why can't my couples be endgame

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omg I 'm reading your Riarkle posts and I'm loving them they're my otp the Corpanga of the show don't you think so? Now I was reading your post about how better their relationship is than Rucas and you mentioned the episode Belief I don't remember it too much so what happened with Riarkle in that episode? I can't wait until we see Riley developing feelings for Farkle but doesn't it seem like she has been flirting with him a little in recent episodes like STEM?

Thank you! I definitely think they have a lot of parallels to Corpanga and if there can only be one endgame couple, my money would be on Riarkle for sure. 

In belief, Riley & Farkle have the following conversation:

Riley: Why did my father assign us Jefferson? I get that he wrote the Declaration of Independence. He said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Is that what he wants us to know? That believing in something is just the obvious thing to do?
Farkle: Not to me. A scientist needs to hold things under a microscope, Riley. That’s the only way to really understand what’s right in front of you.
Riley: Did you ever think that when you look through a microscope, you miss the bigger picture?
Farkle: No.

This is Farkle’s reaction after he says, no. You can see the wheels turning. He’s thinking about what Riley has said. She’s managed to put a little dent in that armor of science that Farkle stands behind. Only a very very tiny one, but that’s more headway than Lucas or Maya made. Telling, no?

And essentially, Riarkle’s conversation almost vaguely parallels the Lucaya conversation in what it achieves. Basically, the conversations highlight that they have differing points of view, but they’re able to discuss the topic respectfully, while also learning from one another. Riley & Lucas agreed on everything, so they got nothing from being partnered. Farkle was fine with going along with Maya’s slacking, so they got nothing from being partnered. Farkle/Lucas & Riley/Maya butted heads on the topic (Farkle/Lucas because of Farkle’s “Science trumps all” and Maya/Riley because Riley kept pushing Maya). So, even though they had a lot to learn from one another, they couldn’t really take advantage of that. But, in this particular case, Lucaya & Riarkle were able to have a calm conversation about their differing opinions and that points to how nicely they work together.

And re: flirting, I think she may be, but she’s not aware of it. Her Farkle feels are buried deep down under all her Lucas, white horsey princess dreams. But hey, she called him handsome, so maybe they’re getting somewhere.