why can't i just be good at giffing

come to think of it, why wouldn’t someone with superman’s powers use them for physical comedy? like. buster keaton style. or dick van dyke. he is invulnerable and can fly, those are the perfect circumstances for a pratfall. half the time only he is aware that he is joking and he just looks like a clumsy asshole but he knows in his heart that the timing on that gag was perf. add this to my list of stupid fucking headcanons.

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I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 


❝ The reason I chose to study musical theater instead of just acting was because I figured, why not? Why not do all of it? I’ve never considered myself a singer. My God, never in a million years a dancer, but I love music. I love the art of musical theater, writing and performing. I wanted to learn about freedom of expression and diversify my academics, so I wasn’t just looking at acting as its own little limited art form. You learn by learning about other things you don’t understand and you’re not familiar with.


“Oh Madam Sexytary seems a little jealous!” - Tim Daly (x)

Sleepless Night

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Fandom: MCU, Daredevil

Characters: Matt Murdock

Pairing: Reader X Matt Murdock

Notes/Warnings: I guess insomniacs can relate a little bit better to this? Established MattXReader

Word count: 1,193

Prompt: “It’s lonely in bed. Can you keep me company?” with Matt Murdock. Requested by anon.

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EMMA FOR GOD'S SAKE it's the way your tags start off mostly innocuous like "how much for sebstan to wear this? i'll have a bake sale" and then immediately take a sharp left into "THIGHS OF DESTRUCTION" and "SIT ON THEM REPEATEDLY" that is giving me grey hairs. You didn't get it from ME, all MY children became ACUPUNCTURISTS. but we can't ALL become ACUPUNCTURISTS, noooo, our little Emma had to be a SMUT TAGGER. ;)

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Why would I want to be an acupuncturist and jab things in people when I can write in tags about things jabbing me???


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Sorry to trouble you. The gif you posted previously of Louis raising his eyebrows at Harry and then Harry looking at Louis in a manner I can't quite accurately articulate - do you have a YouTube link, or would you kindly tell me which interview it is please? I'm new to the fandom and still trying to catch up on the last 6 years. Thank you in advance.

Just kidding! So a quick story of how and why I posted this gif…

When I see a gif I like I save it and then caption it later with something like “When people don’t like dogs” followed by something like this

Anyway that Larry gif is always a good one to have around in case of an emergency, so I was going to put it in my drafts but accidentally just posted it instead and 75 people were like ‘tru’ so it’s kind of a win-win mistake with sharing the love and lust and all that.

Uhhhh to answer your question it’s from an interview last year with a radio station where they gave them obscene scarves that Harry was massively unimpressed with. I was going to be like, “I don’t know which one and I don’t have the energy to find it,” but then I was also like, “C’mon…earn that A for effort,” and lo and behold:

It’s quite quick but it happens after the interviewer stares into Harry’s beautiful eyes around 1:25 in:

But yeah, I had originally intended to just file this away in my drafts (of which there are currently about 6,700) and label it “reasons to live” or maybe “reasons I want to die” because Jesus Hannibal Christ look at it

Anyway, I gotta Zayn. Thanks for stopping by! x

I’m just really looking forward to the 50th anniversary shows of Les Mis and Phantom and they have former casts come out and Ramin of course can still belt it because he’s Ramin, and there’s that new headlining star who’ll be standing on stage looking at Ramin the way he looks at Colm, and they’ll both be shining stars in a beautiful sky and it just makes me really happy to think about ok.

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ok i need to drop in and say I LOVE YOU N UR LEGACY n literally everything you post, it all makes me wanna cry and bury myself into a comfy hole so i can think about my life n everything that's wrong with it but in a good way??? idk 2+2=5 but long story short - why r you so amazing

omfg, u make me wanna cry, u’re so talented and everything you do is so perfect and perfectly edited and I fangirl every time you comment on my stuff, because what u post is just so good and why would you like my stuff??? what u talking aboooout, u’re clearly the amazing one??! where can I find your skills? YOUR PERFECT RESPONSE MEMES? like??! ILY, U’RE AMAZING!!!! ❤️ 

(also, I might know who sent you this message…❤️)

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So in the new Avengers Assemble episode (3x21) among other stuff that happened (Hulk getting collared and becoming a hobo for one), Steve most definitely flirted with Tony! OK? I have no other explanation for the scene in which Tony’s like: “I don’t like Red Hulk, he’s a maniac, I don’t wanna work with him…” and Steve smiles at him and says “You know, I thought you were a maniac when I first met you.” And he also touches him, full hand on shoulder touch action! And Tony’s like (thinking) “Ok, I’m not quitting the Avengers. God why you have to be so cute, ugh…” and just follows Steve like a good half of a battle couple.

How is this show even real?


Oh, damn. This feels seriously good. Come to think of it, does he have any sexual desire? I thought he was still just a kid. Now that I think about it, maybe sleeping with him every night… isn’t… good…

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this is random but i'm here for every time jin does something silly and a member (or all of them) just looks at him with pure adoration and love. like pls tell me i'm not the only one that noticed this. i keep replaying the recent eat jin and how happy jungkook looked when jin was eating and dancing about im dying right now i just had to tell someone °(ಗдಗ。)°. - jinharem anon

YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS NOTICED THIS like holy crap that’s all they do they give him the most adoring looks ever and even if what he’s not doing is funny or whatever at first eventually they just keep staring and the smile grows so wide on their face and they just can’t look away and holy crap i am always on the lookout for it, it’s mostly noticeable on jungkook yoongi and jimin but you know what they ALL DO IT

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it was a different world then.

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What's going on on your blog. Is everybody trying to torture you with all those gifs and pics 😂. Stay strong sweet bun, you can do it and good luck with your finals❤

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I KNOOOOOWW RIGHT WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! FIRST IT WAS JUST @echo-writes​ THEN @bun-squad​ JOINED AND THEN @jihyesol AND NOW @the-lunatic-rabbit (who for some reason it won’t let me properly tag TUMBLR WHY) BUT WHAT DID THIS LIL CINNABUN DOOOOOOOOOO?!?!!?

*sniffle* at least you care about me ;^; ily 💖 thank you babe~

~🐰 xx