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The infamous clothes swap is finally here!
When you start off with dressing up D.va all cute and things escalate and you get a Junkrat in a thight suit and a Lucio that, just like in comp, just fills whatever role is left.

  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!
I have a problem

I don’t know what’s with me but I actually enjoy reading or watching my favorite characters getting hurt and it’s sick and sadistic and messed up I know but I really can’t help it.


Here’s some assorted daily draws from the past few weeks. Sorry for the silence. There’s some other stuff, but I’m not ready to share any of it yet. I’ve successfully draw at least one thing, sometimes more, everyday for over a month and some change now. Who knows if it’s helping.

I’ll work on posting art daily or at least when I’m able because again, some of it I’m not ready to share and some is conceptual stuff that may or may not contain spoilers (jazz hands).

And thank you to those who sent me nice messages a few weeks ago when I was really down. I was really down again tonight so I read them again and it brought me back up a little. <3


Dramione AU: In their seventh year, a verdict goes out that the Head Prefects are to be elected, instead of chosen. The standard campaign rules apply. 

“You’re looking pretty sharp, Granger,” Draco Malfoy drawls, standing lankily beside her as she stares at her campaign materials. There is an almost derisive tilt to his voice, but when has there been never? When was he never the heretic in his revolution against her peace of mind? If this is paranoia, she accepts it as such. She can’t handle anything else, on top of all that’s on her plate. 

“Sod off, Malfoy,” she mutters. To be honest, she’s quite nervous. And while being Head Girl is the end point of all her thought processes, it’s not what is bothering her most. It’s this pretty boy, with his charming campaign, and his sure gait. She has to share a bloody common room with him, for Merlin’s sake. Good lord. 

“Oh, sweetheart, is that the proper way to start our working relationship?” There is a smirk in his voice, if that’s even possible. Git. “I’d see you later, love.” And then he is gone. 

I love Nintendo. They are responsible for some of the most memorable characters the world has ever seen. Samus, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Ness.. Don’t even get me started on all the Pokemon. On top of that, they have the ability to make timeless video games that are played and praised years after they are released.

Moral of the story: Don’t talk shit about Nintendo.


MOZU - episode 01 -


Pairing: Steven Stone/Wallace (Originshipping)

Rating: T

Summary: Steven and Wallace head out for a morning jog.

Author’s Note: I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any Origins, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things because I really missed these guys! I hope you’ll enjoy my little way of easing back into writing these two! And get ready for more Origins in the future, of course~

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