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uuuurrrrgggg, can't the exclusionists just chill for like.. one second?? it's pride month, it's meant to be a happy month. now i'm terrified of the 10th and the 30th. I remember last year when i was a smol closeted ace, my pride month was okay, but it was lonely. When i finally came out to my friends i was looking forward to the next pride month.. now i've got horrible anxiety because of this whole thing. why do they seem more hateful this month.. doesn't it get tiring being this angry?

Doesn’t it get tiring being this angry?

I mean, I would think so, but… Ugh.

I really hop you have a good time on your pride days in spite of all this.

–Mod Mercy

a trip to the supermarket with my dad

so about an hour ago, my dad noticed that i’d been on the internet all day and hadn’t been outside for days/weeks/whatever so he decided to drag me outside to go shopping with him

we didnt talk much in the car on the way to the supermarket but once we got there i realised i was literally dressed like dean winchester (which i didnt point out because my dad doesnt know supernatural) but i started laughing and he sort of gave me a look that said “oh no not my weird daughter again”.

 having not been outside for a while and living on tumblr for a week, i had forgotten what was socially acceptable so i just randomly started singing the ghostbusters theme song because a box of cereal fell of a shelf by itself then i said “DAD DAD IT’S A GHOST CEREAL BOX! WHO YA GONNA CALL?” and he just facepalmed and kept walking. i just started humming fall out boy songs and skipping around and talking enthusiastically about pizza and my dad just put his hand on my shoulder and said “grace, people are gonna think youre on drugs” so i stopped and started talking too enthusiastically about jillian holtzmann like “oh my god holtzmann is so amazing i love her so much she is amazing and awesome and l mean youve watched the film you saw her she is just perfect in every way” and he was like “grace, youre making me question your sexuality” and i laughed and said “you dont have to do that for me” but i almost said “dont worry im gonna come out in january” and just managed to stop myself

as my dad was paying i was talking to him about harry potter. i was saying “dad youve only read the first book. you have to read all of them” and he was like “no i dont because ive watched the films” and i was like “im not lending you the cursed child until youve read all seven books” and he was like “maybe i wont read the cursed child then. maybe i’ll just go and see the play” and i was like “we might not be able to see the play” and he just looked at me and said “oh, i’ll see it”

when we left the supermarket i said “but what if we dont see the cursed child” and he said “we can all act it out” and i said “who would you be?” and he said “silvius balfoy” and i just stared at him and said “who the hell is that?” and he said “y’know. draco’s little one” and i said “SCORPIUS MALFOY YOU IDIOT” and he was like “yeah i’ll be that one” and i said “dad, he’s 14. youre nearly 45″ and he said “i’ll be harry then. you can be scorpius. molly can be albus.” and i was thinking “woah dad youre casting me as scorpius and my girlfriend as albus? scorbus much” then i remembered he doesnt know im gay or that my best friend is actually my girlfriend. then he kept going on about how he could be harry potter

on the way home some boys like 17 or something rode their bikes across the road in front of us and my dad said “watch out, lads” and i looked at him and said “you do know they cant hear you, right?” and he said “they can. i used telekinesis.” i groaned then a few seconds later said “wait isnt telekinesis when you move objects with your mind?” and he said “yep”

later he was like “did we ever finish watching shadowhunters?” and i said “i did. you didnt” and he said “im sure i did” so i said “you didnt. you watched up to episode 5. whos your favorite character?” and he said “magnus and harry” and i looked at him and said “whos harry?” and he said “the gay one” and i was like “THATS ALEC” 

and that is what happened when i went to the supermarket with my dad

Request: Can you do one where the reader can't find her iPod in the bunker and Crowley helps her look for it, they end up finding a passageway, get stuck on top of each other and they realize they have feelings for eachother

Warning: More cursing than usual

“God dammit!” You exclaimed, throwing all the covers off your bed. “Motherfucker.” You continued, getting on your knees and looking around the floor. “Bitch, dick, cock.” You muttered, opening all your drawers. “Holy fucki-”

“Darling, why all the cursing?” A smooth British accent asked, interrupting you.

“Because I can’t find my motherfucking iPod.” You explained, opening your closet and throwing clothes everywhere. 

“Would you like some help?” Crowley offered.

“I’d love some.” You replied. “It’s not in my room, maybe it’s in the shooting range?” You guessed.

“I’ll just take us there, save some time.” Crowley suggested, holding his hand out to you dramatically. 

Laughing, you grabbed his hand and he transported you the shooting range. You checked everywhere, and even started crawling on the floor. “Oh, is that it?” Crowley called, looking under the table. 

You groaned at your own stupidity. The only way under the table was through a small square, since the table was closed on all sides. Honestly, it was more of a rectangle than a table. Sighing, you started to crawl in. 

“What are you doing? I’ll get it.” Crowley offered, stopping you.

“Be my guest.” You said, moving so Crowley could go in. He almost got to your iPod, and then stopped. 

“Um, Y/N, please explain to me why there’s a Devil’s Trap in here?" 

"Are you serious?” You asked, laughing.

“It’s not funny! I can’t move!” He yelled.

“Alright, alright. Take a deep breath. I’ll be right there.” You assured him. Then you crawled in. The area was even more cramped that you thought, and you saw Crowley laying on his back, staring at the Devil’s Trap. You laughed and crawled over to him. But, since the area was small, the only way you could get near him is by crawling over him. 

Your stomach flipped and you ignored it as your bodies pressed due to the small space. You stopped crawling once your head was above Crowley’s, you had to hold yourself up by your arms. 

“The.. Um. Trap is behind your head.” Crowley said, not looking you in the eye.

“I, shit. Um, I can’t really reach it. If I could get under you…. I could…. Um.” You stuttered, face growing a bright red. You were thankful for the dim lighting in the box.

“Right. Um, I’ll, just. If you could move to the side. I could… Get, above you.” Crowley said, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. 

“Sure.” You said, then leaned to the left, and moving as far away from Crowley as possible. He leaned to the right, and you both stared at each other for a few seconds, then you cleared your throat, remembering the task at hand. “So… I'l just slide under…. you.” You said, moving back down so that you were laying on your back.

Crowley then crawled on top of you, his hands the only thing stopping your bodies from touching. “Alright, so, if you just, scratch away the Trap, we can get out of here.” He said, chancing a glance into your eyes. 

“Right! Sure.” You said. “I… Just need to um, reach up.” You added, then raised your hands to behind Crowley’s head, pushing your faces closer together. “Can…. You, um, use one of your hands to help hold me up. My abs aren’t as strong as they used to be.”

Crowley chuckled, pushing his hot breath onto your face. He smelled like whiskey. Crowley’s hand pressed against your back, and tried to focus on getting rid of the Trap, not Crowley being so close, or his hand on your back.

You stuck your tongue out slightly, and started scratching away the Trap. You managed to push Crowley out of your mind, and almost completely create a break in the Trap, but then Crowley’s hand slipped and you both fell down. 

“I’m so sorry!” Crowley exclaimed. Now both his hands were rapped under you, and his face hovering only inches above yours. 

“It’s okay.” You whispered. You glanced down at Crowley’s lips, then back to his eyes. You’d never thought of Crowley in terms of a boyfriend, or even somebody you had a crush on, but at the moment, all you could think about was kissing him. 

You started thinking about all the times Crowley had been there for you; when you had a bad hunt, or you felt like giving up. Hell, he’d even been there for you when you had your period! Was it possible Crowley had feelings for you? 

“I… Um.” You started, having no idea what to say or do.

“My hands are… stuck. If you, um, push your body up, I could get them out.” He said.

“Oh, okay.” You said. “Actually, I think I can still reach the Trap. I could probably completely wipe it away.”

“Do that.” Crowley agreed, his voice a little hoarse.

You reached up and started scratching at the Trap again, but this time you placed your head in the crook of Crowley’s neck. His stubble pressed against your neck, and his breath tickled your ear. 

You had only one more scratch to make, but you fell back again. “Shit.” You muttered.

“No worries, take a breath.” Crowley assured you. 

You closed your eyes for a moment and took a few deep breaths. When you opened them again, Crowley was staring at you. He quickly looked away and cleared his throat. “Crowley?”


“You… I….. Um. Shit.” You sighed. “Screw it.” You threw caution to the wind and pressed your lips to his. Crowley was tense at first, but quickly relaxed into the kiss once he figured out what was happening. 

Crowley used his elbows to keep himself above you, and pressed you hand to the back of your head. You pulled away, and you both stared at each other. 

“I, um, I like you.” Crowley managed to say, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I should hope so.” You replied, smiling. 

“Why don’t you get rid of this Trap, and then I can take you on a date?” Crowley suggested.

“I dunno, I kinda like being this close to you.” You shrugged. “Maybe I’ll just leave you here, and come get you later.”

In reply, Crowley moved his hands and pressed his body fully on yours. “If I’m stuck here, you’re stuck here too.”

“Alright, alright. Geez, lighten up.” You joked. You reached above him and completely wiped a break in the Trap, freeing Crowley. He reached above you and grabbed your iPod, then took you on your first date.

(I hope you like it!)

Taylor Caniff Smut
  • You parents just left for the weekend and you had the house to yourself. You called up taylor
  • T: hey babe! What's up
  • YN: I have the house to my self for the weekend. I need someone to keep my company
  • You tried to sound as seductive as possible to get tease him
  • T: I'm coming
  • With that he hung up the phone. You giggled at the eager tone in his voice as you went upstairs to put some red and pink lace panties with a matching bra. You put on a pink silky robe over top and waited for Taylor while scrolling through your tumblr. You heard the door open, assuming its taylor you slowly Walked downstairs to find him. Staring you up and down smirking and biting his lip "lets play a game tay" you walked over and palmed him through his basketball shorts.
  • "A good classic hide and seek. Ill hide. I get 5 minutes to hide and then you come find me. If you find me, your in charge. If you can't, no sex. You'll have 5 minutes to find me. See ya later sexy" you winked as you ran off thinking where to hide. You ran to the basement and buried yourself in the dirty laundry, hoping you wouldn't find your brothers boxers😵 or get caught by Taylor.
  • Taylor's POV
  • Fucking tease. 5minutes hmm? She ran away as I sneaked around the corner to see her running downstairs to the basement. Her basement ain't that big so it should be easy to find her.
  • Oh I can't wait to be in charge tonight. We haven't done it in 3 weeks cause she out me on a sex ban
  • *1 minute left*
  • 3..2..1.. Lets go downstairs. I ran down the steps and checked under the stairs, in the closets and in the dryer. She wasn't there. Why are all the clothes piled up? I dug threw them and found her smirking up at me. In just her panties and bra 😏 damn I'm honoured to call her mine.
  • "Looks like I'm in charge"
  • YN POV
  • Shit. he grabbed my hands helping me up as he slammed me against the wall, attacking my neck with his soft plump lips. I know I'm gonna get it tonight. He moved down to my collarbone, diffidently leaving a mark... Down to Inbetween my breast. Unhooking the clasp and throwing my bra behind him into the abyss of clothes. He pulled away going to my lips, sliding his tongue in my mouth, I moaned quietly as he smirked.
  • He started to rub me through my panties as I moaned his name
  • "Fuck Taylor more"
  • "What was that baby? I can't hear you" that cheeky bastard.
  • "Fuck Taylor hurry up!" I yelled
  • He slid two fingers in and started to pump. I could start to feel the knot in my stomach
  • "Fuck Taylor I'm so close" with that he pulled away and picked my up bridal style. He carried me to my room and layed me on the bed. He went in the bedside table and grabbed four bandanas. He tied my hands to the headboard and feet to the foot board. He slowly took off his clothes until we were both naked. His slowly kissed down my stomach, reaching my core. His tongue slowly licked up and down until I felt his tongue slip in. "Fuck Taylor!!"
  • He pulled out
  • "No noise baby, or no fun" I groaned and kept my mouth shut. He positioned himself at my entrance and thrusted in me hard giving me no time to adjust to his size. I let out a loud moan and he pulled out. Again.
  • "Taylor!!"
  • He smirked and grabbed another bandana and tied it around my head, turning it into a gag.
  • "That should keep you from taking"
  • He thrusted back into me and pounded relentlessly. I struggle against the restraints as his thrusts started to get sloppy.
  • I could feel myself getting closer
  • I moaned through the gag
  • "Baby just come fuck" he moaned
  • We both released and he untied me and took off the gag
  • "Best sex we've had in a while" I panted
  • "I can agree with that" he said in between breaths. "I love you Y/N"
  • "I love you too Taylor"
  • So this was my first smut writing. How was it? I hope you liked it: ) send in requests cause I never have anything to do during the day!
  • Me: I'm so excited to make this project. It's the perfect material, I love the pattern, I'm confident with all these skills, it's going to be amazing.
  • Me, a month later: Well, this came out...okay. I guess. Except for this problem, and this one, and this one - *wears the thing once, stuffs it in the back of my closet*
  • Me, a year later: Ugh, I suppose I could try wearing this failure of a- oh. This actually looks pretty good. I could have been wearing it for a whole year. Oh. Huh.

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When was the last time Louis Tomlinson labelled himself straight? I'll wait. GAY IS NOT AN INSULT! Being disrespectful would be walking up to him and saying 'you're a closeted liar' NOT SUPPORTING I REPEAT SUPPORTING someone who has shown attraction to men time and time again and looks like he wants to run for the hills whenever he's pictured with a woman. Ugh people like you are why so many of us can't come out!!!!

Dammit, I knew I should have provided you with proof – you know, just in case you conveniently forgot. The answer to your question is Nov. 11, 2014.

Now, I’ll say this one more time: DON’T. PUT. WORDS. IN. MY. MOUTH. I have never, in my entire life, or anywhere on my entire blog, said that being gay is wrong, nor have I ever implied that it’s an insult. This isn’t about me, apparently, thinking it’s not ok or whatever the fuck it is you think I’m saying is (which I’m not saying at all, just so we’re clear) – this is about the fact that Louis has, HIMSELF, identified as straight. I’m really not sure how else you want me to explain it to you. Louis Tomlinson is straight because he said he was. It’s as simple as that. End of story. You don’t have a right to claim otherwise. Deal with it, and stop blaming me for whatever it is you’re trying to blame me for.

I was going to ignore the part about Louis “looking like he wants to run for the hills whenever he’s pictured with a woman, but:

God, look at how miserable he looks.

He’s so uncomfortable.

He just really can’t stand this girl.

SO UNHAPPY. (And look at poor Niall, being forced to stand there and pretend one of his best friend isn’t wanting to run away.)

Man, he hates his life.

You can see it in his eyes just how badly he wants to run away.

He’s taking a selfie because – because he wants to run away? He’ll delete it off his phone afterwards, don’t you worry.

My gosh, look at him looking at her like he’s disgusted by her.

Oh God, he’s touching her. Girl cooties!!!!!!!

Call the authorities, she’s infiltrated his family photos.

Honestly, your logic is so flawed. And your claims about me are so inaccurate. It’s not even entertaining anymore.

4098) I wanna go out with the girls because I love it but I'm simply too fat to go out in public. I just took every single piece of clothing out of my closet and threw it on the ground because nothing fits. Tell me, why do I care so much? I know they would still like me even if I was heavier. But I can't stand looking at myself. It makes me really, really sick.