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Writing an essay about how diverse the character design for the women of Overwatch is just reminds me of this one girl in my art class who said they weren’t diverse at all because all the women were still hourglass shaped.

Nevermind the fact that we’ve got a world-class weightlifter, a female soldier, a pro girl gamer, and a freaking grandmother. Nope, not diverse at all.

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I wish the anits would stop saying Eliza hates the show and wants off it. They're pushing their feelings onto her when she's never shown anything but love for the show. She loves being able to play such a strong badass female. She's said so many times that before she'd always get type casted as the dumb blonde and The 100 let her finally be something else. She loves being the first bi female lead on a network show. She loves her castmates too.

They’re not going to stop. It’s not about the show. It’s not about Eliza. It’s not about any of the fans.

They have a hard time looking at things outside of their own perspective. They have their feelings, and those are the only ones that are valid. Their feelings were hurt. They feel an injustice was done to them. They felt betrayed, so therefore these are the only valid responses. Everything that is against them is bad. Their side is good. (It’s ironic that this is the mindset that comes out of The 100 fandom, when The 100 show is so very much about there not being any Good or Evil sides.)

They do not see it from Eliza’s perspective. A woman, an actress who’s trying to make a name for herself in a VERY difficult business, who is PROUD of her work, and should be. Who enjoys her show and her colleagues and the art she makes. They only see how it affects THEM. Which is they lost their favorite character. 

This is an immature perspective. 

What are we expecting from them? Respectful behavior? They demand people respect their pain but have no respect for anyone else, not the actors, or the representation that other people find on the show, not for alternate view points, not for anyone else’s pain. Sometimes you just have to let it go, because you’re not going to change them.

They messed up. They had a valid concern and the opportunity to really have their voices heard to make changes, and instead, they decided to throw tantrums about their favorite, attack people and behave badly, and now people think they’re a joke. Badly done. They lost an opportunity there. 

ps. Man I was considering not posting this because it was too harsh on them, and then I read all their responses to Eliza’s tweet celebrating being renewed. What a self-centered bunch of twits.


2x05 || 2x22

Omg, I feel so attacked by Helen’s call to Sally telling she’s leaving Anthony. I’m crying, I’m fucking crying, dead serious. And I’m not even listening.

HP: NO! No! Anthony and I – we had a life! Then he took a government job and things got hard, but we were strong! He loved me! I trekked out to the middle of the desert, and never did I once doubt we would be together forever. He was going to save the humanity and made me believe he could do it. And who should appear one day but the great enigma that is Sally Grissom? The cherry on top of a sundae of secrets we’ll all take to our graves, like it or not! You know, the last time I got up on stage, I just wanted to just replace the words of a song with every secret I have ever had to keep for you, or Anthony, or Bill Donovan. Belt them out for this whole benighted little town to hear, with a double encore!

SG: I feel the same way.

HP: Don’t speak to me like you’re just the same as any normal person, Sally Grissom! I don’t know what you think is acceptable behavior where you’re from. Who you were before you fell into our world like a boot to an anthill.


HP: I’m gone, Sally. I’m leaving! I’ve found a manager, for the singing. They’re going to help me move away, set me up somewhere new.

SG: Helen, what do you want me to do?

HP: Just… Don’t say anything. Don’t tell him.

SG: Then why tell me?

HP: Because now you have to look him in the eye and lie to him. Lie to him about something he loves. Just like you made him do to me.

SG: …That’s harsh, Helen. That’s… Cruel.

HP: Sally Grissom, you are the worst thing that ever happened to me.

W. T. F

I’m not even listening, but I can hear it perfectly; Helen’s hurt and Sally falling apart…

Seriously, the SFX after the fight shouldn’t be nothing like 

[[SFX: Helen hangs up; radio tuning; a grandfather clock ticks; footsteps approach through the snow outside; the door opens and Anthony enters, removes his coat]]


[[SFX: Helen hangs up; fans crying in the background; cellphone being unblocked, podcast app being paused; sheets rustling as person lies down; just the small sound of whimpers for the rest of the episode’s lengh]]

I love shit posting. I love it too much. I have no friends to talk to, so I just make these pieces of shit why not.

Started doing a DA;I Sera Romance playthrough and like everyone else, I hate how you get so much negative stuff from people for romancing her. But if they were going to do that, I wish that you had the chance to defend your choice and tell people to shut up. Or even better than that, I wish they actually gave genuine gift suggestions. Like at that point they’ve been together for months. That’s enough time to at least have a vague idea of what Sera would like and it’s more than enough time for them to have interacted with Sera on the battlefield where she’s covering and helping them. At the very least there should be some kind of begrudging respect.

But about the genuine gift ideas, it got me thinking about what each one might suggest instead of just giving negative comments (with a few exceptions. Bull, Blackwall, Varric and Dorian were fine with it) and how much more fun that could have been to have to pick from a gift and you’d get a reaction based on the gift. Or if none of them worked, you still get that scene where she’s still happy you talked to people about being with her.

Here are some gift ideas I thought of that could have been fun.  (Put in a read more cause this was a bit longer than expected. )

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You’ve misjudged me, God. If you thought I would fall or give up or step aside over something like this, then you were wrong. Come at me with all you have. I will never despair, be sad, or surrender.

That was legitimately one of my favourite episodes. I love that it was Carmen-centric, and her figuring out the clues (quickly because she’s so clever) and how delighted she was to even get clues! The fun she was having, and having Chief with her seemed to make her happy too. It was beautiful. But??

Oooh I’m crying wth??? She didn’t take the things for her own Christmas, she did it for everybody else. She even gave them cheeky little gifts. And she just. Flew off to be alone. Again.

IMm not crying,m, yOU’RE CRying.

And then Ivy’s soft “Merry Christmas, Carmen”

I feel so cheated.


Still messing around with new brushes and decided to paint Ziio, Connor’s awesome mama~  I feel like Connor inherited Ziio’s awesome cheekbones, and I love that he has his mother’s eyes (and glare!)  I feel like he takes after his mother a lot- just without the saucy-ness haha!  Values are still a bit messed up, but it feels good to paint again…!  And I’m putting Connor in there again because mother and son should stay together ;_____;   Perhaps I should paint Papa Kenway too?  >_>?


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie >> throwback coballoway

“So here I am,” Connor continues, “about to waste front row seats—”

“Wait, you can’t see anything in the first row. The stage blocks your view. Everyone knows that.”

“Did I say first row? I don’t think I did.” He tilts his head. “You really need to get those ears checked, Miss Calloway.”

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“I just want Lapis to be happy.”

-probably every SU fan


Twin Peaks Ladies as Fairytale Heroines
→ Shelly Johnson as Cinderella

She was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind…