why can't i look like her omg

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VIC: Always a ray of sunshine aren't you? ROB: I thought I told you I didn't want to talk. This morning. Why follow me here. VIC: Maybe cos you came in at 3am stinking of booze and left with the birds this morning. ROB: Were you spying on me? VIC: You weren't exactly hard to spot. I can barely get enough sleep as it is Rob. Why do you come crashing in like that. ROB: Sorry. Look can we do this another time? (Vic rubs her bump worriedly and frowns) VIC: We're all here for you Rob... well I am.

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I really wish all the royals had kids like I wish Camilla, Hinoka, Sakura, and Elise had kids like their brothers and Azura? That would be soooo cute omg

I imagine Camilla’s daughter would be the exact opposite of her like more of a Selena personality even though she would look just like her but she would dress down and be really modest and grouchy but secretly love Camilla’s affection. And Hinoka would have a son who would be the gentle healer type and he’s a pegasus knight but he just wants to fly around and softly heal people and feel the breeze in his hair and speaks softly and doesn’t like conflict and Hinoka would be like “LET’S FIGHT PICK UP THAT NAGINATA” and he’d be like “that’s alright mom I’d rather watch you. *sparkles*”