why can't i have her body


Someone save Solas from Miel.

Every Muslim wattpad story pt 1
  • Ahmad (idk): I'm a bad Muslim. My friends smoke dope and I don't care haha. I only pray occasionally my family is ~liberal~. This is my beautiful fiancée Maria (why do all the 'bad' girls have more western passing names lol). We've known eachother for a longggg time!
  • Maya: *flips her long flowing black-brown hair while showing off her body and eye makeup*
  • Ahmad: what a beauty Mashallah! How sexy (how do these 2 phrases relate no clue)
  • *time skip to some random place, heck even the sidewalk*
  • Ahmad: omg mashallah who is this beautiful woman??? *sees hijabi girl with no makeup and dressed like some Inayah model* so gorgeous so much grace... Why can't Maria be like this?
  • *more time skip somehow the two meet*
  • Layla (why is everyone a Layla): assalamualaykum-
  • Ahmad: (wow so religious idk but she's sooo beautiful)hi
  • *time skip to where he breaks up with Maria*
  • Ahmad: Maria you dress like a slut, Layla is wayyy better. She doesn't wear skinny jeans or go against the sunnah!(Ahmad still doesn't pray and still has friends who smoke weed)
  • *maria does something/ is seen with another dude*
  • Ahmad: how outrageous! I don't deserve this *author paints Maria to be villain and make u feel sorry for Ahmad* maybe I should be with Layla!
  • *time skip Ahmad marries Layla and becomes amazing Muslim man*
  • And somehow all this time our heroine, Layla is in love with Ahmad, despite meeting each other twice.
  • Oh yeah in between time skips enter random hadiths and quranic ayahs.
  • Layla is so religious she basically has the whole Quran memorized
  • Layla is potentially abused by her parents, mainly dad
  • *insert Hadith it ayah about good men for good women somewhere*
  • Layla will most likely always be desi or Arab
  • Layla always prays for Allah (swt) to find the one for her. The A+ guy and it's Ahmad lmao.
  • *Layla will be portrayed to be shy and quiet even when she's married to Ahmad but even in her household she's always yelling to some siblings or whoever
  • Layla is always more submissive than Maria lolllll hmmmmm and half the time isn't allowed an opinion
Predictions on the Blacklist Baby

I have three predictions about what is going to happen for the rest of season 3B. I base these predictions on my continued belief that TPTB do not have a creative bone in their bodies and JE is simply trying to do an Alias reboot with The Blacklist. So I will not be surprised if the following three things take place…

1) Tom will die before the baby is born.

2) Red will help deliver Liz’s baby (and to help calm her while she is in labor describe a beautiful place he wants to take her to… like a beach)

3) At the season finale Liz will give the baby up for adoption. 

Those are my predictions and I’m willing to bet money on it. Any wagers? lol