why can't i spell

Y'all being bi is a struggle bc one day you may really like girls and convince yourself that you’re full homo or one day you may find yourself crying about how you think you’re straight and bOy that’s a ride


Artsy Hufflepuff!Tae 🎨🌻

Today a student asked if I had an iPhone charger, and I held up my frayed, shitty one that I keep in my classroom as a back up for my own phone. It only works about half the time so I just told her that it doesn’t work, sorry.

Without missing a beat, another student looked at my frayed, shitty iPhone charger and said, “Teacher salary be like” and I fucking lost it.

Well played, kid.

why do shaladins specifically go into anti shaladin tags just to like. reply to every single post there with some whiney bs response about how “evil” antis are or to justify their gross ships. like nobody asked for your input buddy that’s why it’s in the anti tags

when you buy something used, please clean it energetically. also do that with “gifts” from people you don’t fully trust.

hhhhhhhhhh she’s acting like nothing happened and like she didn’t scream at me and like we didn’t argue and i? ??? it happened it happened it happened it happened it happened why won’t she talk about it why won’t she realize that denial and silence doesn’t erase what she said

I started my 2nd round tonight (naughty me). I am default Sara again (too lazy to make my own Ryder). V1.06 Sara is more girly looking, I don’t mind. She looks prettier comparing to V 1.05 but the earlier version is cuter. Am I even making any sense?

Anyway, I am romancing you know who again! This time I might save the Salarian and witness my crime boss honey punching Krogan behemoth on Meridian.

Can I go to Kadara now?

  • Legion’s secret gamer profile:
  • Legion likes playing as necromancer vampire wizards in MMOs
  • Legion was suspended from an MMO, not for hacking or being an AI, but because of “unsportsmanlike behavior”
  • Legion played a cross-species RPG romance game for 75 hours

sometimes i need a switch on my mouth to make it muggle worthy.