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Sometimes I wonder how long time has gone since som people who make fanworks have played the actual game. Because honestly. I was looking through a blog I used to follow and how is it even possible to write a character so far from canon and still think it’s in character??

Like, okay, I agree that Sans’ boss battle is amazing, and the “you dirty brother killer” line broke my heart, but ??? Why do people keep making him so OP? Yeah, it took me like a week to kill him, but I feel like it’s pretty obvious that it’s the poison effect that makes it so hard to beat him, and it’s literally named KARMA, so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s your high LV that causes him to be able to fight you like that.

The teleportation and the time stopping thing is pretty cool, but I honestly really doubt that Sans is that powerful in battle if it’s against someone who hasn’t killed. Look at his stats, for gods sake, he’s got lower thats than a moldsmal. If you caught him off guard, you’d be able to take him down in a single hit.

“The easiest enemy. Can only deal 1 damage.” wasn’t a lie, he’d be the easiest enemy if you hadn’t killed hundreds of people. Just let my Son™ be gross and goofy and cryptic and friendly and sarcastic and /weak/ and everything he is in the pacifist route without having Cool Superpowers or a Melodramatic Tragic Backstory

Let’s have this one depressed character that isn’t overly emotional or angsty, and eats gross food and has a trash tornado and tells bad jokes and doesn’t have a lightbulb in his lamp and uses teleportation to be lazy and play nerdy pranks please
Sans is Good leave him alone

Sentence starters: Building a Gingerbread House.
  • "I got this, I watch food network."
  • "Yes, look at how good this turned out! We could sell this."
  • "Stop licking that!"
  • "The trick is not to break the gingerbread house."
  • "Let's just focus on the front and take a photo of it. It'll look like we worked more than we actually did."
  • "Why can't you follow directions?"
  • "Smell this, it smells so good. I could eat it right now."
  • "What design should we do on the roof?"
  • "Can't you just stop eating the icing!"
  • "I'm very ocd so I need it to be centered."
  • "This is so fucking amazing."
  • "This is where the icing should go. Just like that, nice and thick."
  • "This isn't fair. You're making all the fun parts all by yourself."
  • "If you get icing on my hair I'm going to kill you."
  • "Oh so now you're a professional..."
  • "I'm giving you props. I didn't expect you to be good at this."
  • "You thought we were doing this together? This is a competition."
  • "How do people do this?!"
  • "Aaw, this is so cute! We are a good team."
  • "What are you eating? That was supposed to be part of the roof!"
  • "Is this better? Are you sure? I'm not saying it's bad but..."
  • "I'm just going to say it... you suck at this."
  • "This isn't the design I wanted but neither is this life."
  • "The roof is falling off. This is so bad..."
  • "If I tilt it it looks good."
  • "This is hideous. Is it supposed to look like that?"
  • "Yes, look! It's looking so good... kinda.
  • "Eating all the candy won't help."
  • "Look at how you did the icing there, it looks like dicks."
  • "You ain't helping at all."
  • "We won't have decorations if you keep eating the candy."
  • "You put it on the wrong side, you're ruining it."
  • "Oh no, you fucked up the fucking icing..."
  • "The box said to leave it from two to three hours to set. We did zero hours. That's why it's all falling apart."
I’ve been tagged!

Heya!! I’ve been tagged by @yoonmin-writes!! Why not…

(First of all, I’m not that good in English since it’s not my native language, so I apologize for alll the mistakes I’ll do in this post…)

Here are the rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better!

Name: I don’t really wanna tell it, the first letter is the same as my pen name.

Nicknames: Erynn, Erin, Lolo, Suga’s wife.

Zodiac Sign: I’m a proud Scorpio.

Height: Dunno. x)  Maybe 1,60m.

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: I’m French.

Favourite fruit: Idk? Strawberry? Apple? (PPAP?)

Favourite season: The beginning of autumn, when the weather is still good.

Favourite book: Huh. I have absolutely no idea. I really liked the series of “Power of Five” by Anthony Horowitz.

Favourite flower: I really like orchids.

Favourite scent: Vanilla or everything really sweet since I’m really into candies or chocolates or everything like that.

Favourite colours: Black (original, I know right), blue, I really like emerald green and light pink as well.

Favourite animals: I love cats and dogs, please don,t ask to choose I can’t. x) I really like turtles, dolphins and elephants.

Favourite beverage: Lemonade, apple and grape juice.

Average hours of sleep: depends of the days. Generally 6-7 hours. 10 on holidays.

Favourite fictional characters: Ah. Hard to choose. Bakugou Katsuki, Aizawa Shouta and Hitoshi Shinsou from BnHA, Sugawara Koushi, Ukai Keishin and Kuroo Tetsurou from Haikyuu!!, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Number of blankets you sleep with: One.

Dream trip: Basically all around the world. New Zealand, Ireland, Peru, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia…

Blog created: I have no ideas of when I create this. o_0 In 2016, I guess…

Number of followers: 11

Okay, I think it was really boring to read that, but yeah, I still hope you enjoyed it…

So I tag (they’re not necessarily my followers but anyway, i follow them x)): @yoongilyrics, @dance-dance-bokuaka, @bangtanbtsmut, @orinaw I have absolutely no idea who else I can tag, so, Bye guys

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This scene was always my favorite but I've always wondered what exactly was running through Liam's head when we first sees ruby that he can't talk. Also I'm very very impatiently waiting for wayfarer I love all you're work you're amazing

When they meet in Black Betty?

It probably followed this line:
















I don’t know why Liam always thinks in caps in my mind. Probably because he plays it cool on the outside but is in a low-key state of panic most of the book. 

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Gabi I'm too n00b to figure out how to see the full version of your nsfw drawings, could you please tell me how this works D: ? Your drawings are amazing btw, i really love your art xoxo :***

Hello, my darling ❤️ 

You’re not n00b. The nsfw drawings you’re referring to are just cropped versions I post as a preview to some special followers as a way to announce I’m making a post on my side blog, @anotherturnofthescrew. ATOTS is a password protected blog because of its risky content (nsfw art of RPF) and only a few close people have the password to access it. So every time you see the symbol bellow, it means the respective drawing is just a glimpse of what I did:

But, as I told another Anon, you can try your luck and talk to my privately. Maybe I can give you access. Maybe not. Who knows? I appreciate the msg though, thank you very much 😘❤️

Even the brightest of souls can have their darkest of days. Yet they continue to inspire and teach a generation love, compassion, wisdom and kindness. They aren’t just actors on a TV show. They are also human, they also have flaws and most importantly, they have emotions. They go above and beyond to help others, sometimes even putting strangers before their own families. They are amazing in so many different ways. If more people could aspire to be like these people, the world could be so much of a better place. It would leave no room for tears, no room for sorrow or fear. You don’t have to be well known or famous to make a difference. All you need is emotion.

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So I was trying to figure out why I followed you but are are you the person who had hair like Ghirahim or is this someone totally unrelated Also! My sister is about to apply for Ringling for the next fall semester. I can't really say much about it, other than I know that it's expensive, but imo it looks really amazing lol

My guy I cant figure out why any of yall follow me but ye i just got another Ghirahim Special ™ yesterday

ps I really hope she gets in!!! <3

Stargazing | C.H.

word count: 1024
requested?: yes
a/n: all my calum ones turn out like this. i love this one so much.

It’d been so sudden that you weren’t even sure what he had planned. Half an hour ago, you were planning on having a night to yourself: just you, your book, and maybe some music. That, of course, couldn’t happen in Calum’s mind.

“Come over,” his text read. “I have a surprise.” Your first thought immediately went to where you thought his was going. “It’s not that. Just come over, please,” he begged. Following the text was a picture of him pouting and with that, he knew he had you.

You didn’t bother to change out of your pajamas as you slipped on your shoes and made the trek next door to Calum’s home. The lights were all shut off, meaning the rest of the family was asleep, and you knew better than to knock on the front door this late at night. You and Calum had been caught out way too late too many times.

Before you could even reach the front door, you saw his head poke up over the fence in the backyard. “Babe?” he called, as quietly as he could. You grinned as you saw him, always surprised by what he managed to come up with.

You let yourself into the backyard through the fence door to see he’d set up a tent for the two of you to share, along with two sleeping bags that he had zipped together to form one big one. You could just see him through the flashlight that he had on the ground.

Calum tugged you into his arms first thing, planting a kiss on your cheek as he hugged you tightly. “Missed you, sweetheart,” he mumbled, swaying lightly as you held each other.

You laughed lightly. “You just saw me an hour ago,” you whispered back, poking his nose as you separated from him. He grinned as he watched you sit down on the giant sleeping bag before joining you himself. “So what’s the surprise?”

“That’s one hour too long,” Calum pouted, taking your hand in his. He always had to be touching you someway, even if it was just your fingers laced with his. “I wanna watch the stars with my star,” he explained. You bumped your elbow into his side at his cheesy comment. “I’m trying to be romantic.”

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My friends and I finally saw Mockingjay tonight! It. was. phenomenal. Seriously it was amazing. The acting was on point, the cinematography, how it followed the books - all fantastic. Even though I knew what was going to happen I was still nervous and tense, waiting on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. A+++++ all around.

You're My Mission (1/2)

Co-written with thexlostxgirlx

Summary: John Smith, better known as the Doctor, was given a mission: assassinate the Vitex Heiress, Rose Tyler, in order to take revenge on her father who was responsible for the destruction of London. [Nine/Rose AU]

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3811

Note: This project grew out of a prompt that thexlostxgirlx recieved (x). I then wrote a part two to it which shares the title of this fic (x). Then Sam and I decided to join forces and write the fic that is now in front of you based on our ideas. Knowledge of those is not necessary for this fic, they were simply inspiration. There’s also a graphic in the mix made by Sam.

It was the job of a lifetime.

That was all John Smith could think when he was handed the photo of his target. Rose Tyler. Daughter of Pete Tyler, head of the Vitex dynasty – the business that had nearly destroyed London. Even now, nearly ten years later, the city was still in ruins, parts of it uninhabitable.

Of course, those who had been lucky enough to benefit from it all were living in the lap of luxury, without a care in the world. For them, life was good.

John Smith was not part of that group.

He pocketed the picture with a grim smile. It would be his pleasure to take out the only heir to the Vitex fortune.

The next few weeks were spent casing his target, following her everywhere she went, getting to know her routine. For the most part she seemed every bit the spoiled brat she must have been. Shopping with her mother every other day, attending lavish parties thrown by government officials and the other people fortunate enough to still have money in this day and age. And of course she had a bodyguard with her at all times. It made getting a clean shot incredibly difficult. She was never alone.

But John needed to get the job over with eventually. His employers were starting to get impatient.

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I can't believe alloftheimaginesblog and twwolfimagines follow you. I don't like twwolfimagines and I can't belive you follow her! And why would Angela follow you?

Firstly Angela (alloftheimaginesblog​) would be incredibly disappointed and unhappy with you for being so hateful. If there’s anything I would expect from Angela’s followers it would be the same kindness and appreciation for people that she has and that she preaches. 

Secondly Eliza is amazing and works incredibly hard. How dare you. How dare you insult someone who put themself out there, who works hard, whose incredibly kind. Get the hell off my blog and sit in the corner. 

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