why can't we all accept that our thing whatever it is is awesome

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to talk about this anymore but the free! dub was trending and you know, I just had to check it out to see the awesome jokes and crictisms that people had for this horrendous assault on our ears and, while having found that, I also found a bunch of posts basically telling the fandom to stop critizing the dub and stop watching it if we don’t like it - that we shouldn’t be so hard on Funi, that Funi did the best it can and other stuff like that and I’ve just gotta say

No. Okay? Just no. Now, let me tell you a thing. Do you want to know what Funi’s job is? To liscense, regionalize and release anime (and other Japanese media) for Western audiences’ consumption. That is Funi’s purpose - it is how it makes money. It buys the rights to anime or whatever, and either just translates it or dubs it. And either way, the audience is, rightfully, expecting a reasonable and correct translation - not a one hundred percent word for word translation, mind you - but one close enough that the original story and characters are still intact. No matter what kind of story, no matter the contents or whatever else, they are expected to get it right. We, the audience, expect that because that is what Funi promises - when they announce that they are liscensing or dubbing an anime, they are inherently promising a dub that fits in close to the orignal dialogue and stays true to the story/character because that is the purpose of their entire fucking company. And we, the audience, have every right to expect and want that. 

Funi did not deliver that with the Free! ES dub. I wouldn’t call this dub butchered but I am sure as hell not calling it acceptable either. Now, I don’t know what happened - I don’t know if the higher ups were putting pressure on the script writers/translators or if they just decide to go with a ‘joke’ dub to make it more popular or what but needless to say, they didn’t have a whole lot of respect for the original content and its characters. All the characters are wrong in this dub - they talk wrong, their dialogue is wrong, the way they interact with each other is wrong. Funi didn’t just mess up the dialogue but messed up the characters along with it. And for what reason? To make it less gay? Did they not realize what the original source material was?

Add into that extremely poor casting choices and you’ve got more reason for dissatisfaction. This is another thing that audiences have every right to expect from Funi - a good voice cast, solid acting and voices that max the characters - and again, Funi did not in any way deliver on this. The VAs, bless their hearts (expect for Dick Bolongas), are obviously trying their best but the majority of them should not have been cast and Funi should have sought out new or bloosming VAs (50% OFF’s VAs anyone? Anyone?) to fill in the roles.

See, we the consumers, have every right to be agitated about this and have every right to call Funi out on it. Why? Because this whole thing, all of it, makes it come off like Funi did not give two shits about Free!. And may I remind you that Funi isn’t some independent scamp doing this out of the kindness of their hearts - they are a fully fledged company with some of the most successful dubbed animes under their belt as well as some of the most highly sought after and most talented VAs. They are professionals - they are supposed to act like professionals and we expect them fucking act like professionals but they aren’t. Funi is only looking for the big bucks and Free! is sure as hell where the money is but the problem is, they didn’t care about the original content or the people who loved this anime. All they cared about is the money they thought they would make. And the thing is, that wouldn’t have mattered to many people as long as they had actually made a good dub but they didn’t. This dub is not good. It is a joke. The whole dub is a joke. No respect for the source material and sure as hell, no respect for the audience who they expect to buy their shitty ass dub. 

Do not tell people that they can’t be upset or make fun of this. Funi is a professional company that should have handled Free! like any other popular anime but instead gave it the shit treatment (also, kind of offensive how hard they tried to make it as not gay as possible). They should have done better, they should have known to do better and put more effort into making it a dub that the audience would be happy with. Instead, we got a 4kids esque dub with all our main boys being turned into dudebros and a lackluster preformance. Funi should have known better, should have done better and deserves every joke, crictism and call out it gets for this. 

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WHY do you love bones?

I love Bones because there have been and continues to be 6 main characters who are so different from each other, who have experienced their own hardships and overcome many challenges, who have been lonely and desperate for companionship, who are strong and fragile at the same time. Despite these differences, they have formed a family where they experience their hardships together rather than alone, where they all use their individual talents and knowledge to help each other overcome those challenges, where they don’t have to be alone and there is always someone willing to lend a shoulder to lean on, where they make each other even stronger and protect each others fragile hearts. Bones tells a story of 6 sophisticated individuals who came together to fight crime. Along the way, it became about much more than science and crime. It’s about the love and support and sense of belonging that you can only find in yourself and another person. They all found their place in each other and they all belong with each other, in a family where they spread happiness and share their pain. 

The development of the relationships, both romantic and platonic, is so realistic and we get a look into the domestic lifestyles of partners who are in love. Brennan once believed that her most meaningful relationships were with dead people. How was she to know that at that moment, her friendship with Angela was blossoming into the most important and secure friendship she’d ever been in. That the fluttering in her chest whenever she spoke of Booth would turn out to be the feelings of love, and that with that love would come a marriage and children and a home. Brennan spent her late teen years and early twenties believing that she would be alone forever, that no one would care what happened to her, or no one wanted to be friends with her. Myself, as well as many others, have experienced those exact feelings, but Bones shows us that their are friendships right around the corner and sometimes we have people we don’t even know are there caring about us or praying for us.

There has recently been representation for those who are disabled and it gives insight to how difficult living with a disability can be, both mentally and physically, but we got to watch a strong man learn to live with his disability with the help of his wife who has unwavering patience and love. The message that I got from this storyline, and the message I believe they were attempting to show, is that we are more than our disabilities and that there is life beyond our disabilities, and that we need to let other people help us because life is not something we have to do alone.

Angela, our favourite bisexual, has showed us what it’s like to be surrounded by people in her workplace and in her family who accept her for who she is. She was confident and not ashamed of her sexuality which is how every member of the LGBT+ community should feel but often can’t because of the homophobic people in this world (smh). 

POC characters!! Cam is a strong, confident, independent, beautiful woman who inspires young woc to become the best they can be and to not let people tell them they can’t be or do whatever they want. Angela challenges the Asian stereotype and is completely original. 

WOMEN IN SCIENCE! Three of the main cast are female and all three of them have great intelligence and work in science. They are equally, if not more, smarter than the male characters and are all experts in their fields. One thing I love about Emily Deschanel especially is that she encourages young girls to get into science. I think it’s pretty obvious just by watching one episode of the show that female scientists are pretty freaking awesome and should be respected. 

The cast and crew of Bones are what makes me love Bones even more than the reasons I stated above. They have worked together for 11+ years and have formed a bond that (I hope) will never go away. They are all so dorky and influential and beautiful. I will love and admire them for the rest of my life. I will always owe Hart Hanson my everything for creating this amazing show that has changed my life.