why can't they respect my sleep

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I've always thought there was a good chance that pike's secret crush was actually scanlan. But that it was the embarrassed, 'ugh, why self why' sort of crush, because it's embarrassing to like someone who can't seem to distinguish flirting from skeeve, regularly goes off to screw other people in front of you, and also tends to shit on things, no matter that he's also caring and funny and Extra and there's genuine love as friends.

Like my theory as to why they weren’t together was that it’s not that she liked someone else, she just had too much self-respect. It added an extra layer of ouch to some of their conversations, particularly the one where she was like ‘let’s just sleep with each other and see what happens,’ and the ones where he promised to back off and just be friends. I also think he tended to idealize her before (though he’s not alone in that), he may even have said so/apologized? It’s just. All gut punches.

ohhhhhh man I hadn’t even thought of that. yeah it would make sense with Ashley’s “someone you know is all wrong for you” explanation too heck

07/10/2017 2:27am

Nature demands to be heard.
The rain muttering outside my window
Inhales and then exhales in a roar
Before sighing back into a stewing calm
Not unlike the crashing of tides
To remind us the ocean is still breathing.

Then why is snowfall silent?
It appears overnight as if by magic
Soundless, softly falling to earth
No fanfare to announce its arrival
Perhaps it is a show of respect
It grieves for the death it falls into
Trees laid barren, flowers long gone
Unlike the rain, it does not nourish
But rather strips any remaining life
With an icy touch and a tear of regret
It holds its breath to honour the fallen
And decorates graveyards as it rests.