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Scrubs {Sentence Starters}
  • "Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like thanksgiving at home."
  • "You have no chance of being normal."
  • "Don't ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that."
  • "A person doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need."
  • "It's the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy."
  • "I don't dislike you, I nothing you."
  • "Nothing's worse than a ninja - they're masters of every style of combat."
  • "Have you been in the supply closet, crying?"
  • "It sounds like you're asking me out on a man date."
  • "There's a good chance I'm gonna kill someone."
  • "The only way you could be more useless right now is if you actually were the wall."
  • "Gosh, now I'm too proud of you to be mad at you."
  • "Relationships don't work they way they do on television and in the movies."
  • "Sometimes it feels like you're holding back."
  • "All you do is bitch about your relationships all day long!"
  • "We're only four seconds in and I'm already regretting my decision."
  • "I can't believe you lost our bottle opener."
  • "I think we both know there's a little more to it than that."
  • "Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?"
  • "Why don't I ever listen to me?"
  • "Well isn't that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day."
  • "Come on, what's the worst that could happen?"
  • "I can't help but notice you love telling jokes."
  • "Do you want to be alone?"
  • "You're telling me that you actually made a decision that had a positive impact on your life?"
  • "Can you get that for me? I can't reach it."
  • "Don't look in her eyes, she might steal your soul."
  • "I refuse to be judged by a grown man wearing a hockey jersey."
  • "That was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you're a horrible, horrible person."
  • "Why are you so afraid of loving me?"
  • "Do you want to cry a little?"
  • "Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?"
  • "What do I know about good relationships?"
  • "Newsflash! You can't drink and then come to work!"
  • "Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?"

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Joanna giving Jim her teddy bear after Khan because her bear makes her feel better and Bones just can't explain about Khan's blood and all that

imagine joanna being there when jim wakes up

imagine her eyes getting super big and bright when she hears that it was her daddy who saved him

imagine jim holding her hand and telling her ‘I’m proud of him too!’

  • Cole: Dorian, you said I could ask you questions.
  • Dorian: It's true. (Sigh) I did say that.
  • Cole: Why are you so angry at your father? He wants to help and you know he does, but--
  • Dorian: I'm not certain I can explain it to you.
  • Cole: You love him, but you're angry. They mix together, boiling in the belly until it kneads into a knot.
  • Dorian: Sometimes... sometimes love isn't enough, Cole.
  • Cole: "Love isn't enough." Enough what? You didn't explain, Dorian.
  • Dorian: (Sigh) I was rather hoping I had.
  • Cole: His face in the stands, watching as I pass the test. So proud there's tears in his eyes. Anything to make him happy. Anything.
  • Cole: Why isn't that true anymore?
  • Dorian: Cole, this... is not the sort of discussion for walking around. Please drop it.
  • Cole: I'm hurting you, Dorian. Words winding, wanting, wounding. You said I could ask.
  • Dorian: I know I did. The things you ask are just... very personal.
  • Cole: But it hurts. I want to help, but it's all tangled with the love. I can't tug it loose without tearing it.
  • Cole: You hold him so tightly. You let it keep hurting, because you think hurting is who you are. Why would you do that?
  • Dorian: Can someone tell him to stop? Banish him back to the Fade or something!
  • Solas: (if in party) Cole wants to help you. Maybe you should let him.
  • Dorian: (sigh) Marvelous! Everyone's so helpful!
  • Solas: (if in party) You're an adult, Dorian. You want him to stop, tell him.
  • Cole: I'm sorry. I keep making it worse.
  • Dorian: No, I'm sorry. Of course you don't understand. Just... leave me with it for now.