why can't they just be kids for once

reasons why all fo4 companions are problematic
  • danse: likes country music
  • cait: somehow has an irish accent in the middle of post apocalyptic boston
  • hancock: literally calls you "bro" before even getting to know you like chill bro
  • deacon: isn't romanceable
  • nick: also isn't romanceable
  • codsworth: will put on a butler hat but just try giving him a monocle
  • maccready: never once says that he's "mac ready to get down"
  • x6: wears sunglasses indoors
  • piper: who needs so many pens. stop hoarding.
  • dogmeat: cries when getting hurt and it breaks my heart
  • curie: her pet molerats can give u that dumb disease which u can't cure unless u wanna be a dick and let the kid die which is why you have to reload like a billion times during that mission and that gets fucking tedious
  • preston: holds his musket wrong like son that laser's gonna burn your fingers off like this
  • strong: stop judging me for picking locks you absolute shrek
  • ENFP: Easter is literally the best thing ever!
  • INTP: Why do you say that?
  • ENFP: I can fuel my cute-bunnies-and-pastel-colours obsession and who's gonna judge me? No one. Buying horrendous amounts of chocolate? Normal. Maybe I just have 82 kids or something. Can't judge me.
  • INTP: Okay but you're literally 14... I don't think anyone's gonna believe you have 82 children, sweetie.
  • ENFP: They will. I'm like the seventh tallest in my class and once I listened to Joe Lemon I might as well be an adult
  • INTP: I...
  • INTP: Wait who the f**k is Joe Lemon
  • ENFP: That musician with the round glasses.
  • INTP: It's John Lennon you expired carton of dog milk
  • Rich Person: I got a burger that wasn't exactly how I asked for it once so nobody DESERVES a higher minimum wage
  • Foodservice Worker: You stupid, ignorant piece of shit.
  • Foodservice Worker: Let me explain you a thing:
  • Foodservice Worker: Your precious burger was made wrong for one of two reasons; either the restaurant was understaffed and the few people in it were rushing to get too much work done at once and an honest mistake happened, or some kid who didn't know better or just didn't care made it.
  • Foodservice Worker: And believe you me, if some idiot kid is screwing up peoples's orders on a regular basis, the restaurant would LOVE to fire them.
  • Foodservice Worker: But they CAN'T, because they're so goddamned understaffed that they can't afford to lose ANYONE, not even their worst employees.
  • Foodservice Worker: And why are they understaffed? Because the corporation that owns the restaurant is only willing to pay the minimum wage allowed by law, which is far below a comfortable living wage.
  • Foodservice Worker: Almost nobody is WILLING to take on a job like that for so little money, so nobody takes the job, so they STAY understaffed all the time and they can't hire anyone to replace the people they desperately want to fire.
  • Foodservice Worker: If the minimum wage went up, there would be WAY more people willing to take the job. They'd have so many applicants, they could afford to get rid of all but the best employees. Anyone wanting to keep their job would actually have to learn to work hard and try to earn it.
  • Foodservice Worker: They'd all be competing so hard to do the best job they can, you'd never get bad service or an incorrect burge again.
  • Foodservice Worker: So get this through your thick fucking skull, you piece of human garbage:
  • Foodservice Worker: If you expect this job to be DONE RIGHT. and DONE QUICKLY.
  • Foodservice Worker: Then it is worth $15 an hour.
  • Foodservice Worker: If you don't agree then you can learn to cook your own damn meals, you inept fucking man-infant.

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Imagine this. Bum is a killer now. Sangwoo is suddenly fascinated by him. That little, scared kid has become something completely different. Sangwoo made him this way. Now they are alike. Some time passes and sangwoo suddenly falls for him. But bum is really changed, he killed once, he could do that again. And there's his chance. Bum takes the knife, Sang trusts him,so he takes him by surprise. The blade is so near his throat now, just one movement..but he can't do it. And then they have sex.

Why am I not surprised

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If klayley ever becomes canon, do you think they will ever want more kids? I guess technically they could have as many kids as they want forever.

I don’t think they would really think about more kids, They would probably both be content with just Hope. I think Hope would totally want siblings tho and I think Hayley would accidentally get pregnant again at least once. I’m a sucker for unplanned klayley pregnancies lol 

I’m honestly so freaking tired of asexuality and aromanticism being the first thing people think of when they need some way to distinguish humans from non-humans. Or just childbearing in general. Every time people try to come up with distinctive inhuman features of aliens/golems/robots/whatever, the first three ideas are “heart, soul, the ability to love.” Always. And 9 times out of 10 all three of those are portrayed as a lack of romantic love or an inability to form/difficulty understanding relationships in general (which honestly isn’t any less problematic.)

In the rare event that they reject the arophobic knee-jerk reaction, they’ll next go to free will, and then carry right on through to acephobia and compulsory motherhood. I just. I keep seeing the same justifications time after time after time and it’s pissing me off.

“All natural species have an innate and irresistible desire to reproduce.” Oh, good. So now I’m not only inhuman, but I’m also not even a natural species? Thanks.

“The incomparable joy of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting” and how it only makes sense that anyone/any inhuman thing using female pronouns must live with crippling jealousy unless and until she reproduces.

Good deeds, inventions, discoveries, art, and community impact are all nice, but they’ve got nothing on a genetic legacy. If a woman doesn’t have kids, “she may have an existence but she has no future.”


Look, I’ll be civil. Even when I’m cussing you out inside my head I’ll be respectful in my explanation of how and why those stereotypes are harmful. But it would be nice if just once I didn’t have to ask someone not to imply that I’m not human.


Christmas (Kissed By the Baddest Bidder)
  • Eisuke: Not Honest. He's always had a hard time expressing how he really feels. And whenever he does try, it always comes out much bossier then he expects. So he acts much less enthusiastic then he truly is when you tell him you'll be spending Christmas together. You half expect for the two of you to not even celebrate it. So imagine your surprise when there's a towering Christmas tree in Eisukes penthouse, several dozen boxes of all sizes lined up underneath the tree. Just looking at it makes you a little nauseous, you own small present paling in comparison. You don't notice Eisukes presence until his arms are wrapped around you. "Is that for me?"
  • Soryu: Reserved. It's a pretty private affair. There's a moderately sized Christmas tree in the mansion as you exchange gifts. He loves the new shirt and tie you bought him, while you're amazed at the warm scarf he bought you. You notice that the stitching is simple and a little too clumsy to have been bought, and your eyes widen when he tells you he wanted to make you something. You hardly realize the tears flowing down your face, as he rushed over to wipe them away. A gentle smile blooming on his face as you thank him. It's perfect. Until Inui and Samajima rush in, another heated argument lingering in the air. "Can't the two of you ever get along?"
  • Baba: Livly. The entire penthouse seems to have been touched with the holiday spirit. You sighed as you watched him pull out another tray of cookies, from the smell of it they had burnt again. You didn't really understand why he wouldn't just buy some store bought cookies, you could decorate them once you were home after all. "Because this way I get to spend more time with you."
  • Mamoru: Secretive. He doesn't even put the christmas presents out until midnight. You think it's because he's forgotten all about it, or that maybe to him only kids celebrate Christmas. And for a moment you feel incredibly discouraged. But regaedless of if he thinks your childish, you want to give him your gift. And to your astonishment there are a dozen gifts under the tree for you. As you laugh, and eventually confess your doubts his cheeks begin to flush. "If anyone's childish, it's me, I went into the store and I couldn't stop buying things for you."
  • Ota: Warm. Everything had to be done together. You bathed together in the morning, opened the presents together, made Christmas dinner together, you even painted Christmas cookies together. He used a thick brush to apply the frosting, true to his nature as an artist. On each cookie there was an elaborate painting of some nature. "I know I can be pretty selfish sometimes, but thank you for staying with me."
  • -SKY
student loans.
  • I just got off the phone with a student loan advisor.
  • 8-year-old girl: What was that all about?
  • Me: Well, I was talking to someone about paying for college.
  • 8yo: But you're not in college anymore.
  • Me: Right, but usually you can't pay it all at once so you still pay after you graduate.
  • 8yo: Why not?
  • Me: Because college is very expensive.
  • 8yo: Like $4,000?
  • Me: Way way more than $4,000.
  • 8yo: Wow, I feel sorry for you.
Baby Faced

Request:  Isaac gets de-aged (to around 6ish) and Derek has no idea what to do, so he calls Stiles for help. But tiny Isaac doesn’t really trust Stiles that much.

“Stiles, get to the loft, now,” a gruff voice said in Stiles’s ear. And before Stiles could even ask what the hell was going on, Derek hung up.

“Rude,” he mumbled to himself. But, Derek never really called and was always hesitant to ask for help so Stiles knew he had to go. Just a quick text to Scott, to make sure his friend knew where he’d be in case he went missing. They didn’t really trust Derek but considering that they were still up against the Kanima and now that Kate’s dad was in town, they needed to band together. Just… just as long as Derek isn’t going to ask him to sever a limb again- Stiles had gross dreams for a week after that! He scooped up his keys and climbed into the Jeep, hoping that this didn’t take too long, he still had homework after all.

When he opened the door to the loft, Stiles didn’t immediately register what was wrong, although Isaac must have something to do with it since Derek was calling his name.

“Isaac, where are you? Come out now please,” he pleaded, crouching down to look under the table in the kitchen.

“Dude, why is Isaac hiding… wait, why would he be under the table? And why don’t you just… you know… Wolf-y senses…? Can’t be that hard to find him when he’s the only other beating heart in the loft…” Stiles asked, dumbfounded by seeing Derek so out of sorts.

“Close the door before he runs out!”

Stiles jumped at the harsh tone but quickly closed the loft door, just as he heard the pitter patter of bare feet running across the wooden floors. It wasn’t like Isaac couldn’t just bowl him over and open the door himself right? Just then, a young boy leapt over the back of the couch, curly hair bouncing. “Oh shi- is that Isaac?!”

At the sound of his voice, Isaac slid to a stop and looked up at him, eyes glowing amber. “Stranger!” he shrieked, growling and shifting.

“Isaac, no! We don’t hurt Humans,” Derek admonished, grabbing the little boy around his waist and lifting him into the air.

“I… what?” was all Stiles could say, his brain actually failing him for once. There was no doubt that the struggling child in Derek’s hands was Isaac but… “How?”

“I have no idea, we were in here training and all of a sudden, poof, Isaac is small…”

“Poof as in there was a cloud of smoke?”

Derek rolled his eyes, “No, nothing so dramatic. He kinda clutched his stomach and said he felt really funny, then he collapsed onto the floor, passed out. Just like that, he started shrinking! I’ve never seen this happen before… I have no idea…”

“Did he remember you at all? I mean, how come he thinks I’m a stranger but he’s okay with you?” This wasn’t even fair… well okay… maybe he and regular sized Isaac weren’t on the best of terms but there was no reason for kid Isaac to hate him… Kids usually loved him! “And more importantly, does he remember that he’s supposed to be… bigger?”

“Well, kind of… obviously he was just… physically de-aged because he’s still a Werewolf, because he didn’t revert back to being a Human, he hasn’t actually been forced into his own past self. And no he doens’t re- will you stop squirming?!” Derek growled out all of a sudden.

“Stranger!” Isaac said again, howling out for the rest of his Pack. They needed to get the interloper out of their den!

“Stop, Erica and Boyd aren’t here right now! And he’s not a stranger, his name is Stiles, he’s- um, a friend,” Derek explained. He’d almost called him Pack, but that would have been lie and Stiles would have probably denied it anyways. Which would have only confused Isaac even more.

Isaac wrinkled his nose, finally holding still, “St…Stiles?”

“Oh come on, it isn’t that weird- you should hear my real name if you think Stiles is bad,” he muttered to himself. “Derek, why the hell did you call me?! I thought you didn’t need my help with anything…”

“I can't… get a hold of Erica and Boyd… and Scott ignores all my calls anyways. I don't… I can’t take care of a kid! I don’t know what I’m doing…” Isaac had resumed his struggle to get away from Derek and the Alpha was obviously afraid of hurting the small Beta… but that meant his grip wasn’t firm and he’d just about dropped him on his head once already. Wow, little children certainly were agile, especially Were children. Certainly he hadn’t been this bad when he was small.

Stiles was about to tell the Alpha he could stick it where the sun doesn’t shine but then he noticed the absolute look of desperation on Derek’s face and he sighed. “Has he even eaten anything, is he hungry?”

“I don't… are you hungry Isaac? If I put you down, are you going to be nice?”


“That’s a yes. Now what does baby Isaac like…” Stiles wondered to himself, heading into the kitchen. “Better question… what does Derek even have to eat…”

“I have food!” Derek scoffed, setting his Beta down.

“I’m not a baby!” Isaac growled, flashing his amber eyes again.

“Sorry, toddler Isaac then,” Stiles amended while looking through the fridge. “Dude, do you have cereal? Is this milk still good? How does cereal sound Isaac?”

Isaac crossed his arms and refused to answer. Stiles was a stranger, regardless of what Alpha said and Isaac wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers. Besides, he’d just called Isaac a baby, so obviously he wasn’t to be trusted!

Derek reached over and slapped the back of Isaac’s head which promptly made Isaac cry. . He looked on, surprised, when Isaac crouched down in fear and scooted towards Stiles. Didn’t he not trust Stiles?

“Why’d you hit him?! Dude, not cool, he’s like… 6! C'mere Isaac,” Stiles called out, crouching down. Isaac took a few steps towards him and then remembered that he wasn’t Pack and froze, uncertain, with tears streaming down his cheeks. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, Derek is the one that hits children apparently,” he commented, glaring up at the Alpha.

Isaac hiccupped and wiped his face, amazed that Stiles wasn’t afraid of the Alpha. Cautiously he took a few more steps towards Stiles. Alphas were scary when they were mad and Isaac didn’t want to get punished… was Stiles really a safer choice though? The fear of getting smacked again outweighed his fear of a stranger, especially when he heard the Alpha shifting behind him. So he ran into Stiles’s arms.

“I didn’t even…. It was barely a tap… I… ugh,” Derek huffed. This is why he’d called someone- he didn’t know how to handle kids! His Betas were old enough to understand a light cuff on the back of the head, and he’d automatically did the same to this younger version of Isaac. Clearly that had been a mistake.

Stiles ignored him though, turning to Isaac, “So, is cereal okay? I found some Frosted Flakes.”

“Okay,” Isaac mumbled, still nervous about being this close to a non Packmate. When Stiles reached out to ruffle his hair, Isaac growled lightly and ducked away before going pale and looking at the ground, scared again. He wasn’t supposed to be mean to the Human and Stiles had said he wouldn’t hurt him at all so growling was probably bad.

Carefully Stiles reached out and ruffled Isaac’s curls, just to show him what he’d been planning to do. After the gentle touch, the little boy looked up at him, surprised. Stiles smiled to himself at the change in attitude. Tiny Isaac was exactly the same as big Isaac, tough on the outside but scared and nervous on the inside, not used to a gentle touch. He led Isaac over to the table and set a bowl down for him as he climbed into a chair. Then he poured out some cereal and checked the milk before adding it. “Let me know if you want more okay, don’t be afraid to ask for seconds.”

“Th-thank you,” Isaac mumbled, scooping some cereal into his mouth. Were… were Humans okay? His Wolf bristled because he didn’t smell like Pack but Alpha said he was a friend and even though he’d just growled at him, Stiles hadn’t hit him. He really wasn’t sure how to feel right now but he was hungry so he ate his cereal.

Derek stood there quietly, amazed that Stiles had adapted to this situation so quickly. It had taken him a full 20 minutes to say anything to Isaac (who had been crying then too, probably out of confusion), unsure what to expect. Thankfully he recognized that Derek was his Alpha, and that he knew he had two other Packmates but, that was about it. It was weird that, while Isaac remained a Wolf, instead of reverting back to his old self… he was still a child mentally. He didn’t remember Scott or Stiles, he didn’t remember he was really 16, he acted and spoke like he was really 6 right now. He’d never seen or heard anything like it.

Now that Isaac was eating, Stiles went back over to Derek, “So, options?”

“Only thing I can think of is a Witch, but I have no idea how or why… we haven’t seen any in Beacon Hills and I know Isaac couldn’t have come across one on his own. So why was he targeted?”

“What about Faeries? They are known to cause mischief, right? They’d have less of a reason for picking Isaac specifically.”

“I haven’t heard of any Faeries in town either… that’s the thing… I have no idea how this happened so I have no idea how to fix it…”

“Let’s take him to Deaton then,” Stiles offered. Deaton was supposed to be the expert here.

“NO! Don’t take me away!” Isaac screamed out, leaping from his chair to attack Stiles’s knees. “Alpha, don’t let him take me!” he cried, slapping and scratching Stiles’s legs. Humans weren’t to be trusted after all!

“Ow, stop it you little knee-biter! Ow! OWW! Get him offff!” Stiles yelled, stumbling backwards. Those little claws were sharp!

“Isaac calm down, he wasn’t going to take you away, Deaton is a friend too. He’s a doctor, and he’d make sure that you are okay.” Derek had tried to grab Isaac but the little toddler had scooted out of reach.

“Okay? Why wouldn’t I be okay?” he asked, backing away further. Isaac didn’t feel sick, why would he need to see a doctor? He whimpered as he noticed the blood on his fingertips and the slashes in Stiles’s pants. Afraid that the Alpha would punish him, Isaac ran up the spiral stairs and stuffed himself under the bed.

“Oh… dammit!” Derek growled, hurrying up after him.

“Wow that stings…” Stiles sighed, rolling up his jeans to get a look at his shins. “Derek you owe me a pair of pants, he’s your Beta!”

“Not now Stiles!”

The teen made a mock face and went back into the kitchen, wetting a clean dish towel so he could dab at his legs.

Upstairs, Derek was down on his stomach, trying to coax Isaac out from under the bed, “Come on, you’re okay.”

“I hurt him… and you’re mad!”

“Yes, well no… I’m not mad, I’m frustrated, it’s different. And you were scared, you thought he was talking about taking you away from me, your Alpha. But Stiles isn’t seriously hurt-”

“How would you know, you didn’t even check on me!” Stiles stated, coming up the stairs, still wiping his legs. “For all I know they won’t be able to save my legs from the extensive damage and they’re gonna have to chop them off!”

Derek rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw, “Stiles, be quiet!”

Isaac whimpered, hearing the anger in the Alpha’s voice.

“Oh calm down, I was just kidding, I mean, I’m bleeding a bit but that should stop soon enough. My pants took most of the damage anyways. Come on out bud, I’ll make sure Derek doesn’t punish you, it was an honest mistake. But next time, can we not attack the fragile Human please?”

“Y-y-you aren’t mad?” Isaac asked in a whisper.

“No, I was mostly just surprised. It hurts but I’ve had worse, and I’ll heal eventually. Derek, stop glaring, how is the poor kid supposed to believe me that he’s not in trouble when you’re looking at him like that?!”

“What? I’m not glaring… I just… this is my face!” Derek huffed and got up off of the floor. “There, I’m not ‘glaring’ at him anymore.”

“Dude, I understand that your face just does that… aggressive look,” Stiles said, gesturing to all of Derek’s face. “But remember, you’re dealing with a kid right now and your face looks super harsh. Plus… you did hit him-”

“Not even that hard, like I said, I didn’t think… I won’t do that again.”

Stiles smiled and crouched down, looking under the bed, “Hear that? He said he wasn’t going to do that anymore, so it’s okay to come out now. Why not go back downstairs and finish your cereal, okay?”

Slowly, Isaac scooted closer to the edge of the bed and crawled out, nervously looking between the two adults.

“Go on and finish your lunch Isaac,” Derek told him. They watched as he scurried back down to the kitchen and quietly sat at the table, finishing what was in his bowl.

“Seriously, until this is fixed, you can’t be a Sourwolf around him, alright? I know you might have a hard time but, gentle touches, okay? No loud voices, no snarling. You’re just gonna make the kid scared of you. Can you do that?”

“Wait, are you leaving already?!” Derek asked, eyes widening in fear.

Stiles held up a hand, “I just need to go see Deaton, see if he has any books on this. If Isaac is too nervous to leave the loft, I’ll bring the research here instead. I’ll only be like… an hour, tops. Trust me, no way am I leaving tiny Isaac in your hands… you almost dropped him on his head earlier!”

“He wouldn’t stop squirming! It isn’t my fault I don’t know how to hold a kid….”

“Well then you better learn, don’t you think? There is no telling how long he might be stuck like this,” Stiles stated, hands on his hips. “Think you can handle him for an hour?”

Derek rolled his eyes, “Yea, we’ll be fine, just hurry. And here… buy some kid snacks or whatever- for Isaac, not you!” Derek reached into his pocket, fishing some money out of his wallet for Stiles.

“I would never!” Stiles shrieked, looking offended. “Accusing me of taking food from a child’s mouth, rude!”

As the two of them went back downstairs and Stiles said a quick goodbye to Isaac, the small Beta turned to Derek. “He’s weird…” Isaac had no idea how to feel about the strange Human coming in their den but… he had been nice at least.

Derek smiled, “You don’t know how right you are kid.”

I haven’t had a lot of time to scroll my dash but what I have seen has been very upsetting. I know everyone has different feelings and opinions about Nancy and her parenting. I fully support everyone’s right to have and express their opinions. But this whole thing hits really close to home for me. I don’t share this often but I think I need to just get this off my chest. 

You see my cousin, lets call her Penny, was taken to the Underworld. When Penny was about 18 she met up with Hades and the next thing we knew we got a message from her in the Underworld. Some say he kidnapped Penny but she told me that she asked to go and while I understand that she was just barely over the age of consent she still made the decision and I support her right to travel (i think travel is so important for broadening perspective). And while our family was devastated Penny LOVED the Underworld. She loved the rivers and the undead and Cerberus. She enjoyed her home there and even started to really like Hades. We all judged her and her decision to go to the Underworld without really understanding why she went or why she would stay. 

When her mother, we will call her Denise, demanded she return it got ugly. I won’t go into details but just imagine the worst custody battle you can think of and multiply it by godlike powers. In the end the arguing about the Underworld destroyed Penny and Denise’s relationship and divided my whole family along pro and anti lines. 

So when I think about Nancy I see my cousin Penny and I realize that judging people just because of their proclivity for the Underworld is really gross and unfair. You don’t know Nancy, you don’t know why she and her kid are going to the Underworld. And until you know the full story you should be careful how judgmental you get. 

Razia's Shadow Starter Sentences
  • "Place your hand on mine."
  • "The rest is up to you to do with what you'll do."
  • "I'm a slave to your eyes."
  • "What a splendid mess!"
  • "You're not the only one who thinks they're falling in love."
  • "I just wanna prove I deserve this gift."
  • "Dream with your eyes closed."
  • "I've heard so much about you, and I hope it's all true."
  • "I'm gonna show you this once, and then you're gonna do it."
  • "It must hurt so bad with a knife in your back."
  • "Now it's your turn. Come on, like you mean it!"
  • "They say you're gifted, well, I just see a scared kid."
  • "If it's too much to bear, or to hear, or to take, I'll be frank, let my inflection be crystal clear!"
  • "This mess that you've made, it's a six foot grave."
  • "You can't escape your own skin."
  • "Why can't you be more like your brother?"
  • "You're a reckless and romantic rogue!"
  • "Don't you ever feel like you've been destined for something bigger than your skin?"
  • "If you elope, I'll hunt you down and through suffering, you'll atone."
  • "You are short-sighted, naive, and starry-eyed."
  • "It seems to me that every star agreed to meet right over our heads tonight."
  • "I can't go back, I just won't go back!"
  • "We were meant to be."
  • "Please open both your ears."
  • "Let me say something on my behalf."
  • "All we have is love."
  • "This is more than divine decree, it's my destiny!"
  • "Watch out for the wicked ones who call themselves beloved ones."
  • "Welcome to my humble abode, please don't mind the mess."
  • "I'm not asking for a lot, it won't cost you a dime."
  • "Trust me, I know how this must go."
  • "Just do what the doctor says."
  • "I've been tracing your steps."
  • "Brother, no!"
  • "This was never my intent."
  • "Please don't cry."

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I read your post and I so agree. Just because something is aimed for a kid it doesn't mean it's not good. If a kid enjoyed it why can't we? We were all kids once before. The difference between a well done kid's show and a normal show is that kid shows will be free of mature topics and will almost always have good morals. ML has great lessons that anyone can appreciate. Most importantly wanting two people to be in love is timeless. I guarantee that's why so many people in the fandom love it.