why can't i write like this in school

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When I was going through like, middle school, I loved your music. But now I can't listen to any of the stuff made with Tom or Luke because it fills me with rage because they're awful.

I understand, I do. 

That’s why I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours re-writing and re-recording every single song I recorded with them. 

I started a band with my friend Christian Caldeira, we’re called The Caulden Road. The lyrics on those old songs were all mine, so we’ve kept those, but we tossed out all of the music and rewrote the melodies so they are completely new songs and completely removed from the old versions.

If you haven’t heard the new versions yet, you can listen to them all for free on YouTube or Spotify, and if you like them, you can buy them for super cheap from our website.

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Hey! I love your writing very much. You are the reason why I open my tumblr page everyday just to read your bughead fanfictions. So if you still open your requests, can you write about a role reverse. Like maybe Betty is a loner in the school, always wearing a beanie, and Jughead is in the football team (because he can't be cheerleader). Thank you ;)

Thankyou so much love that is so sweet! A role reversal! That is amazing, let me give it a try’

Betty tucked her long blonde hair behind her ears and positioned her grey, crown shaped beanie so that it fit perfectly on her head, she pulled her head phones over the silly shaped hat and sat down in her usual booth at Pops pulling the laptop from her bag and staring at the half filled screen. Writing was becoming more and more difficult and adding her new part time job at the Bijou theatre to her already busy schedule made it almost impossible to find time to write.

Betty Cooper lived by herself, she followed no ones rules, and she answered to no one. Her permanent residence in the tiny room above Pops Diner was all she needed. After losing her family to her mothers alcoholism and her serious involvement in her gang, the Southside Serpents, Betty was fine being alone, she was focused and determined and her sardonic humor made it fairly difficult to make friends.

The bell to the diner chimed rhythmically and she glanced up to the door, shrinking lower into her seat as the entire football team barreled through the doors of her safe haven. Betty shot a glance at Pop and he shrugged his shoulders helplessly. The river vixens followed closely behind and Veronica Lodge caught her eyes, smiling warmly and moving to lift her hand for a wave, Betty smiled softly back before shaking her head and casting her eyes to Cheryl in warning. Cheryl Blossom hated Betty Cooper and if Cheryl Blossom hated you.. well… everyone hated you, except for Veronica Lodge of course, Veronica was in her chemistry class and she had always been incredibly interested in the mysterious blonde. Betty had that “I’ve been through a lot, so please me alone” look on her face but the gorgeous , light haired girl had always been nothing but kind to her and she had a certain grace about her that was overtly mature for anyone their age, something Veronica admired greatly.

Veronica rolled her eyes as Cheryl laughed obnoxiously and found someone else had noticed Betty as well. Jughead Jones was staring at the beanie wearing girl with the most love sick eyes Veronica had ever seen, he shifted in his Letterman Jacket as he sat in the booth directly across Betty’s, his hands balled up in fists like they always were.
“Something on your mind jones?” Veronica asked with a knowing smirk, causing the dark haired boy to snap his head to hers

“What? No.. I don’t. I just dazed off” he shrugged lazily, his hand going to rub his neck nervously.

“Mmhmmm” Veronica hummed, smiling and turning back to watch Betty. Pop Tate was at her booth and whispering something as she smiled and rolled her eyes, closing the laptop and gathering her things, her dark blue flannel hanging lazily on her tiny hips.

“She’s so small” Jughead mumbled beside Veronica.

“Yeah” Veronica agreed, a surprising amount of concern suddenly overwhelming her “Do you think she’s sick? I never see her around town, only at the theatre”

Jughead shook his head
“Not sick, maybe just hungry? Tired? Stressed?” Jughead knew those feelings all too well, with his overwhelming parents, pregnant older sister JellyBean, and constant pressure to make his father proud.

As Betty walked past the group of her peers Chuck Clayton stuck his foot out, laughing as she stumbled, narrowly catching her laptop. Jughead started to stand but Veronica put a hand out to stop him
“Look” she whispered.

Betty straightened herself and turned to the dark skinned boy with a bored smile

“Really Chuck? The old stick your foot out and trip technique? What’s next? Tying my shoe laces together? I think they have a book on Elementary school pranks in the library..oh I’m sorry I forgot, you probably can’t read.. it’s okay they have picture books too.” She hiked her backpack over her shoulder and headed out the door, the angry quarterback cursed at her as she left and Jughead rolled his eyes, hopping over the booths and following the blonde outside.

“Betty? Betty Cooper?” He called at her retreating back. She turned around slowly, raising an eyebrow as he caught up to her

“Listen if you’re here to retaliate for what I did to your teammate, it’s gonna have to wait.. I’m gonna be late for work.” With that she turned to keep walking, her shoelaces on her dirty converse came untied and she sighed before stopping to tie them.

“While I am stopping, and the timing is not ideal, I still don’t have time to talk” she looked up casually, a hint of mischief playing in her eyes.

Jughead couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face
“Actually i wanted to talk to you about the school newspaper, I heard you’re starting it up again.”

Betty perked up, finishing her shoes and standing before him, her back pack heavy on her shoulder
“How did you hear about that? I haven’t told anyone, I just spoke to Weatherbee this morning?”

Jughead blushed bright red and looked down, what was he supposed to say? I know everything about you because I’ve been in love with you since third grade or what about I keep tabs on you just to make sure you’re okay.
He settled with

“I heard the coach talking about it during practice, something about covering sports.. and stuff.”

Betty looked at him skeptically but shrugged none the less
“Yeah, well I am. Looking to buy a paper?” She smiled and he felt his heart stop, her dimples and bright white teeth took him off guard and he was speechless for a second

“Actually.. I .. umm well. I like writing and I figured it would look good on college applications ya know? I could fit it in between football practice.” He was practically begging and he saw her eyes soften.

“Hey, you don’t have to beg. Of course you can join the paper, it might be good to have someone else’s input, just do me a favor?” She asked with a smirk.

Jughead smiled enthusiastically

“Don’t tell any of your friends.” She smiled, tweaking her nose and backing away before she slowly left his line of view.

The blue and gold just got itself a new member and as Jughead headed back into Pops, his hands flat on his letterman jacket, he flipped his palms over and smiled.

No marks.

Maybe she could help soothe the troubled storm that seemed to be constantly raging in his mind, and maybe he could help her in some way too.. he just had to find out how.

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I have a little sister, who is 13. She's really into crime and stuff, like serial killers, so she is seen at school as this "scary" person. She reads and writes about these types of things, not in depth like KS, but.. She said something along the lines of, "People think I'm going to hurt them because I write and read this type of stuff.. But I just find it interesting. Why should that prove how a person acts? I don't get it." If a 13 year old can understand that, why can't older people?

Holy shit, give your sister a high-five for me, she’s so aware of herself, more than I’ve seen adults on here act! 

She’s got a great head between them shoulders, don’t let anyone bully that out of her.

The 1975 sentence starters
  • "Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war."
  • "Go sit on the bed because I know that you want to."
  • "You've got pretty eyes, but I know you're wrong."
  • "Get in the shower if it all goes wrong."
  • "I swear there's a ghost."
  • "I feel like I'm just treading water."
  • "I love the house that we live in."
  • "I love you all too much."
  • "I've got a woman now."
  • "This one's on the house."
  • "It all tastes the same, but there's something different about your mouth."
  • "You try chasing dreams, it's harder than it seems."
  • "Stick another pill in my head and go to bed."
  • "We're not doing it again, so leave it."
  • "I wanna see you, but you're not mine."
  • "You think we're doing it again, keep dreaming."
  • "Yeah my shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back."
  • "She's got a boyfriend anyway."
  • "All we seem to do is talk about sex."
  • "He's got a funny face, but I like that 'cause he still looks cool."
  • "Does he take care of you or could I easily fill his shoes?"
  • "If we're gonna do anything we might as well just fuck."
  • "And you're a liar, at least all of your friends are."
  • "It's my party and I'll cry to the end."
  • "You must try harder than kissing all of my friends."
  • "You're alive, at least as far as I can tell you are."
  • "And it's not my fault that I fucked everybody here."
  • "Do you wanna dance?"
  • "It's no fun if you've only a bottle of wine."
  • "Yeah, I want you."
  • "I'm so high, I think I love you."
  • "I was thinking about leaving again, it all depends."
  • "Are we just friends?"
  • "We go where nobody knows."
  • "Oh, my hair smells like chocolate."
  • "Stop looking at my friends."
  • "Write another song about your friends."
  • "I love you, don't you mind."
  • "I think I've lost a lot of my friends."
  • "Well fuck me if you must then."
  • "Treat me like an old friend."
  • "I'm not scared."
  • "I used to think you're cool and I believed you had a wonderful vision."
  • "I was always looking for a way to get out."
  • "You just write about sex and killing yourself and how you hardly ever went to school."
  • "I'm falling for you."
  • "Maybe you'll change your mind."
  • "I'll take you one day at a time, soon you will be mine."
  • "Do you fancy sitting down with me? Maybe?"
  • "I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck."
  • "I can't believe that we're talking about him."
  • "Why do you talk so loud?"
  • "I think you're trying too hard."
  • "I've been thinking lots about your mouth."
  • "I forgot to call you."
  • "I remember that I like you, no matter what I found."
  • "It's nice to have your friends round."
  • "It's just you and I tonight."
  • "Gotta love the way you love yourself."
  • "You got something to say? Why don't you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head?"
  • "I don't seem to be having any effect now."
  • "I guess I'll never learn 'cause I stay another hour or two."
  • "You know I can't be found with you."
  • "I'm so fixated on the girl with the soft sound and hair all over the place."
  • "You're cold and I burn."
  • "She had a face straight outta magazine."
  • "Babe, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."
  • "I'll give you one more time."
  • "You've got a pretty kind of dirty face."
  • "Babe, you look so cool."
  • "What's the fun in doing what you're told?"
  • "I could persuade you."
  • "I'm not your typical, stoned 18 year old."
  • "Girl, I'm not your savior."
  • "They're just girls."
  • "One moment I was tearing off your blouse, now you're living in my house."
  • "What happened to just messing around?"
  • "You just sit and get stoned with 30 year olds and you think you've made it."
  • "Well, shouldn't you be fucking with somebody your age?"
  • "I told you from the start, I'll break your heart."
  • "She's definitely got the style."
  • "I'd like to say you've changed, but you're always the same."
  • "I'd love you to stay but that's simply insane."
  • ""Well, I think I'll say a couple of words if you don't mind..."
  • "You've seen so many faces that I've never seen before."
  • "We're never gonna lie to you."
  • "I know it's me that's supposed to love you."
  • "Is there somebody who can love you?"
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Alright then, picture this if you will:
  • 10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT, and a box of Krispy Kremes, in my "need to know" pose, just outside of Area 51.
  • Contemplating the whole "chosen people" thingy when a flaming stealth banana split the sky like one would hope but never really expect to see in a place like this.
  • Cutting right angle donuts on a dime and stopping right at my Birkenstocks, and me yelping...
  • Holy fucking shit!
  • Then the X-Files being, looking like some kind of blue-green Jackie Chan with Isabella Rossellini lips and breath that reeked of vanilla Chig Champa,
  • did a slow-mo Matrix descent out of the butt end of the banana vessel and hovered above my bug-eyes, my gaping jaw, and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip and all I could think was: "I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice that I pissed my fuckin' pants."
  • So light in his way,
  • Like an apparition,
  • He had me crying out,
  • "Fuck me,
  • It's gotta be,
  • Deadhead Chemistry,
  • The blotter got right on top of me,
  • Got me seein' E-motherfuckin'-T!"
  • And after calming me down with some orange slices and some fetal spooning, E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose.
  • He said, "You are the Chosen One, the One who will deliver the message. A message of hope for those who choose to hear it and a warning for those who do not."
  • Me. The Chosen One?
  • They chose me!!!
  • And I didn't even graduate from fuckin' high school.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better listen.
  • When he looked right through me
  • With somniferous almond eyes.
  • Don't even know what that means
  • Must remember to write it down.
  • This is so real.
  • Like the time he floated away.
  • See my heart is pounding,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • It was so real.
  • Like I woke up in Wonderland.
  • All sort of terrifying.
  • And I don't wanna be all alone when I tell this story.
  • And can anyone tell me why
  • you all sound like Peanut's parents
  • Will I ever be coming down?
  • This is so real.
  • Finally it's my lucky day.
  • See my heart is racing,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • You believe me, don't you?
  • Please believe what I just said, see they're telling true.
  • And this wasn't all in my head.
  • See they took me by the hand and invited me right in,
  • Then they showed me something.
  • I don't even know where to begin.
  • (high... I I I I I... high... I I I I I)
  • (high)
  • Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
  • Such a heavy burden now to be the one.
  • Born to bear and read to all
  • The details of our ending.
  • To write it down for all the world to see.
  • But I forgot my pen,
  • Shit the bed again,
  • Typical.
  • I...!!!
  • Can't remember what they said.
  • Can't remember what they said.

My favorite thing about the new Civil War trailer is that it does try to make Cap look like the bad guy.  I AM Team Cap, and it seems like more than half the fandom is too, so I find it a good thing that they show us more of Tony, so that we go get confused on who is right and who is wrong.  Tony does have a compelling argument, then again, so does Steve.

At  this part in the trailer, when it seems that a building is coming out of the water, it seems to be a prison, like how there was one in the comics/novel, and its possible that that’s where they were planning on putting Bucky and possibly Steve.  In the books the heroes/villains would stay there until they agreed to sign the Superhuman Registration Act, and I’m sure this is the same deal, anyone on Steve’s side would likely end up there until they agreed to sign it.

Through the whole trailer it seems as it Tony’s team has the upper hand, leading tot he fact that we really don’t have a clue as to who is going to win, which will be even more heartbreaking in the theater.

However, I don’t like Tony Stark, never have, not sure why I just don’t, but I love this trailer because hopefully people will now understand that TONY STARK IS NOT A VILLAIN.

As Steve said, you can’t save everyone, Tony is only trying to make it possible to save more people, and he sees Bucky as a threat that probably needs years of mental therapy, and then some.  But Steve doesn’t want to loose him and thinks he can help him just by simply talking to him and helping him remember the good ol’ days.

Now I’m Team Cap until the day I die due to the fact that I just love the character so much, but unless if I have absolute proof that the character is a horrible human being, I will not say things about them being a horrible person.  Tony Stark is not a horrible person and I’m glad this trailer shows the upper hand of Team Stark, because


love, a second glance
renee walker/allison reynolds | t | 8/? | the rest

summary: allison is a high school senior type a over achiever in half a dozen clubs and on the exy team. renee is the mysterious new kid in allison’s french class.

The Reynolds family are old money, or at least as old as it gets in the United States, which—in Cambridge—is pretty old. Her mother’s family can supposedly trace their lineage to the Mayflower. Her father’s got rich off trade and happened to invest in the right side come the revolution.

Now they live in a giant house in Cambridge and own property up and down the east coast. Her father does real estate, but more in the “as a hobby” way. Her mother collects art.

Which is to say: Allison Reynolds is rich, and her parents are distant.

Which is to say: they travel frequently, especially to upstate New York so her mother can buy art, and, in the winter, to an ugly beach house in Florida.

Which is all to say: Allison Reynolds throws the best high school parties in Cambridge.

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School Starters
  • "Schools here! I can't wait to fail."
  • "I just wanna turn around and go back to bed."
  • "Hopefully this school year it better than that year."
  • "I'm gonna do better this school year!"
  • "Hey! It's been awhile!"
  • "We haven't seen each other this school break, how are you?"
  • "Excuse me, do you know where room (number) is?"
  • "Are you new here?"
  • "I haven't seen you around before."
  • "You're here too?"
  • "Oh, it's been awhile since I last saw you."
  • "Hey! We're in the same class again!"
  • "I thought you transferred schools."
  • "Too bad we're in different classes."
  • "Show me your schedule, maybe we're in some classes."
  • "We gotta hang out after school."
  • "Wish it was suspended."
  • "Is it too late to go back home?"
  • "Wanna skip with me?"
  • "Heard there was a new teacher..."
  • "Seen the substitute?"
  • "I wonder what happened to Ms/Mrs._"
  • "Avoid those typed, they could ruin your reputation."
  • "Want a school tour?"
  • "Need anything else?"
  • "You'll need to go to the faculty office first."
  • "Promised you'd graduate here with me!"
  • "Why'd you leave me here?
  • "I honestly don't like my section."
  • "Our homeroom teacher is the best/worst!"
  • "Wanna put tape on the door?"
  • "If you don't take studying seriously, then why are you still here?"
  • "Leave if you're just going to dwadle around."
  • "Stop procrastinating and do your work."
  • "Sir/Ma'am can't really expect us to write this long of an essay...right?"
  • "This is impossible."
  • "What does this even mean?!"
  • "I'd prefer memorization."
  • "I'd prefer solving."
  • "Better hurry, the cafeteria piles up a lot."
  • "Better be the first in line."
  • "Why is the line so long?!"
  • "Dammit they're out of (__)!"
  • "How much is that?"
  • "I'll buy you something."
  • "Help me out with my homework here."
  • "Wanna do a group study?"
  • "We're doing the group project later, wanna come with?"
  • "Stop doing nothing and help us out here!"
  • "Just because you provided the materials, doesn't mean you don't help us."
  • "Can I copy your homework?"
  • "I left my homework/project!"
  • "I'm sorry professor, I wasn't able to complete my homework because of (reason)."
  • "I could've sworn I put my work here..."
  • "Did you pass your papers?"
  • "You didn't pass it."
  • "Why are you late?"
  • "I need to wake up earlier than this..."
  • "Dammit, late again."
  • "Go to the principles office this instant."

waddup friends changed my icon to a selfie i took when i had a good face day
hope it’s not to lmao “smexy” but also idgaf

mondays taste like you because most of the time you come in late with a coffee and bedhead and a look like you want to kill a man and later in the week you warm up like the sunrise, slow and steady springtime - 

last night i stayed in while you went out dancing with her and her body that’s straight out of a fairy tale. she probably can glide like she was born on ice. she probably feels weightless in your arms. she probably feels right.

monday’s coming soon. i told my mom i’m not feeling too good. maybe just this once she’ll let me skip school.

—  seeing you used to be pretty good // r.i.d

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Prompt? I had this idea for a while but I can't find any fanfics on them Can you write shamy attending Amy's high school reunion?

Thank you so much for the request!  I like this idea, so I was very happy to write it.  I hope you like it.  It’s more focused on Amy than Sheldon, but he plays his part.  Thanks for the request!

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I want an all-human AU where Stiles’s parents are divorced and his mom (not Claudia, some other meaner woman) sends him off to boarding school in Georgia or something, where he meets Scott as his roommate. The fic starts out with Stiles being miserable at this no-nonsense behavior school, and the other kids are assholes who decide to make him and asthmatic Scott their punching bag, so Stiles makes a plan to escape and find his dad in New York. Scott wants to join but knows he’d slow Stiles down with his condition, so he gives Stiles his small stash of savings and tells him to “make me proud and break out of here, dude. Pay me back when you find your dad.”

So BAM Stiles manages to escape via awesome cunning plan and he’s dashing down the wintery streets to the train station (he was sent to boarding school for a reason so he’s super badass and mischievous and uses this to his advantage to travel distance) BUT THEN after obstacles (being forced to jump train, wander on foot, eventually jumped and robbed by a gang) he runs out of money in Vermont.

So he’s stumbling down the street all tired and dirty and he uses his last five dollars to order a burger at some 24-hour diner at three in the morning. He savors it, tries to ignore the way that hot-but-creepy waiter guy is eyeing him distastefully (he hasn’t showered since like, that gym in North Carolina), and eventually decides that he’s going to steal from the register on his way out (and then just pay the diner back someday. Probably).

And so…

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  • janelle monae: sings about society, speaks out on issues, makes song after song about how she loves who she is and how she's not gonna apologize for being herself
  • everybody: YASS JANELLE YASSSS
  • janelle monae: sings baby bend over lemme see you do that yoga in one song
  • everybody: wow she's so TRASHY WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S A HOE NOW
  • beyonce: continually supports women, proclaims herself as a feminist, makes a song blatantly about feminism, makes another about how society cares more about a girl's appearance rather than who she really is
  • everybody: YAS BEYONCE! QUEEN!! QUEEN BEY!
  • beyonce: sings about having sex with her husband in the back of a limo
  • everybody: she's so trashy! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD BEYONCE?
  • rihanna: went through a relationship that ended in domestic violence, still got back up stronger than ever and didn't let it stop her from being successful, is prospering in the fashion industry, made a song blatantly about how society only sees half of her through the media and they really don't know anything about her
  • everybody: RIH IS KILLIN IT! I LOVER HER!
  • rihanna: sings about sex straight out
  • everybody: she's such a whore, she's so trashy! why can't she go back to before? rihanna is NASTY.
  • nicki minaj: went through a hell of time growing up, still prospered, tells ALL her fans to stay in school, has made uplifting songs time and time again, writes her own lyrics and throws subtle shade
  • nicki minaj: sings about sex and dicks and whatever
  • everybody: nicki is such a whore? i bet her ass isn't even real! TRASH!
  • the point is: you guys like to overlook all the good female artists these days do the second they talk about sex, as if feminism and sex can't go hand in hand. you will discredit them EVERYTHING because GOD FORBID WOMEN SING ABOUT BEING STRONG AND STILL LIKE TO HAVE SEX AND TALK ABOUT IT GOD FORBID—honestly. get your shit together.
Parent Meeting. Abridged but Accurate.
  • Parent Who Can't Stop Making Excuses for Child: I just don't know why he has these grades
  • Me: Well...he doesn't do his homework
  • PWCSMEFC: When I ask him if he has homework he says he doesn't know.
  • Me: *points to homework board* We all have a board like that and give time for students to record their homework.
  • PWCSMEFC: But his planner isn't filled out
  • Me: That's because he's not writing in it.
  • PWCSMEFC: It would just be nice if I could get lists of upcoming assignments so I can remind [child] what he should be doing.
  • Me: I'm not doing that.

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So this is going to sound like an awful question, but I really wanted to write a novel wear the 2 main characters start out hating each other, and by the end, fall in love. There's obviously more to the plot then that, though. Firstly, I can't figure out why these 2 characters might hate each other so much, and second, I'm not sure why they would change their minds... Do you think you could give me any ideas?

I’ve gone over this -

The “why” they hate each other should tie directly into the plot, setting, and who the characters are. Where is the story being set? In school? The thing that changes their minds should be more or less proportional to the thing that makes them hate each other. Maybe they realize their initial impression was wrong, or that their good qualities overrule the bad…So, looking at yet another example…

Perhaps all you know is they’re in high school and they’re nerds. So maybe they’re on an academic team together. Mei has been the captain and star of the academic team for 2 years running, but the new guy - Dante, who’s only doing it to keep his scholarship - proves to be the quickest and most accurate at answering questions as soon as he starts. To Mei, it seems like he’s intentionally trying to trample all over her success, just the way he does in all their classes together. 

Mei hates him right away, and especially hates his lack of real interest in the academic competition (and his successes). However, her opinions start to change when she realizes why staying in boarding at the school with his scholarship is so important.Her opinion of him changes. He slowly starts opening up to her. Etc, etc. 

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okkaaaaay :D so Kurt needs to write this essay to get his grade at the end of the year, and he really wants to do it because he doesn't want to be a junior for another year and stuff, but Burt gets into the hospital, and he can't really do anything with his paper because he's with him. He started the essay but he knows he can't finish it. When a few days later he goes to school and he just knows that he failed and just waits for it, his teacher tells him how amazing his paper was and /con

con/ and he’s just confused and stuff and then he finds out that his boyfriend, nerd!Blaine finished his paper for him and sent to the school and like he wrote two papers, one for himself, one for Kurt, and like Kurt is just AASDFGHJKL WHY BABE YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO and Blaine is like “but I wanted to”

I finally decided to write it ^^

Just because Kurt wears torn jeans, a fatigued leather jacket and sports pink streaks in his hair, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t give a crap about his education.

As a matter of fact, contrary to popular beliefs, none of the Skanks are flunking any of their classes—okay, Kurt is the only one who has a shot at being Salutatorian, but still, they all get decent grades.

Ms. Wrigley knows it, and she expects a lot of things from him—she has helped him with his applications for college—but he still has to write his last essay to get his final grade, the one that will be the key to his graduation.

Thank God Kurt has Blaine.

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