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Handwriting Tag Thingie

I was tagged by my boo @sim-bubble 

Yes, I am super smart so I wrote it with a double “t”. I know you wish you had my English skills. Also, I uploaded this image upside down and with no text like 5 minutes ago because I am, like I said, super smart. Anyway, this is my handwriting, it’s cool I guess.

I usually don’t like to tag people because I never know if they have already done it or not, and I always seem to forget people but oh well, I tag @inquisitive-simmer , @our-dazed-sims , @ughplumb , @fatpandasims , @zauglom , @nadinemaee , @shysimblr , @loniden , @sapphiresims , @ohmypominit, @vicarious-sims@sportingsims@suzychi-sims@simwithsparkles, @lxcysims and anyone who wants to do it. 

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“He couldn’t say he meant thanks for all of it…Hopefully Andrew would figure it out eventually.”

Happy birthday @kunikidaz!
I hope tumblr doesn’t butcher it.

You have been visited by Hui and his boyfriends.

Reblog not for good luck, but bc who doesn’t want these dorks on their blog?

Also they might give good luck idk how luck works.

holy FUCK I still have my date with the guy on Friday but I ended up hanging out with him for like two hours yesterday and he made SUCH a good impression on me and I actually really really like him??? like the qualities he has is 100% the type of person I want to be with (kind, polite, sticks up for others, humble, driven) and he’s so sweet and I want to have a chance to date him but then all of the sudden it hit me that I’m moving in early September and I’m just…. really sad. this sounds absolutely insane but I could see myself with this guy and I want the chance to explore that but I have…. three and a half months left tops


Self Love Tarot Challenge by @oceanwideatelier

(with apologies for poor picture quality)

May 1st: Who am I?

7 of Cups: many dreams, many choices, no will. It’s hard to take this one in a positive light, although I can’t deny that I do have way too many projects, some choices to make, and absolutely no will to do any of these things right now.

May 2nd: What do I want?

The World: accomplishment, fulfillment, integration. I want everything the world has to offer.

May 3rd: What do I need?

The Hierophant: guidance, rules, belonging to a group, maybe following a belief system that would not leave me always fighting alone.

Who They Would Be In A Different Life (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder)
  • Eisuke: The Boy Next Door. He's just normal. He grows up in a suburban neighborhood, with close friends, and attends an average high school in the city. He attends university, and winds up working in the office where you work as well. In about a week he's asked you out for a drink, and you accept. His smile is so warm and inviting you can't help but smile with him. "This must be fate."
  • Baba: Museum Curator. He is absolutely in love with valuable artificers and the history behind them. He's known it since he was a child, and his parents took him to a museum for the first time. Despite his success, he can't help but feel like he's missing something. But when he see's you gazing into the Egyptian vase. He knows what it is, you. "I would be happy to give you a tour, but only if you promise to have dinner with me afterwords."
  • Mamoru: Child Prodigy. His parents knew he was gifted when they saw him reading at the age of three. After that he attended the worlds finest schools and universities. He was hailed as brilliant by everyone he knew. But despite his popularity, he knew that all the knowledge in the world wouldn't make him feel less alone. You were the first person to see him as a man, and not as anything else. "Marry me."
  • Soryu: CEO. He owns one of the world's largest computer company. His parents are awfully proud of him, and he has set the worlds golden standard, but no matter how many women he meets, and how many friends he makes, none of them seem to compare to you. He doesn't understand why at first, after all you're just a secretary at the front desk. You don't seem to have any special traits, or qualities. But he can't help but want to be around you. Finally he understand that you do have a special quality. Optimism. "I think you and I should probably be together, that's what the statistics say at least."
  • Ota: Model. He's actually very popular. He's already a spokesperson for various companies. Men's watches, Jeans, sparkling water. It doesn't matter what the product, he makes everything look good. You meet him at a shoot, on your first job as a photographer. He can't seem to stop flirting with you. You figure he's just toying with you, but his face is serious when says "I'm being quite genuine, and when you fall for me it won't be because I tricked you. It'll be because you finally realized I'm the only man who's worthy of you."
  • -SKY
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Uh... headcanon where Iwaizumi and Oikawa get sent to therapy after they lose to Karasuno, and at first they talk about losing and all then but then both of them start talking about how they're pining for each other and the therapist is just like "I ship it but I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT CAUSE I'M UNDER CONTRACT"

I wouldn’t want to be in this therapist’s shoes. At. All! What a tough situation you put them in, anon!

Imagine it first starts out of Iwa and Oiks randomly mentioning things they are attracted to the other and the therapist unconsciously notices these quality at their patients and goes ‘huh he does have a beautiful smile’ or ’oh! I never notice there’s green between brown in his eyes’ (while Iwa and Oiks being confused about why their therapist suddenly starts staring at them intensely.)

Then the struggle of going against their work ethics because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS PINING SO MUCH IT PHYSICALLY HURTS ME. (It’s just too hard _(:3 」∠ )_)

He'd wanted you to have this...

I just wanted to share these pics I took at JIB6 with you guys. I know they’re not the best quality (I took them with my iPhone), and that’s why I’ve never posted them before now (actually some of you might have seen them on twitter), but sometimes I just like to remind myself that I was actually there. So, have some belated jenmish :D

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Headcanon: Engineer has depression. That's why he always keeps his team happy, because he doesn't want them to suffer the way he does. Medic and Spy know about it, and Medic is really worried since it is a very deep case of depression. Engineer always hides it from everyone with his mask of happiness. Ms. Pauling has been told, but can't really bring herself to believe it. The team found out later and (you continue, I'm interested into what you think)

Yeah, Engie has a lot of the qualities that I see a lot of the depressed people in my life have. I can second this.
I’ve also always seen Spy as being depressed, as well,

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Hey Aaliyah I want to start loving myself and accepting myself but it is so hard I have really deep insecurities like I can't emphasise on it enough and I don't know where to start 😞😔

You emphasise your insecurities too much that’s why sweetheart, you should be emphasising your unique qualities. I’m going to start by saying I have read a lot books this year so far way over 20 on self improvement and spiritual development, so seeing the positive and beauty in everything is a lot easier for me then others. The first thing you need to be doing is reading. Reading is known for helping anxiety, brain development and overall health, so you can see how vital it is in life. I recommend you read I can heal your life, The power of Now, Treasure Yourself, Change your life in 7 days, The Celestine Prophecy, The Four Agreements & The Power of Now. Obviously read one book at a time, at your own pace, they’re all fairly simple books to understand. Reading books is one of the most loving things you can ever do for yourself, and self love is what your in definite need of.

Speak of kind words especially to yourself, when you say I am Beautiful your inviting more beauty to come in, the book I can Heal your Life really helps with that, it has positive affirmations for everything. What comes out your own mouth, will come back to your own ears and will return to you multiplied. 

God made you exactly they way he wanted to, Beautiful. Including all your flaws because to him they are not flaws they are in fact what makes you unique, what makes you your own person. Stop confusing what this money hungry society wants with what God wants. Don’t let a true gift from god, your beauty, be diminished for a society that will never accept you, regardless of your appearance. Don’t destroy your being, your true purpose, which is to live life as “I am that I am” for things that hold no true meaning or value. Don’t feel you have to make material adjustments to what the hands of God created. You where created in his very image, you have never been more beautiful.

Choose to hold thoughts that only delight you and enhances your well-being. Don’t waste time with unproductive thoughts, negative feelings, if you do that you waste yourself. Work on not letting people with dark energy consume any of your minutes on this earth, don’t get sucked into other’s ego dysfunctions. Don’t let their darkness rob you of your own light - the light you need for yourself and for others. The way you spend your time defines who you are, and the outcome of your life, shine your light for good. 

Body image is something that most women struggle with. One thing that I know for sure is that we’re not our bodies or the image we hold of them, we are so much more then what is visible to the eyes. The way a woman’s body looks is not important, however whatever you give your attention to looms larger, and it seems one of society’s many concerns is the way a woman should look, which is usually un-natural and unrealistic. Don’t let society’s unrealistic expectations determine whether your worthy of a Good life or not. 

Self image is more important then people realise. Your self image is the way you see yourself in your imagination. The reason why this is so important is because your behaviour will depend on this image you hold. It tells you how to behave or to perform to act consistently with the kind of person you think you are. I read in a book written by a psychologist that if you think that you are unattractive you will unconsciously sabotage any attempts to make yourself appear more attractive. You won’t represent yourself at your best, people will inevitably find you unattractive and the prophecy is fulfilled. 

I’m trying to think of ways to finish this off but all I can I say is be positive and Love yourself always xx