why can't i find a video of this


Why Black Hat have that name?

I really hope that the original uploader (Alan’s college) upload the full conference that he and his team make in that place, can’t wait to see it.

something quick translated, I find it really cute how he hesitates and he say the same thing over and over again xD


I couldn’t even fit them all.

This person did a video using footage from my animation. That video got more views than my own. This person’s video made of stolen content was stolen by other users. The stolen video was stolen by different other users, and multiple more users stole from them. Add a couple of lame reaction videos to the stolen video. The video was uploaded to Facebook and got millions of views. No credit anywhere in sight.

This is why I don’t allow people to use my videos! Even with credit. It just goes out of control once someone steals from the person who has permission (or not, in this case.)

I have spent the last hour reporting  every instance of the video made with my content and its many, many copies and I’m not even done!

When I say please don’t use my videos, I mean DON’T FRICKING USE MY VIDEOS CAN YOU NOT READ YOU PIECE OF TRASH! Now everyone is getting a copyright strike! Merry Christmas!

For those who wonder, the stolen video is “The Charmander song”. You’ll find it easily. Half of it is made from my “Charmander gets his wings” video (and other people’s stolen content).

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DUDE ok so I know this is random but do you know where an English translation of the extra chapter thing called "Why is it that Noya-san is so cool, but still isn’t popular with girls?"??? I can't find it anywhere!!!

Hello bean! 

Here’s the link to the translated chapter: “Why is it that Noya-san is so cool, but still isn’t popular with girls?”

The story was told in a drama cd too, so here’s the video where you can read/listen to it too :D

Highlights of the drama cd:

  • Hinata wants Noya to take him on a date
  • Suga’s angel laugh 
  • Suga in general 
  • “As a guy, I admire and look up to Nishinoya, but I don’t necessarily look up to Tanaka” - Asahi-san 
  • Yamaguchi nearly getting killed and Tsukki straight up manipulating Tanaka to save his ass (bless)
  • Ennoshita being the definition of savage

Really, listen to it, it’s a little gem!!!

Ben: happy 19th birthday Malek
Malek: thank you.. why are you here.. didn’t you have detention for egging someone’s car
Ben: wow. Here I am wishing you a happy birthday because you’re the oldest out of everyone
Ben: and you criticise me for skipping detention
Malek: you can’t do that. Go back to school
Ben: wow. I even told Kells to bake you a cake.
Ben: go do your taxes then, old man

In very funny fashion, nobody understands why Scully can’t just believe.

(I Want To Believe press | Brett Martin interview | 2008)


“He couldn’t say he meant thanks for all of it…Hopefully Andrew would figure it out eventually.”

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Does Matt Daddario have any accent? I can't figure out why the way he speaks sounds very different from the rest

He’s from New York, so apparently that’s why he is cursing and mumbling a lot. And when you watch interviews of him, the more he is “stressed”, the more his accent is showing. Also “something” is the perfect example of it. Like when you watch that video here, his pronunciation gets worst from episode to episode. lol He started with saying “something” but along the way it somehow often turned into “sumtin”, kind of.

And before you’re all coming at me, I am not mocking him. In fact I find it very, very endearing and cute. As somebody whose first language is not English and therefore having no idea about different US accents (we have worst ones in Germany, so please….), it took me months to figure out what he was saying in 1x12 (“Even if I did feel something for you….”) From there on I was sold and just smile whenever Matt goes on with his pronunciation of “something”. lol

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ok this has been bothering me. u know that audio clip in some crack videos that goes something like "why do we go into battle as 5 individual lions, get our asses handed to us and then form voltron? why don't we start by forming voltron?" i can't find where it came from and it's annoying the HECK out of me, do u happen to know?

aaaahhh i’m so sorry anon, I actually have no idea. I have never heard of it, even?? do any of my followers know?


❝ The reason I chose to study musical theater instead of just acting was because I figured, why not? Why not do all of it? I’ve never considered myself a singer. My God, never in a million years a dancer, but I love music. I love the art of musical theater, writing and performing. I wanted to learn about freedom of expression and diversify my academics, so I wasn’t just looking at acting as its own little limited art form. You learn by learning about other things you don’t understand and you’re not familiar with.

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Do you remember which event it was a couple years ago where Darren arrived with beardyvonshitz and he walked a mile a minute away from her looking extremely pissed off with her? I think she wore a red dress and she kept looking guiltily towards onlookers checking to see if they were watching him leaving her behind?? That was so funny Lol omg. AB was with them too.. Just can't remember where it was??

This has been haunting me for days (why I did not respond earlier) and I cannot find it. I can see the entire thing in my head. It was pretty glorious.   If anyone has this video, please share.

I love your nickname for her btw:)

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Not trying to be rude but can someone tell me what do you all like about lili? She's annoying said some ugly comments about f/f ships and hangs out with cole all the time either she's dating him or obsessed with him? Cami tweets about her and post pictures of her And what lili does? post pictures of herself or cole and tweet unfunny memes for rts I can't find one reason why people like her

Ummm how can you not like Lili???? She literally has only posted about Cole this past week when the whole cast is together, but she posts selfies and videos with just her and Cami hanging out like all the time. She even knew the exact distance (.7 miles) between her and Cami’s apartments, so like I think their friendship is way stronger than Lili and Cole’s. Also the comments she made about beronica just being friends was like way before the show started, and they were taken way out of context, and she apologized and said she really didn’t mean it to be offensive. Since then she has been a big beronica fan, she literally has been talking about and liking beronica stuff since the show has started, and like she doesn’t write the show, so people can’t get mad at her for saying that beronica doesn’t happen in season one. As for her memes, they’re stupid and hilarious, and it’s one of the reasons I love her. In conclusion, Lili Reinhart is a precious cinnamon bun and deserves all the love and fruity pebbles in the world. 

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You can dislike a show without bashing it you know. I recognize that Breaking Bad is an intelligent well written show but I still can't watch it because I find it too slow for my tastes. Game of Thrones is intelligent and you just can't say otherwise. Here's a video explaining why the show is well written: youtube. com/watch?v=2rhMu6FFJPw

You want the good girl, but you need the bad pussy

I Just Can't Let Ken's Controversy Go

Really, I don’t understand all this publicity towards Ken using bad words. If the members had an issue then they wouldn’t have had this be edited into the freaking video. Heck, I don’t think they’d even continue airing after he did that. If people wanted to bring them down so much, which I don’t understand why cuz that’s just being a bad person, then at least find a better story. Literally, I do not think any starlight cares enough to call Ken out like this. In those few articles I’ve read so far, they do not mention Starlights starting this.
This also hurts cuz this is supposed to be a time of celebration. Vixx just had their anniversary and how do they start their sixth year??? With this stupid controversy trying to bring them down. Ken shouldn’t have to apologise for being human. I really hope that all these articles go away. And I guess I am fanning the flames talking about this but I just needed to get this out.

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Is it wrong if I say I'm AFAB but I kind of wish I was AMAB? I think I'm genderfluid, and I sometimes find myself wishing I had the body of a cis man. I have a sort of feminine face and it's hard to really pass as a stereotypical man. And sometimes I want to wear colorful makeup but still look like a stereotypical man, but I can't do that with feminine features.

Why would that be wrong? It sounds like you are questioning your gender. I see nothing wrong with you wearing making up and presenting as male. I would look up male contouring for your face to see if you can make it a little more masculine.

Here is video on genderfluidity 

Here is a video on am I trans?


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/post/162252334275/dirkar-ive-been-seeing-a-lot-of-posts-about-the op ships incest and that's why they're claiming fiction has no effect on reality. I can't find anything by searching your blog but are you ok with incest (I don't care if it's "just fictional") in any capacity? (Sorry for the aggressive tone I'm just really upset by seeing that)

I reblogged that post because it’s true. As a kid who grew up playing violent video games and who loves horror movies and gore, I’ve constantly seen people claim that consuming things like that are a reflection of the person playing them. We all know that’s not true. Just because I like to murder people in GTA, doesn’t mean I condone actual murder. And I specifically like gore because I know that it’s not real but I can’t at all handle even seeing pictures of people’s real life injuries most of the time. Since the beginning of the existence of media, people have been making these kinds of claims and time and time again they’ve been proven to not be true.

I’m not into incest ships at all and never will be and tbh they creep me the fuck out, but at the end of the day shipping something like that isn’t hurting anyone and honestly no one will ever be able to stop people from shipping what they want to ship anyways, so I don’t really feel like it’s my place to even actually condone it or not (I really do not like judging people when they aren’t doing something or believe in something that directly hurts others). So yeah, that’s not gonna change my support of that post.