why can't they be the main couple :(

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hi! i saw in your main page that you have requests open? (if it's old than ignore this :3) but if you are taking requests, would you do anything solangelo? your art is adorable and i kinda miss your drawings of them..even if you can't, thank you :)

i’ve been thinking about drawing them for the past couple days too, this ask is just what I needed lol, so heres a surfer/skater AU bc why not

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Personally I'm really relaxed when it comes to Caryl (not) going canon... like, I'd love it if they ended up together ofc but I'm also fine with them not being a couple. But that promo picture, man. It's the first official look at S8 and they could have had anyone in that picture (Rick?? The main character??) and yet they chose Daryl and Carol together. Why AMC?? Stop playing with my heart. I'm probably reading too much into this but I can't help but hope they're hinting at Caryl going canon.

i know exactly what you mean because i feel the exact same way. at the moment, i’m really not into the show anymore and of course i want it, BUT it doesn’t make much difference to me if they ever become a couple in canon because to me they already are totally in love and married and together forever. they are also already part of pop culture that cannot be erased from tv history. they just are. plus i’m certain the writers would look back and regret never taking a chance on them after the show is over. but it hasn’t been canceled yet (lol), so there’s hope. 

tbth i think that caryl promo doesn’t mean much at all when it comes to the show, besides tptb knowing what sells, that they want people to tune in and carol and daryl are possibly their most controversial and iconic duo so perfect to promote their 100th episode. 

  • Me: *starting a new anime, episode 1*
  • Me: Alright, so Boy A and Girl B are the main love interests here. They're really cute-
  • Me: Wait, Boy B was staring at Girl A weird, do you think that he might...? Nah, that can't be right.
  • Me: Girl A just said something really encouraging and sweet to Boy B! They make such a cute couple, I wonder if waitwaitSTOPSTOPSTOP
  • Me: Oh, I just had the cutest idea where Girl A and Boy B lived in an apartment together and
  • Me: Ah well, can't be helped. *starts writing fanfiction*

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RE: the whole thing in Fallout 4 with how you can't have a gay spouse, I don't disagree with you that there were plenty of ways for Bethesda to make a same-sex couple work. To offer a counterpoint, though, pre-war Fallout seems to be pretty darn '50's, for good or for ill; would it be fair to argue that homosexuality was a lot more taboo back then, and it kind of makes sense that even if the main character is gay/bi/pan/etc, they couldn't express it Pre-War? Just a thought.

Let me lead by first suggesting a good hard think about why you’re finding the need to argue in defense of Bethesda here. Is a counterpoint necessary? Is it really, really necessary?

Second, the Fallout games have a ‘50s aesthetic, but the actual year is fucking 2077 or some shit, and maybe we could envision a tiny bit of social progress in 125 years. We don’t even really HAVE to imagine it. For example, the world of Fallout makes a point to say men AND women were on the front lines in wartime combat, hardly a 1950s concept. Change has happened.

Third, and finally, I AGAIN POINT OUT THAT YOU START THE GAME WITH A HOUSEHOLD ROBOT BALLOON THING WITH A BUZZSAW ARM ATTACHMENT ENTRUSTED WITH CHANGING A CHILD’S DIAPER. It’s abundantly clear from Moment One that we’re in a fictional world, and that means the creators make the rules. If the audience can accept that it’s a world with abundant use of domestic robotic artificial intelligence, then it can also accept that Shaun Has Two Mommies.

And with that, I’m done with the conversation.

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Some main ships make less sense than some supposedly crack ships, like RoWen is usually shipped more than Chendy, even though Chendy is much more canon and they have more chemistry than RoWen, and I think it's just because it's a straight couple. Why can't we all embrace the gayness in the world and stop this fandom being so damn homophobic!

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why would Kishi make the most hated female and unpopular Sakura as the heroine? Hinata is obviously a lot more popular than Sakura now. Fanboys love a girl like Hinata to be their heroine of their favorite hero Naruto, not Sakura. Kishi and SP knew this. And you as Sasusaku fan, stop talking like that about Hinata. Why can't you ship Sasusaku without talking about Hinata? Naruhina is the main couple of the show and now spotlight is on Hinata. Accept that Sakura is no longer the heroine. OK?

Haruno Sakura is the heroine! period

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Here's a interesting question. How would each of the 5 main ships(Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale and if you can Elfgreen) would react when they find out news that they are expecting. Like Warren has telepathy and ask one of the girls why he can't read a separate mind inside her. I assume most of the reactions will either be with joy or just plain hilarious. This would also force 1 or 2 couples to come clean about their relationship status if they are still insist on not being public about it.

Oh, too cute.

Jerza: Erza, at first, I can see swinging between sheer joy and sheer nervousness. Then she’d be the responsible expecting mom who reads all the pregnancy books and follows her doctor’s instructions to a T, up to and including eating five pounds of kale a day.

Jellal, I see being a stable, supportive presence during this time. “Honey, it’s okay to eat strawberry cake once in a while. See, I’ll even put a sprig of kale on it to make it healthier.”

Nalu: Lucy’d do her surprised face, and Natsu would be over the moon with excitement. Then they’d calm down and figure out where to fit the baby (I’m assuming they’d be living in Natsu’s house because rent and Lucy do not go together well.)

Gruvia: She’d be all sweet and domestic, knitting baby hats, painting the nursery, and cooking nourishing and delicious meals. Gray will try to act all nonchalant, but you’d totally catch him smiling over the prospect.

And somehow I can just picture Juvia standing in the nursery, cheering him on while he wrestles with assembling the crib, the mobile, the changing table, the stroller, and all the paraphernalia babies apparently need!

Elfgreen: Becoming a father is very manly! After the initial moment of spluttering shock, Elfman would do his best to be the manliest father out there, annoying Evergreen in the process. She’d probably snap at him for being over-protective but secretly she’d like that he cares so much.

They would argue over assembly instructions and nursery decorations and in the end, Lisanna, Mira, Bixlow, and Freed would come over and quietly take care of all that stuff for them.