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Hi there lovelies :) I read a fic ages ago with artist!stiles and pornstar!derek but I can't remember what it was called or find it anywhere 😭 I remember that Stiles' artist name was Spark and that the Hale siblings all had a porn empire together, but that's about it. I would loooove if you could find this fic for me and also some more pornstar fics if you can? Thank you!

It’s this one!  ;)  -Emmy

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I Want You (No, I Meant Your Art) by ElisAttack 

(8,983 I Mature I Complete)

“Scott, remember that new encaustic painting I sold last week?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Derek Hale’s fucking a twink beside it.”

Or the one where Stiles is an artist whose artworks keep appearing in his favourite porn star’s videos.

Aaaand here’s some more pornstar fics!  :D

Audition Tape by alisvolatpropiis 

(3,445 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles checks the camera angle one more time before pressing a button and walking over to the nightstand, grabbing a bottle of expensive-looking lube. There’s a small red light on the front of the camera now, and yeah, they’re doing this.

Stiles smiles and settles back onto his lap, giving him a long, urgent kiss as he melts into him. He pulls away eventually, licking his lips, tracing his nails lightly through his beard. “So beautiful,” he murmurs, loud enough for the camera, but Derek knows he means it just for him, can feel it the way Stiles’ eyes dart across his face, in the way it makes his heart ache. Stiles leans in to nuzzle his neck, nibbles at his earlobe and whispers, soft enough for just Derek to hear, “I still can’t believe that you’re mine.”

“Yours,” Derek purrs into his hair, hoping the camera picks it up.

The Giggles by the_painless_moustache 

(4,340 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek accidentally discovers that Stiles does solo amateur porn.

World’s Colliding by tesha198 

(10,709 I Explicit I Complete)   *also stiles/omc

After the ordeal with the Nogitsune Stiles is different. He acts the same in front of the pack but he can still feel the pull of dark energy inside him. Luckily his career as a porn star in LA seems to curb said darkness and keep him human. Unluckily the pack doesn’t know about him staring in porn and when they find out, things don’t go so well. Can Stiles successfully combine his life in Beacon Hills with his career in LA or will he have to choose?

For Your Viewing Pleasure by CelestialVoid 

(26,702 I Explicit I Complete)  *also derek/isaac

As his computer starts up, Stiles eagerly awaits the latest video update. Single, lonely and not as attractive as the rest of the guys in Beacon Hills, Stiles thinks he has resigned to the fact that the only way he can find pleasure it to give it to himself. Luckily, Alpha’s videos never make that hard.

It’s a Schlong Story by floatingstark

(33,128 I Explicit I Complete)

“Do you like him?”

“Of course I do, he’s great!”

“Then what is the fucking problem?”

“My dick!”


Ex-Porn Star Derek Hale has a lot of issues but Ice Cream Parlor Owner Stiles Stilinski is not one of them.

Porn Wolf by raeupchen 

(65,420, Explicit I Complete)

Derek Hale, a werewolf and porn star, also known as Darren Hayden, is looking for a new partner after a minor misunderstanding. He’s lucky enough to get a request from Stuart Novak, a popular twink with a thing for blowjobs, knotting and werewolves in general. A guy, Derek knows too well from a variety of videos and he maybe has been drooling over for a long time. But, how well does he know him really? And more importantly: Will they ever stop making suggestive and inappropriate jokes?

You know what, this topic is already repetitive and the repost-ers don’t even die down so.


Like, yeah you repost-ers don’t even know me so who the fuck cares right, but have you ever even considered that the artists ACTUALLY DELETE THEIR BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS BECAUSE OF YOU FUCKIN’ REPOSTING THEM????


If you really want to support the artists, then use google translate to get the gist of what they want to say about their artworks and do some research. Just linking them back and saying who drew them doesn’t make any difference either. It’s especially worse when the artist MADE A TUMBLR ACCOUNT SO THAT PEOPLE CAN REBLOG IT FROM THERE.

Like, god damn how hard is it to respect and follow what the artists want jebus.

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Just keep drawing. Don’t stop. The feeling of satisfaction is not on the results but in your process, the moment you are drawing. Enjoy these moments. Challenge yourself and keep in mind that art is not easy, but it’s not impossible. Find what you love to draw - and learn your main struggles. Get better everyday. Also, don’t keep saying you hate your drawings. Just draw again. And again. art is something we are all able to do since we were kids. If you didn’t give up, that’s something to be proud of and it can inspire people.

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I always see the TordEdd where Tord is blind, but what if it was the other way around? Tord finds and talks to Edd one day and then suddenly the topic of future goals/dreams are brought up and Edd says 'I've always wanted to be an artist but I can't' so Tord asks 'why?' And Edd reveals he's blind and Tord spends his time trying to convince Edd to start painting despite his blindness because there is blind artists out there and he could be one too [From the stupid anon with stupid hcs (ゝω・`)┏┏]

Bless your SOUL FOR THIS

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Hey do you know what love but hilarious anime I can watch I can't find any love ones with so much humour. Pleas help.

I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I THOUGHT OF Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun FIRST. 

it’s about a girl who has a crush on a guy, who is a shoujo manga artist. when she confessed that she was his fan (AS IN “I LIKE YOUUUU”), he thinks she is a fan of his work and gives her his autograph. she starts as his manga assistant to get closer to him, while he is still oblivious to her feelings. 

A series of events where Henry completely abuses his role as top artist and animator and goes ridiculously off-model.

©Bendy and the Ink Machine is owned by theMeatly. All characters drawer here belong solely to them.

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jily coffeshop au

I threw in some Modern!AU too, because, why not? Also because I’ve done this one before, so it’s a nice contrast.

This paper was going to be the end of her, Lily decided, glaring mutinously at her laptop screen and willing the word document to somehow double in length in the next six hours. What had she been thinking, taking a bloody literature class? She was a maths person. She had always been a maths person. Complex calculus? Simple. Non-Euclidean geometry? She was your girl. Metaphors? Yeah, not so much. And yet she’d somehow stumbled her way into a Romantics seminar. What utter rot.

“Ah. A Keats fan, then?”

Lily glanced up, eyes bleary, to find one of the coffee shop’s baristas standing beside her table. He was tall and lanky, with the shop’s standard dark green apron hanging off his limbs like it didn’t quite know how to fit among all the sharp edges. His hair was dark and loafed about like it had a mind of its own, while a pair of wire specs perched neatly upon his long nose. In one hand, he held a skinny paper coffee cup. The other tapped gently at her poetry book.

“Actually, right now I reckon I’m inching toward TB’s side of things,” Lily answered, sighing lightly. “Keats may have deserved it.”

The barista’s lips quirked. “Ah, well. Two sides to every story and all.” He placed the foam cup atop the poetry book. “Coffee.”

“Er, no. I haven’t ordered anything.”

“No, you haven’t. Ordered for you, actually.” He twisted the cup, and there on the stark white curve, a name and number was written in thick, black ink.

JAMES 07914 483 219

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>Post message asking if peeps would like to see the NSFW goods, trying not to abandon Kylux because I’ve lost interest lately due to the constant hate

>Activate my askbox after weeks of it being closed to let a friend tell me what they think about it

>Suddenly, word vomit

I don’t care what you think about my stupid self, I also don’t know wtf you’re on about, I got angry twice at artists copying other artists yeah, what’s about it? Unfollow me on twitter if it annoys you oh my god I won’t tailor my twitter posts to make you happy. Also what is the “everything” I complain about? I bitch about copying styles and that’s about it???

But I’m pretty sure I know who you are, and I’m really disappointed in you because you made it look like you were a nice person when you’re visibly not. Don’t tell me you haven’t spoken to me before, I recognize speech patterns easily.

But as for “poorly painting over pictures” (not trying to offend me lmao, dude), I’ll direct your to these gifs of my attempts at photorealism:

I rarely outright copy photos, I use them as reference. These are usually for practice and when I need to obsessively study something.

Most paintings I make, you won’t find pictures of them because I actually…Create them? While using refs for the face and anatomy and such? Like 100% of realism artists do.

So, yeah, fuck you. Unfollow me, don’t try to talk to me again.

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I don't know why but I just can't find any link to page I could donate you guys ... - So do you have any patreon or stuff like that?

Oh we don’t have anything like that :D We just take in moral support! Seeing people excited/happy about the comic keeps us going! <3 However, I did make a list sometime ago about artists I love a lot that need support!

Both of us work quite good jobs and draw for fun! So we just run on our own motivation and peoples reactions to our content. There’s some awesome people like dragonsong544444 who puts the best stuff in the tags which I look forward to every day! :D

-Mod Tem!Frisk

whoop doop dee doo

There are two types of JereMike shippers:

Those who are respectful and ship them however they like whether its platonic or romantic, do not force it upon people who do not like it and openly get along with other FNAF fandom goers despite differences because we are people defined by who we are and not by what we ship.

Then there are those who slam it into unwilling people’s faces and get upset when their ship is rejected.

Now, there is also two types of non-JereMike shippers:

Those who dislike it but don’t send hate or lash out on those who do because they realize that someone wanting to see interaction between two fictional characters does not stand for everything else they are and are open to converse with them and are friendly.

Then there are those who spit and bite at the shippers because of their own personal likes, and blame them for everything wrong in the fandom.

Please don’t mix them together. I’ve seen decent shippers and non-shippers get hate because of the other’s half’s actions. It’s a ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’ kinda thing. This can go for other ships as well.

Remember that these characters have no set age, personality, or appearance in game. There is no canon for FNAF humans, just artist interpretations. It’s easy to make your own if you don’t quite find what your looking for in the FNAF fandom. It’s fun too.

I like all of you. I want to continue liking all of you, even if we’re at odds because we don’t agree on how certain fictional characters are used.

Gimme a hug.

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Okay so I was just wondering if you could explain the whole hermione being African American and Harry being Indian. I can't find why anywhere and I keep seeing it every where.

they’re just popular headcanons i think, and i’m a fan of the designs so why not


  • representation!!!
  • fresh new perspective on beloved characters
  • helps me develop more diverse character designs as an artist
  • great discussions
  • which lead to fantastic headcanons
  • but also canon compliant woah
  • they make people happy


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    Hello! I'm not a tattoo artist but I do like to learn the science behind tattoos, particularly why certain tattoos fade terribly (such as white ink tattoos and inner finger/hand tattoos). Lately I've been seeing a lot of debate on the new "watercolor" tattoo trend. Some artists say they fade terribly, others say they can look great if the right technique is used. I have yet to see one that's faded and I can't find any pictures to judge for myself. Any thoughts/opinions on this new trend?

    From what I know hopefully I can shed some more light on it, I’ve always been very interested in every aspect of my craft, not just the art and have explained this to my clients plenty of times.

    All tattoos fade, over time sunlight can bleach out color (like if you’ve ever left an image/art taped to a window) or your body might naturally metabolize certain parts of the pigment - pigment has come a far way over the years but it’s still got a lot of different recipes and techniques claiming to be the “best” and none can claim perfection.

    While some inks can completely disappear in your skin (I’ve got a certain shade between yellow/orange that just dropped out of a tattoo on my arm) real black tattoo ink never will. Even with EXTREME fading, you can still see a tattoo that used to be black. (old timey ink turns that classic blue)

    ~*therefore*~ A tattoo that doesn’t have a black outline (like a watercolor tattoo, or white ink) is going to fade just like any other color tattoo - but it won’t have that black to fall back on. It won’t be a faded yellow tulip, it will be a faded blob. Some tattooers make it sound like if you don’t have a black outline the tattoo will spread or somehow move throughout your skin. No. It will just be much harder for someone to discern the image.

    Always remember pigment heals under your skin - so white, really light blue, and light shades of yellow are all going to be affected by your skin tone. White is barely visible when it actually heals.

    Knowing this makes everything else simple.

    Watercolor tattoos can be as bold and bright as any others, be sure you find an artist that is really comfortable and confident with their color work. The pigment needs to be packed in really well without overworking the skin, and the contrast needs to be high enough to make up for the fact you don’t have an outline. (A great example is the color portrait work of Nikko Hurtado - his tattoos are not lacking anything sans outline)

    The rest is up to you

    Follow your artist’s aftercare instructions closely, heal your tattoo as well as you can - there’s NO reason not to. Don’t go off on your own thing, they’re the one that has to back it if it doesn’t heal right.

    Wear sun protection - if you only had one tshirt to wear the rest of your life you would take damn good care of it. Wear strong sun screen on your color tattoos to prevent fading (I’ve even worn it in tanning beds and it doesn’t leave a weird border, I promise.) and don’t leave your tattoo in direct sunlight more than you need to. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sunlight, just be conscious of it.

    Some pigments fade faster than others, but with care your tattoo should stay beautiful for a long time, and as a last resort you can always touch up an old tattoo that doesn’t have enough impact anymore.

    2014:SM Entertainment's Year of Controvery
    • December 31: YoonA and Lee Seung Gi dating confirmed
    • January 2: Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho dating confirmed
    • January 6: SMEnt lame and disgusting way of covering Leetuk's dad and grandparents' death by saying it's a car accident
    • April 1: Hyoyeon got reported to the police for being violent towards his "ex-boyfriend"
    • April 3: Tiffany and Nickhun goes public with their relationship of 4 months
    • May 14: Kris files lawsuit to nullify contracts against SM Entertainment
    • June 18: Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating
    • June 24: News of Dynamic Duo Choiza's wallet containing his and Sulli's photos
    • July 24: SM reveals that f(x) will stop Red Light promotions and Sulli going on hiatus of her public activities
    • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • seriously if we go back to each and every article regarding these things,we can see how poorly SM deals with them.it's more of if you can't deny it,just admit to it so it's done.somehow it does not dignify their artists and furthermore it causes distress to fans who have been following and supporting their artists for every activity they have.good if fans are happy,but we know how some of us gets overly involved with their idols.i don't know why dating is considered a scandal but i think it's nice that the members of SNSD are finding happiness,it shouldn't be a problem,after all they need more personal relationships outside the group and from the people from their label (except for Taeyeon of course).however,i feel troubled with the way SM deals with their other controversies,specially that of Leeteuk.they played fans with coming up with the car accident,i think if there is a company who gets chokes almost regularly for coming up with the most disturbing excuses,it would be SM.they come up with something,only to take it back to actually reveal the real deal (do they even?) and the matters with their lawsuits,kris' actions might have been somewhat unreasonable, (imo okay) specially that they're only on their second year,actually goes to show how SM really deals with their artists (and using other members to side with them);specially with projects that should be given to right people.it happened to Hangeng before,heck to JYJ the most,wherein cfs,dramas,ads and the likes are being turned down,being the reason of what?not earn more than they should?ridiculous!and let's not forget all their health-related issues.their artists goes on public sick because they can't say no (unless she's a favorite.oh come on).but what i'm more unhappy about is the most recent thing.yes,i can understand sulli of why she wants a break,but to halt f(x)'s promotions because one member couldn't join them?that's freaking unreasonable!remember when amber was undergoing treatment for her injury,f(x)'s activities went along even with the absence of amber.they promoted without her,even to the point where fans started doubting whether amber is leaving the group or not.they promoted despite all of that.why can't they do it with Red Light?/sigh/.i'm not trying to put it all on Sulli coz i know that she's having a hard time rn,but i wished they considered more of the other member's well-being as well.(last year,RPP was also cut short mainly for the reason that one member couldn't perform well with the others because she's sick.wow!ugh.)oh well.this is mainly my own opinion.but anyway,what ever happens,i'm still gonna support f(x) if that's what they want to do.i just wish all the SM artists to be happy and healthy and please SM,you better do good with SJ's comeback or else.
    • Me: Why would I ever buy music when I can find it online for free?
    • Me: I am poor. The artist is rich. It doesn't matter.
    • Adele: *announces 25*
    • Me: *preorders album*
    • Me: *buys Hello music video*
    • Me: *buys everything with Adele's face on it*


    please don’t repost my work

    please don’t. just don’t. please. please at least do a reverse image search on google. please click the source link on tumblr posts. please note down the artist’s name when you save the images onto your computer. please.

    it’s rude, it’s annoying, and it’s extremely frustrating because while I like to resolve things privately between the reposter and I it’s more often than not they don’t have their askbox open and i just

    please don’t repost my work. please don’t even save my work onto your computer if you plan on reposting later. why would you even repost work in the first place, it’s not yours, and even if you don’t claim it as yours wouldn’t you like to at least give credit where it’s due why would you do this i don’t understand

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    Why do so many activists hate Iggy Azalea? Did she say something racist? It seems like people hate her for appropriating hip hop culture, but she is not the only white rapper by far. Any insight? I can't seem to find answers on Google.

    Spark Notes:

    • Referring to herself as “run away slave master”
    • appropriating “I’m not pretty for a black girl”
    • benefiting from and even making fun of the struggles of black women pursuing a field they’ve given their lives to.
    • Can’t rap,  is given credit as top hip hop artist
    • Walked into a career because she was white when black women are denied at the door.