Sam and Sam is Dean, they’re reversed. Hence this scene:

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Dean and Sam hunting alone, but now Dean is put in Sam’s place and Sam in Dean’s: reversal of roles in their brotherly relationship, also now Dean is no longer Sam’s parent this will also make a difference in how they interact.

- Revenge mission, just rather than on Azazel, on Lucifer

13x01 is set up to be 1x01 but in REVERSE.

Which also is another bow to the string of setting it up for the positive ending rather than the tragic ending that it was originally supposed to have and was metaphorically addressed in 12x22 with the grenade launcher blowing apart the “blaze of glory” ending.

- That they will find Mary and she hopefully won’t have to sacrifice herself for her son, or if she does it will be Sam (as John did for Dean) and she will go to Heaven. 

- That Dean will get Cas back as it is so clearly framed as romantic now I’m not going to apologise for ‘shipping’ this (is it even shipping when it’s canon?), it is canonically romantic and stuff like this just makes it more obvious. So anyway, Dean will get Cas back as a reversal of Sam and Jess’ tragic story. 

- That they will find a way to defeat Lucifer that also closes the gates of Hell because it was by defeating Azazel that they opened them in the first place. Or perhaps they just end up doing it around the same time but heck, if Crowley’s death didn’t suggest that the two are supposed to be linked.

I’ve talked a lot and so have all the other meta writers about all the parallels and the circular narrative of the season, how Dabb loves to subvert the past and use mirrors and parallels etc. 

Here we are talking about the fundamental underlying themes of the show, the PREMISE being reversed and I am PSYCHED as this is going to be amazing and absolutely makes sense going into endgame!

I think we should all watch season 1 before season 13 airs.

OK scratch that, according to posts last night from @mittensmorgul and @elizabethrobertajones we should DEFINITELY all go and watch season 1 before season 13 starts!!!

If Dean says “we’ve got work to do” I’ll scream ;)

  • "Whose idea was it to steal that pirate ship, anyway?"
  • "We're friends... Right?"
  • "Are sins... ever forgiven?"
  • "Why can't these people just keep quiet?"
  • "And so we meet again."
  • "It's time to end this. Right here. Right now."
  • "You insignificant fool!"
  • "I'm more complex than you think."
  • "Even if the world becomes your enemy... I'll be your knight, I'll protect you."
  • "You don't need a reason to help someone."
  • "To be forgotten is worse than death."
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why can't we have a legitimate apollo justice sequel? why can we not see more apollo justice characters in the series? why did dual destinies relegate apollo and trucy to the sidelines and focus on a new character when there were so many loose ends to tie up still? why can't they have waited to do the dual destinies story until after wrapping things up for apollo? why can't we see what apollo and clay would have been like as friends before he died? why can't we have more gavin backstory? why can't we see apollo and trucy meeting thalassa? why can't we know what kristoph gavin was hiding? why can't we see vera misham or ema skye again? why can't we get some god damn closure for apollo justice? why can't--

[TL;DR] Can we all (ARMYs) just take a chill pill and wait for BIGHIT to make an official announcement for more WINGS TOUR dates when they are ready? Please understand that there are processes and procedures to follow through not only internally but also externally (which in this case involves countries outside of Korea).

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Why Can't we be Infinite?

summary: Dan meets a boy that won’t quite leave his mind and so does Phil, his whole world turning upside down as the boy with the brown hair won’t look his way. 

genre: angsty fluff

warnings: unrequited love

wordcount: 1,289

a&n: okay so this is probably kinda weird but it was originally written with he/she pronouns and yea idk it happened in real life sort of and i thought i could might as well post it bc it means a lot and ye idk i hope you like it sorry


The fact that Dan didn’t know him, hadn’t seen his face before and hadn’t heard his voice before; hadn’t seen the million of colours that swirled inside of his eyes or the subtle line of stubble that lined his jaw, probably made it all so much harder. Dan knew he was being ridiculous, because a boy that he’d seen once, in the dim light from a streetlight that made shadows ghost along his sharp cheekbones, made his heart flutter in his chest, wasn’t making complete sense either.

When Dan had left the scene that night, he’d known that it was going to ruin him. The idea had been planted inside of him, the silhouette of his body and the undertone of his voice was glued to the insides of Dan’s mind and all he really wanted to do was to tear it all away, scratch out the hopelessness that he felt inside of his chest as he thought about him.

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I never showed you that pic I found some months ago of Tom… and a glimpse of me at the French Première of Thor: The Dark World…

Yep, I’m the one in the middle of the crowd, smiling like an idjit while trying to film him… x)

(I can’t remember where I’ve found it, sorry I can’t give credits…)

I make little high pitched keening sounds to myself whenever I think about Jeremy Brett’s Holmes, it’s very embarrassing