why can't i spell


a second part to the thing i made awhile ago
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and no, you can’t include 50+ years of film-making without making it look like an insane mess (trust me, i’ve tried)


i have a shit ton of rec lists, take your pick.

These spoilers are too good.

Two FULL BODY hugs? Daryl threatening Carol’s enemies?

Now I’m getting suspicious.

And what about this “extra special” hug? What the frick frack does that mean?

Is it gonna be something like this:

Because it is only “extra special” if they hug horizontally.

Or, what I really want:

Give me that Caryl forehead touch, please. Brownie points if we get Daryl kissing Carol’s forehead before said forehead touch.

FINALLY finished rewatching AoT with my brother (what a hassle) and remembered how much I love Hange and how I’m gonna be out of country when the next chapter drops and I hope my wifi holds up because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS I NEED TO AGH

And I realized I hadn’t drawn her so she is now drawn