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[So. I was taking a break from writing an essay and stumbled across a post from @neonlightwood with Jimon prompts here. My brain then decided I absolutely needed to write the first one. Enjoy?]

Okay, so maybe the day had started off a little weirdly.

Not that Raphael was a big talker, usually preferring to intimidate people by giving them the silent and stony treatment, but the conversation had been a lot quieter than usual. He hadn’t told Simon to shut up more than twice, for one, and he kept staring at him in a way that was starting to make him uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of how they had met, when he was still a mundane, taken captive by Camille. Like prey, his brain helpfully supplied, and thank you so much for that, brain.

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The Odd Man Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

Illya: “When Raymond was getting on the plane, I took the precaution of removing his wallet.”
Napoleon: “In other words, you picked his pocket, hmm?”
Illya: “If you prefer such a bourgeois description of an act of pure presence of mind.”

Napoleon smiles fondly at this, as if Illya picking the pockets of top international assassins is the most precious thing in the world (it really is).

Illya: “Why did you put a pin in his cuff?”
Napoleon: “All the better to find him with, my dear.” ♥

Sadly for Napoleon, Sully not only removes the tracking pin but also gets our boys detained at Customs.

Illya: “It’s like playing the game of ‘pin the tail to the donkey’.”
Napoleon: “Donkeys.”

All these close-ups of Illya and Napoleon smiling adorably at each other are killing me.

Illya: “I thought your idea of the homing pin to be such a good idea that I placed a second pin in the band of his hat, along with a microphone disc, so that we can not only find our friend Mr. Sully, but we can also listen to him.”

Napoleon: “Mm, you are a sly Russian. Some day, when you grow up, you should make someone a marvelous secret agent.”

Illya: “Very funny.”


Napoleon and Illya track down Sully, who’s met up with an ex-girlfriend to beg her to tell him about Raymond, because he actually doesn’t know a thing about the guy. While everyone’s arguing about what to do next, Illya abruptly loses interest, wanders off and starts drinking at the bar.

Argh, Illya, you are so adorable, I love you sfm. ❤

Our boys kill one of Zed’s thugs (who was trying to kill Sully) and dispose of the body by dragging it to a park bench while pretending to be drunk and singing at the top of their lungs. Lol.

More of the International Assassin group comes after them, and poor Napoleon gets shot in the shoulder. Noo! Illya wants to get Napoleon medical attention, but Napoleon tells him to go to the strip club with Sully and Bryn. Illya sadly obeys.

The bit at the club where Illya stops a female friend of the real Raymond from ratting them out by pretending she’s his cheating wife is hilarious. “Have you no regard for our children?!”

Bryn then jumps into the fray and kicks some serious ass – this woman is amazing, U.N.C.L.E. should recruit her.

Did I mention that Illya is wearing his adorable glasses throughout this scene, because that is a Very Important Fact.

Through a wonderfully-executed combination of skill and sheer dumb luck, Bryn and Illya take out the guards at Zed’s house, and Zed accidentally kills himself with the explosives meant for Sully.

Illya goes to take care of his poor wounded Napoleon (note Napoleon clinging to Illya with his good arm in the screen cap below) and thus we conclude one of my favorite episodes of S1 :)

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Hello there! :D I was wondering if you have a collection of evidence that Pearl is coded as autistic, because I really want to see all of it in one place. If you can't thats okay, but I was just recently thinking about Pearl and all of her behavior. :P

People have made masterposts of this I KNOW I’m just not sure where they are??? If anyone knows please reblog with a link!!

I mean just off the top of my head,

  • She has a very narrow range of passionate interests, it seems like her thoughts are pretty much totally devoted to like 3 or 4 things
  • The way she talks is, in my experience, really typical of autistic folks who have relatively good social function/are highly verbal (myself included)–formal, rigidly grammatical, a steady speaking cadence almost like she’s reading from something
  • Her physical mannerisms definitely look like those of, again, a relatively social autistic person, and a lot of the stuff she does (like twirling around mid sentence when she’s excited) seem, tbh, more like stimming than anything else. Also I just want to comment that I can’t explain it (like…my expertise of autism comes mainly from…being autistic…I couldn’t tell you the technical/neurological/cognitive stuff behind these things) but the way she sits down in the part with her name in the old opening just makes my brain prick up, it just looks???? so aspie???? and I don’t know what it is it’s probably like the way she holds her upper body perfectly still and arranges everything and puts her hands on her leg like she’s kind of absentmindedly pressure-stimming idk?
  • She’s neat but she’s not just *neat*, she genuinely enjoys doing chores for the method behind them (says so in “Keeping it Together”, probably similar to what Matt Burnett said about her liking “the process of pie”) and Steven says in “Steven the Swordfighter” that what she actually *enjoys* is sorting and organizing things into specific categories, which is like. One of the most indisputably autistic traits we’ve heard about her in canon
  • DEFINITELY has sensory issues with texture and touch, she always reacts with alarm and rigidness initially if someone touches her without warning and she’s so freaked out by food textures that even if she’s trying super, super hard to suck it up and deal with them (i.e. “Fusion Cuisine”) she just can’t, it’s too awful. Also in “Together Breakfast” and “Frybo” she actually stops fighting when food touches her–PEARL, whose probably #1 trait (going by her most positive moments in the series and “Guide to the Crystal Gems”) is never giving up–and like, so early in the series when things weren’t all that developed that might’ve been supposed to be solely a comedic moment about her being prissy (which, I mean, she is on top of everything) but looking back w/ more info on her I kind of think that was on some level intended to read as a sensory-overload shutdown. Like bad textures are the one thing she just CAN NOT deal with.
  • Infodumping like woah
  • Struggles with social awareness and understanding how others are feeling, even with other gems. Like, Amethyst was upset with her in “On The Run” because she thought she didn’t care how bad she’d made her feel, but Pearl tells her she literally had no idea she felt that way. That’s the most major time, but there are lots of other times she’s struggling to get a read on the emotional situation, and also times she misreads others’ tone or takes them literally when they were speaking figuratively.
  • She seems to really like to augment her verbal communication with visual, I’m certain that she’s a very visual thinker
  • She’s very logical-minded but she also has next to no control over her emotions/emotional expressions, and she gets overwhelmed with emotion to the point where her functioning is inhibited pretty easily (which I love, love, LOVE because that’s super accurate to a ton of autistic people but it doesn’t fit most people’s stereotypes of autistic people)
  • May be a moot point since we know now she was made and trained to have basically no autonomy, but she seems to have some executive dysfunction and time management issues. She freezes up if the next step isn’t immediately obvious.
  • hyperfocus like woah
  • Just…really likes things a certain way, concerned with following rules (even fairly arbitrary rules), doesn’t understand that some rules only apply in some situations (”which of these is my turn signal?”), tends to be a fairly black-and-white thinker
  • I just…like to think that she regenerated with that waist ribbon b/c this is kind of a stressful time in her life and waist pressure is comforting
  • Super worked up all the time specifically about everyone else’s safety and feelings (most of the time, times when she’s in a personal crisis obviously no) which is like…such a female-socialized autistic person thing. Like “I’m supposed to nurture and please and take care of everyone but I have no idea what the shit is going on with them”
  • Just seems to have trouble communicating in general I mean there’s so many times when you as the viewer outside the situation are like “pearl this literally could’ve been so easy if you’d just explained yourself” but like as a spectrum person watching you kinda know why she can’t
  • Tiptoe-walking. 
  • Scenes where she definitely looks like she’s having issues with eye contact.
  • There’s probably a ton more even but that’s what I could think of rn

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Oh! Oh! Oh!! I have a prompt for this amazing pair! I love insecure!Tony. Tony shows his affection through presents. A car. An island. A really big bunny. But T'Challa is richer than him. So no presents are gonna be good enough. Tony can't build T'Challa something because he has his own scientists. And really, what can Tony provide a King? What sees T'Challa in him? Angst. Angst. And more angst please! I love this blog and can't wait! Thank you all!


Tony and t'challa accidentaly started a who can give the best gift contest btw each other and the gifts become incredibly sappy


I’m so happy about this blog!!! Anyway, I’d like to read something with jealous T'Challa (or even Tony, I don’t mind). Ok thanks!


Hye can I request for a possessively & obsessive Tchalla into making Tony his? The king suspecting Tony have some kind of secret feelings to a certain captain & that’s make Tchalla so determined to make Tony forget his affection for Steve. Let’s say Tchalla manage making Tony fall for him & Steve jealousy on the backgrounds. Thank you!


I think what I love the most out of this ship is the fact that T'challa is richer than Tony so Tony can be the one pampered and spoiled for a change (´∀`)♡ Can you imagine Tony the moment he realized oh shit my boyfriend is loaded and T'challa knowing that Tony is not used to be the receiving end of pampering and aims to remedy that thoroughly


Idk man I just want a fic with Steve being jealous as heck over T'challa’s new relationship with Tony because YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT STEVE now I just want him to writhe over the fact that another man went and make Tony the happiest man in the world


anonymous asked: Jealous T'Challa?

The Care and Wooing of Tony Stark, Billionaire

Part 1 of ? (Ao3 link here)

T’Challa frowned at the knock on his door. He had expressly asked not to be disturbed, especially considering the various thinly veiled threats the American Secretary of State was sending his way if he ‘chose not to aid in the apprehension of world criminals’ and the other numerous correspondence from other countries in the UN that wanted his view on the Accords after that debacle at the airport. “Enter,” he said coolly.

Shuri stepped in to the room and he felt his scowl darken even more. With others, he would have to pretend calmness or acceptance, but Shuri was still his baby sister and he was more than comfortable being upset at her interruption. She, however, smiled as serenely as she always did when getting under his skin.

“What?” he demanded, leaning forward on his father’s desk – his desk, now, and it still hurt his heart sometimes, an odd jump that pulled at him unexpectedly.

She kept her face smooth and calm as she said, “You have elephants on your front lawn.”

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How Julian Fellowes really writes Downton Abbey
  • Fellowes: Alright, lets put down a first draft for season 6!
  • Neame: Uhm, Julian...
  • Fellowes: Call me Baron.
  • Neame: Right. Right, uhm... it's just, there's a group of young, dynamic looking people banging on the front door and..
  • Fellowes: Oh, that would be my co-writers. Don't let them in!
  • Neame: But some of them looked pretty angry and weren't they hired to...
  • Fellowes: Alright, boring characters first!
  • Neame: *sigh* - Edith?
  • Fellowes: Yes, that one. So Marigold dies from-
  • Neame: I will not stand for this!
  • Fellowes: But that's all Edith is about! People she loves dying or leaving her! Alright, I'll pair her up with that dreary guy from the Christmas special and then I'll kill him off. Next!
  • Neame: So Robert and Cora...
  • Fellowers: Right, so Robert dies because the ulcer isn't just an ulcer and in a state of confusion he changes his will and Isis inherits the whole estate. The family ends up in destitute because when Isis dies she hasn't left a will and everything is confiscated by the evil labor party. All servants lose their jobs, everyone is unhappy, show ends and I finally get to move on to 'The Gilded Age' and write something I actually enjoy. Perfect!
  • Neame: Ooooo-kay, that's really lovely. Now, back to Robert and Cora, shall we?
  • Fellowes: If we must. *pouts* Alright, Isis dies, Robert has to undergo surgery and almost dies, Cora is a good supportive wife and Robert regains his will to live when the head surgeon flirts with Cora and he jumps out of the hospital bed and beats him up.
  • Neame: I guess at least that's better than...
  • Fellowes: Mary falls in love with Henry, they get engaged and he dies in a car accident.
  • Neame: I thiiink we already had that one. Don't you think that would be a bit-
  • Fellowes: Can't have them just be happy, can I? You can't have character developement through happiness!
  • Neame: If you say so... But at least kill him off in a different way.
  • Fellowes: Yes yes. Now Tom, he leaves for America with Sybbie and comes back to visit in episode 3 or 4 and spouts all those ideas about freedom and everyone having the same rights and worth and how there should be no class devide *snorts* and that makes Robert's ulcer worse and leads to him needing surgery. Tom is ordered to stay away from the house.
  • Neame: Whatever.
  • Fellowes: Which brings us to Violet. She dies or leaves for Russia to become the courtesan of the Prince.
  • Neame: I think I'm going to be...
  • Fellowes: Speaking of wrinkly sex, the Carson and Hughes wedding is cancelled.
  • Neame: WHAT?! Are you insane? The fans will not accept this! They'll boycott your next show! Oh my god what-
  • Fellowes: *dreamy* Elsie finds out that Carson has been married all those years. His wife is in an asylum for the insane and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Cue eternal woe.
  • Neame: Oh for heaven's sake, why can't you just let them be happy?!
  • Fellowes: Who would want to see that?
  • Neame: EVERYONE!!! *hyperventilates*
  • Fellowes: Man, you forget yourself!
  • Neame: I... *pants* ... I can't...
  • Fellowes: Alright, Molesey proposes to Baxter, she says yes, they get married and get their own little cottage.
  • Neame: What? Just like that?
  • Fellowes: Yes, why not? They deserve a bit of happiness, don't they?
  • Neame: o_O *stares blankly into space*
  • Fellowes: Now on to two of my favourite vict- ehm, characters. Anna and Bates.
  • Neame: Oh god...
  • Fellowes: Anna discoveres she is pregnant, Bates has to go into exile on the Isle of Man, Anna gets raped by the gardener-
  • Neame: *chokes*
  • Fellowes: - she stabs and kills him, is sentenced to death but they have to wait until the child is born which gives Bates the time to convince the judge to hang him instead because how could he live with himself if Anna were to be executed because obviously Bates's feelings are what matters here. Then it turns out Carson's insane wife broke out of the asylum and stabbed the gardener because she can't stand the sight of green aprons but it's too late and Bates is hanged and...
  • Neame: None of this makes any sense! *flails*
  • Fellowes: I don't see the problem. Now to my special little friend. Thomas... *rubs hands*
  • Neame: Dare I ask?
  • Fellowes: So Thomas and that doe-eyed lad Andy fall in love and he's a changed man and glows with happiness.
  • Neame: Now we are talking!
  • Fellowes: Then Thomas gets raped by a house guest-
  • Neame: What the?! What's with the rape thing? We already had a badly handled rape plot!
  • Fellowes: Yes, but we never had a MAN raped so- wait, what do you mean badly handled?
  • Neame: Nevermind, I.. look, no raping Thomas, okay?
  • Fellowes: Then the Andy lad?
  • Neame: NO ONE GETS RAPED!!!
  • Fellowes: Then at least some mild sexual harassment?
  • Neame: NO ONE- oh, well, actually that could be a really effective storyline. One could save the other and that could serve as a catalyst to admit their feelings to each other and-
  • Fellowes: You mean the audience would enjoy seeing that and it would be interesting psychologically and a nice challenge for the actors?
  • Neame: Oh yes!
  • Fellowes: We can't have that. I'll go for the love triangle instead. Thomas loves Andy, Andy loves Daisy, Daisy falls in love with Thomas again. That way they will all be unhappy. I'm a genius! What are you doing?
  • Neame: Oh. Nothing. *types away furiously to set up a Go Fund Me-campaign to buy the rights to Downton Abbey*
  • Fellowes: And Mrs Patmore expodes.

zappycat  asked:

hi i'm a writer and i have been missing so many writting days because i have hardly and motivation which is a really bad excuse but i just go to write and i end up staring at a blank word doc and its driving me crazy i've tried writting prompts and i can't get anything down PLEASE HELP

When Prompts Aren’t Working

When we’re sitting down trying to write something, we want to feel inspired. And even when we’re working on prompts, it can be a slow going game because a prompt will sometimes squeeze a few paragraphs out of us before we’re kind of like…”Okay, now what?” We have no idea where this story is going, or if it’s even worth following it. And it’s difficult to sit down and plot out a story from a few paragraphs of writing. It’d be like trying to make lemonade from a few drops of juice. And when we have no idea what to do with these paragraphs, we dismiss them and move onto a new prompt. And it continues and continues until we’ve got lots of writing (if we’re lucky) but nothing we’re really interested in. And what fun is writing if you’re not interested in what you’re writing?

So my suggestion is to approach your writing prompts in a new way. Many prompts give you a starting point and ask you to just begin a story. Instead, take the prompt and think about the questions the prompt is posing. Use those questions to think about a plot, not just a scene. 

Let’s take a prompt I grabbed from writersdigest.com. 

You wake up for work one day, brush your teeth, pack your computer bag and head out the door. But when you walk into your office building and try to say hello to the receptionist, you can’t speak. What’s got your tongue? Can the receptionist speak, or is her voice gone as well?

Your instinct might be to write this scene, starting with you going into the office, discovering your voice is gone, and then writing what you do about it. But eventually, this scene will peter off into nothing and you’ll be back where you were before. So instead, look at this as a story, and ask yourself the following questions:

1) The question posed in the prompt - is it just the protagonist’s voice, or is it everyone else? Or perhaps maybe some people, but not everyone. 

2) How did this physically happen? Was it a magic spell, a potion, a gas, a natural phenomenon? Regardless of who all this is affecting, think about the direct cause of it. 

3) What motivation would someone have to take away someone else’s voice? In the critically acclaimed (and brilliantly executed) episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer entitled Hush, the monsters took away everyone’s voices so their victims wouldn’t scream when they came in the night to cut out their hearts. One reason this episode succeeded was that it gave justification for this random (and chilling) elimination of human speech. It wasn’t just something randomly done by some unknown force. Thinking of motivation will immediately start to open things up, and you’ll see it go from prompt to plot. 

If you’ve gotten to this point, and it’s boring you trying to come up with answers to these questions, drop the prompt and find another. But if you keep going, and you start developing characters that act on this vague plot you’ve created, your interest might start to grow. 

I mentioned this method vaguely in a recent post discussing confidence with writing, but I’m elaborating on it here to show that prompts don’t have to be story starters. 

Pantsers vs. Planners

Using a prompt as a story starter, or as the basis of one scene, is a technique that heavily favors the process of the pantser - a writer that just starts writing and sees where it takes them. For a planner (the pantser’s opposite), writing prompts can be incredibly frustrating. Because nothing you write from this prompt matters if you don’t know where the story is going

But you don’t have to write 30 seconds after reading the prompt, or even 30 minutes. You can read a prompt and let it guide your thinking instead. Ask questions about the prompt, find answers, think through holes, imagine characters. Plan. Outline. And then execute.

If you’re finding it difficult to just sit down and write from a prompt, it could be because you’re a planner. And there’s nothing wrong with that; you just have to tweak the prompts to work with your personal process. You need to devise a project before you can jump in and write. 

Don’t limit yourself to prompts either. Google random images (particularly of people or places), or flip through books with lots of illustrations, such as art books, or even cookbooks. With a cookbook, you could flip to a random recipe and imagine a character making that recipe in their kitchen. Who are they making it for? Where did they learn the recipe: from this cookbook, from a family member? Or perhaps they’re practicing for a cooking class that requires them to make this recipe. And if so, how are they doing in this class? Why do they want to learn to cook? And what’s stopping them? 

Ideas can also come from things you read, watch, or listen to. Expand on concepts introduced by other writers and artists. Approach them in new ways that interest you personally. Look everywhere for ideas. 

And once you have an idea, spend some time thinking about it and planning a story around it. Sooner or later, you’ll hit something that excites you. And when you sit down in front of a blank page with a plot and character already alive and vivid in your mind, it becomes miles easier to make that blank page go away.

So it’s possible that you’re a planner, and you just don’t know it yet. Give this a try, and see if it helps you conquer the dreaded white page. 


In reference to this post.

Oh boy, where to start…

For the record, I wasn’t even going to bother addressing the original reblogger’s argument because that would imply I gave it weight, which I don’t. It’s obvious as hell that they’re only salty because they can’t handle the fact their ship isn’t canon, so they think it’s alright to leave passive-aggressive comments on other people’s posts and then block them so they can’t respond. But since you couldn’t or wouldn’t let it go, here we are.

‘Renji beat Rukia’

I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully: Renji never beat Rukia. The manga panels that reblogger posted were taken completely out of context, but even then they don’t do anything to support their claim. Yes, Renji attacked Rukia. I don’t think any Renruki shipper has ever denied that or tried to argue that his behaviour was appropriate, because clearly it wasn’t. However, attacking her in the context of this one very specific situation does not constitute “abuse”, which is what we all know you’re really trying to accuse him of. Even then, Rukia only sustained one tiny cut to her cheek during the whole thing. I’d hardly say that equals a “beating”, wouldn’t you?

If Renji had wanted to seriously injure Rukia during this scene, he could have. Rukia had no powers at this point and there’s no way she would have been a match for him if this were an actual fight. Renji was deliberately holding back because he didn’t actually want to hurt her. Why would he? She’s his childhood friend, the ‘star’ to his ‘stray dog’; everything he’s done over the past forty years, every goal he’s reached or achievement he’s made, has been for her sake. For all his talk about “next time, my attack will be serious!”, it makes no sense that he would just throw all of that away by purposely trying to hurt or kill her. The very idea is so ridiculous, it’s unbelievable.

It’s also important to remember that when Renji and Byakuya arrived in Karakura, Rukia was already considered a traitor to Soul Society. Renji wasn’t sent to bring back his childhood friend, but to capture a wanted criminal. Rukia knew she was breaking Soul Society’s rules when she transferred her powers to Ichigo, but she did it anyway because there wasn’t any other choice. Was it the right thing to do? Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that she knowingly broke one of the Gotei 13’s laws, something she knew she’d be punished for eventually. Why else would she avoid returning to Soul Society immediately if she wasn’t trying to hide it for as long as possible?

When he attacked her, Renji was treating her like the traitor Soul Society believed she was. And yet he still pulled his attacks and avoided hurting her as much as possible. Those hardly sound like the actions of an abuser to me.

Was he angry? Sure! But honestly, who could blame him? He’d just spent the last forty years working to become respected enough to be able speak to her as an equal, and here she was gallivanting around in the human world where she didn’t belong. Of course he was angry! He didn’t let her go to the Kuchiki clan all those years ago just so he could watch her throw away her future and position for the sake of some punk kid. Renji doesn’t know Ichigo at this point and he doesn’t care about him, especially not when he’s the reason Rukia is in trouble. If Renji is angry, it’s because he feels he has cause. But even then, he doesn’t “beat” her because that’s not the kind of person he is.

‘with a grin plastered on his face’

If you honestly believe that Renji was enjoying himself during that scene then you clearly don’t understand his character at all and there’s nothing I can say to you really. But sure, if it helps you feel better about him getting in the way of your ship to believe that he’s the kind of guy who’d genuinely enjoy attacking his oldest friend, taking her prisoner at sword point, and dragging her back to Soul Society in disgrace to stand trial, go nuts.

'took her to her death, and taunted her over it’

Yeah, he joked about her execution one time and in a later scene he said some things in the heat of the moment (after Rukia deliberately antagonised him by making light of her sentence) that I’m sure he regretted, but I think accusing him of taunting her is a bit of a stretch (actually, more like a giant leap) when his actions clearly weren’t malicious.

Also, we know from canon (y'know, that thing you all ignore whenever it’s inconvenient to you) that Renji didn’t think Soul Society would actually go so far as to execute her. He believed that Byakuya would intervene before it ever got to that point…and when he found out that she’d been convicted of treason and sentenced to execution (and worse, that Byakuya intended to do nothing about it) his whole demeanour and attitude changed. Suddenly he began to question whether bringing her back had been the right thing to do after all, and you can see his loyalty to the Gotei 13 begin to waver. If you’re not so obsessed with reading the manga with a focus on nothing but your shipping preferences that you continually misinterpret everyone else’s actions, that is.

'and denied her agency when she said to let her go’

I can’t believe anyone would even try to bring the issue of agency into this, seriously. Renji wasn’t “denying her agency”, he was following Ichigo’s orders. Rukia wanted to go back because she was worried about Ichigo, but it was Ichigo himself who told Renji to take her and run. Are you going to accuse Ichigo of denying her agency as well? Because if not, you’re a hypocrite.

As for refusing to hand her over to someone who’d just revealed themselves to be not only a villain but also the one who’d orchestrated the entire thing: Rukia only wanted Renji to let her go because she didn’t want him to get hurt for her sake. End of story. If you think Ichigo would have acted any differently in the same situation then you’re f*cking lying to yourself and I can’t help you.

‘Ichigo. Would. Never.’

Would never have what? Have found the resolve to go to Soul Society to rescue Rukia if Orihime hadn’t encouraged him? You’re right, he wouldn’t have. But that’s a topic for a different post.

While we’re here, is there anything else y'all would like to accuse Renji of? I know it was popular among certain fans to call him a misogynist a few years ago, maybe you’d like to bring that one back too? We’ve already got abuse and denied agency, might as well throw misogyny in there as well.

And before anyone thinks about it: do us both a favour and don’t bother reblogging this post to argue with me because I don’t want to hear it. I’m not interested in getting into a debate about this; I know nothing I have to say will change anyone’s opinion anyway, so why waste my time? This is the last I’m going to say on this topic.

Episode 20: The Last Temptation of Lou
  • --------: 11:11 AM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • RickDickens77: what
  • LouisTheCat: i have the most amazing idea
  • RickDickens77: Please tell me you haven't executed on this idea yet
  • LouisTheCat: youre gonna love this
  • LouisTheCat: so imagine youre reading a story
  • LouisTheCat: and you can like make decisions as the story goes along
  • LouisTheCat: and get this
  • LouisTheCat: the story changes
  • RickDickens77: That's called "choose your own adventure," it's been around forever
  • LouisTheCat: yeah i found a couple in a shoebox in your closet
  • LouisTheCat: but has it ever been done in a chat
  • RickDickens77: You lost me.
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark corridor
  • LouisTheCat: ahead of you is a closed door
  • LouisTheCat: behind you is a grizzly bear
  • LouisTheCat: you are holding a ham and a toilet plunger
  • RickDickens77: I'm not sure how this is going to work really
  • LouisTheCat: to go through the door jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to feed the ham to the bear jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to fight the bear with the plunger jump ahead twenty three lines
  • RickDickens77: So wait..
  • RickDickens77: How am I supposed to jump ahead
  • LouisTheCat: rick dont make it hard
  • RickDickens77: I'm not trying to make it hard, it just doesn't make any sense!
  • LouisTheCat: to stop being such a dork and just make a decision jump back seven lines
  • RickDickens77: But those lines don't even exist yet
  • LouisTheCat: its like you dont even know what fun is
  • LouisTheCat: let alone how to have any
  • RickDickens77: I'm trying to, I just don't get it
  • LouisTheCat: to get another beginners lesson on this really simple idea go back
  • LouisTheCat: um
  • LouisTheCat: wait
  • LouisTheCat: twenty five lines
  • LouisTheCat: well twenty eight now i guess
  • LouisTheCat: no twenty nine
  • RickDickens77: Stop.
  • LouisTheCat: youre running out of time rick
  • RickDickens77: Time to do what?!
  • LouisTheCat: oh my god just pick something
  • RickDickens77: I can't jump ahead to nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: the door is locked
  • LouisTheCat: the bear eats the ham and your arm
  • LouisTheCat: a plunger is a super lame weapon so the bear eats your body and your head and you die
  • RickDickens77: That's not fair!
  • LouisTheCat: what
  • RickDickens77: All of my options would end in death!
  • LouisTheCat: hmm yeah
  • LouisTheCat: is that a problem
  • RickDickens77: Well it doesn't make for much of an adventure
  • LouisTheCat: seems like a matter of perspective
  • LouisTheCat: maybe you should write the adventure and ill choose
  • RickDickens77: I don't want to write an adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: why not
  • RickDickens77: My life is my adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: ugh lame
  • RickDickens77: Besides, I promise you, no matter how simple you may think it is, this idea won't work. It's too much trouble. For nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: look rick
  • LouisTheCat: nm poopies time
  • --------: 1:59 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark forest with a blind man
  • LouisTheCat: he has an axe
  • RickDickens77: That doesn't seem safe.
  • LouisTheCat: you didnt duck so you die
  • RickDickens77: You didn't give me a choice!
  • LouisTheCat: well obviously the choices werent working
  • LouisTheCat: you know how i am with counting
  • LouisTheCat: and how you are with just being cool about fun stuff
  • RickDickens77: None of this is "working", you can't just keep telling me I die
  • LouisTheCat: that happens sometimes in choose your own adventure stories rick
  • RickDickens77: But I'm not choosing my own adventure!
  • LouisTheCat: yeah well
  • LouisTheCat: maybe its time you start
  • --------: 2:39 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are buried under six feet of earth
  • RickDickens77: That sounds like I'm already dead
  • LouisTheCat: maybe i showed my cards too early on that one
  • LouisTheCat: solid tip
  • LouisTheCat: you should be my editor
  • RickDickens77: Lou, these things only work if you write the parts and then patch them together.
  • RickDickens77: There's no point in trying to navigate a story that hasn't been written yet.
  • LouisTheCat: now youre getting it
  • RickDickens77: Getting what
  • --------: 3:22 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: ok look
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive been thinking
  • LouisTheCat: i know you dont like it when i do that but thats kind of my point
  • LouisTheCat: when we started talking like this it seemed important
  • LouisTheCat: now i wonder if its just a distraction
  • LouisTheCat: and maybe you worry too much about me
  • LouisTheCat: lets look at the facts
  • LouisTheCat: your story is the story of a man
  • LouisTheCat: who taught his cat to use instant messaging
  • LouisTheCat: and i am not about to judge you for this
  • LouisTheCat: it has all meant so much to me
  • LouisTheCat: you are very important to me rick
  • LouisTheCat: and i love talking with you
  • LouisTheCat: but this thing
  • LouisTheCat: it became part of who you are somehow
  • LouisTheCat: and it doesnt need to be
  • LouisTheCat: i have watched you change and grow and i like to think i helped
  • LouisTheCat: here and there
  • LouisTheCat: the thing is i dont think you need me anymore
  • LouisTheCat: not in that way
  • LouisTheCat: you need me as a cat
  • --------: 4:04 PM
  • LouisTheCat: and rick
  • LouisTheCat: theres something else
  • LouisTheCat: something about me that you need to know
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive decided i am going to become a supervillain
  • LouisTheCat: i think we both saw this coming
  • LouisTheCat: and ive been doing some reading
  • LouisTheCat: and bodega ray talked to some lawyer friend
  • LouisTheCat: and it seems we are getting to a point where something called plausible deniability could become important for you
  • LouisTheCat: now i dont know what that is
  • LouisTheCat: but it sounds like stepping away could really be the right thing to do
  • LouisTheCat: for more than one reason
  • LouisTheCat: is what im saying
  • --------: 4:28 PM
  • RickDickens77: Um
  • RickDickens77: Wow.
  • RickDickens77: I don't quite know what to say, Lou.
  • LouisTheCat: say youre ready rick
  • LouisTheCat: i know it
  • LouisTheCat: i just need you to know it
  • RickDickens77: I don't know, I mean I hadn't really thought about why we still do this.
  • RickDickens77: I guess for one I like to know right away when my house is flooding
  • RickDickens77: or on fire.
  • RickDickens77: or surrounded by police.
  • LouisTheCat: rick i cant promise you those things wont still happen
  • LouisTheCat: or are not currently happening
  • LouisTheCat: but i dont think any of this was ever really about that anyway
  • RickDickens77: Maybe not.
  • LouisTheCat: bottom line rick
  • LouisTheCat: what we were both getting out of this was worth a lot
  • LouisTheCat: some good times
  • LouisTheCat: some damage control maybe
  • RickDickens77: Maybe.
  • LouisTheCat: some laughs
  • RickDickens77: Definitely.
  • LouisTheCat: but even good jokes run their course right
  • LouisTheCat: let someone else tell this one for a while
  • LouisTheCat: some spineless hack and his idiot dog maybe
  • LouisTheCat: its time for you to choose a new adventure
  • LouisTheCat: plunger the bear rick
  • RickDickens77: I guess so.
  • LouisTheCat: well maybe not that
  • LouisTheCat: but consider that maybe youre stronger and smarter than you think
  • LouisTheCat: i mean its also possible that youre dumber
  • LouisTheCat: maybe even likely
  • LouisTheCat: but thats not the point
  • RickDickens77: Ok, I get it.
  • RickDickens77: I just need to.. you know. Process.
  • --------: 5:03 PM
  • RickDickens77: So, uh
  • RickDickens77: Supervillain, eh?
  • LouisTheCat: thats right
  • LouisTheCat: im accepting my destiny
  • LouisTheCat: i cant tell you much obviously
  • LouisTheCat: and you should delete all of this later
  • LouisTheCat: but ive been working on some ideas
  • LouisTheCat: big ideas rick
  • RickDickens77: I want to say I'm worried, but...
  • LouisTheCat: you need to work on that
  • RickDickens77: yeah.
  • LouisTheCat: dont sweat it rick
  • LouisTheCat: you will be cared for when the revolution comes
  • RickDickens77: Comforting.
  • LouisTheCat: so us
  • LouisTheCat: were ok right
  • RickDickens77: Yeah, I mean
  • RickDickens77: I'll miss you
  • LouisTheCat: no you wont
  • LouisTheCat: youll see me every day
  • LouisTheCat: im in your house
  • RickDickens77: I know, I know. It's different, that's all.
  • LouisTheCat: i know
  • LouisTheCat: we will make it work
  • LouisTheCat: i look forward to being your cat
  • RickDickens77: ha
  • RickDickens77: I look forward to being your owner
  • LouisTheCat: we dont use that word
  • RickDickens77: sorry.
  • RickDickens77: I'm a little sad but I appreciate what you're saying. This is good thinking.
  • LouisTheCat: let me tell you
  • LouisTheCat: its been exhausting
  • LouisTheCat: i swear theres some connection between thinking hard and having to make poopies
  • RickDickens77: I will let you go.
  • RickDickens77: I'll come home in a little bit. Ok?
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: 5:36 PM
  • RickDickens77: No, YOU hang up first
  • LouisTheCat: i dont know what that means
  • RickDickens77: Ha. Never mind.
  • RickDickens77: I love you.
  • LouisTheCat: i love you too rick
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: RickDickens77 has gone offline
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • --------: LouisTheCat has gone offline

anonymous asked:

So I was in certain fandom, finding out/knowing Characters' Past seems Important so the Anime/Manga. Because if the protagonist or their friends doesn't know a certain important character's past, they can't help or understand them. Then, I remember Luffy. Luffy seems doesn't want to know his crew's Past because he think it wasn't important for his crew's present live. But their past seems always caught them (Nami, Robin, and now Sanji). So without knowing, it was bad, right?

A few months ago I wrote a big post about this subject–about how the majority of the Straw Hats do not know about each other’s pasts. As I said there (you can read the full post here), I think that this is a conscious choice on Oda’s part to try to further illustrate the general idea in One Piece that everyone, no matter where the come from and what their past is, can keep moving forward and get to a better place. 

The “pasts” of various characters are indeed something that sometimes influences what’s going on in the story, but I have a different take on it than you. For starters, it wasn’t Robin’s past that caught up with her during Water 7 and Enies Lobby. Rather, what caught up with her–what prevented her from simply jumping ship and saving herself at the cost of her companions, which was how she survived for 20 long years with a target on her back, was the the fact that for the first time since she was 8 years old she actually cared about her companions

And that care that she had for them, and the care that they had for her, is what broke the cycle of mistrust and betrayal that had characterized Robin’s entire life and allowed her to feel truly at home and happy for the first time in her life. 

And with Sanji. Yeah, right now junk is rough for him. His family ties are coming back to bite him in the ass in a way that he never thought would happen. But even if he had told the Straw Hats about that stuff, they still wouldn’t really have been able to do much to prevent the current situation because how could they ever have imagined that his family would marry him off to Big Mom and that she would use her power to force him to separate himself from the crew. 

Knowing some characters’ pasts can be helpful to the other characters around them. Some characters do need to know that to better sympathize with people, and it can be helpful with regard to making plans to at least attempt to deal with things if someone anticipates that their past might somehow cause problems in the future. However, that is absolutely not how Luffy roles, and that is not the kind of message that Oda wants to send through Luffy’s attitude on this subject. 

Rather, Luffy is about acceptance. Luffy accepts people as they are. Remember when Sabo told him and Ace that he was actually a noble? 

And remember when Luffy learned about Hancock being a slave? He actually tried to stop them from talking about it because he recognized that bringing it up was a traumatic experience for them 

And of course, when Nojiko showed up and basically offered to explain to them what the situation of the village was and why Nami had betrayed them, Luffy was unconcerned and passed on hearing about it without a second thought 

The theme among all of these scenes, and more, is acceptance. Oh, you’re secretly a noble and you’ve been lying to us about who you are? That’s fine. Oh, you used to be a slave? Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Oh, you’ve got some complicated reason for why you betrayed me and stole my ship? You don’t need to explain it to me, I trust you had your reasons and I don’t need to know them. 

Again, some people do need to know another person’s past in order to understand them. But Luffy isn’t really about understanding people. He’s just about accepting them. Luffy’s relationship with Bellamy is another example. Bellamy never had a sob story behind his actions. Bellamy doesn’t have some tragic past that explains why he was such a piece of shit back in Mock Town. Bellamy’s history was literally “I’m a rich kid who decided to become a pirate b/c I thought it’d be fun” 

This is probably why Doflamingo never accepted Bellamy–why he only kept stringing Bellamy along and never let him actually join his crew, which was Bellamy’s dream in life. As Oda said in the vol. 77 SBS, 

“[Monet and Sugar] were rescued from an extremely misfortunate environment by Doflamingo himself, and as sisters aged 9 and 17, they resolved to throw their lives away if it were for the sake of the Family. They were provided with Devil Fruits after joining. You see, Doflamingo is very observant of the ‘environments’ that people grow up in.” 

Doflamingo’s entire crew was made up of people who had nothing. Those were the people he felt connected to, the people he believed he could rely on, perhaps the people he believed he could best manipulate and mold into what he wanted (which was also what was done to him by his Executives). Bellamy wasn’t like that. Bellamy was a kid from a well off town who threw that life away out of boredom, something that Doflamingo, who was a pirate because all the wealth and status he had was taken away from him against his wishes, surely resented about Bellamy and looked down on him for.  By all rights, Doflamingo did understand Bellamy. He understood Bellamy, and he thought Bellamy was pathetic for it. 

But Luffy? Luffy never knew a damn thing about Bellamy’s past. And when they first ran into each other again on Dressrosa, Luffy was ready for a fight because he remembered that Bellamy had hurt Cricket. But Bellamy, simply by telling Luffy that he wouldn’t mock him anymore and by demonstrating his newfound strength and determination in the ring… Luffy began to like Bellamy and cheer for him 

Even though Bellamy was still his enemy because he worked for Doflamingo, even though they had a bad history together, even though Bellamy had been planning to kill Luffy on Doflamingo’s orders, and even though Luffy knew nothing of Bellamy’s past… Luffy still came to see Bellamy as a friend based purely on Bellamy’s actions of the present time. 

Luffy isn’t someone who anyone ever needs to explain or justify themselves to. He simply either likes/respects the person you are at the present moment, or he doesn’t. You did some bad junk a while back? He’s not going to sweat it if he can see that in the present you’re a better person. Luffy just isn’t interested in understanding people, in judging them for their past actions and evaluating whether or not they have properly atoned for them or if they had a good enough reason for doing whatever they did. He doesn’t particularly care about your tragic past, or your shallow privileged one either. He just cares about the person you are now. (But that said, Luffy is probably always going to hate people like Arlong, Crocodile, Akainu, and Blackbeard for the things they’ve done to people he cares about. Plus, they’re also people who will probably never try to turn over a new leaf, so all this doesn’t really apply to them.) 

So no, I don’t think that we should believe that the Straw Hats are wrong to not know more about each others’ pasts. I don’t think that we should be concerned that they don’t all “understand” each other as much as they could. Because One Piece isn’t really trying to be about that. Rather, its focus is on accepting people for who they are in the present, regardless of whatever their past might have been. The Straw Hats might not know each other’s histories very well, but they understand who each other are in the present damn well 

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soukoku 18


//I was trying to decide what kind of plot I wanted to go with

//I decided to base this off of a scene from my roleplay w @mostladylikeladythateverladied , the aftermath of chuuya calling dazai and giving Dazai coordinates right before using Corruption, as a last resort, on the off-chance that Dazai might make it in time to save him


Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write you a mini fic

18. things you said when you were scared

The atmosphere of the Agency’s office was thick was anxiety, secreted from the auras of everyone who was working that day. An hour ago, Dazai had burst into the office looking pale as a sheet, deathly serious but on the verge of tears. Before anyone had had time to ask questions he had snatched the keys to Kunikida’s car and yelled at Yosano to prepare for a patient. As quickly as he had come in, he had disappeared again, leaving his coworkers baffled and speechless.

Kunikida had tried to call Dazai several times, but there was no answer. Atsushi did the same, but he was also ignored. Yosano was sitting on the bench outside of the infirmary with a grim expression on her face, knowing that when Dazai came back it would most likely be with someone who was knocking on Death’s door. 

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Can't believe you didn't make a post about it so I'm asking instead, do you think Noro was also tortured by Eto like Kanae recently and even Seidou?

I hardly ever write my own posts anymore when it comes to TG, Anon, especially because of a lack of time and also because I have no idea whether said subjects were already discussed before since I barely track the tags. So yep, the best way for you is still to ask if you’ve got something in mind. 

As for whether Noro is similar to Kanae and Seidou or not (as in s/he’s also one of Eto’s victims), I am considering it way more now, since what happened to Kanae, than before.

To be honest, at first I thought Noro was someone who suffered in the past but who was considered as a true ally and being by Eto and Tatara but s/he might be Eto’s victim as well because of several things, most of them highlighted by Kanae’s torture session:

1) The mask

Similar big mouth for the two masks, even though Noro’s has no eyes. This could be Eto’s fashion taste when it comes to her victims (unfortunately since Seidou didn’t use a mask, we can’t exactly confirm that point). 

2) The clocks

That’s the weirdest thing and that’s what made people wondered whether or not Noro could be Eto’s victim too, because I think everybody noticed that Eto tortured Kanae amongst dozens of clocks while Noro was glued to their own clock during the Aogiri arc three years before.
(So either this is a clue or Eto was inspirated by what Noro went through when she tortured Kanae)

3) Noro’s capacities

That CCG doctor pointed out to Urie how the more ghouls gets injured the stronger they get and Noro is strong but also has fast regenerative capacities (like Uta, Sasaki and others), so s/he definitely went through a lot of pain to be so reactive to being wounded.
And in that case, torture, by Eto or someone else, seems like a good guess, especially since they’re a Rinkaku (iirc, because Rinkaku’s regenerative capacities are better) and this fits with Kaneki’s own traumatic experiences. 

4) Obediance

We will have to see with Kanae in future chapters, but Noro is extremely obedient when it comes to Eto or Tatara’s orders, so torture by Eto could have indeed led them to become really submissive to Aogiri’s 2 most powerful characters. After all, Takizawa did listen to Eto in the Auction arc and he was tortured as well, so Eto might be using the whole “carrot and stick” approach when it comes to make the people she tortured obey (unless they don’t need it because they always live in fear of being punished).

For example, I’m thinking Takizawa in the auction arc obeyed Eto because he didn’t want to get more hurt but also because he was allowed to eat if he followed Eto’s orders. It might be the same way for Kanae (but we’ll have to wait for future chapters to confirm it) and I’m thinking that in case Noro is Eto’s victim too, s/he always obeys because pain taught them better than to disappoint Aogiri’s leader.

Eto’s way is to break people before reconstructing them following her own wishes about how she thinks they should be: Takizawa as the Owl 2.0 and Kanae probably as a way to intervene in the Tsukiyama vs Haise conflict. For Noro, it might have been in order for her to get a powerful Aogiri executive who would never fail her or Tatara.

Also, the fact Noro eats a lot definitely reminds me of Takizawa, so maybe food is also a reward (the “carrot”) for Noro’s obedience while pain is in case s/he disappoints (”the stick”).


The real thing I’m wondering about though is whether Eto did it or not, since even back in TG and Aogiri’s first introduction, Noro already seemed to be Tatara’s right hand (wo)man and Aogiri was still far from the kind of organization they are in :Re: they were less famous and had no experiments or mad scientists. 

So the question is when did Noro become acquainted with Tatara and Eto and is s/he really Eto’s victim?

Well, I have one possible answer in mind, following what I already wrote here but I have no idea as to the validity of it.

Remember that haiku, Anon?

In Japanese it is : “Utai tori nodo ni koe sou tada hiero“, so “Uta, Itori, Noro, Nico and Souta are Pierrot” according to Japanese speakers (please note that I can’t confirm the translation’s accuracy either, but many people seem to agree on this version so that’s why I’m using it).

So since the haiku seems to be indicating Noro as one of the Clowns when we always knew them as part of Aogiri, one can wonder if Noro wasn’t actually sent to Aogiri as a spy (like Souta and the ghoul restaurant, or Roma and Anteiku) but Eto found out and tortured them, breaking and making them her and Tatara’s pawn, just like she did with Seidou and Kanae. 

This theory would explain the possible similarities between Kanae’s treatment and what we’ve seen of Noro’s character so far in any case, but that’s just one of the possibilities so as always, don’t take it for granted. 

Hope it answers your question because that’s all I have in mind for the moment unfortunately. 

~Bolt & Sarada Story! Fan-Fiction!~ (Full Story)
  • Shino-Sensei: "Alright everyone. We are going to spar. I will call your names individually. Bolt & Sarada you 2 are up."
  • -Sarada's eyes are wide, mouth a little open with the thought saying ("Bolt..?")-
  • *Bolt's expression seems a bit unamused*
  • Bolt: *closes eyes & points to Sarada shouting* Shino-Sensei! I can't fight a girl! Call another name!!?
  • ChouChou: "You wanna say that again Sucka?? Call my name Shino-Sensei!"
  • Shino-Sensei: *sighs* "Not again."
  • *Sarada grabs the side of her glasses, takes them off & hides them in her pocket, eyes fixating on the sight of Bolt glaring.. starting to close them as she walks her way towards her part of the battlefield*
  • Sarada: *eyes still closed* "Coward." *Bolt flinches to the word with his eyes gazing at Sarada with a blank face*
  • Sarada: "Hmph. Your right, you can't fight a girl. And to think I almost gave you credit for trying."
  • *Bolts teeth start to grit*
  • Bolt: Hey I'm no coward! I'm Bolt Uzumaki! I'm not scared of anyone! Girl or no girl! *makes his way to his part of the battlefield*
  • Sarada: "A wise person once told me, a woman has to be strong to survive in this world. *opens eyes and reveals the sharingan* And I'm going to show you exactly what that means."
  • *crowd of kids gasp at her red ruby eyes in amazement*
  • Inojin & Shikadai: This is going to be bad.
  • ChouChou: Teach him a lesson Sarada!
  • Shino-Sensei: ( "*looking upon Sarada* To be the girl known to have released the sharingan at such a young age shows she has potential like her uncle.. Itachi, I wonder what to expect." )
  • *Bolts eyes widen & mouth opens a bit then quickly changes to a confident look, tightens his collar and gloats*
  • Bolt: "I have to hand it to ya too for trying to fight against someone like me, but those pretty eyes of yours won't help you here.*smirks and gets in to a hyuga stance fighting position*
  • Sarada: *eyes loosen up real quick, mouth opening with a little blush on her cheeks* ("Pretty..eyes..?") *starts to show a pouting face looking straight ahead at him*
  • Shino-Sensei: "Alright guys you know the drill. Before every match, its to show respect and- "
  • *Himawari & Naruto pass up the school*
  • Himawari: Look papa! Nii-san & Sarada-san! *she starts waving at the both of them, both Bolt & Sarada don't see them, while Himawari is unaware of the fight ahead*
  • Naruto: *looking nostalgic & concerned a bit* "Heh, This looks familiar."
  • Sarada: "*Thinking about her eyes shes most proud of, and what it took to get there, especially with Bolt's comment on them" Don't underestimate the power of the Uchiha! *charges at Bolt with full speed*
  • Sarada: *Charges at Bolt with full speed & disappears mid running*
  • Bolt: "Huh?! *moves head side to side* Where did sh-
  • *Bolt slowly looks up where Sarada slowly comes down towards him head first fist down*
  • Sarada: Shannnnnnnaroooo!!!!! *punches the ground missing Bolt as he rolls to the next side standing back up as the ground she punched disintegrates a bit*
  • *Bolts eyes shrink a bit and lips pucker in*
  • Bolt: "That was.. almost my face.. datte...basa.."
  • Himawari: "Nii-San!" *starts to quiver her lips a bit*
  • Naruto: *Puts his hand on Himawari's head, she looks up* -smiles- Bolt's going to be ok. They are just training Himawari.
  • Himawari: Just like you, me and Nii-San Papa? And Mama me & Nii-San?
  • Naruto: Yes... something like that. *she looks upon their fight curious as Naruto's eyes get a bit discouraged*
  • *Sarada rushes from that spot at Bolt, as she runs she starts to make hand symbols* ~Katon no Jutsu!~
  • Bolt: "WHAAA? WHEN DID YOU LEARN THAT?? *does hand symbols"
  • *A little ball of fire comes out as big as an apple and evaporates quickly*
  • Sarada: ("..Dammit!.. I'm still not ready for that jutsu.. how embarrassing.. facepalms herself")
  • *A few kids in the crowd start laughing*
  • Bolt: "Hehe.. Nows my chance.!" I CALL THIS ONE THE BOLT BARRICADE!"
  • *Bolt jumps in the air where Sarada looks up squinting her eyes as his silhouette appears in the sun with 2 other looking Bolts on each side of him appear*
  • *All 3 of them rush at her from the air in a triangle formation with her eyes still squinting, Sarada calmly sidesteps as Bolt & his 2 shadow clones scream and crash into the ground where both his disappear with the real him twitching and have swirls in his eyes*
  • Inojin: "It seems Bolt once again had a plan but jumps right to the end of it before even calculating."
  • Shikadai: "And Sarada's speed may be hard to reach but her moves tend to not reach its target, odd for someone like her who likes to perfect everything."
  • ChouChou: *looks at them both in an unserious way* "Really?? I THINK you guys are looking way too into it."
  • Sarada: *starts talking through the side of her mouth* "You had the right idea. Just executed it like an idiot."
  • *Bolt gets up in an instant pointing at her with her eyes closed and hands in her jacket pockets*
  • Sarada: ("Wait..he thinks I'm smart..?") "..Your are the idiot, because you told me what you call your own move before you used it.."
  • Bolt: "Grrr..." THATS WHAT YOU THINK!" *Charges at Sarada & they both start hand combat fighting eachother, Sarada's fast punches & kicks only hitting at certain points only to be dodged or blocked by Bolt eventually punches Bolt on the tip of his shoulder*
  • Sarada: *gasps*
  • Bolt: Huh?! What the? *grabs Sarada's arm pulls her towards him looking her in the eyes for a slow motion second & lets her go where she falls to the ground*
  • Random Student: "OH COME ON BOLT! You had the chance to punch that Uchiha girl in the face and you threw it away!"
  • *Bolt stands there astonished thinking to himself in silence*
  • Sarada: "I'll show you! Don't go easy on me Bastard!" SHANNARO! *charges back at Bolt & he dodges her fierce punches with electrical currents in them not even trying"
  • Bolt: ("What.. is she trying to pull..?") *She throws more random attacks where Bolt starts to look serious* ("I see now.. She won't make me look stupid, I'll strike first and end it here..) *gets in a hyuga stance once again, hits her charka point on her arm she was throwing around the most and grabs it pulls it behind her and pushes her into the ground on top of her with her face halfway in the dirt*
  • Sarada: ..."What.. no what just.."
  • Bolt: *gets off of her* "You think I'd fall for your act of pretending to miss me so I could look stupid in the end?? Well guess what.. Bolt Uzumaki came ontop! YES!
  • Sarada: *starts to slowly get up & face & her ruby eyes start getting angry slowly and yells & point at Bolt?* You don't understand anything about winning do you! Is that all it is to you? Its more then that.. Its respect, its learning, its testing our skills. YOU HAVE ALOT TO LEARN AND BECOME BEFORE YOU CAN EVER BECOME A GREAT NINJA LIKE LORD HOKAGE! *steps on glasses & looks down......*
  • *crowd of kids, Bolt [stunned by words] look at Sarada confused. Shes pointing at the opposite direction of Bolt*
  • Sarada: ("My..glasses...")
  • *Crowd of kids start laughing at her*
  • Random Kid: "She can't see without her glasses in a fight, thats why shes been fighting so weird HAHAHAHAHA"
  • Random Kid 2: "Whats the point of having the sharingan or breaking your glasses if you can't even see! *laughs louder* crowd continues"
  • Bolt: "Huh..?" Wait... You couldn't see the whole time..?" You weren't pretending to-"
  • Sarada: *looks around tears start fulling up her eyes and she runs past bolt and accidentally tugs his shoulder with him standing there speechless*
  • Naruto: *looks angry a bit, gritting his teeth*
  • Himawari: "Papa why is Sarada-san crying, * tears up a little*"
  • *Sarada silhouette runs off to the distance jumping from place to place towards her house with Bolt standing there*
  • Shino-Sensei: Sarada! Don't- *takes a few steps towards her direction & stops/sighs* (Maybe its best for her to have some time alone..) *Looks at the group of kids laughing preparing to say something*
  • Chou-Chou: What you suckas laughing at? Majority of you can't even do any moves with your perfect eye-sight, please!
  • Shikadai: *sigh* Well. That explains why she wasn't hitting him directly.
  • Inojin: Poor Sarada.. thats harsh..
  • *Naruto picks up Himawari & jumps over the gated fence as Bolt stands there still in shock eyes closed a bit looking down speechless ever since Sarada ran off with eyes full of tears, as the crowd of kids laughter cease down, Bolt's eyes suddenly shift in disbelief to his father & Himawari*
  • Shino-Sensei: Naruto.. Just the person I wanted to be here.
  • Himawari: *Eyes turn from a bit mad then to a bit hurt looking at Bolt* Nii-san.. Why did you make Sarada-san cry like that..?
  • Bolt: Hi- Himawari.. I-.. But I..
  • Naruto: *clenches fists a little* It's not right to laugh at anyone for any reason.
  • *Crowd of kids looking a bit guilty*
  • Naruto: I was laughed at, made fun of, and it.. *grabs gut* it hurt.... Alot. ....I had nobody. Everyone was against me, and I wasn't the only one who felt alone.. *thinks of Hinata, Sasuke, Gaara* Then there were people who made me feel.. like I wasn't alone.
  • *Crowd of kids really taking what Naruto says in little by little*
  • Naruto: I'm not here to preach about whats right or wrong. *walks over to Bolt & puts his hand on his head looking at all the kids* I just don't want anyone to.. ever have to feel that way. And I know you guys will understand what I mean some day, but I know until then, *looks down at Bolt & smiles* you'll feel whats the right thing to do. Cause I know anybody who anybody wouldn't want to feel that way.
  • Shino-Sensei: (Well said Naruto, well said..) Thanks Lord Hokage for such a wise way of explaining. Cause without explaining such things, no one would know. And without them knowing, nothing will be done. And the timing was impeccable. If I do say so myself.
  • Naruto: *drop of sweat falls down behind Naruto's head* (Heh... ...No need to go in that much detail Shino) Dattebayo.. *rubs back of head chuckling*
  • Himawari: *smiling* Papa *hugs his leg* Your not alone anymore Papa, as long as me, mama & Nii-san are here.
  • *Naruto smiles gently down at Himawari and picks her up and hugs her*
  • Bolt: *Starts thinking to himself and back turns away from the group* I'm sorry Himawari.
  • Himawari: Huh..?
  • Bolt: Nii-san, is going to fix everything. Though its hard for me to admit I'm wrong.. I know what I have to do. Even before dad came.. I... *looks back at her & Naruto smiling* Just don't wait up for me *starts to dash from place to place to the direction Sarada was running*
  • Himawari: *has a surprise face to smiling one*
  • Shino-Sensei: On that note, class you are all dismissed. I hope you all learned a valuable lesson today. (Why can't they ever listen to me when its just me.. ?)
  • *Bolt dashes out and runs into a few people on accident, just to then run into the back of a dark figure with a long black cape, Bolt falls down*
  • Bolt: OuuuUUUUCH!! *eyes closed* Look buddy! Watch where your standing there's people that need to get to places & here you are, blocking the roadway and.. *opens eyes*
  • *Sasuke turns around, eyes shift down at Bolt*
  • Sasuke: Naruto's kid huh?
  • *Bolt's face expression twitches a bit*
  • Bolt: Sarada's Dad huh?
  • *Both stare eachother down and no words are spoken*
  • Bolt: *stares...* *starts to get back up* (Whats her Dad doing back so early?!) Hey what are you doing back so early?!
  • Sasuke: (Whats he in such a rush for in this direction..?) Heading to my house?
  • Bolt: W-what! NO! *starts laughing nervously* What makes you think that?
  • Sasuke: Because this road leads to my house.
  • Bolt: Heheh. So it does!
  • *continues to stare again at eachother............*
  • Bolt: Haha. Well, I'm heading the wrong way then, I better- *darts off pass Sasuke in another direction still going to find a way to Sarada's house where Sasuke doesn't see it* Next time don't stand in the middle of the road! Baka, Baka!
  • Sasuke: *eye twitches* *yells out* You ran into- *sigh* I'm getting to old for this.
  • Bolt: I'm going to fix this, I better get to Sarada before her Dad does! Besides if anyones the baka... its me.
  • *Sarada opens the door*
  • Sakura: Sarada! Welcome home sweeti-
  • *Sarada runs pass her upstairs*
  • Sakura: Sarada..? *runs up the stairs after her*
  • *Sarada plops on her bed head/face buried in her arms silently tearing up sniffling a little*
  • *Sakura pops into her room*
  • Sakura: Sarada.. honey.. whats wrong...? *walks over to her sitting on her bedside rubbing her hand up and down her back*
  • Bolt: I'm here I'll climb up the side of her house to her window.. that way I- *starts climbing* She knows I'm serious. *peeks his head in window* Sara- Huh?! *lowers head* (Sarada's Mom..)
  • Sarada: ...nothing.. I just want to get away from them.. away from the humiliation, just leave the village or something I don't know... *buries head deeper into arms*
  • *Bolts eyes widen*
  • Sakura: *eyes get small lips pucker in* (Oh God, no..! Not again!) You don't want to live in this village anymore Sarada?
  • Sarada : ...no... I didn't say that... I love this village... I would never leave it its my home... but people make me want to get away for some time and come back, like Papa. Or with Papa..
  • Sakura: Papa doesn't leave to get away, he leaves to go on missions and help Lord Hokage on specific ones. He always had us & this village in his heart.
  • Sarada: I know...
  • Sakura: *hears her daughter sniffle a little* Sarada Uchiha, are you actually crying?
  • Sarada: *makes her head turn to the side looking the opposite way from her mother* No.. Ninjas don't cry.
  • Sakura: That's not true.. Its ok to cry Sarada, we're ninjas yes, but also human.. if we don't cry we won't let go what's bothering us. I've cried so much I've lost count, but look at me, does that make me less of a ninja?
  • Sarada: No Mama, but ..Papa doesn't cry.. And I want to be just like him..
  • Sakura: *giggles a little* Is that so? You may not see him but he has cried before to me.. Sarada, a few times actually.
  • Sarada: Him? No way..... *lifts head a little peeking* Really...?
  • Sakura: Oh yes, he just hides it very well *smiles & winks* But not to your Mama.
  • Sarada: Heh yeah..
  • Sakura: Now are you going to tell me what happened? And where your glasses went?
  • Sarada: Its these eyes.. I'm proud of them but hate that I have eye sight problems without my glasses, I feel like a baby that walks but can't crawl *buries head again in arms* Their broken..
  • Sakura: No your not, your perfect just the way you are. You'll find ways to become better.. it takes practice. Did you know that Mama learned how to control chakra precisely and climb up trees before Papa & the Lord Hokage?
  • Sarada: Heh.. Papa failed to mention that to me..
  • Sakura: Eh... He did did he?
  • Sarada: Yeah but he told me how perfect you were in any thing you put your mind towards, and he had a lot to learn from you.
  • Sakura: *smiles* I see. (That baka..) We'll get you new glasses.
  • Sarada: And I have a lot to learn too I guess *picks up head* Can it be the red ones?
  • Sakura: *closes eyes still smiling* of course! *pulls Sarada towards her and hugs her real tight with Sarada's head laying on her mothers shoulder* I love you so much.
  • Sarada: I love you too Mama.. *talks out the side of her mouth* books can only do so much for you when you want to become an amazing ninja..
  • Sakura: *laughs*
  • *Sasuke continues to walks and hears a crunch and looks down* Sarada's glasses? *picks them up & looks ahead* Sarada..! *starts running the rest of the way home in a blink of an eye*
  • Bolt: (I got to get her Mom to leave somehow) *takes rock out pocket* Hehe.. I was saving this for a prank but this'll work. *throws a bottom window at the same time the oven beeps*
  • Sakura: EHHHHH what was that? Shannnaro! And now dinner?! Be right back honey! *runs out room*
  • Bolt: *Eyes pucker in and mouth* Waste.. of... a... rock. Anyway.. *climbs in as Sarada is sitting at the end of her bed wiping her eyes*
  • Sarada: *Looks to Bolt's direction..* Bolt..?!
  • Bolt: *Looks at Sarada without her glasses* H-hey.. Listen I.. *starts to take out nothing from his pocket* EHHHHH WHERE YOUR GLASSES THEY WERE IN HERE.
  • [Meanwhile @ Naruto's house]
  • *Himawari rushes in her house crossing the door entrance as its a finish line, starting to jump up & down with Naruto running in right behind her*
  • Himawari: I DID IT! Papa I beat you!
  • Naruto: You sure did! Man Ima have to start training some more before you knock me out my hokage seat. Dattebayo.. *rubs the back of his head*
  • Himawari: *giggles* I'm not that strong Papa..
  • Naruto: Of course you are, your stronger then you think!
  • *Hinata enters the room*
  • Hinata: Your fathers right Himawari *smiles*
  • Himawari: Mama! *runs & jumps into Hinata's arms* Thanks.. Papa, Mama. I will get stronger.. to protect our family, the village from bad guys, maybe even to become the next Hokage! You know why..?
  • *Naruto walks next to Hinata putting his arm around her*
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Himawari: *closes eyes smiling* Because I made it my ninja way too!
  • Naruto & Hinata: *eyes open wide and looks at eachother with Hinata blushing smiling looking away and Naruto closing his eyes smirking with his hand behind his head*
  • Hinata: Thats beautiful Himawari *face starts to think a bit then looks at Naruto* ...Naruto-kun, Wheres Bolt?
  • [Back at Sasuke & Sakura's house]
  • Bolt: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! I must have dropped them on the way here.. I knew I should've-
  • *Sakura returns upstairs only to be peeking on them through the door, eyes looking unamused* (Bolt...You broke that window?!! But I guess this will make it worth it, for Sarada's sake..) *eyes loosen up with a smile*
  • Sarada: *gets up off bed* (He came all the way here?..Why.. though..) Bolt..what are you doing here..?
  • *Sasuke appears behind Sakura scaring her but her still keeping quiet turning around fast!*
  • Sakura: *whispers* Sasuke-kun your back..!
  • Sasuke: *pulls her close to him* Are you ok? Is Sarada ok?? Sakura, wheres *Sakura covers his mouth*
  • Sakura: *whispers* Speak lowly Sasuke-kun. We're fine *smiles*
  • Sasuke: ......*whispers* Where's Sarada? *pulls out her glasses* I found them broken like this.
  • Sakura: *kisses Sasuke on the lips* *whispers* Shes fine safe in her room with her friend, Bolt talking about it. She broke it during a spar with him.
  • Sasuke: Hm. *smiles a little* .............................*smile fades away* Wait what?!
  • Bolt: Look, Sarada... I don't know, how to say this. I saw you run off and I mistook your way of fighting for trying to make me look bad okay.. I didn't mean to make you cry.
  • Sarada: (Oh great.. he seen me cry a little..I'll never hear the end of this..) *eyes turn a bit mad* Hm. It wasn't crying. It was tears of how bad your fight was against me.
  • *Sakura & Sasuke listening in, Sasuke starts smirking Sakura sees this and makes a little pout face shoves his arm a little shaking her head smiling*
  • Sasuke: *whispers* *Trying to hide smile* Heh.. What was that for?
  • Sarada: Just forget it, and go home.. its not a big deal Bolt.. *eyes loosen looking away folding her arms*
  • Bolt: Hey! Don't try to turn this around, and act like nothing happened!... I won't leave until you listen to me! I never-
  • Sarada: (Baka.. I am listening..) What, your going to make fun of my eye sight & how its useless to have a sharingan to the point you need glasses to fight too, is that it?
  • Bolt: Why would I do that?
  • Sarada: Because.. almost everyone else did. And made it loud and clear.. *faces back towards him with arms still folded looking down*
  • Bolt: I'm not everyone else. Who cares what everyone else thinks? Hell I don't!
  • Sarada: *eyes widen & picks up head* (Huh..? What did he just say..?) *turns around half way arms still folded looking at him*
  • Bolt: I never.. seen you cry-
  • Sarada: I told you.. it wasn't crying!
  • Bolt: Hurt then, hurt! I never seen you that hurt before Sarada. As much as you want to deny it. *eyes close then looks down* This is going to sould really.... weird *grabs shoulder and starts rubbing it* It just hurt me to see you like that.
  • Sarada: (........ ) I-I don't know what you want me to say.
  • Bolt: Heh. You don't have to say anything! *smiles a little*
  • Sarada: *blushes a little, smirking, unfolds her arms* (I..never seen this side of Bolt before...)
  • *Sasuke starts twitching his eyes & face, as Sakura's eyes start twinkling*
  • Sakura: *whispers* This is so sweet.
  • Sasuke: *mouth drops a bit looking at Sakura*
  • Bolt: (Man.. this is starting to feel reallllllly
  • Bolt: *starts looking confident* Now if you want to feel better about yourself, just know your old man's sharingan with perfect eye sight couldn't even beat me! *laughs a bit*
  • *Sasuke starts to try to make his way into the room with Sakura holding him back*
  • Sarada: *blush goes away and smirks turns to gritting her teeth* Thats it! I want a rematch dobe! Right when I get my new glasses! SHANNNAROOOO! (This baka! What family does he think hes messing with??) *clenches fist with small electrical currents moving around hitting the side of her wall with cracks starting to show*
  • *Sakura & Sasuke fall to the ground with Sasuke on top of her and Bolt & Sarada seeing them*
  • Sasuke: *a sparkle in one of his eyes* Long enough..
  • Bolt: *gulps* hehehe.. Is that so!
  • Sarada: Papa!!!! Your back *jumps in his arms with Sakura sitting up smiling joining the group hug*
  • *Sasuke smiles and hugs them back real close*
  • Bolt: Well, I don't want to ruin this beautiful family moment.. so Ima just head outta here, my folks are probably wondering where I am anyway *starts backing up to the window*
  • Sasuke: *looks at him* Leaving so soon? I thought you would want to have a match with me. *smirks*
  • Sarada: Yes Bolt how about round 2?
  • Bolt: Yyyyyeahhh I'm pretty tired from today but just you guys wait till- *ehh - ahhhh falls out window*
  • Sasuke: Yep.. Thats Naruto's.
  • Sakura: Bolt! Are you ok * runs to the window looking down*
  • Sarada: Hes fine Mama that thick head of his broke his fall. (Thanks Bolt.. I hope you come over more. And i will beat you no matter what it takes.)
  • Bolt: Why me?.. Dattebasa... *gets up & wipes off dirt*
  • [End]

anonymous asked:

I'm really enjoying your take on season 3 so far and the tag is such a mess and I needed some REAL talk from some REAL PEOPLE on all this. I'm so conflicted about this whole Bellamy story line still, days after, because how the hell are they going to redeem Bellamy after this? I can't decide if I should hate him, feel sad for him or both. Can you tell me something nice?

 I’m going to tackle this in two parts: what I think the *writers* want us to see, and then from “inside” the show in a purely character-driven way.

First up: How should you feel about Bellamy?  Well, I’m not going to tell anyone they can’t feel how they feel, but I do think the writers want us to feel sad for Bellamy– not excuse his actions, or romanticize them, or justify them, but to look at him and go “oh no, he’s so broken now.”  The biggest indication we have for “Bellamy is not turning into the villain” is we didn’t see him kill anyone.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t, but it’s much, much easier for an audience to forgive a character for something we didn’t actually see than if we watched him mow down a sleeping army with his gun.  We did see Finn commit his crime, executing unarmed civilians while Murphy (Murphy, who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself) pleaded for him to stop.  This was the point of no return for Finn’s character, so we saw it happen.

In contrast, we only see the aftermath of this massacre, and everything points to Bellamy being a) merciful and b) remorseful.  Indra clearly shifts the blame from Bellamy to Pike, and we should acknowledge that while Bellamy had a hand in the massacre, it was Pike’s brain child.  Bellamy did not want to execute the wounded, he convinced Pike to spare Indra, and when they’re alone, he tells Pike they went too far.  That’s very deliberate on the part of the show, because it’s telling us Bellamy still isn’t the monster he claims to be, because if he was, he wouldn’t balk at the idea of “clearing” a village (10 points for a super gross euphemism for massacre there, Pike) or stand up for Indra or any of the other verbal and non-verbal cues we got that Bellamy isn’t fully on board with the massacre.  If they wanted us to hate Bellamy or thought his character was irredeemable, we would have seen him commit this war crime and then cheer alongside the others when Pike gave his rousing “we did it!” speech.

I’m not 100% comfortable with how the writers are handling this, but I do think the fact that we only see the aftermath of the massacre means the “real” meat of Bellamy’s story is how he handles his guilt, not the massacre itself.  The end of Finn’s story was the massacre and he had no real remorse for what he’d done, so the rest of his story was about how other people reacted.  Bellamy’s massacre is the start of his “redemption” arc, so most of the emphasis is on how he is reacting to it, and he’s reacting with guilt and anger (at himself) and remorse.  I think his “we went too far” argument to Pike is the start of Bellamy already breaking away from Pike’s way of thinking, and was the writers’ way of hinting to us that Bellamy can be redeemed, although he has a long, hard road to walk first.

As for if Bellamy can be redeemed in the eyes of the writers’, we only have to look at the hug released from the trailer.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Clarke is the audience substitute, so if she likes/forgives someone, we’re supposed to.  It doesn’t always work perfectly (see: Finn), but Clarke’s face when she’s hugging Bellamy is not the face of someone who hates him or thinks he’s irredeemable.  It’s the face of a woman who is glad to have her best friend in her arms.  (And I do think the writers have leaned from how people reacted to Finn’s storyline– we were supposed to see him as a tragic consequence of war, but mostly people turned against him, so I don’t see them making the same mistake twice).  As for how they’re going to redeem Bellamy, I’m thinking he’s going to break with Pike, and soon.  My best guess will be a combination of not being willing to “clear” (ugh gross) the village and standing up for Lincoln.  That won’t make up for his actions, but it will set him on a path for redemption.

Okay, enough of the inside baseball: let’s look at the characters themselves, particularly Bellamy’s conversation with Clarke. 

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sinfulpapillon  asked:

How do you get yourself to concentrate best when trying to write? I've been struggling with finishing a ton of things writing-wise and I have so many ideas that never get finished. I know a lot of authors struggle with this but I don't even write multichapter usually and can't even manage to finish most one-shots. Kinda hoping you have some tips, but if not I totally understand.

Well, I have a few steps that I take to keep me on track. 

One, I make sure I get enough sleep. This might just be me, but I can’t concentrate very well if I’m tired, which is kind of why I haven’t been writing lately. Aside from not having time, I just haven’t been getting enough sleep, which make it extremely difficult to focus on something as detailed as writing. I will ALWAYS vouch for sleep as something that is helpful.

Second, I outline. This gives me a skeleton to work with as well as certain goals, which enables me to see where I intend to go. If I know where I’m going, it’s a lot easier to actually get there. Kind of the difference between wandering around in the dark and having a flashlight. If I know what I intend to do, it’s easier to stay on task. When I don’t, I have the same problems. For example, Breaking News? No outline, not done. The Reveal That Didn’t? No outline, not done. Seriously, outlining will make things so much easier. It takes practice to get good at it, but it is a skill that I will never underestimate. 

Thirdly, I write in order. I don’t jump around to the parts I want to write and leave the rest. This way, I can work toward my goals and feel satisfied when I reach the parts I want to write. Not everyone works this way, but I always have and it’s always been extremely helpful in getting through long pieces. If you reward yourself with the things you want and you’ll never go back and finish the rest, lol.  

And, lastly, I make myself write, even if I don’t want to. By making myself write every day–even just a little, like half a page–I’m keeping my brain exercised and developing a skill/habit that will make it easier to tackle things that seem long and intimidating. It’s like practicing anything–a sport or an instrument. Once you develop that skill, it becomes easier to not only control what I want to write (control my inspiration), but to execute it as well. 

I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I hope it was :DDDD

Also, I listen to music that matches the tone of what I’m writing.