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Adorable floof making fun of Changkyun’s face


“The more I did so [spent time reading Poirot stories], the more the little man entranced me. There were so many foibles, so many little habits that some people found hard to understand, so many mannerisms - his need for order, his dislike for the country, his determination to carry a silver ‘Turnip’ pocket watch wherever he went. Each was as idiosyncratic as the next, and each was fascinating.
[..] I started to write my private list of Poirot’s habits and character. I called it my 'dossier of characteristics’. It ended up five pages long and detailed ninety-three different aspects of his life. I have the list to this day - in fact, I carried it around on the set with me throughout all my years as Poirot, just as I gave a copy to every director I worked with on a Poirot film.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me


@magnass asked: Bernie Wolfe + Who Do You Love (+ Escort!AU)

Everything goes quiet, it’s like I just can’t move
You say I might as well try it, there’s nothing left to lose
Nothing will change if you never choose


[About the plot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier]: It’s more about- instead of Captain America adjusting to…you know, technology, he’s not amazed at the internet. It’s more about understanding the company that he works for, it’s more about understanding- in order to provide the safety that we ensure, you may have to bend the rules, given modern technology. It’s a grey area in terms of what’s right and what’s wrong and I think that given the fact that Steve Rogers is from the forties, it’s a question of morality that bumps him for a bit. 


That the plan? Take me out in the middle of nowhere where no one can find the body?


bro code #92: sometimes you have to move so that your bro can make a move