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Okay, two things

Friendly reminder that Rick Riordan didn’t make Apollo bisexual. Apollo has been bisexual since literally forever

Now, can we please appreciate the fact that Rick Riordan took Apollo, a bisexual god, and wrote a book in which he’s the main character? And wrote him openly bisexual through the entire book instead of just ignoring it or mentioning just once?

Can we, please, appreciate the fact that there are so many people who are not going to buy this awesome book just because there’s a bisexual main character and two boys dating?

Can we appreciate what a gift to us Rick Riordan is?

And, please, if you can, buy the book. Because there are so many homophobes and biphobes who won’t. Please support the book and the author if you can

Also, it’s an awesome book, why wouldn’t you want it?

Edit: Someone added the name on the book on their reblog and a couple of people asked so I’m just gonna say it here for the ones who want to know. The name of the book is The Hidden Oracle and it’s the first one in a series of 5 (I think), called Trials of Apollo

  • Ruby: Man, I never thought Weiss would be the jealous type. *Ruby said to Blake as the two walked down the streets of Vale together.* At least not when it came to me and Penny.
  • Blake: In all fairness, despite what Weiss may say, You are her best friend and now that you are spending more time with Penny since you two started dating she feels left out. *Blake pointed out, remembering how Weiss's voice could be heard from Ruby's scroll along the entire café they were at.*
  • Ruby: Whaaaa? I Spread tons of time with Weiss. Sometimes even against my will. *Ruby said before letting out a sigh.* Sigh, I'm kinda envy you and Yang.
  • Blake: Envy us? Why? *Blake asked rising an eyebrow at her young friend.*
  • Ruby: You two never get jealous of others when you hang out with other people. That is so awesome!
  • Blake: Hahaha, Ruby. It's not that impressive. Yang and I just trust eachother and know that we don't have any reasons to become jealous. Though Yang can be a bit overprotect when people can't take no for an answer. *Blake laughing, Smiling a bit with her last statement as Ruby puts her hands together as if she was praying*
  • Ruby: Rest in piece Drunken birdy faunus guy. At least Yang made you fly. Huh? *Ruby suddenly stopped looking across the street.* Oh speaking of my sis. There she is. How is she with though. *Ruby pointed out, squinting her eyes to try to recognize the people she is with.*
  • Blake: *Blake Stopped and followed Ruby's gaze to indeed see her girlfriend sitting at an outside bar with a few people.* Oh yeah. Yang said she be hanging out with some old friends. *She thought to herself as a smile slowly formed on her face at the site of Yang's laughing face before Ruby said something at immediately caught her attention.*
  • Ruby: HAH! That's Ico! Oh my god I haven't seen him in years! *Ruby gasped with a giddy smile.*
  • Blake: Ico? *Blake asked trying to figure out which one of Yang's friends she was talking.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby stared at Blake for a second before lightly palming her forehead.* Oh right. You never met him. *Ruby then pointed to the a the guy with hyena ears and hairstyle talking to Yang making her laugh.* That's Ico. The Hyena Faunus. We used to hang out all the time. He ways told the best joke and is kinda the reason why Yang makes such bad puns.
  • Blake: Ah. I see. I guess we should thank you him for that. *Blake said with a bit of sarcasm, watching The other Faunus lean towards Yang, brushing some of her hair away t whisper something in her ear, surprising Blake that Yang would allow him to do so only to be more surprised and shocked with Yang blushes and laughs harder as she joking shoves him.* They seem... Close. How could you two never mentioned him.
  • Ruby: Oh Well. It's only been like four or three and half years since He and Yang broke up and he moved to Vacuo to Shade Academy. I guess it never came up.
  • Blake: Oh I see. I'm surprise he didn't come to the vi-Wait WHAT!? *Blake began innocently before whipping her head around toward Ruby so fast she could have got whiplash, a shocked expression covering her face.*
  • Ruby: *It was at this moment Ruby knew. She fucked up.* Oh, uh, Yeaaaaah. Yang and Ico... Kinda... dated...
  • Blake: So you mean that guy, *Blake said pointing to Ico, who is laughing patting Yang's lap after Yang told a joke, making the cat faunus grit her teeth.* Is Yang's Ex?
  • Ruby: Uuuuuuuuh... Yes? *Ruby quietly muttered pocking her fingers together.* B-but it was a mutual break up! They weren't even that serious.
  • Blake: Oh... Okay then. As long it wasn't a bad break up and it was seirous. *Blake mutter, feeling ridiculous for feeling worried as she watches Ico place his arm around Yang's shoulder and he leaned over to to tip glasses with the girl next to Yang.* Is he always that clingy though? *she asked with a frown.*
  • Ruby: Oh yeah. At least they are at a bar and have their shirts on. Hehe, Man Dad was piiiiiishit. *Ruby laugh before realizing what she said and tried to stop Blake was her sister's girlfriend quickly marched across the street.* Blake! BLAKE! WAIT!
  • ~~~
  • Yang: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Man, Ico. That was hilarious. Hahahahaha!*Yang laughed as she banged her fist against the bar, Wiping a tear out of her eye.* Hehehe, Oh boy. Seriously though. I can't believe your wife let you do that. *She said hand her ex back his scroll.*
  • Ico: Hehehe, Oh she focken loved it. And it got her rock hard to later at night as you can see. Hahaha. *Ico Smirked looking at the pic of him and his wife on a muddy bike with a very noticeable bulge under Ico's wife bathing suit, taking a swig of his beer.* Mmm, So what about ye, ya sun dragon? Hey you managed to hook a keeper yet?
  • Yang: Oh I hope so. *Yang smiled dreamily.* I'm dating my partner and best friend, Blake. She is the best. She is so beautiful and has the cuuuutest kitty ears. Oh ahhaha And whenever she is annoyed she-
  • Ico: She star looking like at grumpcat.
  • Yang: Yeah... How did you?
  • Ico: Because I think she coming towards us wit yar sis lass. *Ico pointed behind Yang as he took another swig of his beer.*
  • Yang: Huh? Oh Hey BlakMMM? *Yang Yang started to greet after turning to see her girlfriend before she took hold of her cheek and pulled her into a heated passionate kiss, Moaning slightly as Blake's hand ran through her hair to pull her closer to deepen the kiss with her tongue.*
  • Ruby: Ew gross... Hey Ico. *Ruby frowned then smiled to her old friend.*
  • Ico: Wassup Rosey. You got taller. *Ico greeted back giving Ruby a quick hug as they watched Blake make out with Yang.* Yar sis scored big I see.
  • Ruby: Yeah She isn't normally like this.
  • Blake: *It was then Blake pulled away leaving a dazed, panting, blushing, and seemingly fainting Yang to lean against she.* Hello. I'm Blake. Yang's GIRLFRIEND.
  • Ico: Yea. Pleasure to meet ya. I'm Ico. Ya mind teaching me how to do that to me wife? Yar anniversary is coming up and i like to get the same efect on her. *Ico greeted back with a smirk as he pointed to Yang and laughed as Blake started to blush with an embarrassment.*
  • Blake: Your... wife... Oh god.
  • Ruby: Jealous is a funny thing ain't it.
  • Blake: Shut uMM!? *Blake tried to say before Yang pulled her into the same kiss and then lifted her up and headed out the door.*
  • Yang: Ihavetogo.ItwasniceseeyaIco.BYE!
  • Ico: Cheers *He smiled raising his glass before Looking At ruby with a serious look.* Are ya allowed in here?
  • Ruby: Yep and after seeing that I'm going need a drink.
  • Ico: A pint for the young las to wash away the site of har sistor gitting lucky, Please!
The Diversity of Dan Stevens Fans

As evidenced by the GIFs available when you search Dan Stevens.

Downton Abbey: Matthew Crawley! Why did you have to die? Why??!!! 

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The Guest: Bro! The scene with the grenades in the restaurant? That was some cold shit! 

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Legion: It’s great, you’re awesome. What’s happening? Do you know? I have a theory…

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Beauty and the Beast: Oh my heart! Evermore! Growl! Oh! 

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Just putting out there that he’s also set to appear as Charles Dickens later this year.  So there’s that too.

Hating on Gryffindor

I filmed myself taking the Pottermore sorting quiz, uploaded it on YT and I was so excited I literally peed myself because I was sorted into Gryffindor! So I was like:

But then this happened…

Honestly, I just came to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now. Lmao.

I was genuinely so excited that I was sorted into Gryffindor. Not because I wanna be fricking Harry Potter but because I genuinely ADORE all houses and omg hey Gryffindor! I see you bro! Though I was so bummed out when people feel entitled to bash other houses like that. Can’t I just simply enjoy my house without having to feel bad about it!? It’s like people are hating on Gryffindor for no reason but to be bitter and I know I shouldn’t have said anything, be mature about it but…

Alright, perhaps I like to show boast just a little bit…

If you are awesome but single - don't worry!
  • friend: damn why do all straight girls who have a boyfriend hug me all the fuckin time when I tell them I like girls? :/
  • friend: thats not good for my heart you know
  • me: I know...
  • friend: I am guessing cause I am small and they think I am cute
  • friend: but I don't wanna look cute
  • friend: I wanna be cool :(
  • me: You are cool for me :D but cute too :3
  • friend: NO!
  • me: Ok you are awesome. Not cute.
  • friend: if I am awesome why can't I get a girlfriend? :(
  • me: Well I dont know. People tell me that I'm awesome too. And I'm also single
  • friend: maybe because we are awesome we are single? xD
  • friend: I can live with that :P
SVTFOE Spiderman Homecoming AU drabbles part 10 (explaining Mae's picture)
  • Marco as Spiderman: *Sitting down on a rooftop watching the sunset*
  • Karen, the A.I: What's wrong Marco? Didn't get a date for winter formal?
  • Marco: ....Karen....c-could I ask you a question?
  • Karne: Shoot tiger.
  • Marco: ...how...do I...ask a girl out?
  • Karen: Seriously? You can't ask out a girl? You, mister recklessly charges into danger without a second thought?
  • Marco: For an A.I. you really like to pick on me. Tom really programmed you to be a jerk.
  • Karen: I programmed myself thank you very much. I kid I kid but seriously, why so nervous? You're Spiderman!
  • Marco: ...but that's the thing: I'm not. I'm just regular Marco Diaz....
  • Karen: Marco...is this about Jackie?
  • Marco: ....
  • Karen: Your silence says I don't want to talk but your elevated heart rate says yes.
  • Marco: I've had a crush on her for the longest time and I really want to take her to homecoming....I just...can't. I mean she's always surrounded by people and then Star's usually nearby and it makes me feel guilty....
  • Karen: Back up, Star? As in Star Butterfly? As in not your friend Star? Why would she matter in all this?
  • Marco: ......
  • Karen: ....Marco?
  • Marco: Never mind, it's nothing.
  • Karen: Marco...you should at least try to ask Jackie out. Even if she doesn't return your feelings, you'll feel better knowing you tried. Besides, you're a smart, funny and an awesome guy....I'm sure she'll say yes.
  • Marco: Really? You think so?
  • Star: (Sitting at her computer, wearing a headset, watching the suit's feed) Yes Marco....I really do.

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Hi ! First, you are my favourite artist, your drawings are awesome and I can't believe the fact that you are that young, like, your animatics are so beautiful and well done ! (I'm a "young" 14years bad artist, who is too scared to post her art and can't speak english btw) Anyway. I hope that you have a good day, that you like your art and that you realise how much you are awesome ! ^^ (Oh, and I don't understand why are people are speaking french without knowing it..I'm french so it's weird uhu)

i have no idea either!! also that’s so sweet thank u sm!! you sound like a really kind person and i hope you have a good day dude!! <3

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So... I love your art and I actually use it to reference certain characters while I'm drawing. I was wondering if you would explain how you get the head and neck to line up. I don't know why but I can't ever seem to do it right on my own. Thanks for being awesome!

hopefully these pics somewhat help?? 

Of course, necks can be thick or thin, depending on your character. This is also a good little post about it (about muscles in the neck). In any case, your best bet is looking at reference photos of real people. So…ignore my sketches and go observe some real necks! lol

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I don't know why but I just can't find any link to page I could donate you guys ... - So do you have any patreon or stuff like that?

Oh we don’t have anything like that :D We just take in moral support! Seeing people excited/happy about the comic keeps us going! <3 However, I did make a list sometime ago about artists I love a lot that need support!

Both of us work quite good jobs and draw for fun! So we just run on our own motivation and peoples reactions to our content. There’s some awesome people like dragonsong544444 who puts the best stuff in the tags which I look forward to every day! :D

-Mod Tem!Frisk

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I hate when people ask me "Why don't you just get hearing aids?" It's like...wow. Don't they know that I can't go to the store and get them? Don't they know that insurance (well mine anyways) doesn't cover that? Don't they know it's EXPENSIVE? Don't they know that if I could get them, I would be wearing them right now?! Why can't they understand?

When people ask us why we don’t just get hearing aids they’re not actually thinking about the cost and effort it takes to acquire them.  What they’re really asking is, “Why can’t you just be more like me?"  If they did their research they’d know it’s not easy; that we can’t just walk into Wal-Mart and buy awesome hearing aids that enable us to suddenly hear everything in the world (that’s what they think these aids do).  But because they’re ignorant and frustrated what they really want to say is, why can’t you just not have hearing loss?  That’s why they don’t get it!

Thoughts while connecting to people on msparp
  • me: 'Hi" is the worst way to start a rp. I think I'm going to say hi back... crap, he said 'sup'!
  • me: This would be an awesome rp- wait why did you disconnect
  • me: I can't tell what your troll nasty bits head canons are, mofo.
  • me: I don't know how to rp with that character. *disconnects.* I'm so, so sorry.
  • me: ooh, a groupchat. *click*
  • me: You are so ooc that I'm a little scared.
  • me: I'm sorry it's taking so long to type just- NOOOOOOOO.
  • me: Okay, shipping it. That's hot.
  • me: Isn't the futa!maidoutfit! a little overdone?
  • Me: *disconnects* *disconnects* *disconnects*
  • Someone else: *disconnects*
  • me: Rude.

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Hi, Wil. I don't know you, and you don't know me. I never watched TNG. I know, it's sad. I can't remember why I initially followed you, but I am and always have been glad that I did. Just seeing the things you post and the way you respond to criticism make me happy that you even have a tumblr. I believe that you are an intelligent, caring person, and sort of want to kick people who claim otherwise (like in the 'infographic' you earlier shared) in the teeth. Have a nice day.!

Thank you. Don’t forget to be awesome!

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I'm trying to think of a way to ask this that sounds more thoughtful and less...blunt. I can't so here it goes. Why are you doing this? I read your intro post and it didn't really explain what the inspiration or goal for this site was. That's not to say I don't think it's awesome. Whatever your reason, I love the result. Also, as a follow up, will you ever come out of the shadows and let us know who you are and what you're working on now?

I started this blog because a lot of people I’d interact with on various gaming forums and such would espouse the same commonly held myths and treat them as facts. Sometimes I’d correct them and give a reason as to why, and then that would mollify one or two, but it would happen again and again and again. So I started answering questions on the blog in order to help dispel the myths involved with game development, mainly so I could link back to previously posted answers instead of having to rewrite them all the time. As I wrote, people started picking up on it and the questions continue to come in.

Another thing I always wanted to read was a place where I could look up various techniques and get questions answered about things like game design, engineering, and general development questions. I’ve been through the pages of Gamasutra and gamedev.net, but most of them didn’t really have any sort of “Here’s some fundamentals principles of level design”, or “Here are things to keep in mind when designing a stealth system”. What they did have was a bunch of specifics that didn’t necessarily apply, or a bunch of super general topics that didn’t feel like they went over the sort of things I wanted to know. So I started it myself. I’m not entirely sure I’ve hit this goal, and may try refocusing on this in the immediate future.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was actually pretty good at explaining things in ways that are understandable to the layman. That’s one of the things that most other developer blogs tended to fall a little short on - it’s not easy to remember what the layman doesn’t know, and that can make it difficult to explain entrenched concepts. It’s also why I think there aren’t many blogs like mine - most of the devs I know tend to give short answers that assume a lot of contextual knowledge, while I try to take the extra step to explain that missing context. Writing that stuff takes time, energy, and effort. Doing it on a regular basis even moreso. Not a lot of folks are willing to do that.

As for who I am and what I’m working on… I’d rather not. I’ve noticed that many gamers, especially the ones who disagree with (or don’t want to believe) the stuff I’ve written, will try to attack the writer rather than the content. I’ve gotten a couple of messages from people demanding credentials… but, in all honesty, I don’t really think having my credentials would really lend my work any more (or less) credibility - I really prefer to let the work speak for itself. Still, if it makes you feel better to know who believes me, I’ve had a lot of developers from all over the industry comment positively on my blog on social media - devs from indies, Blizzard, Bioware, DICE, Carbine, Runic, Namco-Bandai, GLU Mobile, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Bungie, and so on. 

In short: Got tired of forum posters getting it wrong, so decided to do something about it. Wanted a place to go to ask about specifics in game development and couldn’t find one, so decided to make it myself. Prefer to let the work stand on its own, rather than give people who disagree a target to attack.

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It honestly makes me sad that people come at you so mean. Like how could they? I don't know if this sounds offensive but you don't act like a "celebrity" and I like that bc you still act like a teenager and you seem so down to earth. I can't believe I just sheared a year bc people are so rude lol. I really love you and you're a BEAUTIFUL girl. Keep pushing forward. You're AWESOME

Thank you so much.. It’s okay.
I just want people to understand that they don’t have to hate .. Infact, if they really don’t like someone. Why sit their and talk a whole bunch of mess about them.. Why not just do better than that person.

But I really appreciate it. Don’t shed a tear, they’re just negative words coming from an insecure person

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Why do people chastise about Orlando looking old and "fatter" in DoS? It's not that obvious and come on, it's been 12 years or more since they first filmed- what did they expect that he stops time and doesn't age in case he gets called back as Legolas a decade later?! He's still as beautiful as ever and as awesome as ever! Can't get enough of the Elves, specifically him and his dad. Lee Pace is awesome too!

I don’t know. I mean, if you’re looking for differences, you’ll find them but as you said, he’s a decade older. He still looks good for his age and pulled off Legolas amazingly.