why can't my hair be curly

Why aren’t there any soulmate AU fics for iideku? A soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your body would be hilarious for these two. Like Iida’ first words are literally shouted at Midoriya during Present Mic’s explanation of the practical exam. And Midoriya is probably way too nervous and then way too embarrassed to notice the words (although $5 says Bakugou noticed). And THEN Iida basically talks over Midoriya’s first words to him when Iida thinks Midoriya’s trying to distract Uraraka right before the exam starts, so he would have no idea that Midoriya is his soulmate. It’s perfect and I don’t know why no one has written a fic like this yet

Tom Holland x Reader : Naked Neighbor

Hello again! I am back with some more stuff. This isn’t exactly explicit smut, but there is mentions of…er dick. Hope you enjoy! Send me a message and reblog if you enjoyed. xoxoxox

I love summer. The warmth, sunshine, and trips to the lake always remind me of home, but I haven’t had a very fun summer so far. It’s rained every single day since Memorial Day, and I’ve had enough of it. Today is different. When I woke up this morning and saw a cloudless sky and a brightly shining sun, I knew it was going to be a good day.

The first thing I do is grab my lounge chair and current book I’ve been reading and head straight out onto my balcony. I’m not sure how long this weather will last, and I want to make the best of it.

A smile spreads across my face as I feel the sun on my skin. I take in a deep breath of fresh hair, smelling the daisies that my sister planted earlier in the season. The reason that I love this house so much is the amazing balcony that is attached to my bedroom. I get a lovely view of the neighborhood and–oh my God.

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Emori Meets Bellarke
  • Emori : Clarke right? Your boyfriend is looking for you.
  • Clarke: What?
  • Emori: The guy with the curly hair and freckles.
  • Clarke: Bellamy? Oh no Bellamy is NOT my boyfriend! We are just totally platonic friends? Why would you think he's my boyfriend? Did Murphy tell you he's my boyfriend because he lies. I don't know why everyone keeps asking if Bellamy is my boyfriend?
  • Emori: ...I saw you guys hugging for like twenty minutes...
  • Emori: You literally said "I love you Bellamy".
  • Clarke: Listen if you can't tell the difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic one then I can't help you.
  • Emori: You said "Lets get married".
  • Clarke: PL.AT.ON.IC.LY
how BTS members would play with your hair
  • Jin: Jin is often seen as a motherly figure by people, so I'd imagine him brushing your hair all the time. In the morning when the light hurts your eyes, he'd brush through your tangled jungle of a bedhead, and rest his head on your shoulder to feel your poofy hair. He'd buy teddy bear hair ties for you as an excuse to walk up to you and squish the hair tie, then your cheeks.
  • Yoongi: Yoongi would find your hair beautiful from the moment he met you, but wouldn't admit it for a long time. He'd run his fingers through your hair while you'd fall asleep on his lap, or while watching movies late at night.
  • Hoseok: Being the adorable ball of sunshine he is, he'd clip tiny strands of hair together at night using butterfly clips. under a pillow fort, while putting his nose on yours and get both of you to start giggling like kids.
  • Namjoon: Namjoon would tuck your hair behind your ear when he's about to lean in for a kiss. Eventually, he'd start bringing around hair ties because you knew you'd always forget one, and even surprise you by quickly tucking your hair into a bun when you'd never taught him how to do that, and hadn't even mentioned you were feeling sweaty.
  • Jimin: Early into his relationship with you, he'd loosely braid your hair every once in a while. He'd be shy to do it at first (aw mochi) but after the first time he'd fall in love how soft your hair is. After he'd warmed up to you a little more, he'd do it more often and the braids would get neater and neater. He'd try to learn how to do something fancy like a fishtail, try it a bunch of times, but get frustrated after failing so every time, and give you a back hug of defeat.
  • Taehyung: Taehyung would twirl your hair when you're cuddling in bed with him. He'd observe how you did a ponytail every morning and practice doing low ponytails on you. After getting comfortable with ponytails, he'd try pigtails. He'd find them irresistible and laugh under his breath while twirling your pigtails. Sooner or later, they'd become your everyday hairdo.
  • Jungkook: Jungkook would be afraid to touch your hair for a long time. When you two would be getting ready for the day in the morning, he'd pay always pay attention to you tying up your hair. One day, he would undo your twin braids. He'd be a little shocked for a little bit at how cute your hair is when it's curly, and before you could ask him why the hell he just did that, he'd swerve behind you. Being extra cautious he wouldn't hurt you, he'd grab two strands of hair; one from your left and right side of your head, and tie them both in the back. He'd top it off with a small pink bow in the back, turn your head towards him, smile, then quickly give you a little peck on the lips.

Current muse: Curly Prince Harold with doodlie-angel-wings. I’m pretty sure Angel Harry is somewhere on the list there… he’s prolly top 1, I wouldn’t even be surprised to be honest. :D

no matter where you are, no matter how far

by ceaseandexist

art and playlist by @birdstattoo

written for the @1dbigbang

“You kind of have to be a little bit dumb to decide to climb Everest, I think,” Harry says. “Like at some point you should probably say to yourself, ‘Hey, this is really dangerous and expensive and stuff, and maybe I should just, like, become an architect or something.’”

Louis cocks an eyebrow. “An architect, Haz? Is that your secret dream? You want to build –”

“Shh,” Harry says, holding a finger up to Louis’s lips. “I’m trying to make a point. Just that, like, at some point, we all make a stupid choice to put our lives in danger, but that’s just part of why climbing this mountain is such an accomplishment, right? Because most people aren’t dumb enough to try.”

Or: An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.

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Steve watching the movie 'Brave' and he starts tearing up and Natasha next to him is like 'Um. He's crying whys he crying what do I do' and Steve the Art Student is just like 'it's nothing. It's silly it's just....her <I>hair</I>. It's amazing.' Natasha can't believe this man

Merida pulls back the hood of her cloak and shakes her mane of curly red hair, and Natasha hears Steve’s breath hitch.

“I am Merida. First born descendant of DunBroch, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand.”

Natasha looks over to Steve and quietly stifles a laugh. The massive super-soldier is curled up into a ball, chin propped up on a pillow he’s hugging against his chest, sniffing quietly and rubbing at his red-rimmed eyes.

"You okay there, big guy?” Natasha whispers, as Merida tries to draw back her bow for her first shot.  

“I’m fine.” Steve croaks out, but gasps when Merida tears through her silken dress. The first arrow goes flying, straight into the bullseye, the second following suit, and Steve tightens his grip on the pillow when Merida stops and lines up her arrow on the final target, the bullseye already shot by one of the incompetent suitors. “No, she couldn’t possibly…” 

Merida lets go of the arrow, and time slows down, the wooden shaft bending and rattling against the bow. Her arrow pierces clean through the first one, cleanly robin-hooding the target. Tears start to stream down Steve’s face.  

"…You sure everything’s alright?” Natasha asks, gently petting Steve’s shoulder.

“It’s, it’s nothing.” Steve says, reaching over for a tissue. Natasha doesn’t reply. “No, I, it’s silly, it’s just, her hair, the environment, the animation… The amount of time people must have dedicated to the way her hair curls- it’s. Disney’s cartoons were great during my time too, but this… This is incredible. It’s… amazing.” Steve voice trails off into an awe-filled whisper. Natasha starts laughing, and Steve pouts. “I know it’s stupid-“

"No, no, you’re fine. That’s adorable.” Natasha says, ruffling his hair. Steve grumbles and burrows further into his pillow. 

“… Did I miss anything?” Sam says, emerging from the kitchen with a bowl full of popcorn, eyeing the crumpled tissues scattered around Steve. “Man, don’t tell me someone died already." 

"Cap’s just getting emotional over the artistic prowess of Brave’s animators.” Natasha says, bending over to kiss Steve on the cheek as he mutters more. Sam sits down on the other side of Steve, and both him and Nat flank Steve, cuddling up against him.

“I’m not emotional.” Steve says.

Steve promptly starts bawling when Merida and her horse gallop through the gorgeous forests and waterfalls of Scotland, and Natasha makes sure the fuzzy photo of the crying super-soldier is trending on Twitter by the next day. 

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kate! write us the drabble, jealous!liam over zarry is canon.

So I tried to write a cute lil drabble, and somehow … this … happened??  Um.  I’m putting this under a cut, because it’s irresponsibly long.  But first, here’s a little gif action to get us in the mood.

okay, that’s literally it.  that’s the whole fic.  But if you for some reason want to keep reading… here is CAKE WARS, based on this prompt.  In which Harry is a method actor, Zayn’s allergic to buttercream, Louis has adorable anger problems and Liam really, really needs to stop being so oblivious to what’s right in front of him.  

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at this point...
  • hyuk: *breaths*
Falling for Dane Kim AGAIN

when i saw this, i was srsly looking for him.. O_O

and all of a sudden.. when i was not paying attention.. he.. he appeared..

he did try to hide again this time.. LMAO


even with a curly (i don’t know how to describe) hair, he looks adorable ^_^

just like a kid in front of my eyes..

i am falling for him.. AGAIN OTL

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Backs of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Hats, foreheads, curly hair in fuzzy wuzzy dark rooms. Height analysis, mirror reflections, the secret life of silhouettes. I'm sorry, I just can't... Why do people do this to themselves? I don't understand.

Oh, ya know, cause life’s a bitch and then you die. I can spend my days arguing myself into the nut house over issues that will never be resolved or I can amuse myself quietly trying to find out Where in the World is Sam Hueghan while making new friends across the globe and neglecting my personal hygiene. Either way, once I’m dead, none of it will make a shits bit of difference. Lighten up. Live a little while you can. 

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How long do you suppose it will be until one of those truthers produces a picture of Tony at the same women’s March? Cause you know they all are feverishly trolling every internet picture of that march as we speak in search of the international man of mystery. 

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I remember when I was younger I would always say "I hate being dark, why can't I be lighter" or "Why can't my hair be naturally straight instead of being kinky and curly" I'm so glad I didn't do any skin bleaching or getting a perm because now I truly see that us "Darker" women are coming together and excepting what we have and I now see that other people are pushing to get what we have. I can't wait to have my kids so I can show them this page and tell them that beauty is within us💜

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why can't women of other races not be part of the natural hair movement? not asking to be rude, really curious on your opinion. I understand the social and racial implications of natural black hair and have studied it fairly extensively, but as a latina woman with very curly hair who has also had her hair permed straight because of mockery by society and individuals telling me my hair was "too wild" and my "afro" needed to be cut (i dont have an afro just big & curly)

sorry babe

you can’t sit with us.

 good try tho don’t take it to heart but you wasn’t with us picking in the field nor getting whooped by massa

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This is a little dumb, but I really enjoy how cute your Raoul is. Growing up, I was the only person in my family with curly hair and I hated it, so it's nice to see a cute fluff-head. It puts a nice spin on my self-image and instead of thinking, "oh, I hate my hair why is it so difficult why can't it be smooth and silky straight like my parent's and siblings' hair" now I'm like "aww my hair is so fluffy like Raoul's <3" which is a little dorky but you take what you can get in life hahaha.

Awwwwwwww I am so glad you feel that way anon! Curly hair is cool! Don’t ever let it getcha down!