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hey, even though cardcaptor sakura is classed as a shoujo, everyone seems to have forgotten that romance has never been and will never be the main main focus of the manga. so if a new character shows up, it’s most likely not to get in the way of the main pairing. (please trust clamp a little. they dedicated an entire dimensional travelling manga to syaosaku, they’re not gonna go so low that they cut these two off with a silly love triangle. and ohkawa can write better twists than that)

i love syaosaku as much as the next person, but i really don’t understand why everyone has to connect the new girl to their relationship as soon as she appears. there’s a very clear connection between akiho and the cloaked figure, as well as the possibility that she’s sakura’s twin destiny (like kurogane and fai, or the two kamuis of x - minus the romantic implications of course), why aren’t we talking about that instead?

their relationship isn’t the only thing there is about sakura and syaoran, and it’s most certainly not the only thing there is about the manga, albeit it’s very important. this might sound rude to syaosaku fans, but it’s just the truth. the manga is more than just about the main pairing, and not everything has to be related to their relationship. their relationship will be fine, nothing will get in the way of it. please don’t reduce akiho to a simple romantic plot device.

i just remembered a thing that happened yesterday, and i’m still irritated about it :’)

so the youth leader in my christian church (i’m not religious, i just go because the people are actually cool) is a guy that i’ve known almost my entire life because he’s my dad’s long time friend, so he’s always treated my sister and i like family. there are times, though, when he annoys me. like yesterday.

so we had gotten into the topic of dating and stuff. when he asked me about it, i told him that i actually don’t care to find a boyfriend and all that, and that i’d love to have friends instead. to my surprise, he said “oh that’s good!” and i thought he was accepting it, so i appreciated it.

but he interpreted that differently than i thought, so then he started talking about how friends can “”“blossom””” into romantic love and pretty much implied that everyone has soulmates and i was just forcing a smile and staying quiet but on the inside i was thinking about how much i hated being alive at that moment.

why is it so damn hard for society to accept that there are people that don’t give a flying flop about romantic relationships and that they can be happy on their own??? WHY CAN’T EVERYONE LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE???????

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We already know about his first birthday present so i was thinking, how do you think the first time he was told things like "Thank you" "I'm sorry" "Are you OK?" "See you tomorrow!" "I love you" went?

Ahh I imagine so many of these things being adorable but sad, Fushimi being so confused because he doesn’t understand half of these concepts. These moments were almost all probably from Yata in middle school, the two of them getting to know each other and becoming closer and Yata ends up inadvertently sharing all these firsts with Fushimi. Maybe the first time Fushimi hears ‘thank you’ he’s helped Yata with something, like Yata’s having an issue with his homework and he can’t figure it out. Some of the other kids are mocking him about it, like the former Yata team guys catch him struggling and start in on ‘stupid Misaki’ who doesn’t understand even the easiest problems and Yata just feels like this stupid failure. That’s when Fushimi steps in and without even thinking starts mocking the other guys who were picking on Yata, noting that they probably don’t get these concepts either and then like laying out exactly how the math should be done and probably making a comment that it looks like most of them didn’t get the answers right anyway. Everyone disperses because this is no fun anymore and Yata’s just left sitting there at his desk. Fushimi sits in front of him and starts boredly telling him how to do the math and then gets annoyed because Yata’s just staring at him. Yata laughs kinda sheepishly and smiles, all 'thank you, Saruhiko!’ Fushimi’s like ’…why?’ totally confused by Yata’s gratitude. Yata’s a bit confused himself because he’s still getting used to all these little reminders that Fushimi isn’t like him and doesn’t understand things that normal people do.

'I’m sorry’ and 'Are you okay’ are probably at the same time, Yata maybe accidentally injuring Fushimi just during general energetic play. Say Yata drags Fushimi into playing sports with him, like they’re playing kickball and Fushimi’s complaining the entire time that he’s tired and this is stupid and it’s hot out. Yata keeps smiling at him though and teasing him about how Yata’s totally going to kick his ass and Fushimi’s competitive streak gets the better of him so that he starts playing in earnest. He’s actually having fun, though he’d never admit it, which is when Yata gets a little too into it and ends up kicking the ball straight into Fushimi’s face. Fushimi goes down immediately, probably pretty disoriented as he lays there in the mud with a bloody nose. He grimaces and props himself up on his arms, just waiting for what he knows is coming next – taunting laughter about how funny it was when the 'little monkey’ went face first into the dirt. That’s when Yata’s suddenly there beside him swearing quietly and pulling tissues out of his pocket to try and stem the bleeding from Fushimi’s nose and fussing at Fushimi to let Yata see his face because he might have a bruise. Fushimi’s like what’s wrong with you and Yata’s just like 'shit, Saruhiko, I’m sorry, are you okay?’ Fushimi just stares at him blankly and actually wonders out loud why Yata isn’t laughing at him. Yata’s sincerely confused, why the hell would he laugh Saruhiko could’ve been hurt. Yata’s already tugging at him to come back inside Yata’s house so they can look him over and maybe get him an ice pack and Fushimi just lets himself be dragged inside, wondering if the blow to the head did something to him because he has this weird fluttery feeling in his stomach and he doesn’t know why.

'See you tomorrow,’ Yata kinda already says that to him in LSW after taking care of sick Fushimi at his house. But maybe Yata makes a habit of it after that once they’re friends, every day when they separate and Yata goes home to his family and Fushimi goes home to his big empty house Yata always says 'see you tomorrow.’ Fushimi doesn’t quite think about it much at first but at some point he realizes that Yata says that all the time and he finally asks, 'why are you always saying that see you tomorrow, of course you will.’ Yata’s like well, yeah, but it’s still something you say to your friends, right, it means I want to keep seeing you again every day. Fushimi takes that in, nodding silently. Yata feels a little self conscious all of a sudden and finally he’s like 'well…then…I’ll see you tomorrow?’ Fushimi nods and Yata starts to walk away, which is when Fushimi quietly mumbles 'Misaki…see you tomorrow.’ Yata’s face brightens and Fushimi’s breath just catches.

'I love you,’ this one probably takes a while. I imagine this one happening post-reconciliation after Yata and Fushimi have made up and they’re living together again. The two of them are sort of unofficially dating, like neither one has actually said that they are dating but everyone else in their clans basically assumes that they are and they’re going out together for drinks all the time and even sleeping in the same bed. Fushimi’s still really tentative about the whole thing, still not really able to feel confident in Yata’s sincere affection, and Yata’s all awkward and fumbling because he’s not sure how to go about this and he doesn’t want to lose Fushimi by doing something wrong. One day they go out together to a bar and maybe get kinda drunk and end up stumbling home leaning on each other. They flop down together on the bed and they’re just lying there when Yata reaches out and runs his hands through Fushimi’s hair, his eyes half-open and this really content smile on his face. Fushimi just leans into his touch and that’s when Yata whispers 'Hey, Saruhiko…I love you, you know? I really love you.’ Fushimi’s sucks in a sharp breath, his entire body suddenly shaking and Yata reaches out all impulsively and pulls him close into a hug, repeating that 'I love you’ again. Fushimi can’t even bring himself to reply but he just buries his head in Yata’s collar instead, pressed close against Yata’s skin so he can feel the words as if that will make them more familiar to him, as Yata says it over and over again: 'I love you’ (and Fushimi’s mind slowly turns them over in his head too : 'I love you – you are loved, by someone, by Misaki’ and it’s all he’s ever really wanted to hear).

LOUIS’ BUM (aka perfection)

Yeah, we all love Louis’ bum, don’t we? So why not take a closer look at it?

Work those hips, baby, work them. (Do you think he has ever given Harry a lap dance?)

A bit of stretching never hurt nobody, hm Lou? Specially when your bum just looks so fabulous like that. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did squats)

And everyone just loved Louis’ bum and can’t keep their hands off of it….

….not even the Tommo himself.


“Well, I shied away for so long because I don’t like the Internet. I don’t like the way people use it, and I think it sucks. It brings out all this cruelty, and everyone’s just a dick. When you have this sort of anonymity, people can use that to just be a jerk all the time. So, that really bothered me, and it scared me off for a long time. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I was very comfortable and happy not being involved.”

I just want an AU fanfic where Emma falls into fairytale land only to discover that everyone bursts into song at the drop of a hat. And when she gets to the Jolly Roger she is like “Well at least I know pirates won’t sing.” But the second Hook sees her he bursts into a ballad about love at first sight and winning her heart.  

okay let’s get one thing straight

as much as i love my ships and headcanons, if blizz is smart they’re never going to make any one particular ship canon to the lore imo. one of the best things about this game is that it allows so many different headcanons for that very reason because romance isn’t an integral part of the canon.

so can we stop being salty over a few new interaction lines? let the people whose ships they support celebrate, and to everyone else, you keep doing your thing too.

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sometimes I look at the old drama CDs and think “ah, why didn’t we talking about this more?”

Nagisa: Hey, hey, everyone, let’s buy ice cream at the convenience store on the way home!

Makoto: Aaah~ That’s a good idea!

Nagisa: We swum a lot today so I’m pretty hungry…

Rin: Then ice cream is bad, isn’t it Nagisa?

Nagisa: Eeeh?! Rin-chan, do you hate ice cream?!

Rin: I don’t hate it! …But anyway, that’s not the point. I’m just saying ice cream won’t fill your stomach.

Nagisa: It’s okay! Because ice cream is delicious! Besides, it’s hot so it’s killing two birds with one stone, right?

Rin: Ugh, I don’t get you but whatever. Do what you want.

Nagisa: Haru-chan and Rei-chan are coming, right? Mako-chan and Rin-chan said they’re coming too!

Rin: Hey! I never said I’m going!

Nagisa: Eh? But you said you don’t hate ice cream, right?

Rin: That’s- I told you I’m not going!

Makoto: Maa, maa, since you’re here already, come with us Rin.

Rin: …seriously… guess I don’t have a choice.

Makoto: (laughs)

I’m kinda annoyed because I see a bunch of the 5sos twitter fam trying to be nice and congratulate 5H fans on their hard work because they voted their asses off just as hard as we did but all I really see from 5H fans on twitter is them accusing the poll of being rigged, saying we cheated, and verbally attacking 5sos and 5sos fans. This is a big reason why I really don’t like twitter. At least the 5H fans on tumblr are being mostly chill about it.

With that being said though, to the 5sos fans out there that are freaking rubbing the win in 5H fans faces and being rude, you need to chill the fuck down and back off. You wouldn’t like it 5H had won and their fans were rubbing it on our face and being rude to 5sos fans. the 5sos fam gets a really bad name when you’re out their doing that shit. Idk why 5H fans and 5sos fans feel the need to attack each other but I really wish it would stop.

Seriously, just leave the 5H fans alone and stop causing stuff. 5H is a great band as well.

Semi serious question: If Emma went up to Hook and “broke up” with him or “cut him loose” would any of us ACTUALLY consider them not a couple anymore? Or NOT still madly in love with each other? More importantly, would the SHOW? Both RB and OQ “broke up” (for you know a hot minute in the grand scheme of things) but Regina didn’t just suddenly start dating someone else. Belle did in the saddest attempt at a rebound ever, mostly because they were trying to figure out how to include Michael Socha, not because the plot actually made sense.

This is Captain Swan. The couple that’s been painstakingly built for three years. Coping with Emma as the Dark One is more than enough to be getting on with than some artificial “break up” drama that would really be null and void once Emma is herself again anyway. Because she’s going to need Killian to lean on to cope with the guilt and pain of her turn with the dark.

Killian certainly wouldn’t accept that. He’d double down on saving her. He wouldn’t give up because she’s “cut him loose” or whatever. I think the darkness will drive a wedge between them, of course it will. Anyone who doesn’t think that is painfully naive. And maybe KILLIAN will take a step back while Emma’s off indulging in the darkness because he can’t cope with seeing her that way. But to me, it’s only a true break up if the show intends for them to never ever be together again, which is just stupid, and never gonna happen.

Basically, I think people are jumping to conclusions with this “heartbreaking” comment by ONE writer. I like Bridget so far, but I don’t think she realizes how much stock people are putting on the things that she says. How seriously some fans take Twitter comments as the fucking gospel. Seeing Emma lose her battle with the dark, to fully become the Dark Swan after all her struggles? That would be heartbreaking. If some vile dreamcatcher shows her a terrible vision of her AS the Dark Swan and she runs from her loved ones (all of them not just Killian) in an effort to protect them, that would be heartbreaking. 

There are a million different scenarios. We have very little idea of what is happening. And frankly, the show would be INSANE to fuck up CS since as Eddy pointed out, it’s a writer and fan favorite. So let’s just hang on to the angsty ride, K?