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luminouskylo  asked:

I hate seeing shippy posts of Sansa and some random guy who was nice to her once having thousands upon thousands of notes but anything involving Sansa and Tyrion gets completely ignored. And considering how well Tyrion treated Sansa in the show (since this is the fandom that produces most of the edits, rather than the ASOIAF-only fandom), I can't help but come to the conclusion that ableism is the reason why. And it bothers me so much.

Well, I don’t think it matters who Sansa is shipped with, some random guy or someone she’s never met in canon, ship what you want, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think how nice someone is should determine whether that person is more “deserving” of Sansa.

However, I do have to agree with you that ableism is definitely a part of the way this fandom sees Tyrion - sometimes more overtly and sometimes in more subtle ways. I once read an article that talked about how “progressive” asoiaf fanfiction was because instead of writing about Tyrion they write about Sansa finding love in x forced marriage with x able bodied guy. But excluding a prominent disabled character from the narrative isn’t progressive. The fact that people only point out the problems with the forced marriage trope when it contains a disabled man is not progressive. Writing about Sansa finding love outside of the marriage she’s been forced into in canon can certainly be progressive, but not when you are replacing Tyrion with x able bodied dude that Sansa is forced to marry and pretending that everything will be okay and that there are no problems related to power dynamics within a feudal arranged marriage between an abused child and an adult.

The forced marriage trope exists everywhere in fanfiction, even in fandoms where that doesn’t happen in canon. But suddenly it becomes unacceptable when one of the parties is a man with dwarfism? It’s actually really fucking rare for a disabled person to be a part of that trope, particularly a disabled person with Tyrion’s specific disability. The fact that GRRM even wrote that occurring and did not demonize Tyrion for it, and makes it clear that Tyrion is a victim in this situation along with Sansa, is progressive. And fandom continues to ignore that and that frustrates me. It frustrates me when Tyrion’s line, “in the dark I am the knight of flowers”, is interpreted as entitlement because that line is actually so so important, it’s a disabled man putting himself in a role that is exclusively not for him according to chauvinist notions of knighthood and masculinity and romance and sex. That’s why fandom acting like hating Sansa x Tyrion and excluding Tyrion from fandom and shipping altogether is progressive is very much not.

anonymous asked:

Quick question! How do you make your male edits look so nice??? Like, I can't edit tda miku face without it still looking like a girl or a small kid. Just curious...

AW MAN WELL i have a tutorial on how i make face edits from tda in general here: http://jjinomu.tumblr.com/post/156018040010/can-u-ever-teach-us-the-how-u-edit-tda-faces-and

but i suppose ur asking directly about my male face edits so i’ll give u some tips on how i personally do my more male faces??? (keep in mind my male faces actually look pretty feminine but i just like it more like that yknow its probably why u think they look nice, bc they r basically female faces but also not at the same time)

#1: first off before u edit, debate on the use of eyelashes- most people are automatically drawn to NO EYELASHES = MALE, but that’s not necessarily the case- in fact i like to add eyelashes on all my male edits (be it one or two or even the standard three eyelashes of tda miku) bc it just adds character and a sense of beauty???? and besides males have longer lashes than females (one of my highschool friends had really pretty long lashes and he was ur typical highschool boy); so before you choose to remove or round off your eyelashes completely, think to urself if it’ll actually enhance your edit rather than make it feminine because eyelashes =/= feminine (even though it’s been typically associated as such)

#2: a big difference between my male/maturefemale face edits and female/younger face edits is that the eyes are a lot smaller. play around with the size (and of course shape) of the eyes!!!! remember that angular =/= masculine (as seen with dex’s eyes), softness =/= feminine (as seen with kaito and meitos) so choose to experiment with both!!! 

#3: PUPIL SIZE!! play around with the pupil size, the pupil is a lovely thing!!!! generally, the bigger the pupil, the more doe-eyed the model will look as opposed to the smaller, the more sly/mature/mysterious!!! so if your face edit looks a tid more doe-eyed, try reshaping the pupil into perhaps a cateye??? for a sly-er look, or even just making it smaller to fit within the boarders of the eye itself, heck even if you have smaller pupils, it can still pull off a more gentle pastel look as well!! (yuzuki yukari genderbend, rinto)

note: remember, different pupil sizes suit different models, so if urs looks wonky as fuk, dont be afraid to completely 180 it!!!

#4: E Y E B R O W S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eyesbrows are SOO NECESSARY, experiment with your eyebrows like crazy, generally (for my male face edits) they have thicker eyebrows in comparison to female (but even for my ladies, some have thick eyebrows) and the eyebrows are a lot more close to the eye (rinto), rather than sitting in the middle of the forehead (meiko sakine). alternate the shape of the eyebrows!!! most of my male face edits have a more sharper, serious shape, while my females have a more “cheerful/soft” setting!! (however, with vy2′s face as below, its straight but its also suits so dont be afraid of that shit idk)

#5: the FINAL and most important tip i can give u is play with the face shape, generally, male faces are a lot more squarish and a sharper U shape, while feminine and younger faces are a lot rounder or V shaped

a lot of the above examples i provided have that first sharper-U-shaped face, which differs them from my female faces

SERIOUSLY IDK MAN i kinda lost my train of thought like halfway through but basicaly in the end my male face edits r basically all my female edits except perhaps a little longer lbr

hope some of that helps at least HAHAHA

also P.S play with ur eyelid crease, i tend to make my eyelid crease hella long for style but yknow it just looks nice longer i think

PPS OR PSS IDK: USE REFERENCES, LOok at references ALWAYS they help a loooot more, don’t try and imagine ur eyeshape or face shape, look at an anime boy or smth and u’ll get there!!!!


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