why can't i live in california


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in case you aren't having the best day, this is the anon whose coach asks about the pens, today I asked him why he likes the sharks when we live so far away from california and he gets really quiet and shy and he's like "their uniforms are really nice, i like the blue. also sharks are really really cool. i wanted to be a marine biologist, i had a shark phase as a teenager" i can't believe i'm gonna protect this soft ass man from all the harm in the world


Protect "Underage" littles
  • You may ask why the underage is in quotations the reason is because in all these 50 states they all have different legal limits. I'm from California. And that means that you have to be 18 and considered legal. But in Georgia where I live 16 is the legal age.
  • Now that we touched on that. You guys have to understand if these underage littles. Or underage Daddies and Mommies have found what they love and we can't fault them for that.
  • This is more so about the underage littles though. Underage littles know stuff but not a lot. Its our job to teach and show them. Yes they may be young. But no one wants to be seen as not worthy of something they love. Or have to wait to be in the community.
  • Its our obligation. To show underage littles who REAL Daddies are. Okay? We can't shun them for being too young. We can't push them away til their of our legal standards. Like I said before. And I'm going to bring the bible in this context.
  • Its like this. The bible says to "Train them in the way that they should go and when they get old they shall never depart from it." In this context. Its about training the littles to know that there are fake daddies and mommies out there and there or ways to understand but if you push them away. What will they learn?
  • All I'm about to say is probably gonna make you say. You're only standing up for them because______. Or you have no idea what you're talking about. And to be honest I don't care. I'm being true to who I am.
  • Over the years I've learned many thing about this community and this lifestyle. I know a lot about the BDSM, DDlg, s&M, and Ds community. And I'm here to say.
  • I'm an underage little. I'll be 16 in a month so I'm almost legal. I learned so much from this community. And IG you choose to shun me that is what you believe. Just please have it in your heart to let this post change the way you think.
  • You may ask me anything you might want I don't mind answering questions. And I'm still gonna be the same person just with and age label now so.😊😊😊😊
  • Have a lovely day ~Sweets<