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A Good and Lovely Detention

Snape: *looks up from grading papers* Miss Lovegood, what are you doing?

Luna: I am scrubbing the cauldrons clean, sir.

Snape: *clenches teeth* Yes, I can see that, Miss Lovegood. What confuses me is why you are scrubbing them with a scouring pad and not the toothbrush I provided you with when you arrived. Where did you even get that thing?

Luna: I had it in my bag, sir. I brought it with me.

Snape: How did you know to bring a scouring pad with you? I hadn’t even decided that I would have you cleaning cauldrons until earlier this evening…

Luna: Oh, I always carry a scouring pad with me, sir.

Snape: …You are saying, Miss Lovegood, that you consistently carry a rough sponge with you?

Luna: Yes, sir.

Snape: …At all times.

Luna: Yes, sir.

Snape: …You’re still supposed to be using the toothbrush, Miss Lovegood. Those were my instructions.

Luna: Actually, sir, your instructions were to not use magic, and then you handed me the toothbrush, thus insinuating that would be what I should use. However, I have this scouring pad, and so I opted to use it, instead. It is making it much easier to clean these cauldrons, you know. I am glad I had it with me. My mother always said, ‘Luna, you always carry one of these with you, no matter what, because messes are everywhere!’ And she was very right, sir. These cauldrons are filthy!

Snape: Just what exactly does your mother do, Miss Lovegood…?

Luna: My mother is dead, sir. 

Snape: ………..

Luna: *looks at scouring pad fondly*  

Snape: ……….Carry on, Miss Lovegood. 

*goes back to grading papers and sees that the next essay belongs to Harry James Potter* *puts it at bottom of pile to face at a later time, unable to viciously grade* *questions life*

ok I understand why How Far I Go always makes me cry. I get it.

but Where You Are is, for all intents and purposes, a fun and upbeat song. “Consider the coconut!” is a line from it. So why

the h*ck

does it make me sob like a toddler in need of a nap


Happy birthday !!! @dreamy-94

(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later

as a writer i really need to stop holding myself to such high standards. i need to stop looking at every word i write and wince, i need to stop looking at a paragraph and thinking i can write better. i need to just enjoy the flow of creativity that rarely hits and go with it. i need to stop holding my actual writing to the last thing i wrote, it will never meet those expectations because i’m telling different stories. i need to look at my work with different eyes and allow myself to enjoy what i write, not be a perfectionist the first time i try to write anything. i can fix small mistakes, i can polish grammar and i can change whatever i want once i’m done, but i need to stop trying to achieve perfection in the first draft.

General Hux
**pls don’t repost, edit or steal any of my art**

Play that clarinet at 0300 ONE MORE TIME, I dare you

me: i don’t know maybe i’m getting over colin

colin: *gets up from the nycc panel to hug a fan*

colin: *takes a selfie with an 8 year old girl who describes him as gracious and so cool*

colin: *is a total nerd at the live q&a’s*

colin: *looks like a skinny lil youngin’ and reminds me of the days i first began to swoon over him*


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other groups: *have concepts that are cute, strong, scary, hip hop, bright, innocent*
SHINee: Our concept is SHINee :D

Kpop Love at First Sight Tag

Tagged by: @sunshinesungjin Ahh, thank you so much!!!

Rules: List 5 or 10 of your favorite kpop boy/girl groups. Put your very first bias of each group and the name of the m/v you first saw the member in.

1. EXO - Sehun - What Is Love

2. SHINee - Jonghyun - Replay

3. Monsta X - Shownu - Hero

4. Blackpink - Jennie - Boombayah

5. Mamamoo - Hwasa - You’re The Best

6. BAP - Daehyun - Warrior

7. BTS - Rap Monster - N.O

8. GOT7 - Jackson - A

9. Seventeen - Woozi - Adore U

10. Big Bang - Daesung - Fantastic Baby

MMMMM…I’m tagging @parkkchanyeoll @scoups95 @floweringstarlight 

mental illnesses fucking suck I am so tired of being Like This

WeekendArtMarathon Studio Session

It’s 7:30 PM EST! Who wants to join me to get some art done? <3

Let’s draw…or paint…or sculpt…or whatever… 


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~