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Non-Binary Magick Correspondences!

Most symbols and ingredients in witchcraft are assigned either masculinity or femininity, but I decided to make a list of things used in magick that don’t strictly have to be binary.

(This is by no means a comprehensive list.)


Gemini- Bigender. This sign can be worked with for both masculine and feminine energy.

Aquarius- Nonbinary. The sign of Aquarius is known for not conforming to the norm, and can be used for spells involving androgyny, gender clarity, and probably macaroni and cheese.

Saturn- Demigender. There’s just something about this planet that radiates the energy of “I’m not entirely this or that. And that’s entirely me.”


Clear Quartz- Gender neutral. This crystal is an independent quartz that don’t need no gender.

Amethyst- Third gender/genderqueer. Amethyst is unique and expressive. This crystal is its own energy, honestly.

Rainbow Fluorite- Polygender. With a name like rainbow fluorite, what did you expect? This crystal is known for having every color that a fluorite can possibly have, so you can use it for masculine energy, feminine energy, nonbinary energy, or all of these energies combined (ULTIMATE POWERRRR).


Mint- Neutrois. This herb is pretty chill, and it doesn’t really need to be masculine or feminine.

Sage- Gender Fluid. As a cleansing herb, it needs to have flexible energy, and can reach all sides of the gender energy spectrum.

I sure hope this wasn’t too short! I did try to be inclusive, so please forgive me. Feel free to reblog and add things!

  • Kimberly: Why won't you ever hold my hand? If it's not your thing that's fine but you love cuddling so I don't think that's the issue.
  • Trini: You can't laugh. Cause I want to but... Just don't laugh.
  • Kimberly: I promise.
  • Trini: You make my palms sweat.
  • Kimberly: ...
  • Trini: Thank you for not laughing.
  • Kimberly: *smirks* Seriously, you're worried about getting my hands sweaty?
  • Trini: It's not funny and don't say whatever sexually explicit thing you are thinking right now.
  • Kimberly: It's pretty funny considering last night we generated a fair amount of sweat. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
  • Trini: Kim!
Before the teen titans, there was "take your sidekick to work" day.
  • Batman: there's been an attack on Metropolis Central Bank, we must...
  • Flash: in a moment Bruce. Wally! Quit stealing Roy's arrows, can't you see he's going to cry if you take another?
  • Green arrow: guys, I need help stopping and assault at the...
  • Batman: Robin! You get down right now, young man. Do you want me to ground you in front of your friends?
  • Wonder Woman: Oliver! Your kid is vandalizing the invisible jet!
  • Roy: first of all, that's art, and at least now
  • you'll know where it is...
  • Flash: Wally, don't swallow that! Those are Batman's nano-grenades, they are NOT M&M's!
  • Aquaman: has anyone seen my trident?
  • Green lantern: I think I saw the kids using it to break a piñata...
  • Batman: I don't think we have piñatas in here. It was probably one of Jokers gas bombs, they are really colorful things.
  • Aquaman: that's why I leave Aqualad at home.
  • Green Arrow: we should make them a team, so they could distract themselves.
  • Flash: wouldn't soMething like that be too expensive?
  • Batman: whatever it costs, I'll pay it. Thy can't be here anymore. I'm pretty sure Kid Flash steels my outfit every time we're not here and do cosplay. It's a very disturbing thought.
  • Caitlin: I can't do this whole casual sex thing with barry. I tried. But I get too attached.
  • Sara: Why do you have to make things so complicated when it could be just sex?
  • Felicity: caitlin's right, sleeping with someone is complicated! You've never had feelings for somebody you've slept with?
  • Kara: "Slept with"? Im not an expert pretty sure that if you're falling asleep, he's doing something wrong.
Stuff I have said about food I'm certain the Chocobros had influence in.
  • Noctis: This is a veggie burger! I'm not the type to be played with! Give me food!
  • ~
  • Noctis: I don't understand why anyone would hate themselves to eat a salad.
  • ~
  • Prompto: If I stare at this picture of a salad while eating these chicken tenders, than it's the same thing
  • ~
  • Prompto: They learned my name, and know my order, can't go back for a bit.
  • ~
  • Ignis: *making food* If I put enough seasoning on it, he won't be aware this started as a vegetable.
  • ~
  • Ignis: The fact no one has died yet makes me believe I'm a pretty decent chef
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: Any pizza's a personal pizza if you believe in yourself, I also got a 2 liter of soda, and a milkshake.
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: I once ate 80% of a family chicken meal, felt like I was gonna die, when to the bathroom burped for 40 seconds, came back and finished it like a champ!

boblogical  asked:

Why's every sniveling white boy with a porn blog think we just can't live without their political commentary using said porn blog?

They are straight men with penis and very virile thank you very much and that virility extends to their political views, which are pretty much “can I masturbate to this?” If answer is “no” or “kinda yeah but you’ll have to use your imagination to overcome a lot of the reality of racial and political oppression to try and make it sexy” then problem is real.

When a straight man can’t even make love with himself without being reminded of upsetting things like “black women have birthdays” and “4th of July not give EVERYONE raging mind orgasm” then he must make a stand. He must take one of his hands from out of his overly decorated Ed Hardy denim jeans, what he didn’t even get on sale and paid full price for PLUS shipping, and use it to incoherently type at the world with sticky fingers about how people who are NOT him and are not having of hims views need to shut a fuck up and be a more quiet because shhhhh.

Stop trying to make a black person feel a good because it gives him a sads. Please respect his need for other humans to be less so he can feel like more. FIREWORKS!! 🎆🎇

pll characters as things from history of the entire world, i guess
  • alison: some stars burn out and die, bigger stars burn out and die WITH PASSION
  • aria: china is whole again then it broke again
  • caleb: this is bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why, said martin luther
  • charlotte: alexander just had the idea of conquering the entire persian empire. it’s a great idea, he was great. and now he’s dead
  • emily: that's pretty cool. by the way, where the hell are we?
  • ezra: hi, said the parthians, taking over the whole place. heyyyyyyyy, said the romans, eating the entire mediterranean for breakfast
  • hanna: nope, can't walk yet, and there's no food so i don't care
  • lucas: there’s more farming and more people to make more things for more people and now there’s business, money, writing, laws, power. society, coming soon to a dank river valley near you
  • jenna: time to conquer all of indiaaaa, er, most of indiaaaa
  • jason: the suN IS A DEADLY LAZER
  • mona: britain and france are having a friendly discussion over who should control the entire world, more specifically, ohio
  • mike: norte chico
  • paige: fuck it, time to plant some grass. look at this, i control the food now, now everyone will want to be my friend and live near me
  • pastor ted: you could make a religion out of— no don't
  • spencer: wait! said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack, if the world is round let's go this way to india
  • toby: they didn't get ethiopia
  • wren: is it tonga time? i think it's tonga time

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bc of the whole L shutting down camren, even more people are saying cs are so delusional, but if u actually look at all the "camren proofs" there's no way they didn't have a thing. does saying that make so delusional I can't even tell or r people just blaming everything on cs? and ik there's some of cs that go really overboard but I thought it was pretty quiet recently with us, so why would L choose now to speak out?

The #Laurenisoverparty was the last straw - the poisonous part of this fandom (which unfortunately is a big one) went completely too far once again and Lauren didn’t have a choice but to shut it down completely once and for all.

So! I finally started playing FE: Echoes! And because I’m a master at foresight, I made a total of 0 mages out of my Villagers- and while that actually went alright and I didn’t need to worry too much while playing through, I got to the last part of Act 1 and saw Desaix sitting there with a droppable Dracoshield. Of course I decided “I want to beat him just to have that and tell myself i did” but then looked at his stats and knew of course there was NO WAY Silque would even be able to dent him, or come out alive to tell the tale, so what to do… 

…In a desperate attempt, I took one of those freebie pitchforks and made my strongest unit a villager in hopes to turn them into a mage and be able to take him down. So… my best bet was Lukas… I had no idea how the whole stat thing really worked out yet when swapping classlines but like I said I was desperate so I tried it out… and now I have a hilariously bulky physical fighter killing machine that takes pretty much no damage and he knocked out Desaix while he was still even on his healing tile no problem and I have my free Dracoshield lmao  

  • Izuru: "Nanami, dom or sub?"
  • Teruteru: *gasp* "Could it be?"
  • Chiaki: "Hmm... I'm fine with dom."
  • Teruteru: *getting excited* "I didn't know Nanami-san was that kind of girl~" "I guess you can't judge a recipe from the cover."
  • Izuru: *takes out menu* "Which one should we get?"
  • Teruteru: *sees menu* "Wait, what?"
  • Chiaki: "They all look pretty good." "The hot dog one is a little weird though..."
  • Teruteru: "Hot dogs??"
  • Izuru: *points to menu* "How about this one?"
  • Chiaki: "That does look pretty good." "I think we should get that."
  • Izuru: "So a large Teriyaki Chicken?"
  • Chiaki: "Better make it three. Mitarai-kun has quite an appetite."
  • Izuru: "In that case, I'll get some other things too." *takes out cellphone and starts dialing*
  • Teruteru: *in tears* "Why must you two play with my emotions?"
  • Izuru and Chiaki: *confused* "Hmm?"

anonymous asked:

my brother doesn't believe nonbinary genders exist and the thing about terfs not believing trans people exist in general both combined makes me really anxious about my presence and it's just already so frustrating how hard we have to advocate for ourselves to have a right to live not to mention people are terrifying and I just want everyone to live as they are??? why can't people accept us

I’m really sorry your brother is such a jerk. People reject what they don’t understand, and in a world so cissexist and binary, trans people and enbies are pretty hard to understand for people who don’t experience the same thing as us. It sucks and it’s pretty lonely sometimes. 

Not everyone is like that, though. Surround yourself with trans people and/or enbies and/or people who understand you and respect you. You are valid, your gender identity is valid, and you’ll find cool people who will love you for all of who you are. Don’t lose hope <3

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GTI is generally a cutesy, happy game, but I'd say it might be the darkest, followed closely by PSMD. Has anyone brought up that GTI essentially has a bad ending where you can tell your partner you don't want to come back and it lets you do that? youtu(.)be/JrLgxooOQwA?t=10m55s (delete the parentheses for heartbreak)

yeah, super is also pretty-










sappho-give-me-strength  asked:

I've never understood why the fandom thinks of Edward as such an amazing fighter. I can see how the mind reading could come in handy but even as fast as vampires minds work, I question how useful it would be in the heat of battle. I also know he probably learned from Jasper (I just can't see Carlisle teaching him to fight.) But I still doubt his abilities especially against just about any of the volturi guard; especially given how well trained they must be.

I think it’s mostly on SM who seemed pretty determined to make him the best at as many things as possible. ;) I mean, does it add anything to the story that he’s the fastest runner? You couldn’t let one of the not-psychically-gifted vamps have that one? lol  The whole coven of strong fighters comment in Twilight always seemed off to me, too. Why would the Cullens be strong fighters? Who have they been fighting? Haven’t they been leading a mostly peaceful existence? They didn’t fight the wolves in the 1930s. Maria caused some sort of problem but they didn’t kill/fight her. And if they were such good fighters why did they need special training with Jasper in Eclipse?

With Edward specifically I’ve never been totally clear on how his mind-reading would be all that much of an advantage. I’ve never really been in a knock-down, drag-out fight, but in skirmishes with my brothers as a kid I was never really *thinking* about what I was doing so much as acting/reacting and flailing around. I know vampires think more quickly than humans, but they also move more quickly. Would Edward really hear what they would thinking with enough time to react to it? IDK. 

Unpopular opinion but I never had a problem with the Volturi getting the best of Jasper in the vision-fight, either. Jasper’s an incredible fighter but he was forged fighting wild and un-trained newborns. That’s his area of expertise, that’s his experience. The Volturi are not newborns, they are highly-trained fighters. The Volturi have also been at this a lot longer than Jasper has. He’s the second-oldest Cullen but still pretty young compare to the Volturi! On the flip-side, though, I can totally buy that the Volturi would have been surprised by the Quileute wolves. They’re used to the Children of the Moon who run solo, who fight on animal instinct alone; they’ve never fought wolf-like creatures who fight in tandem/can communicate and coordinate psychically. The wolves might have done some real damage before the Volturi re-calibrated their fighting style. 


Okay, so I have several posts about THIS SCENE, but this part had to have its own set because LOOK. AT. THEM.

Ziva is attempting to be all-business, even though as soon as they get there it’s obvious she’s already been crying, or on the verge of it, from the tears on her face. (Which may be more Cote de Pablo’s real-life emotions at the time than Ziva’s but I’ll take it.) She’s somber and serious and determined to follow through, despite everything that happened. 

Because she’s doing this for him, and while Gibbs might not exactly be the ideal role model, he’s the closest thing to a father she’s had for years, and if there’s anyone whose approval she’d seek, it’s his. Rightly or wrongly, the little girl who dreamed of traveling the world and dancing and having a family still seeks out her father’s reassurance, and in the absence of the one of her birth, she relies on the one of her choosing. 

Anyway, I’m off track.

This is so them because even though both of their hearts are breaking (of their own doing) and they’re trying to pretend that nothing is wrong, Tony falls back to his usual defense mechanism (mockery) and Ziva can’t help but laugh, because at the end of the day, he is still him and she is still her and this is what they do. It’s just so tragic, because they should work, this should work, but it doesn’t and it won’t for all the wrong reasons.

So for such a dark episode, it’s a little bit of levity, and I’m glad that we got at least one brief instance of seeing that wit and repartee one last time, because this is what their relationship was. Yes, there was irritation and confrontation and hurt, but there was also playfulness and affection and laughter, and it’s important that they showed that in the midst of all the tragedy around them.

Or, maybe I just really like seeing them smile. 

Ugh, you can just see in both of them, but especially in Ziva, how much they love each other, and why this is all wrong wrong wrong.

Also: they’re so pretty.

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lexa and a fedora lol what are you reading

Lmao I’m not reading it. A few months ago I was bored af because I couldn’t sleep so I was like “lets see if there’s anything worth reading” and I sorted the CL fics by kudos because dumb me thought that would be an indication of quality. I feel like I made it to the sixth or seventh page without anything calling out to me until I got to one where I was like “eh…maybe”. At that time the thing had like 4k kudos and almost as many comments. “That many people can’t be wrong” I assume. First mistake.

Within the first paragraph I was like “apparently they can.” Before the first chapter is even over they had Lexa in a fucking fedora. I read the sentence like three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, but no, Lexa is most definitely wearing a fedora. Against my better judgment I decide to overlook it and keep reading. The chapters are short, so I’m like “Maybe it gets better.” Mistake number two.

I get to the second chapter and one of the first things I see is Octavia and Raven calling Clarke “Clarkey” and I’ve never closed a fic so fast in my life. I can’t deal with “Lexie” and “Clarkey” in fics. I can’t. No tolerance for it because in what universe would Raven, Octavia, or Lexa call Clarke that and in what universe would Lexa ever let anyone call her Lexie? Like…no. That’s a glaring misunderstanding of these characters at the most basic level. “Clarkey” would never come out of Raven’s mouth under any fucking circumstance. Much less Lexa and I’ve seen people make Lexa call Clarke that. How? Why? No.

It's sad how I found someone that makes me unbelievably happy, makes me feel incredible but I still find myself comparing myself to every girl that walks by. My thighs are to fat, my stomach is too big, my arms are too thick. Why can't I be like this girl or that girl. I know he likes me but I want to know if he thinks I'm attractive because I know I'm not and it scares me to think he sees all the things wrong with me. Why can't I be normal and pretty like every other girl.